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  1. Anthony A

    Anthony A23 hours ago

    KOH is the best time of year. Nothing like it.

  2. tarded400

    tarded40023 hours ago


  3. Alfredo Leon

    Alfredo Leon23 hours ago

    Was that Dustin Williams at the end !?!

  4. MrDrakePrice

    MrDrakePrice23 hours ago

    Oh yeah, I remember this joker from that show "Fastest Car"

  5. Sebas 530

    Sebas 53023 hours ago

    El supra más hermosos que he visto ❤️😍

  6. Elimentus

    Elimentus23 hours ago

    10:59 that left handed shift while the right hand keep the throttle pinned is metal as fuck

  7. HilmarZero

    HilmarZero23 hours ago

    If it's spinning do not let go of the gas and get back on it, that's how people wreck dragcars. The run is already ruined anyways.

  8. scott moore

    scott moore23 hours ago

    I want kens Polaris!

  9. andrew johnson

    andrew johnson23 hours ago

    Something about Suppy shouting just makes me happy.

  10. Dr Artiick

    Dr Artiick23 hours ago

    "let's go get lost in the hills"

  11. слава ЛУЧШИЙ

    слава ЛУЧШИЙ23 hours ago

    Прикольный видос,только скорость нужно в км/ч,писать

  12. Billy Highfill

    Billy Highfill23 hours ago

    Yo. Suppy. I like your vibe! Hope we see more of you on this channel

  13. Toxic ass Wabbit

    Toxic ass Wabbit23 hours ago

    Fun fact this was the nova they added to gta5

  14. Garrett White

    Garrett White23 hours ago

    Build and battle ultra 4 car...let’s go!

  15. Josh Ditzenberger

    Josh Ditzenberger23 hours ago

    DIESEL DIESEL DIESEL DIESEL.... Throw some Cummins guys in there vs. ..... IDK you guys figure it out ! Awesome!

  16. Gianni Morgan

    Gianni Morgan23 hours ago

    Anyone else hear the ice cream truck?🤣

  17. James

    James23 hours ago

    youngblood needs to not worry abt the power and more abt the driver ability lmfao

  18. Austin Drumhe

    Austin Drumhe23 hours ago

    @5:36 that’s my cousin josh! He won last years race

  19. Yvolve

    Yvolve23 hours ago

    RIding is when you're on top, because reverse cowgirls don't drive.

  20. Joe Rocket1979

    Joe Rocket197923 hours ago

    Gmc 302??

  21. 332wildcat

    332wildcat23 hours ago

    The first "That" I think I would take over the Hoonicorn...and that's saying something!

  22. Paul Mason

    Paul MasonDay ago

    spinning aint winning

  23. Kai Salus

    Kai SalusDay ago

    tbh, king of the hoonies sounds like a damn great idea

  24. Paulo De Barros

    Paulo De BarrosDay ago

    What's the tune/track played at 13:20 ?


    HARRYBALL_zZzDay ago

    would not change one!!!! so good

  26. Matthew

    MatthewDay ago

    The trans in the corvette kinda sucks. Wouldn’t of been my choice.

  27. Salt Daemon

    Salt DaemonDay ago

    @Hoonigan .. I passed by it a few times, then I noticed it was Suppy out in the razor! I HAD to watch it. Awesome that the machines held up thru those places!

  28. Jinx Redfox

    Jinx RedfoxDay ago

    Brooo u need upgrades. Wheels light bar. Light wips and turbos

  29. Trent Burbish

    Trent BurbishDay ago

    Justins setup is INSANE!

  30. jbrosupra

    jbrosupraDay ago

    The rs3 actually had good reaction time the last one. That rs3 is faster

  31. Tom Walton

    Tom WaltonDay ago

    Micah and Suppy 👌👌👌 so good 🤣

  32. Tristan Wilson

    Tristan WilsonDay ago

    you guys should hit up ProArmor and upgrade those RZRs! yall like to upgrade all your shit boxes you should get some better seats, doors, bumpers, wheels and tires, and a better looking and stronger safer cage!

  33. T Jerrod

    T JerrodDay ago


  34. Edward Satkevich

    Edward SatkevichDay ago

    Where tf is cleetus and leeroy at??!!!!! Thats what the people wanna see

  35. Dave Mac

    Dave MacDay ago

    They make polaris commercials a lot more interesting now a days

  36. The SJV Workshop

    The SJV WorkshopDay ago

    Micah and Suppy, the dream team 👌🏻

  37. tranzZze

    tranzZzeDay ago

    Where’s Ken Block?? I can’t watch this fckng face ...

  38. TJ Anderson

    TJ AndersonDay ago

    Should collab with SXSblog on the 2jz RZR 😎

  39. space vov

    space vovDay ago

    HOONIGAN needs to go to GLAMIS already.

  40. אביסף כהן

    אביסף כהןDay ago

    Do not know what is more impressive car or driver .. just amazing

  41. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran KumarDay ago

    The only race I want to go to in 2021

  42. david orlov

    david orlovDay ago

    suppy (ayy man i now you got some qualifying)

  43. Micah Diaz

    Micah DiazDay ago

    I’m talent dang it! Like my comment.

  44. Akash Kumar

    Akash KumarDay ago

    Watch, were going to se suppy up on the podium at the next Dakar rally

  45. Jake DiBurro

    Jake DiBurroDay ago

    Shouldnt the harness bar be below the holes in the seats..?

  46. Henry Maddocks

    Henry MaddocksDay ago

    That was a great episode. The contrast in approach was brilliant. Dude quietly going about his business vs shouty car.

  47. plamen jekov

    plamen jekovDay ago

    too much BLA BLA BLA BLA

  48. RUFO-_-DK

    RUFO-_-DKDay ago

    [ HOONIGAN ]

  49. Roco Mass

    Roco MassDay ago

    Micah Diaz looks like Marv from homealone 🤣

  50. Pichardo Gabriel

    Pichardo GabrielDay ago

    Every time he shifted he fucked up

  51. Pichardo Gabriel

    Pichardo GabrielDay ago

    Looks to me like the supra lost cous the guy didnt know how to shift. I woulda kicked tanners ass in that supra

  52. Ryan Rosenquist

    Ryan RosenquistDay ago

    This video gets better every time I see it!

  53. ciaofigata

    ciaofigataDay ago

    Goat f-word lord! Forking sheet, that was awesome! I nearly broke my ashowl sitting on a sofa and watching this video. It is still winking so hard I can`t breathe deep.

  54. Romain Moraux

    Romain MorauxDay ago

    You guys should've brought Hert, He would've helped Suppy with his offroad knowledge I'm not an alt btw

  55. Andres Macedo

    Andres MacedoDay ago

    Wow just wow amazing performance 1 to 10 rate a 100

  56. PayItForward

    PayItForwardDay ago

    That corvette needs suspension help and ksr performance to dial that thing in

  57. Garrett's Gear

    Garrett's GearDay ago

    0:13 HOLY *bleep* SHIT

  58. Joe Rocket1979

    Joe Rocket1979Day ago

    It's called four wheel'n ,not riding or driving...

  59. Nolast Ionut

    Nolast IonutDay ago

    The dont give a sh.t guy but still friendly

  60. sheldon vandenbeukel

    sheldon vandenbeukelDay ago

    Wait does this mean he has an rx8 just sitting in his driveway with no head or tail lights?

  61. Sebastian Pfefferkorn

    Sebastian PfefferkornDay ago

    Ok, sooooo are they just gonna not have brad on the show with his t bucket

  62. preston degeer

    preston degeerDay ago

    Growing up when I was young before i really ever drove a car I had a wildcat and that thing was a handful I’d say it’s way closer to driving than it was riding compared to something like a quad or dirt bike where it’s an extension of your body and feels natural side by sides feel far from natural they feel aggressive and floaty and heavy and it’s a ton to get used to going 90 mph across all terrains

  63. Adam Kennedy

    Adam KennedyDay ago

    Love the off-road content Hoonigan 💪🏻

  64. Emacdaqt

    EmacdaqtDay ago

    @5:25 "Thats what she Said!" 🤪🤡🌬🐪👈🏽

  65. Random Rivas5

    Random Rivas5Day ago

    I miss the seeing the hoonicorn

  66. Ismail Chothia

    Ismail ChothiaDay ago

    Suppy is like the James May of hoonigan

  67. Anthony Rios

    Anthony RiosDay ago

    That intro look like You guys were filming from Mars.

  68. Mike

    MikeDay ago

    I think Supy was just converted.

  69. Johnathan Gilley

    Johnathan GilleyDay ago

    Should've been a k series

  70. Артём Елькин

    Артём ЕлькинDay ago

    ебать ебать) прям как я на ваз 2109 по своему пгт

  71. Jo Ro310

    Jo Ro310Day ago

    How much would it cost to build a Hoonicorn clone?

  72. Mr.Hartog

    Mr.HartogDay ago

    Micah and Suppy's dynamic is so funny

  73. Ynno Mejia

    Ynno MejiaDay ago

    You need to join gambler 500

  74. Zeus m84

    Zeus m84Day ago

    Really pushing that pro xp huh turbo s is still better

  75. Sawyer Bruer

    Sawyer BruerDay ago

    Money and no brains in the Vette. Yikes.

  76. Sawyer Bruer

    Sawyer BruerDay ago

    Holy shit. Dude let off the wheel

  77. C.J Botes

    C.J BotesDay ago

    Old school, love it 💪🏼💪🏼

  78. Ismail Chothia

    Ismail ChothiaDay ago

    Vhs productions have been missed

  79. Ryan Underhill

    Ryan UnderhillDay ago

    Riding your on it, driving your in it?

  80. Laidin

    LaidinDay ago

    My songs are going global