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  1. Orange Astronaut

    Orange Astronaut3 minutes ago

    It is illegal to put salt on railroad tracks and is punishable by death Alabama It is also illegal to play dominoes on a sunday

  2. Pushpa Kaliappan

    Pushpa Kaliappan7 minutes ago

    Bruh its dream not dweam

  3. Ryantheboss 1298

    Ryantheboss 129833 minutes ago


  4. Ferry Muhammad Nur

    Ferry Muhammad Nur38 minutes ago

    Chaostopia: exist 2b2t: "first time?"

  5. Brea Nicks

    Brea Nicks43 minutes ago

    I’m from Iowa and SINCE WHEN IS IT ILLEGAL TO HAVE A HORSE EAT A FIRE HYDRANT ALSO WHO DOES THAT????!?!!???!????!!!!!!!!??!!?!? What kind of sick person with kill their horse like that?!??!?!??!???!?!?!?!!!?!?!!!???!???

  6. Kraze ms4

    Kraze ms456 minutes ago

    How could i play on a 100 by 100 world? Like how do i play on a world like that bc ive been wanting a challenge recently aslo bc i want to do it in hardcore

  7. Arabian Dorito

    Arabian DoritoHour ago

    But why?

  8. Imonon

    ImononHour ago

    At first i thought ur badboyhalo

  9. Travis White

    Travis WhiteHour ago

    Omg I remember that exact episode

  10. Udc Mr

    Udc MrHour ago

    Chewing gum in Singapore is illegal

  11. Alex Thomas

    Alex ThomasHour ago

    I love how he made this with the two ugliest and most hated blocks in minecraft...

  12. RelenaHedacted

    RelenaHedactedHour ago

    _Your mom_

  13. Smergs ._.

    Smergs ._.Hour ago

    Feels bad to be a convicted felon

  14. Roy Games

    Roy Games2 hours ago

    'Its illegal to say something named illegal' XDDDD

  15. BlueTrashGhost

    BlueTrashGhost2 hours ago

    liar he put barier In thr blocks My proof is he have bsrier in her inventoery

  16. Señor Mike

    Señor Mike2 hours ago

    Why y'all getting so mad at the communism thing?? Chill

  17. Druk

    Druk2 hours ago

    That’s just shitty

  18. Tronnbro

    Tronnbro2 hours ago

    It’s illegal to push a live moose out of an airborne vehicle in Alaska


    LORRENZ FRANCISCO2 hours ago

    I like how all of it are not logic

  20. Carnage Shadow

    Carnage Shadow2 hours ago

    Killing bigfoot in washington Bigfoot: ah finally a safe zone

  21. Thirdy Candareシ

    Thirdy Candareシ2 hours ago

    how your voice is like goerge not found correct me if im wrong

  22. Mini Red

    Mini Red3 hours ago

    Building houses without permission

  23. Jacopo Soffientini

    Jacopo Soffientini3 hours ago

    What are you talking about

  24. zilzy gaming

    zilzy gaming3 hours ago

    Speed runners will just get the dragon egg

  25. Chillify

    Chillify4 hours ago

    Bro you a noob

  26. Sheldon Shoebill

    Sheldon Shoebill4 hours ago

    This one is from France but "it is illegal to fly a UFO over Châteauneuf-du-Pape"

  27. AlertKMouse

    AlertKMouse4 hours ago

    Bruh the twist at the end. I thought this was gonna be a fake


    REZONOXO4 hours ago

    And thise barier blocks in eq °-*

  29. M

    M5 hours ago

    Moving is so elligal

  30. Jamie Tomlinson

    Jamie Tomlinson5 hours ago

    It’s illegal to be going drunk in a pub (or bar) in Britain

  31. Patricia Egan

    Patricia Egan5 hours ago

    Yo why did you use noob1234 minecraft skin bro

  32. Mustafa

    Mustafa5 hours ago

    "Terrorist treats" *iron golem comes running* "Terrorism"

  33. Orxan Huseynli

    Orxan Huseynli5 hours ago

    You are a wonner

  34. RITzZ

    RITzZ5 hours ago

    Thank you stalin for creating communism it he didn’t created it and plus would you go like to live in Russia in during the Cold War see how you like it and it was not funny

  35. noraayy

    noraayy6 hours ago

    I think Stalin was very against communism ...

  36. Eric Hillmeyer

    Eric Hillmeyer6 hours ago


  37. Jan Kyler Garcia

    Jan Kyler Garcia6 hours ago

    We clearly see that he have a barrier block on his hand

  38. The review guy

    The review guy6 hours ago

    Don’t play The Andy Griffith Show theme in the background of a Minecraft video

  39. Toadie 101_

    Toadie 101_6 hours ago

    I cryed watching this

  40. Gioenken Guanzon

    Gioenken Guanzon6 hours ago

    "fishing for whales" proceeds to fish a villager named your mom

  41. Ferry Muhammad Nur

    Ferry Muhammad Nur7 hours ago

    "it's my diamond" "Our diamond" *USSR Anthem intensifies*

  42. Blaze Kitsune

    Blaze Kitsune7 hours ago

    Dude I’ve already DONE ALL OF THIS

  43. Soviet Doge21

    Soviet Doge217 hours ago

    Use spectator mode click on a spider or enderman you will see but use shift for stop POV your a spider

  44. Rykiion

    Rykiion8 hours ago

    Woah this is amazing lmao

  45. behi gaming

    behi gaming8 hours ago

    I like that he has barier blocks is his inventory

  46. Jorgundom

    Jorgundom8 hours ago

    C’mon bro he let u into his community and u just messed it all up XD

  47. OctoLink 12

    OctoLink 128 hours ago

    I think pufferfish are drugs too

  48. Cyrus Parcasio

    Cyrus Parcasio8 hours ago

    Stalin did no invent communism it was Karl marx, and the first leader of communism was Vladimir lenin at the first country that became communism was Russia from 1917 Wich in 1922 became the former Soviet Union, and how do I know that

  49. The_Cultured _Crusader2

    The_Cultured _Crusader28 hours ago

    There is always witch craft bit that's a common part of this world

  50. Dr. Ford

    Dr. Ford8 hours ago

    I thought you were gonna walk into the cactus


    BEEG BEEG YOSHI8 hours ago

    You could have easily just built a villager breeder and abused the trades buddy. Full gear and tools infinitely if done correctly. Edit: I feel retarded. I didn't see the last bit of the video. My bad

  52. Jack the Jackass

    Jack the Jackass8 hours ago

    Im so scared

  53. Soviet Doge21

    Soviet Doge218 hours ago

    Ehehehe I tell peaple to not send peaple the bedrock placement under there base why?because of 2b2t tactics bedrock is the same for every world. Get 2 worlds find the same coordinates and tnt mine to bedrock and look at it they WILL look the same.

  54. blah blah blah blah

    blah blah blah blah8 hours ago

    Me when I see the animal abuse part: ok i will put bleach in my eyes

  55. Shoolkid

    Shoolkid9 hours ago

    The Barbara’s sharing this in the group chat like: this is why this game is rotting your brain

  56. Maxine Finn Foxen

    Maxine Finn Foxen9 hours ago

    That's not exactly how it works... The default simulation distance is about 100 blocks anyways so there really isn't much of a difference. It doesn't simulate your entire render distance. So the bird-eye picture he showed is false.

  57. Cheap Taco

    Cheap Taco9 hours ago

    Dream: “are you challenging me”

  58. Jarxay

    Jarxay9 hours ago

    IDK why but something about This feels fake...

  59. WaysideTundra33

    WaysideTundra339 hours ago

    Ew communism

  60. gloomybloomʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    gloomybloomʕ•ᴥ•ʔ9 hours ago


  61. Adrian Juarez

    Adrian Juarez9 hours ago

    Thank you for giving another reason to like Minecraft

  62. Mr. Slithers

    Mr. Slithers9 hours ago

    So uh, what's the background song

  63. Elliot

    Elliot9 hours ago

    As a man who lives in Tennessee I can confirm that I like to live dangerously.

  64. Jrjrjtjt Djejejej

    Jrjrjtjt Djejejej10 hours ago

    Shit I can't play bingo

  65. Spark :

    Spark :10 hours ago

    This is a copy of a true one

  66. Stramge

    Stramge10 hours ago

    No one cares tho

  67. Spoon Licker

    Spoon Licker10 hours ago

    Wish i saw this video before my horse ate the fire hydrant.😣

  68. Chiken Nougats

    Chiken Nougats10 hours ago

    The breaking the law with the bullet proof vest one is kinda scary once u think abt it

  69. MK Gaca

    MK Gaca10 hours ago

    I thought it was gonna be a philza joke tbh

  70. Kong Thor

    Kong Thor10 hours ago

    I picked up a lot of feathers in Wisconsin uh oh

  71. Matthew Haines

    Matthew Haines10 hours ago

    Your friend cheated because the only way to get Pigstep is from bastions because creepers won’t drop it. Unless he already had pigstep.


    MILES HUBER10 hours ago

    I’m the 8k like guy

  73. Foresthunter 42

    Foresthunter 4211 hours ago

    this reeks of reddit 😬

  74. Gorg

    Gorg11 hours ago

    Karl is not pleased

  75. Eijiro Kirishima {MHA}

    Eijiro Kirishima {MHA}11 hours ago

    Rip squid

  76. Cupcake Master

    Cupcake Master11 hours ago

    Why does he sounds like bbh

  77. Nora Lortie

    Nora Lortie11 hours ago

    I’m unsub ing Bc u called my mom a whale

  78. EFam Long

    EFam Long11 hours ago

    Yeah Stalin didn’t make commusie lenlin