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  1. Tom Peart

    Tom Peart15 hours ago

    Schumer needs to be moved from office immediately, he is anti-American. He is a hater of we the people, 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇨🇱😎😜🥋

  2. Apis Masters

    Apis Masters15 hours ago

    Mr. President Trump may God allow you to complete and finish the job you assigned President Trump!

  3. Daniel Lynch

    Daniel Lynch15 hours ago

    Girl in red would make a hot Giantess for a day what tiny shrunken men would she like to put in her ❤️ pocket and take home for the night tiny shrunken men need bath before bed

  4. Tony S.

    Tony S.15 hours ago

    How and the hell did these documents not get copied or scanned into a computer. Dumb on the highest level.

  5. ranndino

    ranndino15 hours ago

    - Get out of my apartment, deadbeat! - No wait, I had the money right here on the desk yesterday, I swear!

  6. Ruben Gonzalez

    Ruben Gonzalez15 hours ago

    There all leftist lieing moron's

  7. Debz ProudBrit

    Debz ProudBrit15 hours ago

    Bias Media why are they not reporting on Hunter Biden? What are they hiding? Same here with our bias in the UK ref brexit and our GE

  8. Bacon King

    Bacon King15 hours ago

    If Twitter, Facebook and Google have HQ's in America... They are subject to FREE SPEECH and as such cannot sensor it. It's that simple

  9. elevengiant

    elevengiant15 hours ago

    UK collusion `!!!

  10. Ника Листопадова

    Ника Листопадова15 hours ago

    Герасим утопил "му-му",собачку звали му-му, её утопили !Марина !детский рассказ в книге написано !Марина !

  11. Sue Wanlass

    Sue Wanlass15 hours ago

    He is lying, and everyone knows it. He's a coward.

  12. lorenzo fiorini

    lorenzo fiorini15 hours ago

    How do they have the courage to upload this crap?

  13. Rejoyce Contentment

    Rejoyce Contentment15 hours ago

    I dont believe any of this. Played again and again... Wait and see what this whole thing is all about.

  14. Brad Fletcher

    Brad Fletcher15 hours ago

    As usual, Dems get away with it.

  15. blackbarnz

    blackbarnz15 hours ago

    Jack Dorsey? That's the dude who sold my kids acid.

  16. Edward Duma

    Edward Duma15 hours ago


  17. JJ Lockerman

    JJ Lockerman15 hours ago

    Okay, things are getting dirty RN, all these documents needs 1000 copies distributed around the world and E-mails

  18. Dave

    Dave15 hours ago

    Trump worked for free lol Who is stupid enough to believe this shameless nonsense. Rounding the corner on a roundabout maybe

  19. jennifer stewart

    jennifer stewart15 hours ago

    Well NASA lost directions to the moon (that's why we never went back) true story🤣😂 So a few documents closet is very believable

  20. Paul C

    Paul C15 hours ago

    Imagine listening to this nonsense un-ironically.

  21. Aaron Youtsey

    Aaron Youtsey15 hours ago

    What about Allan Lichtman...he has gotten every election right since Reagan I believe...he predicts Biden!

  22. spencer Tetteh

    spencer Tetteh15 hours ago

    Right on point.but I don't hear this good news on Trump debate and rallies. These are real good news .

  23. succezz4u

    succezz4u15 hours ago


  24. spencer Tetteh

    spencer Tetteh15 hours ago

    Right on point.but I don't hear this good news on Trump debate and rallies. These are real good news .

  25. Hyeonhoon Lee

    Hyeonhoon Lee15 hours ago

    This is how pathetic CNN and NYT are! Hey coward, please get out of my sight...

  26. Bill Dolyniuk

    Bill Dolyniuk15 hours ago


  27. Kevin George

    Kevin George15 hours ago

    Booger eating clown.

  28. Gregory Doan

    Gregory Doan15 hours ago

    Let me guess those were the only copy's any where...........?

  29. john forgione

    john forgione15 hours ago

    You didn't make copies??? 🧐🤔

  30. Becoming Authentic

    Becoming Authentic15 hours ago

    Michigan: too late, O'Biden.

  31. Dirk Van Wyk

    Dirk Van Wyk15 hours ago

    Rachel is a liar

  32. American lies

    American lies15 hours ago

    When Trump wins we will bring Biden to justice Trust us on that one He’s going to jail without question

  33. Ay der la

    Ay der la15 hours ago

    the ads are just the worst

  34. Cindy Smith

    Cindy Smith15 hours ago

    He will go down

  35. Kirill Popov

    Kirill Popov15 hours ago


  36. Max Tabmann

    Max Tabmann15 hours ago

    I hope you photographed and copied it before

  37. Peter

    Peter15 hours ago


  38. John Guilfoyle

    John Guilfoyle15 hours ago

    Jack Dorsey says Twitter cannot influence elections because they are only one part of a spectrum of communication channels that people have. Other Communication Channels that people have are the DNC and the RNC. Can those parts of the spectrum influence elections or are billions of dollars being wasted? What a fatuous answer to a legitimate question. It's intellectually dishonest to say that any part of a system cannot influence the outcome of the system.

  39. Mr . Shoofie

    Mr . Shoofie15 hours ago

    So you hired a 3rd party to ship your precious documents instead of have them hand delivered by a trusted source... And then you also decided not to make any copies before sending this "precious" information to yourself through said third-party mailing service... -So i guess your telling us that " The dog ate your homework " 😂 How old is tucker again?

  40. Ian Hillman

    Ian Hillman15 hours ago

    Oh... Was that Jack Dorsey??? I thought it was the Unibomber.

  41. ً

    ً15 hours ago

    Dorsey looks like he joined Al Qaeda.

  42. madziorek1414

    madziorek141415 hours ago

    Are you F***** serious...?

  43. Elisa Pommier

    Elisa Pommier15 hours ago

    I hope those were just copies

  44. Ghostmail T

    Ghostmail T15 hours ago


  45. Manuel Lopez

    Manuel Lopez15 hours ago

    Magic, its really something🤔 Was it ever real.

  46. Son Of Israel

    Son Of Israel15 hours ago

    Now America look at how he lied to you point blank to your face and wonder how long he's been doing it 🤔🇺🇸😈🔬

  47. chris merino

    chris merino15 hours ago

    Learned from Hillary

  48. Jmo Bello

    Jmo Bello15 hours ago

    Doesn’t Fox News control the narrative everyday when they refuse to give socialists and communists equal time or post articles with those opinions on their website? I don’t get what the point of this crap is.

  49. Mr. Beard

    Mr. Beard15 hours ago

    How many hospitalizations? Why won't they say.

  50. Michael Marshall

    Michael Marshall15 hours ago

    MAGA ???? Kick out the Dems from all over and then stick it to them . Go Go Trump .

  51. Jerb D

    Jerb D15 hours ago

    Jack Dorsey should be arrested for interfering with an election.

  52. Dianna Lentz

    Dianna Lentz15 hours ago


  53. Onechill Braj

    Onechill Braj15 hours ago

    pete "corporate sellout" buttyJudge

  54. David E

    David E15 hours ago

    Sounds like UPS🤔

  55. Bradley Walton

    Bradley Walton15 hours ago

    7 of them?

  56. Enlightened ☀️

    Enlightened ☀️15 hours ago

    1st question - he lies. Shut these bastards down. Any censorship is a violation of the 1st Amendment! You don’t have to read or like what is written ,but in America you cannot censor it. 🇺🇸

  57. Shirley Mccrindle

    Shirley Mccrindle15 hours ago

    Everyone knew this would happen what an excuse who doesn't make copies or take photos or email them copies lol what a terrible excuse and some will believe this loser as well

  58. Rob G

    Rob G15 hours ago

    I fail to see how Biden and his cronies can claim to be pro-climate change while they support China. China btw is responsible for 28% of the global carbon emissions.

  59. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ15 hours ago

    I'm God

  60. space man reviews

    space man reviews15 hours ago

    It's ok to harass our President but not question these leftist criminals? TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  61. leemnav

    leemnav15 hours ago

    Stop using company logo envelope/box for mailing "sensetive information" and "mask" the sender/receiver info as much as possible.

  62. sav savron

    sav savron15 hours ago

    does it get more embarrassing? Our new censors...LOL

  63. Lynn Hauenstein

    Lynn Hauenstein15 hours ago

    Well in 80s gov broke up Ma Bell, Into 7 baby bells, then upstart phone Comp took hold. Phone bills down. I think with goggle separate data. Then I think they are not liable under 230, let all post what they want. Who the hades do they think there are, to block, McConnell, Ny post. Why should we have to appeal. When its political. Who believes THE FBI on anything. I DONT.

  64. Senthilraj Nadarajah

    Senthilraj Nadarajah15 hours ago

    Wow what a story to cook up.

  65. Debz ProudBrit

    Debz ProudBrit15 hours ago

    Shows MSM is so bias not reporting on this, Same here in the UK and one of them is tax funded and attack over 75s that a few months ago had a free licence...Now they have to pay for their bias, Disgusting, what are they hiding

  66. Mark Torr

    Mark Torr15 hours ago

    Maybe Joe smart he knows he is going to loose then pleads insanity at his sentencing judge you sentencing me or my husband Joe Biden

  67. Anne Marr

    Anne Marr15 hours ago

    Cannot stand listening to Juan’s stupidity 👎🏾🇫🇯

  68. patricia utzman

    patricia utzman15 hours ago

    Makes you wonder just how many in the media and government officials are implicated.

  69. Rey Hudson

    Rey Hudson15 hours ago

    'S called the "deep state", Tuck, bro. They do whatever they want and usually leave no trace. If they can make reinforced steel - framed buildings disappear with airplane fuel that magically morphs into nano - thermate, (and one in tact, pristine passport), don't you think makin' your papers disappear is like mud - pie school? But what the heck. If you'd been after 'em THEN, Tucker, with the intensity that you are going after one of their exposed, weakened lackies NOW, we might not even be HAVING this conversation. They are playin' HARDBALL, Tuck! Morlochs, rulers of the show, and the deep darkness don't give up lightly.

  70. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow15 hours ago

    *Canada*,,, a little cash will "fix" the free-trade deal.... small bills delivered by French girls. Haha / sorry.

  71. The Old Farts’ Farm

    The Old Farts’ Farm15 hours ago

    Dems will give you fake meat, plastic fish and corruption folks

  72. eddie_champion44

    eddie_champion4415 hours ago

    really? no copies???

  73. Calvin Harper

    Calvin Harper15 hours ago

    Lies... Never had no Documents

  74. Roy 1776

    Roy 177615 hours ago

    Lol ,AOC sounds like she's 12

  75. Dan

    Dan15 hours ago

    They should look into jimmy and hunters finances houses trucks cars how much is that all work look into this so corrupt

  76. Jacobus.F Rossouw

    Jacobus.F Rossouw15 hours ago

    When he open his mouth he talks bull dust. he will fill his pockets and don't care about anyone. one thing is sure he is a real politician. (The BIG Man) that means the biggest bullshitter. shut down the virus he is the biggest virus.

  77. black M

    black M15 hours ago

    i not only can't imagine life with Biden and his criminals running the country i cant imagine another republican in office either, this is it for conservatives

  78. RTSC

    RTSC15 hours ago

    Scan and email.

  79. Richard Robertson

    Richard Robertson15 hours ago

    How many times has this clown embarrassed himself and fox news I'm in Scotland and do people actually take him seriously he's a fkn flat earther n Nessie monster beleiver surely