Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while we building our own debt free, off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant life.
Our house build is documented entirely on our main channel "Wild Wonderful Off-Grid" and our family life outside the build can be found on our vlog channel "Wild Wonderful After Show"

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  1. Heja Baran

    Heja Baran21 hour ago

    Awesome guys!

  2. Looie Green

    Looie Green21 hour ago

    Best on the net! Love you guys, and the journey continues, looking forward to next week already.

  3. Ben Jones

    Ben Jones21 hour ago

    I’d like to know what you’re doing to protect yourself from EMP’s?

  4. Smitty

    Smitty21 hour ago

    Part of my day ....now complete!!😊👍 Thank you for sharing your family / life with us..... AMAZING WORK you two!!

  5. Nancy Basha

    Nancy Basha21 hour ago

    Congratulations 👏 👏 👏

  6. Anne Sweeney

    Anne Sweeney21 hour ago

    Can’t wait to see what’s next !

  7. Garland Suseberry

    Garland Suseberry21 hour ago

    Oh I swear it’s good times when I watch your videos 😂🤣😭

  8. Robert M

    Robert M21 hour ago

    Love this channel... so inspiring!

  9. Rita Burleson

    Rita Burleson21 hour ago

    I love to watch you do, accomplish a complete a home for your family, I appreciate when you or struggle and accomplish again. Wonderful family, children, house, and narrators and home.... Don't let anyone divide your love. You inspire others.

  10. Michael Wood

    Michael Wood21 hour ago

    You should nickname that shed "the mitochondria". Get it, because powerhouse? I'll go...

  11. Rita Burleson

    Rita Burleson21 hour ago

    I love to watch you do, accomplish a complete a home for your family, I appreciate when you or struggle and accomplish again. Wonderful family, children, house, and narrators and home.... Don't let anyone divide your love. You inspire others.

  12. Susan Hurley

    Susan Hurley21 hour ago

    Hi Josh , Erin and Family awesome video thank you Guy's are amazing 👏 😀 ❤ ♥ 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. дядя Игорь

    дядя Игорь21 hour ago

    Hi, guys! I am from Russia, and I am happy to find your channel. Our small family has made the same desicion - to leave a big city and live in a countryside. You can visit my channel, the latest video is in English with subs. Have a good life, I hope you are happy and healthy!

  14. Paul Vicente

    Paul Vicente21 hour ago

    This is a model effort for every homeowner and community. Cities should be built on renewable energy.

  15. Arvid Johansson

    Arvid Johansson21 hour ago

    I will do something similar in the future, but I will look in to hydrogen storage. I live soo far north in Europe that we only get 1% of the sun energy in the winter compared to summer.

  16. ВАЛЕРА Б

    ВАЛЕРА Б21 hour ago

    Они отшельники? Как дети учиться будут?

  17. Thomas Forthe

    Thomas Forthe21 hour ago

    Always a pleasure to watch.


    TOMBCOLD21 hour ago


  19. Jason Andrade

    Jason Andrade21 hour ago

    What batteries are you using?

  20. B Newton

    B Newton21 hour ago

    Congratulations what an accomplishment. I can tell by your smiles how pleased you are. Your hard work and planning has brought you to this moment. Again congratulations. Can’t wait for summer and see the addition project start. Stay safe. Bruce from Mason Michigan

  21. B!g D

    B!g D21 hour ago

    Erin: "I'm starting to get the feeling that the solar system brings you more joy than I do" 😅 Somebody's feeling neglected. Josh, you better start paying more attention to Erin.

  22. Quabbin with Coop

    Quabbin with Coop21 hour ago

    Josh/Erin, i thought the inverter was supposed to be close to the wattage of the panels?

  23. Jackpot Gman

    Jackpot Gman21 hour ago

    Josh and Erin! I'm so proud of this achievement that's been made for your family. Beautiful!!!

  24. Michelle Jeffery

    Michelle Jeffery21 hour ago

    Amazing System!..Have you thought of having residential turbine back up? Just curious. I have been doing my research especially since the power outage in Texas.

  25. Brian LaTour

    Brian LaTour21 hour ago

    13 kw....... just wow. It absolutely is a power plant.

  26. poodlegirl55

    poodlegirl5521 hour ago


  27. Elogium

    Elogium21 hour ago

    Wow, what a great array you've built. That is awesome.

  28. Dennis Ponne

    Dennis Ponne21 hour ago

    And me as a nerd seeing all that stuff brings me joy :) and then you started the computer with the RGB in it... Yes! Haha.

  29. clark henderson

    clark henderson21 hour ago

    Flippin" Awesome.

  30. Mike Kahle

    Mike Kahle21 hour ago

    Leon is all right

  31. George Schieck

    George Schieck21 hour ago

    Love your new home. Nice job!

  32. cogotepao

    cogotepao21 hour ago

    Team Erin here.

  33. Danny Harris

    Danny Harris21 hour ago

    So cool, am happy for yous, wish I knew something about electrical other than running wires and putting in boxes and outlets/switchs and such!

  34. ZManMD

    ZManMD21 hour ago

    Great job! The next step to total energy independence is geothermal for heating and cooling. You could put some loops in the ground to provide heating and cooling from deep within the earth. Or if there is more than adequate water like from a spring, an open loop geothermal system may be possible. Geothermal is far more efficient than radiant electric heat and even standard air conditioning.

  35. Tony Wentworth

    Tony Wentworth21 hour ago

    Fantastic work you Guys! Awesome set up, can’t wait to follow your progress on the “ Big Build “

  36. Craig Fisher

    Craig Fisher21 hour ago

    You did a great job blending two different sizes of panels on your ground mount. Looks awesome and you're going to have power up the " Ying Yang" once you install 15 batteries in your battery bank, very necessary for long periods without any sun. I am curious about what measurements you used from the outside of your panels to the rails they are mounted on? I picked up 16 panels that are similar to your 385W panels that I can't find spacing specs, so it would really help me to know what measurements you used.

  37. tardis mole

    tardis mole21 hour ago

    The hens arrived to give their four penny on the solar power system. :)

  38. rowerwet

    rowerwet21 hour ago

    Still wondering why you would go for solar for electric heat when you already live surrounded by nature's solar energy source, wood heat. A wood boiler will do a much better job of taking care of your heating needs, especially if you have a thousand or two gallons of heat storage, and burn wood in batches every few days. Build it into the basement of the new part of the house and it will keep the whole house and farm warm.

  39. vfdchauffer

    vfdchauffer21 hour ago

    Erin nice summary, very impressive.

  40. WildstarPatriot

    WildstarPatriot21 hour ago

    Awesome job, I want to do this....Soon!

  41. Richie90090

    Richie9009021 hour ago

    Thanks for another great post. I love you guys so much! I so love following your ventures Bless you for sharing

  42. P D

    P D21 hour ago

    Has Josh still been working full time this whole time?

  43. April Griggs

    April Griggs22 hours ago


  44. hsm_ epic_return

    hsm_ epic_return22 hours ago

    I do not think you need 15 of those batteries that sounds like total overkill and too much cost to me.

  45. Craig Hart

    Craig Hart22 hours ago

    Giddy as a school girl....mean Josh ofc 👍

  46. rounder355

    rounder35522 hours ago

    This is, without a doubt, in my top 3 USlikes channels. I look forward to this every week (along with Keep Your Daydream and Outsider).

  47. vfdchauffer

    vfdchauffer22 hours ago

    Well Done!! Josh your the total package, Controls Tech, Panel-builder, Master Electrician. That system will run flawlessly and troubleshooting will be less time consuming. Nice Work!

  48. amaia

    amaia22 hours ago

    you should start a business installing solar systems for other people who want to live off-grid 👀or maybe sell an intensive guide or something for people who would like to do this themselves? 👀👀

  49. Random Guy

    Random Guy22 hours ago

    Love the channel. I live in a nice suburban area but this channel makes me want to purchase some land and someday be able to build a little something on it.

  50. Matt Nis

    Matt Nis22 hours ago

    Doing a lot of replacing

  51. Kolmakos

    Kolmakos22 hours ago

    Красавчики!!! Стройте стайку для животных!!! 👍👍👍

  52. bruce zipper

    bruce zipper22 hours ago

    Also can you sell any unused power for extra income?

  53. sczorroc

    sczorroc22 hours ago

    I tip my hat to you two, great job and glad you were able to share it with the world.

  54. Debby Utz

    Debby Utz22 hours ago


  55. Rick Trapper Riley

    Rick Trapper Riley22 hours ago

    You probably don’t need a wood boiler. I think you will find it more work than it’s worth.

  56. CAROLE Cleroux

    CAROLE Cleroux22 hours ago

    I installed the exact same kitchen faucet at the cottage. The sensor was not working after 1 month and the company replaced the whole faucet. Then a few months later the water would turn on by itself; one evening when I was watching poltergeist! 😆 So I have since turned off the sensor option. Love the faucet though. Works well and looks fantastic.

  57. Dreamliner Koa

    Dreamliner Koa22 hours ago

    Congratulations on this milestone event ,, 👏👏

  58. Miłosz

    Miłosz22 hours ago

    Greetings from Poland. I don`t know if you`re religious but to me your place where you live seems like a biblical paradise. All those animals and love in your family. I envy it`s beautiful. Wish you all best.

  59. videolabguy

    videolabguy22 hours ago

    You have your own self sufficient moon base. I am so envious. Great job! "There was an apocalypse? We missed it? Darn!"

  60. Philippa Day

    Philippa Day22 hours ago

    Love this! I can’t wait each week for the next video to be released 😀 you guys have done an amazing job not only with the house but also the love you have for the animals! Awesome family.

  61. Leslie Tarbox Jr

    Leslie Tarbox Jr22 hours ago

    I absolutely love Erin's impression of Tim Allen's more power. I crack up every time she does it. More babies on the farm, how awesome. You have to be so proud of yourselves on all the accomplishments that you have achieved. You have such a beautiful family and every one watching can see the love that all of you have for each other and your kiddo's. Absolutely beautiful. As always, I am looking forward to watching all of your future projects. Awesome job on videoing and your narration Erin. So professional.

  62. Albert BM

    Albert BM22 hours ago

    Don't forget that in ten years, or perhaps less, you will should change the batteries, and as you know isn't cheap ...

  63. Mark Sloan

    Mark Sloan22 hours ago

    Congrats! That is so much power! I hope there's a simple way to help keep them free of ice. What do you use for internet? It seems like you have extra electricity. Any thoughts on what to do with the extra power your solar is producing but you can't even store in batteries?

  64. Hermann Straub

    Hermann Straub22 hours ago

    And soon the power company will pay to connect you to the grid --- to help them out! LOL

  65. Paula Abdul

    Paula Abdul22 hours ago

    Congratulations well done, I pray you guy continue to gave a great life❤⚘

  66. oceanjerry

    oceanjerry22 hours ago

    does a electric dryer draw too many watts to use.

  67. Stonefly71

    Stonefly7122 hours ago

    So how much power do you now produce vs what the old system was? Kw for both? Would like to have 10 kw grid tied system eventually

  68. Dave

    Dave22 hours ago

    How's that green solar energy working for you with the ice and snow? It didn't! You had to be bailed out with a gas powered generator.

  69. Gary Schmelzer

    Gary Schmelzer22 hours ago

    Are your batteries Lithium or Lead-acid ?

  70. Danny Nieberlein

    Danny Nieberlein22 hours ago

    Was great coming in from being out in all this cold rain and seeing a wonderful family.

  71. Магомед Хизриев

    Магомед Хизриев22 hours ago

    приятно смотреть хоть я и не знаю английский

  72. wodku Budu

    wodku Budu22 hours ago

    I don't understand English at all))) is there enough for such a house? What heating?)

  73. Steve Stukel

    Steve Stukel22 hours ago

    You’re not off the grid if you’re on the internet trying to show people how off the grid you are

  74. Peter Lanza

    Peter Lanza22 hours ago

    Awesome wish we all did something like this Maybe a bit tacky to ask but very curious..how much for the whole system 🤔

  75. Warner Robins

    Warner Robins22 hours ago

    Y'all be so nice children.

  76. Tim Yowell

    Tim Yowell22 hours ago

    Maybe I have missed it at some point. But I am very curious to know how much they have spent on the solar system?

  77. Julie Griffiths

    Julie Griffiths22 hours ago

    Guys. I enjoy everything you post. But the Lambs are extra special.

  78. Don Givens

    Don Givens22 hours ago

    Just one milestone after another, slowly coming together.. Its been great watching you two build your lives together. It's going to be great watching your future endeavors, I'm sure it will be just as entertaining as all your past videos. Better than anything Hollywood could come out with nowadays....By Far!!......... All night!!!!....🤔

  79. hsm_ epic_return

    hsm_ epic_return22 hours ago

    Why not do geothermal ?