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What's In My Bag


4 months ago

To Our Daughter

To Our Daughter

2 years ago

Lip Kit Secrets

Lip Kit Secrets

4 years ago

  1. fer altamirano

    fer altamirano7 hours ago

    I can not with the tenderness of Stormi 😻

  2. Paul

    Paul7 hours ago


  3. Milena Vanegas

    Milena Vanegas7 hours ago

    snd this year

  4. Niketa S

    Niketa S7 hours ago


  5. Krystle Pauli

    Krystle Pauli7 hours ago

    Aww stormi is so cute an a good helper an baker

  6. littleangel4780

    littleangel47807 hours ago

    Kylie's 2 yr old: patience, thank you, yes/no mommy, can give an interview without prompting. Does her own makeup Neat and tidy! Everyone else's 2 yr old: NO NO NOOOOOOOO dumping food on the floor, cutting their own hair, poops in pajamas, eats boogers, climbing out of shopping carts and shouts curse words in church. I 💓 Stormi 😂

  7. Ariana Valette

    Ariana Valette7 hours ago

    i watch this video religiously-

  8. Dasia Ames

    Dasia Ames7 hours ago

    “ maybe in another life I was a party planner “ no honey you were always a billionaire / you are meant for money!! In the most humble way babe

  9. Nadine Escobar

    Nadine Escobar7 hours ago

    Bratz dolls with your best friends!!!!

  10. Kevin Mendoza

    Kevin Mendoza7 hours ago


  11. Dolly Valmores

    Dolly Valmores7 hours ago

    Troom troom be like:Take that Kim k!

  12. Scharneese Louise

    Scharneese Louise7 hours ago

    sailor moon and Stormi as sailor mini moon 🥺🌙💕

  13. Miller Ford

    Miller Ford7 hours ago

    No it’s personality whatsoever like watching paint dry☝️

  14. Grace Currier

    Grace Currier7 hours ago

    The whole comment section are jealous people that don’t get that some people like to carry around the products that tHeY mAdE in their purse. Y’all salty 😂😂

  15. amir rafiq

    amir rafiq8 hours ago

    This is such a wholesome videa loved it

  16. Jhynella Amigo

    Jhynella Amigo8 hours ago

    Do something to actually impact the world

  17. Genevieve Doederlein

    Genevieve Doederlein8 hours ago

    "Normal gum things"

  18. Ashley Bilger

    Ashley Bilger8 hours ago

    Your dad??? The one that is now a woman?????? Sooooo???? Your??????? Mom?????

  19. wang hui

    wang hui8 hours ago

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  20. Sharvari Deshpande

    Sharvari Deshpande8 hours ago

    Voice 😇

  21. Lalo Herrera

    Lalo Herrera8 hours ago

    Hope i get a heart❤ from u Kylie👌

  22. MrBoBoTom

    MrBoBoTom8 hours ago

    So this is what vanity looks like.

  23. Aaliyah Adelphia

    Aaliyah Adelphia8 hours ago

    Stormi is sooo smart and cute and I love that you treat her to be humble I also love ur mommy daughter relationship your doing great at parenting you and Travis both

  24. keci vlog

    keci vlog8 hours ago

    your love so much you two perfect

  25. kaiya

    kaiya8 hours ago

    love you both!!!

  26. Aliah Jones

    Aliah Jones8 hours ago

    Their pjs are so cute tho🥺

  27. starlight

    starlight8 hours ago

    Stormi is so beautiful so sweet I love her shes so good at English to🥰💛

  28. Jacob Amaya

    Jacob Amaya8 hours ago

    Loved the end “ Im gonna get wasteeeeddd, cause it’s Halloween “ PERIODT!! Kylie ur such a Queen 👸

  29. Me Xlll

    Me Xlll8 hours ago

    1998 - "way back" 😂😂😂😂

  30. Div Sa

    Div Sa8 hours ago

    She looks like some 40 years women. Her whole like revolves around makeup, dress and all nonsense.

  31. Naomi's Slot Channel

    Naomi's Slot Channel8 hours ago

    💕 Hi Kylie & Stormi

  32. Bianey Max

    Bianey Max9 hours ago


  33. Bianey Max

    Bianey Max9 hours ago


  34. Life Of Hailey

    Life Of Hailey9 hours ago

    For your next video you should do your workout routine

  35. Evey Valencia

    Evey Valencia9 hours ago

    lol Khloes Nipples 🤣 @ 18:36

  36. paula soto

    paula soto9 hours ago

    I laugh everytime lmao

  37. Margo Núñez

    Margo Núñez9 hours ago

    The fairy was the best!!!

  38. Be Blessed True

    Be Blessed True9 hours ago

    💖💝💝💝If you are reading this comment: BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000!!! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝💝💝

  39. Marianne Sagcal

    Marianne Sagcal9 hours ago

    Kylie's vlogs are my go to watch whenever im bout to eat yall. 😚💳

  40. isley loryn

    isley loryn9 hours ago

    Kylie: Are you gonna keep that little booger there? Kris: What, on the left side? Kylie: Yeah, on the left side. Kris: .... yeah❤️

  41. uTube

    uTube9 hours ago

    Man....being a woman would suck ass.

  42. Sunflower Sweet

    Sunflower Sweet9 hours ago

    the only Kardashian i like-


    ANGIE HUISINGA9 hours ago

    stormi is the cutest little thing

  44. Donna Pisetski

    Donna Pisetski9 hours ago

    “I got hot sauce in my bag swag” 😏

  45. Piper R

    Piper R9 hours ago

    Honestly, your voice is so relaxing to listen to, you could describe paint drying and I’d still pass out asleep from being so relaxed

  46. Alyssa L

    Alyssa L9 hours ago

    i feel like im sitting in class listening to a lecture

  47. Robert Pekins

    Robert Pekins9 hours ago

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  48. oopsie its henka

    oopsie its henka9 hours ago

    Wait why is storming actually so cute

  49. amirah flowers

    amirah flowers9 hours ago

    "great job, kris" 💀wtf


    KIARA RIVERO9 hours ago

    Te amo🖤

  51. ғᴡ.ʙʀɪᴢᴢʏ

    ғᴡ.ʙʀɪᴢᴢʏ9 hours ago

    -Kylie Is so pretty omfg- 😩💕.

  52. Kamari Ellis

    Kamari Ellis9 hours ago


  53. kassidy young

    kassidy young9 hours ago

    Grl you always look Photoshop even when you're not your gorgeous

  54. Avani Sanchez

    Avani Sanchez10 hours ago

    Kylie isn't a bad and u guys that are saying she is your just misunderstanding i dont mean to bring anyone hate

  55. Oliver Yazzie

    Oliver Yazzie10 hours ago

    You should dress up either like a goddess or Egyptian kind of look

  56. Olivia Oh

    Olivia Oh10 hours ago

    off topic but i’m confused is kylie and travis together or not

  57. ciss Kuper

    ciss Kuper10 hours ago

    She's 2 years old and she said "towel please" then she said "I wanna give the cookies to true" respect her she's treating her well

  58. only girl

    only girl10 hours ago

    Como qusiera ser tu hija

  59. Alyson Zurek

    Alyson Zurek10 hours ago

    Uh guys does anyone else notice that her shirt is on fire

  60. Katie Forrest

    Katie Forrest10 hours ago

    "fonta" girls

  61. Shaie Nails Beauty Cris

    Shaie Nails Beauty Cris10 hours ago

    Be Destiny's child next🥰

  62. Aspen

    Aspen10 hours ago

    When you and Stormi where the superheroes, it was such a cute photo

  63. Paeahi Ytoki

    Paeahi Ytoki10 hours ago


  64. Halle Karkela

    Halle Karkela10 hours ago

    I can’t go trick or treating this year because my mom has Covid-19 and my dad is sick 😷😭😭😡😢😫🤒😭😭😭

  65. Terri James

    Terri James10 hours ago


  66. Paige Keenor

    Paige Keenor10 hours ago

    she’s so proper awww

  67. KARLY M

    KARLY M10 hours ago

    How beautiful is a storm 😍💖

  68. Isa Efuru

    Isa Efuru10 hours ago

    Is kylie transgender like her dad

  69. Annie D

    Annie D10 hours ago

    Reality is... Kylie was well prepared to handle 2020 after being mostly isolated in her house during her pregnancy.

  70. Ollie Eaglin

    Ollie Eaglin10 hours ago


  71. Oscar Castillo

    Oscar Castillo10 hours ago

    Can you plan my dirty 30 pleae

  72. Stephanie Kehoe

    Stephanie Kehoe10 hours ago

    Kylie is such a cute little mommy. Omg I love them!

  73. retos de olivia

    retos de olivia10 hours ago


  74. maya bersais

    maya bersais11 hours ago

    I reckon the corpse bride (Emily) from time Burton’s movie would look fabulous on you or anything space related

  75. ivy stewart

    ivy stewart11 hours ago

    how do you have a favorite shade concealer? like a favorite skin color?

  76. Paris Johns

    Paris Johns11 hours ago

    Kylie the whole vid : a wow

  77. just a weeb

    just a weeb11 hours ago

    You're stunning girl

  78. Rocio :D

    Rocio :D11 hours ago

    She is cute so much, perdon si escribi algo mal pero no hablo ingles xd


    ALEXA CHIÑAS11 hours ago

    Hola te amooooooo

  80. Yessy Andrade

    Yessy Andrade11 hours ago

    I love these princesses