Life of Bradley Martyn
Life of Bradley Martyn
Life of Bradley Martyn

Life Of Bradley Martyn, owner of Zoo culture, BMFITGEAR, RAWGEAR, Fullsend Supps, Culture Cast, Trifecta Nutrition, say the least i do a lot! SUBSCRIBEEEEEEEEEE VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY 5:30PM!

  1. TeeBeCrazy

    TeeBeCrazy12 hours ago

    Thought it was the 30k Steve owed you 😂

  2. Cody Valliere

    Cody Valliere12 hours ago

    can someone explain to me what happened to bradley and nelk and stevewilldoit?

  3. Russell Supertramp

    Russell Supertramp12 hours ago

    he should have spent his money on making Zoo better. it's a horrible gym. it's too small and there aren't enough machines

  4. jariroggeveen

    jariroggeveen13 hours ago


  5. Thomas Aleman

    Thomas Aleman13 hours ago

    Please find a location in Houston, a lot of dope areas to make the gym!!!

  6. Therese

    Therese13 hours ago

    Thats a nice car ouuf

  7. Fabiana Alejos

    Fabiana Alejos14 hours ago

    😭🥺😢 Jesus loves you all.

  8. Fabiana Alejos

    Fabiana Alejos14 hours ago


  9. tagmstr02

    tagmstr0214 hours ago

    I would fawkin destroy everything in sight at all times if I had that youtube money.

  10. Adam Tyrrell

    Adam Tyrrell15 hours ago

    at 8:15 I can't stop laughing

  11. Joe Rock

    Joe Rock15 hours ago

    That drug money paying off

  12. Jordan Nguyen

    Jordan Nguyen16 hours ago

    Let me work for you

  13. Ronald McDonald

    Ronald McDonald17 hours ago

    stop trying to sell me drugs im kidding, love ya

  14. Rocky Reyes

    Rocky Reyes18 hours ago

    Fakeeee weights

  15. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeeb18 hours ago

    Why has no one said anything about him stepping in dogshit and how he got that off his shoe

  16. Legendary. Live

    Legendary. Live18 hours ago


  17. Intool 25!

    Intool 25!19 hours ago

    Brad:“Must be the no mirrors” Everyone: It’s just the fake weights 4:33

  18. Arjan Hysa

    Arjan Hysa20 hours ago

    @Bradley can I come to live with you. I'll do your dishes, clean your house, almost everything. What do you say man?

  19. Matthew Ibarra Ramirez

    Matthew Ibarra Ramirez20 hours ago

    throw the shoes away ;<

  20. Erf Boy

    Erf Boy20 hours ago

    this gives me drunk energy on a good summer day with my cousin alone at his shiny white-walled place

  21. Mitchell Baker

    Mitchell Baker21 hour ago

    I like seeing Bradley fights wtf this man really is a bull he wasn’t playin around he let this kid know what’s good same shit with vitaly he backed down like he was smaller than Bryce lmaoo

  22. ours gros

    ours gros21 hour ago

    close to million right now excited to see it !!!!

  23. Trey Phan

    Trey Phan21 hour ago

    I’m still waiting for my “supplements”

  24. Hank Amarillo

    Hank Amarillo22 hours ago

    yeah buy another gym in california. when the entire state is on lockdown.. makes sense

  25. Daniel

    Daniel22 hours ago

    Are we just gonna ignore he never took off the shoe that smelled like shit

  26. poopstain

    poopstain22 hours ago

    Obviously all fake. But if not, you’re a bitch for following his girl on only fans and then trying to get her to come over to fuck you.

  27. InfinitiBlue Galaxy

    InfinitiBlue Galaxy22 hours ago

    You can add training rooms for rent bicycle training classes , yoga classes , contact fighting sport training classes etc #bradlymartyn @bradlymartyn

  28. Justin Lawlor

    Justin Lawlor22 hours ago

    So fake but still funny

  29. InfinitiBlue Galaxy

    InfinitiBlue Galaxy22 hours ago

    Add one franchise food store like chipotle or anything similar #bradlymartyn @bradlymartyn

  30. DRX _razor

    DRX _razor23 hours ago

    ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️

  31. Smiixl

    Smiixl23 hours ago

    i feel bad for steve

  32. Alexander Kiriaki

    Alexander Kiriaki23 hours ago

    New workout gym should be Zoo Culture Paradise

  33. jack mitchell

    jack mitchell23 hours ago

    typical racist brad beating up salim for fun

  34. Skylex

    Skylex23 hours ago

    When tf did he grow hair?

  35. Scott Pemberton

    Scott Pemberton23 hours ago

    work you ass off and make dreams come true. How awesome to have and build your own gyms! Brad definitely deserves everything coming his way!

  36. Sam Roberts

    Sam Roberts23 hours ago

    I am a graphic designer and would love to help design some of the interior graphics :)

  37. Gilberto Ramos

    Gilberto RamosDay ago

    Brad tried sueing the nelk boys . Fk brad. Steve 100!! I unscribed because of that.

  38. Sahil h

    Sahil hDay ago

    You burned ur own weed. You gave that to Steve. But I guess u have thousands of pounds at your warehouse

  39. N G

    N GDay ago

    Brad to 1 million subs

  40. Nate The North Productions

    Nate The North ProductionsDay ago

    That was demero

  41. Sam Vanhinsbergh

    Sam VanhinsberghDay ago

    please for the love of god get marko to do the wall murals

  42. Chiken Nugget

    Chiken NuggetDay ago

    Open in houston

  43. Sam Grayson

    Sam GraysonDay ago

    He really had dog shit on his hand and shook that dudes hand smh


    JIMYLOKODay ago

    bradley martin is a bitch lol

  45. Nicholas Brigham

    Nicholas BrighamDay ago

    Lmao what is that dude’s hair? Does he think he looks good

  46. Håkon Scheie

    Håkon ScheieDay ago

    In norway they closed down the gyms and it destroyed me both physically and mentally... I got low key back my heart issues and all that shitty stuff with bad mentality and it destroyd me... and they also opened the bars before the gyms but it’s all opened again now but it’s real shit hella important to have the gym and brad is a real g for keeping it open... I love this video btw and have watched it like 4 times just because I love it and love how all the people is so real... just love the video and basically all the videos... keep it up bro

  47. behram k

    behram kDay ago

    Life of a muscle head dooshbag

  48. flipnotrab

    flipnotrabDay ago

    “Chest & back?!” 😂🤣 Famous exit-words!

  49. Samuel Brown

    Samuel BrownDay ago

    Those were probably some strong fists and arms comin at him. But ngl they were slow asf bradley😂😂

  50. biscuit

    biscuitDay ago

    Plot Twist: the magic laundry room is the entry to the cook lab that you enter through the washing machine. Smart.

  51. Erick Torres

    Erick TorresDay ago

    Vitaly only fights girls

  52. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hourDay ago

    I actually can’t wait to see this done

  53. Daniel Girard

    Daniel GirardDay ago

    Hey Bradley my shipment of HGH never came through, can you send the tracking info?

  54. Jose Rojas

    Jose RojasDay ago

    Hahah 😂😂

  55. Wow Mack

    Wow MackDay ago

    People don’t realize that Brad is taking on a lot of risk by trying to do this (follow his dreams) but it’s great to see. Most regular people think he just wouldn’t have to stress a ton about this but I am sure he is BTS. Props to u tho Brad🙌🏼

  56. D Man

    D ManDay ago


  57. Waps

    WapsDay ago

    Such a shame he deals

  58. Essa Jawad

    Essa JawadDay ago

    and tiger can bite stronger than a lion

  59. Essa Jawad

    Essa JawadDay ago

    Jaguar can bite stronger than a lion or tiger

  60. Ezzy 3

    Ezzy 3Day ago

    hope he took him out to dinner before hand

  61. supaflyjordan

    supaflyjordanDay ago

    brad you are a good guy man

  62. Prohfecy

    ProhfecyDay ago

    Who better to look up to then brad? Fucking love this man! Wish I could workout with Brad like it’s a dream

  63. Motivation Depot

    Motivation DepotDay ago

    Ok why don’t you make videos with nelk anymore??

  64. Brad Kessler

    Brad KesslerDay ago

    You should look into solar panels instead of the generator idea 💀💀