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  1. Hanna Trisha Anquillano

    Hanna Trisha AnquillanoHour ago

    What a coinky dink, that I just started to learn how to play chess weeks ago and now I have a PE project about this movie.

  2. Keanu

    KeanuHour ago

    Duuude, Utopian looks so awesome!! And Walter looks exactly like in the comics Can't wait for this series!

  3. Zedfinite

    ZedfiniteHour ago

    Frank Quitely is just plain awesome!

  4. James Official

    James OfficialHour ago

    **Oooh nice cant wait for this 🥰🥰**

  5. Munkhjin Sainbaatar

    Munkhjin SainbaatarHour ago

    I just need Sherlock season 5.

  6. K.A.P. X

    K.A.P. XHour ago

    That's harry potter right there

  7. George Noble

    George NobleHour ago

    Thatcher sounds like the person on master chef that announces the dishes

  8. hotdog sauce

    hotdog sauceHour ago

    all the dislikes are ppl who are breakable

  9. Mathew Foster

    Mathew FosterHour ago

    Really cool intro. Can I ask - is this the 5th of July or the 7th of May?

  10. Kiss Levente

    Kiss LeventeHour ago

    The real queens gambit is Judit Polgar, netflix is just trying to be pc here to say that this African lady is the real one

  11. CYAN1CA

    CYAN1CAHour ago

    I thought at the map scene he will say "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

  12. Sage Akporherhe

    Sage AkporherheHour ago

    Why cant i find this on my Netflix account?

  13. Daniel Yeaman

    Daniel YeamanHour ago

    Thought it was going to be a Jupiter Ascending series.

  14. kiven h

    kiven hHour ago

    Show is great I really had a great time watching it but the ending is just meanless because they don't get to an agreement they just gonna keep fighting regardless of the baby

  15. The guilty pay the price.

    The guilty pay the price.Hour ago

    Where is Tony Todd, the OG voice actor for The Dragon Knight?

  16. Yeux de biche

    Yeux de bicheHour ago

    The daughter is unlikeable and her friends are 🙄 annoying. I do not like the child sexualization in this series.

  17. Isabelle Basilio

    Isabelle BasilioHour ago

    Does anybody know the song where dom was in the bathroom around the end of the episode?

  18. Dru Underwood

    Dru UnderwoodHour ago


  19. Nazem zouhbi

    Nazem zouhbiHour ago


  20. Nazem zouhbi

    Nazem zouhbiHour ago


  21. Xristos Kallis

    Xristos KallisHour ago

    Miguel wins

  22. Friend of Jesus

    Friend of JesusHour ago

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  23. Amin Zaharim

    Amin ZaharimHour ago

    I cant wait!!

  24. anne lodato

    anne lodatoHour ago

    Gonna be incredible ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Andres Ripoll

    Andres Ripoll2 hours ago

    After watching this trailer I don't need to watch the movie, basically a summary.

  26. Nickdonn Ray Peter P. Pequiro

    Nickdonn Ray Peter P. Pequiro2 hours ago

    Damn.. im excited

  27. Nazem zouhbi

    Nazem zouhbi2 hours ago

    We dont like this kind

  28. Nazem zouhbi

    Nazem zouhbi2 hours ago

    Very badd

  29. justin dixon

    justin dixon2 hours ago

    Really hope they get the magic order back once COVID settles down

  30. Thomas Turner

    Thomas Turner2 hours ago

    DC or Marvel?

  31. Marc Promentila

    Marc Promentila2 hours ago

    Let's Go Netflix!!!!!

  32. honey zune

    honey zune2 hours ago

    I just immediately give a like

  33. Мила Петрова

    Мила Петрова2 hours ago

    Rose: Jennie Jennie: Hey Me: *laughing on the floor* My mom: Is my child ok?

  34. Tawheed Hossain

    Tawheed Hossain2 hours ago

    This might be the start of millarworld

  35. Fabled Thunder

    Fabled Thunder2 hours ago

    So this will be canceled after the second season?

  36. H. C

    H. C2 hours ago

    Way to hype it [email protected]

  37. Kaden Bosustow

    Kaden Bosustow2 hours ago

    whos hear for online learning

  38. Albert Gerald

    Albert Gerald2 hours ago


  39. Dominique Powell

    Dominique Powell2 hours ago

    Dig the looks of the characters

  40. Mahsa Adeli

    Mahsa Adeli2 hours ago


  41. MaîtreContrôlePrincipal

    MaîtreContrôlePrincipal2 hours ago

    Not a real trailer ?

  42. Grace Arnold

    Grace Arnold2 hours ago

    No mourners, no funerals. Another way of saying good luck

  43. Mcgrady Hinsey

    Mcgrady Hinsey2 hours ago

    Is it only me that keeps looking of the color of the popcorn

  44. Rohan Sharma

    Rohan Sharma2 hours ago

    Well done first look with the art bleeding into the actors.... 🤨

  45. Sam Johnson

    Sam Johnson2 hours ago

    I didn’t know Nico or Nathaniel had such great Singing chops

  46. Mohammad Sami

    Mohammad Sami2 hours ago

    It's Time for New SuperHeroes Series.

  47. Omar Hassan

    Omar Hassan2 hours ago

    this show looks good

  48. Robbie

    Robbie2 hours ago

    Something to binge on while waiting for stranger things

  49. R.L. Scott

    R.L. Scott2 hours ago

    Cannot wait for this to drop

  50. LoveTroll

    LoveTroll2 hours ago

    ❝ _I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet._ ❞

  51. Kiran Gophane

    Kiran Gophane2 hours ago

    amazing !!!!!!!!!

  52. OniiChan 3K

    OniiChan 3K2 hours ago


  53. Viral User Person thing

    Viral User Person thing2 hours ago

    When Marvel closes the door Netflix enters the Window hahahah

  54. Violet Evergarden

    Violet Evergarden2 hours ago


  55. أحمد هاشم - الرياضي السينمائي

    أحمد هاشم - الرياضي السينمائي2 hours ago

    وانا اعملك الري فيو --

  56. Viral User Person thing

    Viral User Person thing2 hours ago

    Please we are waiting for stranger things

  57. Melina Onal

    Melina Onal2 hours ago

    I’m not trying to make anyone feel attacked but whoelse is sick of the typical superhero costumes ?

  58. Mario Robertson

    Mario Robertson2 hours ago

    I guess what kreese was trying to teach is to win at all costs

  59. Gemel Walters

    Gemel Walters2 hours ago

    Always excited for new IP, this looks interesting

  60. Merdy Badiola

    Merdy Badiola2 hours ago

    Ok, anyway..

  61. ARN

    ARN2 hours ago

    So 7th of May, or 5th of July?

  62. jay supe

    jay supe2 hours ago

    Ma name iz borat

  63. elucidate

    elucidate2 hours ago

    He did all this to leave his beautiful wife and be with someone who looks EXACTLY LIKE HER.

  64. César Alejandro

    César Alejandro2 hours ago

    the boys >>>

  65. Albert Seline

    Albert Seline2 hours ago

    I mean Netflix already had Umbrella Academy to compete with the other streamers and theor superhero fare but this will be something different.... Looking foward to it