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  1. Astro

    Astro5 minutes ago

    I feel bad for her partner's bunghole with all that spicy food he eats

  2. sidjt

    sidjt19 minutes ago

    She getting chunkkkyyyyy

  3. Ryan

    Ryan24 minutes ago

    Literally love every video and watch it all the way though on every new upload. Love you and the amazing food. Wish I was this lucky that you are :)

  4. Rayjean Young

    Rayjean Young25 minutes ago

    Who are you? Don't ask yourself that question it will paralyze you 🤣🤣 been there haha

  5. Kylee

    Kylee27 minutes ago

    Aaron is the Delish version of Shane Madej.

  6. Kate

    Kate45 minutes ago

    I have gleaned so many great little gems from you. You certainly are a cooking gem!! To be much appreciated !

  7. your local indie kid

    your local indie kid47 minutes ago

    Princess Diana’s kindness and personality made me so emotional! I love you so much, Lady Di 😭😭❤️

  8. Lisa Eveleigh

    Lisa Eveleigh52 minutes ago

    I agree, hot donuts is where it’s at. My husband would watch for the notification light on his way home from hockey to know when they had fresh donuts. He just likes the original.

  9. Jay S

    Jay S57 minutes ago

    You did an amazing job! I wish I could be so creative!

  10. Kara Lyons

    Kara Lyons58 minutes ago

    No chicken noodle kinda upset

  11. Attilane Voros

    Attilane Voros59 minutes ago

    I make!

  12. Carol Sanborn

    Carol Sanborn59 minutes ago

    Im so 😥sad, dear, that no one has showed you that if you remove the dry outer layer on them, + then cut onions into a few pieces under cool RUNNING water, you won't have to shed a tear. Please try it + pass it on to viewers in one of your demonstrative shows. I have not cried once since I learned that trick many years ago. I'm now 65.🧅🧅🧅 Dont have to cry over peeling onions if they are dealt with under cool running water, as the strong irritating vapors get washed downward vs rising up+spreading into our eyes. 😉

  13. Attilane Voros

    Attilane Voros59 minutes ago

    I majd Nutella,banana, crepes all the Time for kids!! I eat it with ice cream!

  14. RameoMTL

    RameoMTLHour ago

    Something about this Chef makes me feel comfortable

  15. Abby smith

    Abby smithHour ago

    This company was founded exactly on my birthday! Jan 15th 2000

  16. Alex Jones

    Alex JonesHour ago

    June! 🤗 You are so great 💚🤘🏻💁🏻‍♀️

  17. Mahu Mike

    Mahu MikeHour ago

    WHAT? NO RECIPE?? :(

  18. Bea Rosa

    Bea RosaHour ago

    Her smile is so beautiful and kind ❤

  19. brad m

    brad mHour ago

    I don't get the hype with Panera, I can get the same food in a hosptial.

  20. Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico

    Dr. Shrimp Puerto RicoHour ago

    although you didn't actually tell us how much of everything to put in, at least you can kind of see how much to do. anyway, looks good, thanks

  21. John Smith

    John SmithHour ago

    Love your personality and resourcefulness

  22. John Smith

    John SmithHour ago

    June were are you from

  23. Evon Maywell

    Evon MaywellHour ago

    Wonderful website. Your ideas, are helpful, to eat,healthy. Loved it.!!

  24. Josiah Victor Igne

    Josiah Victor IgneHour ago

    Is it me or it is satisfying to watch this video of a former Royal chef talking all the things he did with the family and the recipe, man so fun to watch.

  25. Melissa G

    Melissa G2 hours ago

    Love this recipe did it last year and all year husband wanted me to make it! It’s a must have for this year! Question How do you prepare it ? do you cook it day before or in with turkey? I think last year I wasn’t sure when to pop it in the oven if the turkey takes four hours to cook?

  26. Tiffany Fruit Salad

    Tiffany Fruit Salad2 hours ago


  27. Suwayt Satori

    Suwayt Satori2 hours ago

    I appreciate your aura 💕🐉

  28. Santosh Narayana

    Santosh Narayana2 hours ago

    Do duck donuts they are the best donuts around!!!!!! also if you are ever in Wisconsin try Kopps: you should also try culver's:

  29. Brian Jordan Sutherland

    Brian Jordan Sutherland2 hours ago

    Denny’s is the best.

  30. Cadence Clowney

    Cadence Clowney2 hours ago

    my favorite is a seasonal peanut butter that is unfrosted with sugar on top

  31. Elaine S.

    Elaine S.2 hours ago

    I once walked into a Red Lobster with my family and it smelled like a nursing home so we promptly left.

  32. Brooke Warnke

    Brooke Warnke2 hours ago

    You didn’t review the food

  33. Baloo Bear

    Baloo Bear3 hours ago

    Over priced hospital food . Cost ya 786.92 for all those meals..

  34. Kay Flamingos

    Kay Flamingos3 hours ago

    Haha... y’all remember when we didn’t have to wear masks lol.... I don’t...

  35. Piano Mail Lady

    Piano Mail Lady3 hours ago

    banana and cheese. as a kid, I would love a slice of processed American cheese with the banana. now as an adult, upgraded to sharp cheddar cheese slice from a block (not pre-graded) and banana lol. 😍🍌🧀

  36. Welcometochilis

    Welcometochilis3 hours ago

    I’m with Aaron, I put sambal in everything.

  37. Baja Brand

    Baja Brand3 hours ago

    She so beautiful fine sexy

  38. Huda Drmasd

    Huda Drmasd3 hours ago

    where is ingredients

  39. Mante Vos

    Mante Vos3 hours ago

    THIS is why I love eating with my bf. You get to wind down and catch up. It's a special time we have every day 😊

  40. King Sakuya

    King Sakuya4 hours ago

    12:47 Ahh classic 🤣

  41. cyntoria thomas

    cyntoria thomas4 hours ago

    Aaron needs to appreciate this effort more. June has been in the kitchen for two days and he says "I'm only gonna eat...." nah you gonna eat all this MF food.

  42. Vic M

    Vic M4 hours ago

    Disgusting to have a cat all over the kitchen 😒

  43. Billy Bragg

    Billy Bragg4 hours ago

    Dammmmmn gurrrl 😂😂😂

  44. Iffat Alam

    Iffat Alam4 hours ago

    Pst, the Queen is a vampire. Pass it on

  45. Julie Wall

    Julie Wall4 hours ago

    Break. Out. Star.

  46. Lisa Lahr

    Lisa Lahr4 hours ago

    Yeah. Women enjoying food and not fearing censure. Enjoy girls

  47. Mel July

    Mel July4 hours ago

    Queen :one steak more than enough Me: 4 steaks my starter ...get the main course now

  48. Pk-Taylor

    Pk-Taylor4 hours ago

    It would be so cool to talk to the queen, she must have great stories:D prince Philip too :D

  49. GermanoMosconi

    GermanoMosconi4 hours ago

    Something I do not understand is this...why put them lamb onto the risotto? If you noticed, the lamb's blood was seeping into the risotto, and that would really taint its taste. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep them as two separate dishes, and maybe alongside the lamb, saute some veggies in truffle oil and a little butter?

  50. somename lessthing

    somename lessthing5 hours ago

    This looks so good!

  51. gusy629

    gusy6295 hours ago

    Can any chef reveal my favourite meal?

  52. Roger Collins

    Roger Collins5 hours ago

    Someone should have sneaked in a sippy cup for Julia with an adult beverage in it, LOL.

  53. Joos van Hulten

    Joos van Hulten5 hours ago

    It turns red not because of only oxidisation, but also through the Maillard reaction interacting between the glycocydic OH bonds present in the carbohydrates (reductive sugars) and the proteins present in the liquid :) Maillard reaction also happens while baking bread and other goodies :)

  54. Salma

    Salma5 hours ago


  55. ĸaѕperły

    ĸaѕperły5 hours ago

    So nobody has the recipe?

  56. Jackie Barnes

    Jackie Barnes5 hours ago

    You make Cooking look so easy but yet everything looks Royally Delicious.

  57. Salma

    Salma5 hours ago

    shocked that it isnt children's meat

  58. Jackie Barnes

    Jackie Barnes5 hours ago

    I really enjoy your Stories.

  59. Artaholic24 hf

    Artaholic24 hf6 hours ago

    I'm just sitting here on my bed, craving steak now.

  60. neonomura

    neonomura6 hours ago

    Aaron is such a good partner:) cute!

  61. Esraa Saad

    Esraa Saad6 hours ago

    Who else watching this while working 😂

  62. Hem Joo Yeo

    Hem Joo Yeo6 hours ago

    I’d pay $25 for a 1/4 portion of this spread! You’ve outdone yourself!!

  63. Dianne Solis-Cullar

    Dianne Solis-Cullar6 hours ago

    She is my favoriteeeeee

  64. Jenipher Achoki

    Jenipher Achoki7 hours ago

    Try subway

  65. Danielle Wu

    Danielle Wu7 hours ago

    you clearly have kitchen skills, so I am wondering how come you can’t make a roll out pie dough in 5 minutes as well. I feel like my roll-out pie dough is faster/same as the tart dough you did. I wish I could stop by to show you😀

  66. Grace Coburn

    Grace Coburn7 hours ago

    what's wrong with bread in stuffing?

  67. Mariah Kaiser

    Mariah Kaiser7 hours ago

    The second one is ciabatta

  68. Ken Leff

    Ken Leff7 hours ago

    I just discovered you and think you’re amazing! I don’t plan to cook anything ever but I do plan on watching you. You are so funny and a culinary genious!

  69. L D

    L D7 hours ago

    She shud sing before every burger bite 😂😂😂 her voicee so Gooddd

  70. The Clean Kitchen

    The Clean Kitchen7 hours ago

    Cute! Paris is a hot mess!

  71. xleopardprinty

    xleopardprinty8 hours ago

    This is amazing 😍 thank you so much

  72. kitty

    kitty8 hours ago

    These videos always remind me to eat so thank you

  73. LilDallon

    LilDallon8 hours ago

    1:20 actually tomatoes are a fruit so you're not wrong haha

  74. Douglas Armstrong

    Douglas Armstrong8 hours ago

    The Royals took her life and took her away from us the people but they can't take away our memories of Diana.. vote them out

  75. stefanie smith

    stefanie smith8 hours ago

    yeah both are weird not gonna lie

  76. Katie Hope

    Katie Hope9 hours ago

    Okay there is background music that Delish incorporates that sounds like the transitional music from That’s So Raven

  77. Nina Nouna

    Nina Nouna9 hours ago

    India makes sweets with chickpea flower