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  1. knownpleasures

    knownpleasuresHour ago

    She’s better as a television host than a movie star

  2. Skyrim Warrior

    Skyrim WarriorHour ago

    Stephan King is %100 right, you were %100 awesome on Firestarter, before I seen E.T, I seen Firestarter.

  3. Endo Nesyə

    Endo Nesyə2 hours ago

    Nasi Goreng Kampung ( Villager Fried Rice ) so simple, no much ingredients

  4. S P

    S P2 hours ago

    Ahah I love Paris.

  5. Joseph Anderson-McAulay

    Joseph Anderson-McAulay2 hours ago

    Ugggghhh crying again...I, Me , Myself...again. Bye Felicia 👋

  6. Havendale Blvd

    Havendale Blvd2 hours ago

    Steve O.

  7. M K

    M K2 hours ago

    What happened to Paris?

  8. Ryan Ciani

    Ryan Ciani2 hours ago

    george bush? he was president years and years ago. where has she been?

  9. Ryan Ciani

    Ryan Ciani2 hours ago

    ewww what the hell?

  10. Ryan Ciani

    Ryan Ciani2 hours ago

    this must be so fun

  11. A Dot!

    A Dot!2 hours ago

    Bruhh and lolz bruhz

  12. jacques gall

    jacques gall3 hours ago

    Bruce Lee Foreeeeeeeeveeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!

  13. Melanie Flores

    Melanie Flores3 hours ago

    The sweetest thing ❤️🥲

  14. Jaykid2

    Jaykid23 hours ago

    Sebastian Stan right now: 😭😭😭

  15. christian smith jr

    christian smith jr3 hours ago

    Just showing up is a good enough reason. Maybe a last minute massacre where everyone is shot in a tv studio in some emergency film education outreach video series

  16. Karli S.

    Karli S.3 hours ago

    Yikes. Kind of uncomfortable the way Drew pushed the “I’m not like other interviewers” bit.

  17. Applauseify

    Applauseify3 hours ago

    This is amazing how women raise women. Girls raising up each other and admiring openly

  18. Patrick Jones

    Patrick Jones3 hours ago

    Zach looks weird when he smiles.

  19. jedword007

    jedword0073 hours ago

    Just as a tiny critique since i know the shows still new. Love ross and hope he stays as a fixture of the show. But its weird that its called “drews news” but its someone reading the news to her lol

  20. Ryan Ciani

    Ryan Ciani3 hours ago

    i have nobody to watch tv with it must be nice

  21. Growly Growls

    Growly Growls3 hours ago

    Jennifer is still gorgeous.

  22. Salvation73

    Salvation734 hours ago

    I don't feel sorry for Paris Hilton one bit. She created and crafted her entire "career", She's the God Mother of reality T.V fame. The only difference between her and the Kardashians is that she had money to begin with. The reason she disappeared from the limelight is because her family threatened to take away her fortune if she didn't straighten out. She's looking for pity... you reap what you sow. Once she was no longer making the tabloids weekly everyone forgot about her, that's show business sweetheart.

  23. B P

    B P4 hours ago

    My favorite author of all time.. ❤️

  24. K. Williams

    K. Williams4 hours ago

    I also use Pentax! Love their cameras.

  25. Lila E

    Lila E4 hours ago

    She’s so cool ❤️

  26. nenabunena

    nenabunena4 hours ago

    Why is she so OA? And why is she dressed like a grandma? Wasnt she the rebellious bad girl of the 90s?

  27. Fernando Silveira

    Fernando Silveira4 hours ago

    Eu quero ler o it a coisa. Nao li o livro e vi o filme. Abraco.

  28. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa4 hours ago

    Stop, your shows make me cry!!! I’m ugly crying happy tears over here watching this. Love!

  29. Zoe Doucette

    Zoe Doucette4 hours ago

    This is giving me Red Table vibes

  30. Claudia Warner

    Claudia Warner4 hours ago

    What was Her Trauma?? I didn't see the movie??

  31. WayMakers Fun-time

    WayMakers Fun-time4 hours ago

    No misconceptions

  32. Peace girl Peacegirl

    Peace girl Peacegirl4 hours ago

    She gets more beautiful with age. Absolutely Gorgeous

  33. gostate 2014

    gostate 20145 hours ago

    What is she a survivor of? I'm not trying to be insensitive but I'm genuinely curious what is she is Survivor of. She went to prison for possessing cocaine

  34. Shaun Bradley

    Shaun Bradley5 hours ago

    And it was chinas fault, period... .

  35. Marc Bolinger

    Marc Bolinger5 hours ago

    Just give him a hug will ya?

  36. Lindalee Law

    Lindalee Law5 hours ago


  37. Sarah

    Sarah5 hours ago

    Poor Paris this was gahd awful... that scream at the end..... drew had no idea Paris was being sarcastic af. Who is Paris’ PR person keep her away from drew

  38. Richard Peters

    Richard Peters5 hours ago

    That was... real.

  39. averson delosreyes

    averson delosreyes5 hours ago

    i watch charlies angels last night and i enjoy it

  40. marysol losada

    marysol losada5 hours ago

    Loveeeeee Craig sooo muchhhh

  41. Lisa Scales

    Lisa Scales5 hours ago

    You would think that they would talk like frds damn drew acting brand new 😆

  42. Lisa Scales

    Lisa Scales5 hours ago

    I've always loved Paris Hilton ❤

  43. Dirkschneider

    Dirkschneider5 hours ago

    What a confession! It's not like we have known about this for 40 years.

  44. VeggiePals

    VeggiePals5 hours ago

    This is great!

  45. Promise You

    Promise You5 hours ago

    I remember watching her reality show with Lionel Richie daughter she was a total blonde bimbo she was the old Kim kardashion

  46. Amy Ong

    Amy Ong5 hours ago

    Drop a few drops of lavendar oil on pillow.

  47. Mississippi Mud

    Mississippi Mud5 hours ago

    They both seem like two of the sweetest people in the world

  48. VeggiePals

    VeggiePals5 hours ago


  49. Dan Christman

    Dan Christman5 hours ago

    My favorite is the dead zone

  50. Mar

    Mar5 hours ago

    Drew needs to shut up about herself. She's a terrible interviewer

  51. Jason Meadows

    Jason Meadows5 hours ago

    Letterman was always my favorite, and dammit I miss him. Tonights top 10 list is ............

  52. Mizztery

    Mizztery6 hours ago

    He's Jasper from The Simpsons.

  53. Birdy Lyn TV

    Birdy Lyn TV6 hours ago


  54. Jay John

    Jay John6 hours ago

    How superficial and shallow can you get during a pandemic. I'm supposed to take Letterman seriously as a left leaning thinker? Give me a break. Letterman had Trump on his show a few times. He looks as if he's on some prescription drugs. Retire already your boring. "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction". A very insightful conversation this is?

  55. Alicia Scott

    Alicia Scott6 hours ago

    I disagree, Kamala Harris doesn't get a seat next to those other black women Ms. Day mentioned.

  56. Michelle Lee Banninger

    Michelle Lee Banninger6 hours ago

    I just made this and it reminds me of the Instagram vs reality photos 🤣

  57. luciendante

    luciendante6 hours ago


  58. Howie Will

    Howie Will6 hours ago

    I’m about to go against the grain and say that although Drew does not quite appear comfortable interviewing guests “yet” , she does bring good experience to the table. For all those stating she’s making it all about herself, take a pause and reflect that people with PTSD welcome other people’s experiences. One of the symptoms of PTSD is not talking to people because you don’t feel like they would understand and you only talk with people who have been through the same or similar traumas. If Paris really didn’t want to hear any of it trust me she would’ve ended the discussion.

  59. americo01able

    americo01able6 hours ago

    I am 46 years old!! And I have grown watching drew!! I feel like she is a sister, I can relate do to be in the same generation, I never imagined a grown man could cry just by watching a video, thanks for sharing drew.

  60. Pamela Folger

    Pamela Folger6 hours ago

    Paris, Your A Strong Woman!❤❤❤ 🙏🙏

  61. libralady707

    libralady7076 hours ago

    Travis hasn’t aged much at all. He looks much healthier now than back in the “Meet The Barkers” days.

  62. Pamela Mays

    Pamela Mays6 hours ago

    I bet Ralph still gets carded when he buys beer.

  63. Don Backup Videos

    Don Backup Videos6 hours ago

    This is one of the worse interviews i have ever seen

  64. Josephine

    Josephine6 hours ago

    I love the pasta queen 🙌🏻❤️🍝


    THE REAL ANDREA GOTTI7 hours ago

    This is HOT ❤️

  66. Michele Porch

    Michele Porch7 hours ago

    I’ve always liked you Drew but I was done w/you when you did the show eating people!! Because it’s true, but then I remembered you were sold out by your parents not your choice!, but you could have left the evil cabal. I only watched this to see what Paris was saying because I know you all were abused as children and you deserve a chance as long as your not repeating the cycle of abuse

  67. Puff Puff

    Puff Puff7 hours ago

    Anyone else think Drew is so annoying?

  68. RF is killing us softly ll youngpilote

    RF is killing us softly ll youngpilote7 hours ago


  69. Mary S

    Mary S7 hours ago

    Wow she actually can talk like an adult and not a " blonde"... Proud she dropped that. It was so hard to listen to her talk like a baby/idiot.

  70. Zorn76

    Zorn767 hours ago

    She looks amazing

  71. Andrew Jude Quiz

    Andrew Jude Quiz7 hours ago

    0:50 anyone notice Stephen King’s eyebrows move up when she mentions The Shining?

  72. Maria Elda

    Maria Elda7 hours ago

    Drew, why won't you just interview yourself? Why bother inviting a guest when it's more about you.

  73. Mary Jeremiah

    Mary Jeremiah7 hours ago

    Were these girls sex trafficked too???? Hollywood abuses young girls!

  74. Christopher Graham

    Christopher Graham7 hours ago

    I learned nothing thru this interview.

  75. Sheryl Jones

    Sheryl Jones7 hours ago

    Drew she may have known a lot about you and your relatives however trust in God only okay.