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  1. Dummy Jenny

    Dummy Jenny37 minutes ago

    Rest in power.

  2. Karen Butler

    Karen Butler39 minutes ago


  3. Meta Meech

    Meta Meech55 minutes ago

    The most Anti Simp song ever I nod my head the way Will did to this song in Fresh Prince of Bel Air LOOOOOOOOL

  4. RobReport

    RobReportHour ago

    Is that Clue in the back ground?!? I C YA!!!

  5. Black Fist Media Group

    Black Fist Media GroupHour ago

    stretch ain't white, he's just light-skinned...

  6. sleepy dank

    sleepy dankHour ago

    Because there’s too many things for you to deal with dying inside but outside your looking fearless

  7. Darryl Wilson

    Darryl WilsonHour ago

    Is this a Pac diss

  8. B Lover

    B LoverHour ago

    From NYC and always loved the LA vibe son cool song. No gang life both sides.

  9. Taco burrito

    Taco burritoHour ago

    Hey, is a hippopotamus, a hippopotamus! or just a really cool opotamus....... 🤷‍♂️ 🙋‍♂️

  10. carl bryant

    carl bryantHour ago

    Back when everyone in middle school had fake diamond grillz!😂😂

  11. Rafael Dias

    Rafael DiasHour ago

    Yung Buda - Gamecube Nintendo

  12. carl bryant

    carl bryantHour ago


  13. Dee

    DeeHour ago

    2021 song still fire

  14. Reasonable Doubt

    Reasonable DoubtHour ago

    This lp along with Blazey Blazey prime examples of 1 hit wonders tragically.. wonder what both those guys doing now

  15. ddaydagreat1page

    ddaydagreat1page2 hours ago

    That's how it be fr wen u get bread wen

  16. Fonda Washington

    Fonda Washington2 hours ago

    When videos were mini movies!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Sir LeRoyale

    Sir LeRoyale2 hours ago

    The first horror rap is assassin by the ghetto boys... Bring esham on here tab

  18. Sir LeRoyale

    Sir LeRoyale2 hours ago

    Geto boys started it and esham and natas profected it

  19. Martini.68

    Martini.682 hours ago

    is anyone remembered physical by dua lipa?

  20. Marvellon Gilson

    Marvellon Gilson2 hours ago

    The main chick was my crush in 2000 now its 2021 we still love this masterpiece

  21. Car Pete

    Car Pete3 hours ago


  22. Thomas Tournavitis

    Thomas Tournavitis3 hours ago

    i work your mothers... all those who disliked this !!!

  23. NM

    NM3 hours ago

    I wish I could go back...just for a while

  24. Das Solo Syndikat

    Das Solo Syndikat3 hours ago

    This one of the hardest rap joints!

  25. Garry Dhaliwal

    Garry Dhaliwal3 hours ago

    I didn't knew Smokey was too in this video damn! I thought he went to rehab ,he lied Craig

  26. Freekzilla87

    Freekzilla873 hours ago

    Remember spinning round in the car chatting up women in their car, those were the days, teens now be sending nudes to idiots on the Internet they haven't even met yet smh.

  27. Priceless sal

    Priceless sal3 hours ago

    Love it, very clean YET dope 👌🏽

  28. gilberzj1

    gilberzj14 hours ago

    Erykah, Faith, and who’s the other woman, and the child?

  29. gilberzj1

    gilberzj14 hours ago

    Here after verzuz, who else?

  30. chris kenteris

    chris kenteris4 hours ago

    Play 2021???

  31. Elton Matondo

    Elton Matondo4 hours ago

    the vixens moves are a killer

  32. ゴルバチョ屁

    ゴルバチョ屁4 hours ago

    thunder dome?

  33. JackyDOS

    JackyDOS4 hours ago

    @UCpc_JkRZI7UBhMJyKMyCuTQ @UCpc_JkRZI7UBhMJyKMyCuTQ @ @ @/savenawalny @/opgulak @/wealrelegion <3 scusi goto now <3.

  34. Daniel Rich

    Daniel Rich5 hours ago

    one of the best posse rhymes of all time

  35. sigi yaya

    sigi yaya5 hours ago

    If you are here in 2021 then you have a good ear to good music🙌🙌

  36. αλεξανδρος ευτυχιδης

    αλεξανδρος ευτυχιδης5 hours ago

    Γιατί όπως είπανε δύο τσακαλοι πριν χρόνια στο Κουίνς.....γίνεται πόλεμος εκεί έξω και κάνεις ασφαλής.....όποιος κατάλαβε κατάλαβε.

  37. Latunah Tarea

    Latunah Tarea5 hours ago

    Favorite ❤️

  38. Janee Doee

    Janee Doee5 hours ago

    2021 ‼️

  39. Kris Bapman

    Kris Bapman5 hours ago


  40. John Brown

    John Brown5 hours ago

    Speaking of James Woods. Mos Def has with him in The Hard Way and Michael J Fox.

  41. Sleaze Daddy

    Sleaze Daddy5 hours ago

    Noticed how everyone is surrounded by Eazy-E...not cause he was the last verse it’s became they knew he was really about that life... Still got smoked at BayBays Party!!!They all felt that Line

  42. David

    David5 hours ago

    Queen is a Og rapper even in 2021 no ladies can come close...

  43. suck a d

    suck a d5 hours ago


  44. Jaruben Jones

    Jaruben Jones5 hours ago

    Still cool killer music right there, Tru 2 life banging sound like 1973 type music don't fuck with my life shit get yo on $ don't do or speak about mines . just my comment though.

  45. Warren Jeter

    Warren Jeter5 hours ago

    I knew all of their verses in grade school, and still know it 30 something years later. Classic!!

  46. real LX c g

    real LX c g6 hours ago

    Fuck todays rap music

  47. pslavi

    pslavi6 hours ago

    When yo beepers kept beep'n

  48. Silume Muimui

    Silume Muimui6 hours ago

    The Ignorance is Strong in this interview

  49. Juan Cuevas

    Juan Cuevas6 hours ago

    Twitter brought me here. Cuz Kim is trending 👏

  50. Patriotic ‘Murican

    Patriotic ‘Murican6 hours ago

    I remember walking to school 2 years ago and feeling so cool listening to this through my headphones.

  51. Sam mogire

    Sam mogire6 hours ago

    I imagine yo guys still

  52. Warren Jeter

    Warren Jeter6 hours ago

    Classic!! And they didn't have to Curse!!

  53. B gh

    B gh6 hours ago

    this was back before it was all blame whitey, and it was about taking responsibility. now its everyone else fault.

  54. Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez7 hours ago

    Fun fact, the producer that created this beat was his very first record produced and it went platinum

  55. Leonardo Serrano

    Leonardo Serrano7 hours ago

    Le copió a la canción de Mi tío Snoop, del Alemán

  56. imOJ

    imOJ7 hours ago

    One of the most beautiful rap songs of all times

  57. Ky Love

    Ky Love7 hours ago

    I SaW A d evil 🦹‍♀️ 🧖‍♂️ Spar Wit A L L A H. Shout-OuT JoHn FortE I Jon💟✡️🔯✝️🕎🕉☪️☸️☦️🛐♋️♊️♉️♈️⛎♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️.

  58. Richard Jagan

    Richard Jagan7 hours ago

    Love Big, Busta and Red but when Bone came in that was it

  59. Carla C.

    Carla C.7 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥Sempre top🔥🔥🔥

  60. yzm-ybg_yt

    yzm-ybg_yt7 hours ago

    He looks like shaq

  61. Patti Cage

    Patti Cage7 hours ago

    That sax is everything, and I wish that back in my club kid days they had clowns at the spot you could work it out with!

  62. pslavi

    pslavi7 hours ago

    Broken glass everywhere! people pissing on the stairs you know they just don't care! 2021...no different

  63. D.J. Sen-Gee

    D.J. Sen-Gee7 hours ago

    How do people not like this are you serious???? Wtf

  64. Anderson Oswaldo Baena Baena

    Anderson Oswaldo Baena Baena7 hours ago

    Total fuera de série

  65. Scr3w the insatiable [DeVon Jackson]

    Scr3w the insatiable [DeVon Jackson]7 hours ago

    Shit fyyee

  66. Eric Falcon

    Eric Falcon7 hours ago

    Ice cube is a God father 2021...

  67. Murtis Scott

    Murtis Scott7 hours ago

    Damn this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  68. Alex Ro

    Alex Ro7 hours ago

    Nobody, and I mean nobody can rock a onesy like this nowadays!!

  69. MrMrchatcity

    MrMrchatcity7 hours ago

    @3:34 the guy in the white T in the front next to Dr. Dre had me rolllin' lol like where the hell did he come from? and he was feelin himself too just rockin out dude lol

  70. MrMrchatcity

    MrMrchatcity8 hours ago

    damn I haven't heard this since like 97 and forgot all about it until random USlikes playlist smh lol damn

  71. john ryder

    john ryder8 hours ago

    Shaking butts and tires lol

  72. ko - fi

    ko - fi8 hours ago

    icon of the hiphop

  73. Money Ryzo

    Money Ryzo8 hours ago


  74. Ui

    Ui8 hours ago

    This shit so fresh I’m freshing up

  75. sandro Beridze

    sandro Beridze8 hours ago

    hip hop was shining in this time ♥️

  76. Da Kid Gowie

    Da Kid Gowie8 hours ago

    Big Pun 🔥

  77. Sr. Sacaninha

    Sr. Sacaninha8 hours ago

    He straight up plagiarized CB4! Wack!

  78. justin helton

    justin helton9 hours ago

    isnts there a song that yells lets go and then its just rap.... no crazy train or anything

  79. Rubin Reyes

    Rubin Reyes9 hours ago

    Pure east coast winter vibe 90s 4 life

  80. Payton G

    Payton G9 hours ago

    Tray Deee Really Been That Nigga