Corey Funk
Corey Funk
Corey Funk

Yes, This is the real Corey Funk!
This is my official channel, an I'm in the process of creating it.
Instagram: @Corey.funk
Twitter: @Coreycfunk
Snapchat: @Coreyfunk

Best Of Corey Funk 2020
  1. Jamie Lord

    Jamie LordHour ago

    Corey’s corvette is manual and paddle shifter?

  2. Jamie Lord

    Jamie LordHour ago

    His corvette is manual and paddle shifter

  3. Austin Wright

    Austin WrightHour ago

    It’s not a super car it’s a corvette and it’s called a muscle car

  4. Haze

    Haze2 hours ago

    you have inspired me to getting a manual car and drifting keep up the good work

  5. Lorkin jndrej

    Lorkin jndrej3 hours ago

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  6. Eixxy

    Eixxy4 hours ago

    he did what many f us are scared to do: I let my girlfriend drift my M9 once and she crashed it I have let no one drive my car since that day

  7. David Wilson

    David Wilson4 hours ago

    I wouldn't call a stingray a super car but ok

  8. Sean Boveington

    Sean Boveington5 hours ago

    If i did this for my girlfriend she would not be happy with me

  9. Patrik Rustadlarsen2

    Patrik Rustadlarsen25 hours ago

    Hanna:it’s so tight in there 1 second later stawp

  10. Patrik Rustadlarsen2

    Patrik Rustadlarsen25 hours ago


  11. Patrik Rustadlarsen2

    Patrik Rustadlarsen25 hours ago

    Hanna be like stawp

  12. 1

    15 hours ago

    Play demolition derby with the cars!!

  13. Nhat Le

    Nhat Le6 hours ago


  14. Moirangthem Biten

    Moirangthem Biten6 hours ago

    From Assistant to gf through love..

  15. Moirangthem Biten

    Moirangthem Biten6 hours ago

    One in a million...

  16. Call of duty sniping

    Call of duty sniping7 hours ago

    I know how to drive manual cars and I am only 11

  17. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things10 hours ago

    oH YUHH

  18. Elizabeth Woolbright

    Elizabeth Woolbright10 hours ago

    My brother is teach me about a stick shift truck and he knows bits and pieces he still learning though I think I don't know how it all goes lol AND O MY SHE SO GO AT drifting your golden Corvette LOL

  19. Jacob Lopez

    Jacob Lopez10 hours ago

    Keep the good work up corry I know ur seeing this hope you the best of luck and become as succed just like🥺

  20. TomNeedsCoffee

    TomNeedsCoffee10 hours ago

    oh hey cole whats up

  21. ASAIN

    ASAIN11 hours ago

    How does his car have paddles when it’s a stick/Manuel

  22. Trap Core

    Trap Core12 hours ago

    We still calling the corvette a super car?

  23. Kyler Holloway

    Kyler Holloway12 hours ago

    Did anyone else see Hannah FUNK on the driver’s License?

  24. Theo

    Theo12 hours ago

    drift video?

  25. Weldon Foster

    Weldon Foster13 hours ago

    She’s so sweet🥺🥺

  26. Spudator

    Spudator14 hours ago

    Her pants are like race car jumpsuit material

  27. Bikelife_ Jack

    Bikelife_ Jack14 hours ago

    HAnna is like a foot taller

  28. Trevorkoop35

    Trevorkoop3514 hours ago

    Sorry to tell you but a Corvette is in a super car

  29. Ethrex YT

    Ethrex YT15 hours ago

    It’s a muscle car

  30. Cynthia Kellett

    Cynthia Kellett15 hours ago

    I am fast frik boy

  31. Walmart Tfox

    Walmart Tfox15 hours ago

    Literally no one Corey almost every video that’s the corvette “ok I’m going to change the tires”

  32. Teamdeadeye 8869

    Teamdeadeye 886916 hours ago

    That True love that he let you drive his car

  33. Lightgod

    Lightgod16 hours ago

    its a coryo

  34. NxL Reptile FN

    NxL Reptile FN17 hours ago


  35. Shogun Gaming

    Shogun Gaming17 hours ago

    Just saw your video on a French show called vlog

  36. Hannah F

    Hannah F17 hours ago

    That's couple GOALS right there🥰

  37. Vicky Hoskins

    Vicky Hoskins18 hours ago

    I watch your videos every day I'm only 10

  38. Nathan Tervit

    Nathan Tervit18 hours ago

    Your car is not a Supercar

  39. ReVa Grall

    ReVa Grall18 hours ago

    please drift with helloiamjensen ?

  40. Viktor Bille

    Viktor Bille18 hours ago

    Nobody: Absolutelly nobody: 12 yo me knowing how to drive a full on manuel: *laughing* BTW love the vids

  41. Lee Mannion

    Lee Mannion19 hours ago

    U should've used a buggy board

  42. Lee Mannion

    Lee Mannion19 hours ago

    U said tractor

  43. John Terriee

    John Terriee19 hours ago

    Hannah is amazing

  44. Ben Henderson68

    Ben Henderson6819 hours ago

    Jesus is king

  45. Jase Robins

    Jase Robins20 hours ago

    How long did it take you to finish the car

  46. lote lamberte

    lote lamberte20 hours ago


  47. Josh Dillon

    Josh Dillon21 hour ago

    Can u teach me to drift

  48. Nathan Wilding

    Nathan Wilding23 hours ago

    If u have the subtitles on when she asks for a sippy cup the subtitles say civic 🤣

  49. Philips ITA

    Philips ITA23 hours ago

    I love corvettes and all, but corvettes are not supercars lmao

  50. Elisha Oliver

    Elisha Oliver23 hours ago

    It’s not a super car you dumb dumb

  51. L7W Ree

    L7W Ree23 hours ago

    You should start a drifting channel

  52. Shashank Vlogs

    Shashank Vlogs23 hours ago

    Jeff paints his beard 10 seconds later “I might have made a mistake”

  53. Elvin

    ElvinDay ago

    please more car vids and drift vids

  54. Evan Zgrodek

    Evan ZgrodekDay ago




    who else saw funk on hannahs drivers licence 7:17

  56. Jase Robins

    Jase RobinsDay ago

    You should let her drift one of your other cars

  57. Tiff

    TiffDay ago

    *That's couple goals right there!* *😍😭😇💖*

  58. Matthew Bennett

    Matthew BennettDay ago

    every vid is about corvette

  59. Wheelie chief

    Wheelie chiefDay ago


  60. Sumsung Galaxy

    Sumsung GalaxyDay ago

    you should do a challenge with hannah : handcuffed to my girlfriend for 24 hours. love your videos and you guys are the best couple ❤❤

  61. Caleb Stephenson

    Caleb StephensonDay ago

    The cars the cars the cars

  62. Jeremiah Page

    Jeremiah PageDay ago

    Hay corey can you bring back the gold funk bros coin hdding

  63. Cade Gunn The Redneck

    Cade Gunn The RedneckDay ago

    Hey Corey how old is Hannah

  64. Carrie So

    Carrie SoDay ago


  65. Bethaney Kerr

    Bethaney KerrDay ago

    Who else cheered and clapped when Hannah drifted?! 🤣🤣 But also we have a 78 Camaro in the driveway and my heart was racing this entire time lmao

  66. Robert Lozano

    Robert LozanoDay ago

    Like Corey said Hannah has a creative mind so instead of a gift u did something better

  67. king Noddy

    king NoddyDay ago

    I like you

  68. sophie abbott

    sophie abbottDay ago

    The drivers license said Hannah Funk 🤨

  69. olivia maguire

    olivia maguireDay ago

    My dads car has 2000horsepower

  70. Oscar Ramirez

    Oscar RamirezDay ago

    We need a Drifting channel

  71. sammy21star Beltran

    sammy21star BeltranDay ago


  72. Lewis Anderson

    Lewis AndersonDay ago

    Who is watching this in 2021

  73. Jassmin Adlam

    Jassmin AdlamDay ago

    Congratulations Corey for the lovely Hannah and the success on your work

  74. Remco Janssen

    Remco JanssenDay ago

    Cool TikTok

  75. Anthony Vizcarra

    Anthony VizcarraDay ago

    It is funny that her Id last name was funk

  76. Billy Rudd

    Billy RuddDay ago

    I find it funny that hanna doesn’t know how to drive stick shift but I do and I’m 11

  77. Miguel Vazquez

    Miguel VazquezDay ago

    He is dating a 16 year old

  78. Abdul 1o1

    Abdul 1o1Day ago

    My mom knows how to drive stick shift

  79. Nazid Morshed

    Nazid MorshedDay ago

    did i just learn how to drive stick shift from corey

  80. Angel Lagunas

    Angel LagunasDay ago

    is a corvett even a supercar