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True Facts: Macaques
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Pets in Isolation

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Backward Hippo

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Sad Cat Diary

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HR Violation

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  1. Karen K

    Karen K9 hours ago

    9:07 the sound

  2. thestalicho

    thestalicho9 hours ago

    Interesting video accurate commentary BUT all the vulgar "humour " is out of place and spoils the effect

  3. Nannette Mustillo

    Nannette Mustillo9 hours ago

    Love the commentary. You're funny.

  4. Honey Pieシ

    Honey Pieシ9 hours ago

    “ now teddy is on drugs” It’s true I was the teddy

  5. irishgrl

    irishgrl9 hours ago

    Only the domestic Persian has fur too long and dense for effective self grooming. You can kind of tell. Dead! This entire narrative is full of snarky gems! Love it!

  6. Clifton Thomas

    Clifton Thomas9 hours ago

    I wish this guy was my teacher

  7. its LxttleMxssPxppy17 and XTheLordOfWar

    its LxttleMxssPxppy17 and XTheLordOfWar9 hours ago

    this is my fucking childhood youtube video

  8. Storm Nasca

    Storm Nasca10 hours ago


  9. Belgarath S.

    Belgarath S.10 hours ago

    “It looks like one of those inkblots that the brain witches make you look at “! Oh my God! Please stop being so damn clever!

  10. Storm Nasca

    Storm Nasca10 hours ago

    "I'll give an arm and a leg..." XD

  11. Infinity Shadow20

    Infinity Shadow2010 hours ago

    I literally thought that was an actual animal only when I soon realise it was just played backwards...

  12. Hammer Nail

    Hammer Nail10 hours ago

    I tried to feed it a carrot and got kicked...WTF

  13. adorable hunter

    adorable hunter10 hours ago

    omg that was hilarious 😂

  14. Matty Matt

    Matty Matt10 hours ago

    I love how this sh!t is so funny while educational! It's like a Snake tongue... well balanced!

  15. Linh Nguyễn

    Linh Nguyễn10 hours ago

    im educated and entertained at the same time, great channel !

  16. Pyro Thermite

    Pyro Thermite10 hours ago

    Dr. Shwank is such a badass

  17. ApocalypseBear

    ApocalypseBear10 hours ago

    Have you ever tried to scroll down on the page while reading a real life book?

  18. MonsterMasher137

    MonsterMasher13711 hours ago

    Listening to Zefrank CLEARLY trying not to laugh makes this about ten times better

  19. Corn Bone

    Corn Bone11 hours ago

    It's funny cause oppai is Japanese for "big hooters"

  20. Clemens Gleich

    Clemens Gleich11 hours ago

    Wait for the end for some extra ... tongue.

  21. Jay Dubb

    Jay Dubb11 hours ago

    I... am... Batfish!!!!!!!!!!

  22. simon eric

    simon eric11 hours ago

    Was hoping the Jacobson’s organ would be mentioned in this video..

  23. SpacePuppy

    SpacePuppy11 hours ago

    Once, I farted a stomach ache away.

  24. Timothy Greer

    Timothy Greer11 hours ago

    You got all sciencey and stuff then BLAM the end made me forget everything I just learned

  25. Jordan Moorman

    Jordan Moorman11 hours ago

    Ahh, all the comments thinking trypophobia is a real phobia.

  26. Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*

    Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*11 hours ago

    Whatever you want Santa

  27. Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*

    Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*12 hours ago

    Light plushie

  28. Eric Brown

    Eric Brown12 hours ago

    well I'm glad we're back to humor the Duck video was just disturbing

  29. SnailSpeedSlow

    SnailSpeedSlow12 hours ago

    you need a partner. sound like a old freak who lacks regular sexual exercising

  30. Kelvin Neil

    Kelvin Neil12 hours ago

    Despite all the jokes, it's still give us education 👍

  31. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi12 hours ago

    Psychologist: will you please stop calling me a brain witch? I’m a doctor Me: what ever brain witch just make me not sad anymore

  32. Isaac Clark

    Isaac Clark12 hours ago

    I'd love to get an enchilada!

  33. Microwaved Sock

    Microwaved Sock12 hours ago

    I thought he says oppai 😂

  34. Akira Gurung

    Akira Gurung12 hours ago

    He's back! HE'S BACK! Frank we missed you.

  35. Natalie Peters

    Natalie Peters12 hours ago

    I need to know what kind of snake that red and black one with the red eyes was wow 😍😍🐍

  36. Person McDudeguy

    Person McDudeguy12 hours ago

    It should have been titles "True Faques: Macaques"

  37. Tim Billings

    Tim Billings12 hours ago

    👍👍👍 You are so funny!!! 😂 Good show bebe!!! 👍

  38. MrPooPooJohn

    MrPooPooJohn12 hours ago

    Life's the same, I'm smelling in stereo Life's the same, except for my tongue Life's the same, snakin' like vomero Life's the same, it'ssss all inside you...

  39. Pedro Abilleira

    Pedro Abilleira12 hours ago


  40. Makayla Smith

    Makayla Smith12 hours ago


  41. Robotaus

    Robotaus13 hours ago

    Do one of George Taekae

  42. Glitch _

    Glitch _13 hours ago

    this is my comfort video.

  43. Cubelarooso

    Cubelarooso13 hours ago

    I like my intelligence. I like my humor. I like my metabolism. I like my beard.

  44. Gail

    Gail13 hours ago

    4:34😂😂😂 bebe

  45. Gail

    Gail13 hours ago

    Oh she went that way "CHOMP!!!!!"

  46. Gabby D.

    Gabby D.13 hours ago

    what did i just witness...

  47. dudw man

    dudw man14 hours ago

    I love this dude

  48. Quant Quill

    Quant Quill14 hours ago

    I would have liked anyway, but I clicked pretty fast at "shag carpet of doom".

  49. Francisco Cepeda

    Francisco Cepeda14 hours ago

    Since you are making VIDEOS which are family friendly clean up the AUDIO so the whole thing can actually be enjoyable.

  50. CrunchyFrog

    CrunchyFrog14 hours ago

    Speaking as a biologist, I love these episodes so much. If we could get schools to use ZeFrank's videos to teach biology, we might get more teenagers interested in it (beyond teenagers's obvious interest in certain aspects of biology). The only downside is, it's impossible to translate the rapid-fire puns from English into, say, German or any other language.

  51. Tim Billings

    Tim Billings14 hours ago


  52. AN667RB

    AN667RB14 hours ago

    I NEED EddieVR to do a spanish novella over two of these spiders mating bro I NEED IT

  53. lmcgiglez

    lmcgiglez14 hours ago

    "Brain witch," pft.

  54. Lindsay F.

    Lindsay F.14 hours ago


  55. Diego Corredor

    Diego Corredor14 hours ago

    Loved this so much

  56. Ursa Kermode

    Ursa Kermode14 hours ago

    The shrimp was so good

  57. Felisha Mohammed

    Felisha Mohammed14 hours ago


  58. Anigame memes

    Anigame memes14 hours ago

    Why is this so funny it’s like he’s a God

  59. MTB CAFE

    MTB CAFE14 hours ago

    it does not eat food...food just come out of his mouth

  60. John Christopher Oliver

    John Christopher Oliver14 hours ago

    "Stone aged sex toy" wait, what?! 🤣

  61. Ror Allen

    Ror Allen15 hours ago

    Please keep making vids. It makes my life suck less.

  62. Kiki Peaches

    Kiki Peaches15 hours ago

    I actually learned something. School, take notes. This method works

  63. Mr. Mochi

    Mr. Mochi15 hours ago

    I watch playlists of biology documentaries while really high, this was a warm welcome in the middle of arthropod mating cycles

  64. •S n x w o l f•

    •S n x w o l f•15 hours ago

    O.g plsssss make more videos like thissss

  65. Corvan Arkenstorm

    Corvan Arkenstorm15 hours ago

    So... It's either a handshake, or a handjob then?

  66. Lakeisha Mccray

    Lakeisha Mccray15 hours ago

    The doctor now teddies on drugs me laughing at what he said

  67. Brent King

    Brent King15 hours ago

    I can see Franks videos in school LOL

  68. Dennis Cuesta

    Dennis Cuesta15 hours ago

    **confused learning**

  69. Petal and the flock

    Petal and the flock15 hours ago

    I just wanted to watch bakugou saying teddy bear. Now I’ve come to this. *nOw tEdDiEs oN dRuGs.*

  70. Kaladorph

    Kaladorph15 hours ago

    I dont think his voice is good for this.

  71. leminjapan

    leminjapan16 hours ago

    "Evolution was like, 'Oh yeah, there's time.'" **chefs kiss** Masterpiece.

  72. James Benear

    James Benear16 hours ago

    “Can’t fool me brain witch!”

  73. abnormal

    abnormal16 hours ago

    i wonder if this could be used to calm children that have to undergo operations

  74. Jenn Mari

    Jenn Mari16 hours ago


  75. Shawn Putnam

    Shawn Putnam16 hours ago

    OMG That Dark Crystal comment... I just lost it 40 seconds into video

  76. Clay Pidgeon

    Clay Pidgeon16 hours ago


  77. A-New-Recipeh

    A-New-Recipeh16 hours ago

    "Now I know what you're thinking, you little smarty nipple." I'm gonna remember that line to use.

  78. Hayley Williams

    Hayley Williams16 hours ago

    My life going downhill be like: There is something wrong with Teddy.

  79. 伍志君

    伍志君16 hours ago

    Teddy bear is having surgery AHHHHHH

  80. Titanium Dragon

    Titanium Dragon16 hours ago

    See, this is why you ask technical people for help, we graph and chart *everything*.