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  1. Eddie Hakim

    Eddie HakimHour ago

    Chef Wan's collab with Chef Anna Olson

  2. Farhan Razak

    Farhan RazakHour ago

    This is not uncle roger youtube this is chef wan youtube

  3. odilia bao

    odilia baoHour ago

    We need more of behind the scenes for this one!!! 😂❤️

  4. DinoMar 1k

    DinoMar 1kHour ago

    Love the guy but didn’t know if he was trying to speak in English or hieroglyphs

  5. MJ Gando

    MJ GandoHour ago

    I like it when Uncle Roger is being roasted by a real chef. HAHAHAHA

  6. Aufar Fikri Dimyati

    Aufar Fikri DimyatiHour ago

    i used to see chef wan from a tv program called east bites west in natgeopeople i think

  7. Kenny Lian

    Kenny LianHour ago

    LOL nasi kangkang!!!

  8. mr yob peon

    mr yob peonHour ago

    Hahahaha.. 'we don't steal.... We just take..' hahahahahaha your editor really nailed it

  9. Sandriano Nantes

    Sandriano NantesHour ago


  10. Sandriano Nantes

    Sandriano NantesHour ago


  11. Jens

    JensHour ago

    Used to watch his food show during childhood time with my mum.. all good old days😌

  12. Revina Que

    Revina QueHour ago

    Uncle Roger is a character, Chef Wan is the real deal 😄👍

  13. Andydoeseverything

    AndydoeseverythingHour ago

    Need more chef wan

  14. Noxturce_

    Noxturce_Hour ago

    So Wholesome..!!!!!

  15. Onion?!? Guy

    Onion?!? GuyHour ago

    Chefs in the kitchen watching: Why is Chef Wan acting like that asian man is a little kid

  16. scientificninja

    scientificninjaHour ago

    Your best video yet, Nigel. This is a wonderful template for you to take back to the UK for restaurant owners who are game enough to collab.

  17. mano john

    mano johnHour ago

    that's the OG

  18. Tim Cheng

    Tim ChengHour ago

    Mann can anyone understand what’s the chef talking about ( I can’t even hear is name)

  19. billy marcelo

    billy marceloHour ago

    “So Ambience” 😄😄😄

  20. charlie Lu

    charlie LuHour ago


  21. User Neko

    User NekoHour ago

    Eh ini yang ada di Upin Ipin?

  22. Josh

    JoshHour ago

    He's meet his match with this one

  23. Correct me if gay

    Correct me if gayHour ago

    Machi means 'friend' in Tamil

  24. Taufiq Pett

    Taufiq PettHour ago

    When Uncle Roger met his uncle 😂

  25. BosleyBeats

    BosleyBeatsHour ago


  26. Eric Lim

    Eric LimHour ago

    Finally, Uncle Roger VS Chef Wan😂😂 I'm interesting about work at Cafe Chef Wan

  27. Malasnya Masak🤭

    Malasnya Masak🤭Hour ago

    Love this teaching skills from Chef funny Uncle Roger....I’m non stop laughing 😆

  28. Helion

    HelionHour ago

    Uncle Roger i think you just try Indonesian street egg fried ITS taste better than Gordon Ramsey egg fried rice

  29. Suriadi JOHANSJAH

    Suriadi JOHANSJAHHour ago

    It's quite embarrasing because I know him from Upin & Ipin. Hey, Unc Roger, you should give a commentary on Upin Ipin

  30. hai liu

    hai liu2 hours ago

    hi yayayaya, stop showing old ugly man

  31. John Lingad

    John Lingad2 hours ago

    8:33 😏

  32. aleeya

    aleeya2 hours ago

    The amount of innuendos in this video 😂

  33. Revina Que

    Revina Que2 hours ago

    To all the Malaysian viewers, is Uncle Roger really popular in Malaysia? I never thought I'd see Chef Wan do a USlikes collab. I used to watch him all the time on the Asian Food Channel, and he's an actual celebrity chef! Uncle Roger must be in the big leagues now.

  34. Lpld Suhardinata

    Lpld Suhardinata2 hours ago

    A chef teaching comedian how to cook ;-;

  35. Denny Zai

    Denny Zai2 hours ago

    Now I know 'Martin Yan' chef from chef Wan...

  36. Stuff My Nieces Are Doing

    Stuff My Nieces Are Doing2 hours ago

    You brighten my day, Nigel.

  37. Victoria E.

    Victoria E.2 hours ago

    That was AWESOME. Will go there for sure if I'm ever so lucky to travel there.

  38. Maria Abe

    Maria Abe2 hours ago

    Chef wan and uncle roger’s chemistry tho!!! Would love to see both of u do a video again.

  39. Shelbs S

    Shelbs S2 hours ago

    this guy is fucking awesome that you did this video with! I enjoyed this video a lot.

  40. Izzahari

    Izzahari2 hours ago

    This is why i love chef wan so much 😂

  41. Leaf Apple

    Leaf Apple2 hours ago

    yooo all that touching though

  42. Black Swan

    Black Swan2 hours ago

    Where the mSg WHere Stop insulting chinese cooking PLSSSSSSSSS

  43. Alvin Mahendra

    Alvin Mahendra2 hours ago

    Dont underestimate Southeast asian uncle and aunties, they can shut up everybody even gordon ramsay when he visited padang

  44. Jess

    Jess2 hours ago

    "Pirated version of salt bae" HAHA LMAO

  45. Juliet Lu

    Juliet Lu2 hours ago

    8:35 Chef Wan: We don’t like to serve fried rice, so boring 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Kim Hiung Lim

    Kim Hiung Lim2 hours ago

    Uncle Roger can't even trash talk with chef wan 🤣🤣🤣

  47. richard payne

    richard payne2 hours ago


  48. adeputra mandala

    adeputra mandala2 hours ago

    From uncle roger to young boy roger Also chefwan voice look like uncle muthu from upin ipin

  49. Sharlini Nambiar

    Sharlini Nambiar2 hours ago

    Uncle Roger's been out-Haiyaa-ed by Chef Wan.

  50. ava alien

    ava alien2 hours ago

    I still remember watching Chef Wan's TV show in national geo

  51. Muhammad Alief

    Muhammad Alief2 hours ago


  52. 晓晓七月

    晓晓七月2 hours ago

    Chef Wan!!❤️

  53. Izzahari

    Izzahari2 hours ago


  54. Itz X Hazel X

    Itz X Hazel X2 hours ago

    No more corny jokes, got to have new stuff


    KPOP FLYING STAR2 hours ago


  56. amirul asyraaf

    amirul asyraaf2 hours ago

    How many time you use FUIYOO? This weejio have so many

  57. Krystal Tan

    Krystal Tan2 hours ago

    "jalan-jalan cari makan" why did this played in my head?

  58. 俊伟

    俊伟2 hours ago

    Risotto is rice but they fuck it up 🤣

  59. Muhd Adam

    Muhd Adam2 hours ago

    Uncle Roger's arrogant start to drop down at this moment 9:51 . HAIYAAA! HAHAHAHAH

  60. Abdul Hadi

    Abdul Hadi2 hours ago

    Spanish paella? That reminds me of something legendary.... Lol

  61. Ras Nurizham

    Ras Nurizham2 hours ago

    Chef wan is the one chef that roasted uncle roger soo bad😂😂😂

  62. boostspike

    boostspike2 hours ago

    Chef Wan has every Asian accent rolled into one.

  63. Annie Bee

    Annie Bee2 hours ago

    "chinese medicine" 😂😂😂😂😂 i died

  64. Andrea

    Andrea2 hours ago

    just to let uncle roger knows, there's always a more serious case of uncle malay out there

  65. themarkfunction

    themarkfunction2 hours ago

    Paella is the pinnacle of all rice dishes. Uncle Roger should go to a world class Spanish restaurant and try some!

  66. mdt141

    mdt1412 hours ago

    Chef Wan terbaik!

  67. mohamad yasin

    mohamad yasin2 hours ago

    nice batik chef wan

  68. Maricar Patubo

    Maricar Patubo2 hours ago

    I'm the comedian haha

  69. Aaroncarkoo

    Aaroncarkoo2 hours ago

    Uncle Roger getting shit on 😂

  70. saifull lizan yusof

    saifull lizan yusof2 hours ago

    Nigel ng is UNCLE ROGER in SOCMED Chef wan is UNCLE ROGER in REAL LIFE since 1958 TQ

  71. chamster

    chamster2 hours ago

    This video did 1 brilliant thing: Introducing Chef Wan to the international friends who don't know this lovable uncle

  72. mhd zakwan

    mhd zakwan2 hours ago

    we need behind the scene more!!!!!!!!!

  73. Nur Syafiqah Mokhtar

    Nur Syafiqah Mokhtar2 hours ago

    This is the most hilarious content from you. Watching you getting roasted by chef wan 🤣

  74. YouChannel优频道

    YouChannel优频道2 hours ago

    From Malaysia 👇🏻👍🏻

  75. Lycra Lynx

    Lycra Lynx2 hours ago

    3:35 'No we don't steal la, we just take la' *Chef Wan

  76. Rizuchan

    Rizuchan2 hours ago

    That restaurant is gaudy, tbh.

  77. Rafiq Azman

    Rafiq Azman2 hours ago

    giler babi!!! hahahahaha .. uncle roger and grandpa wan.. AWSOME!!!

  78. Phoe Kyaw

    Phoe Kyaw2 hours ago

    They look so lovely together 😊 The things it's i don't know who roasting who 😂

  79. Aku Kaya

    Aku Kaya2 hours ago

    Hahaha nasi kangkang

  80. secrated

    secrated2 hours ago

    deym i love the chef's energy hahaha