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  1. Lee Nigen

    Lee Nigen4 hours ago

    Like #999

  2. Haekal Abdalla

    Haekal Abdalla5 hours ago

    Should’ve get the herro or vucevic and move aldridge to pf

  3. Daniël Saly

    Daniël Saly5 hours ago

    Got all notifications on and still didnt get a notification🤔 I'm triggered but better late than never

  4. Classic Salsa

    Classic Salsa6 hours ago

    I can tell you he is not going to the Rocket's .

  5. Dylan Schneier

    Dylan Schneier6 hours ago

    Kenny got 4 wins

  6. Robert Maupin

    Robert Maupin6 hours ago

    Kenny had like 5 wins

  7. Maddox Guliani

    Maddox Guliani7 hours ago

    Kenny and Krispy both got the kings and they also got the exact same players

  8. Taquan Coleman

    Taquan Coleman7 hours ago

    Carlos Boozer didn't get traded, he left as a free agent

  9. Taquan Coleman

    Taquan Coleman7 hours ago

    Paul Pierce is a terrible analyst

  10. Caleb Gaming

    Caleb Gaming7 hours ago

    They both got the same team doing the same challenge what are the odds

  11. Nodblus's old channel

    Nodblus's old channel8 hours ago

    My favorite 2k mynba youtubers are you, kot4q and clique

  12. Ricky Labrada

    Ricky Labrada8 hours ago

    2010-11 Wade was better than lebron on that heat team

  13. Sam Hunter

    Sam Hunter8 hours ago

    Montrezl ruined the 0-82. Get him outta here

  14. Mert Taktak

    Mert Taktak8 hours ago

    This challenge could be done if you use the rule changes. Change the shot clock to 12 seconds or even less, then in theory the other teams would have less 2nd chances. MAybe change some other rules to get other adventages. And get kp and boban in your team they can get rebounds by their height.

  15. Daymon Rossignol

    Daymon Rossignol8 hours ago

    Honestly you should focus on rebounding badges cause then people can box out and what not

  16. Elijah Darrigo

    Elijah Darrigo9 hours ago

    ima try this myself

  17. Tri-Gaming

    Tri-Gaming9 hours ago

    Anyone else realize Kenny and Krispy both got the Kings

  18. Bruce Davis

    Bruce Davis9 hours ago

    People do Hate on Ben Simmons

  19. Bruce Davis

    Bruce Davis9 hours ago

    Stop with the lies Man I live in Philly

  20. Cartie K

    Cartie K9 hours ago

    kenny got the sacramento kings too

  21. Cube A

    Cube A9 hours ago

    9:20 You should of put Ben at SF

  22. Jason Tramp

    Jason Tramp9 hours ago

    Kenny won 5 my guy. Step up your game 😂😂😂 love ya crispy

  23. Gurkirat Dhatt

    Gurkirat Dhatt9 hours ago

    Why don’t y’all just play myleague online

  24. expired visa

    expired visa9 hours ago

    last shot game on the line i want igudola

  25. Jarett Petrie

    Jarett Petrie9 hours ago

    You literally just need to get tacko fall, boban and shooters. Those two centres will still get rebounds with 25 rating cuz they’re so tall

  26. 2ez Jordan

    2ez Jordan9 hours ago

    Ur best chance is to run small ball ur not gonna get rebounds anyway so just perimeter d and 3 pointers

  27. Praveer Rao

    Praveer Rao9 hours ago

    Kenny had 4 or 5 wins I believe

  28. Moey The Bucket

    Moey The Bucket9 hours ago

    Hey krispy huge fan Pls sub to my Chanel Been watching since 2018

  29. Mason Seagraves

    Mason Seagraves9 hours ago

    Kenny won like 10 games with the greatest roster of all time.

  30. Chris Parrott

    Chris Parrott9 hours ago

    Do a Klutch Sports Rebuild

  31. NSU Trio

    NSU Trio9 hours ago

    Ha i cant survive 30 min without my computer lmao

  32. Saadat Mohsini

    Saadat Mohsini9 hours ago

    2 legends

  33. Saadat Mohsini

    Saadat Mohsini9 hours ago

    Great video ❗️!!!

  34. Jeffery Cameron

    Jeffery Cameron9 hours ago

    you always over react too early. we were nowhere near finished rebuilding this roster when you started crying.

  35. Donte DiVincenzo

    Donte DiVincenzo10 hours ago

    I would love to see a SROS an KOT46 collaboration one day on Krispy's channel . 3 MyNBA gods just rebuilding teams together will be a day I will never forget.


    KOT4Q AND COW LOWRY FAN10 hours ago

    Stepian Rule means you can't trade 2 of your picks in back to back years

  37. Jason Summe

    Jason Summe10 hours ago

    This why you the goat KRISPY keep ur the great work


    KOT4Q AND COW LOWRY FAN10 hours ago

    Guys should I change my pfp

  39. Sumair Singh

    Sumair Singh10 hours ago

    Who else thinks it is a good Idea for all of the rebuilding USlikesrs should come together to get this done


    TRASH CAN10 hours ago

    this challenge is literally. impossible i tried it, i went 0-82 with an amazing roster

  41. Sumair Singh

    Sumair Singh10 hours ago

    Kenny didn’t get in the playoffs he had less than 7 wins

  42. Parsa 7672

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  43. King VxlidSnagger

    King VxlidSnagger10 hours ago

    400 views in 2 minutes

  44. Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi Leonard10 hours ago

    I ate nothing but 🦃🦃🦃🦃

  45. Tri-Gaming

    Tri-Gaming10 hours ago

    My comment came true

  46. KrispyFlakes

    KrispyFlakes10 hours ago

    What type of team would you put together? 2nd channel:

  47. David Kabtimer Jr

    David Kabtimer Jr10 hours ago

    Let’s goo Krispy love u bro

  48. VloneMxstxw _

    VloneMxstxw _10 hours ago

    wuddup krispy

  49. Anything Show With Harvey Poon

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  50. Thorin Deniz

    Thorin Deniz10 hours ago

    2 goats 🐐

  51. VloneMxstxw _

    VloneMxstxw _10 hours ago

    yoooo my two favorite youtubers 🤩💯

  52. Gaming with Santi03

    Gaming with Santi0310 hours ago

    Lol I actually sent it to Kenny

  53. Krispy Krenzy

    Krispy Krenzy10 hours ago

    Didn't think you would accept

  54. Will Sexton

    Will Sexton10 hours ago

    Love your vids

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  56. Kerry Mello

    Kerry Mello10 hours ago

    Wassupppp krispyyyyy

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  58. SheffJonny

    SheffJonny10 hours ago

    Noti gang

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  60. Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi Leonard10 hours ago

    I’m Kawhi Leonard

  61. Aksh Chalasani

    Aksh Chalasani10 hours ago

    Lets go

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  66. Donte DiVincenzo

    Donte DiVincenzo10 hours ago

    who's watching this video in the month of November 2020

  67. big kuba

    big kuba11 hours ago

    1:45 ye maybe in his prime

  68. King-Sack YT

    King-Sack YT12 hours ago

    12:05: “DINWIDDLE” 💀




  70. Tashaun Wallace

    Tashaun Wallace12 hours ago

    Can you stop offering so much on the first offer? You could've probably got Booker for Hayward and a pick, even if you couldn't and you needed to add more the point is you dont even try

  71. Thiru Veleyudham

    Thiru Veleyudham13 hours ago

    Fatass bum, just shut tf up

  72. shamiara horton

    shamiara horton13 hours ago

    Just because they when lower in the draft doesn’t mean they won’t reach superstar level .

  73. Eddy

    Eddy14 hours ago

    Haha you can average 7 points a game and get a $30 Million contract... wow they just handing money out for BUMS.

  74. McKenzie Allen

    McKenzie Allen14 hours ago

    Come on man you gonna do hornets fans like that... just turn off injuries lmao

  75. D Ale

    D Ale17 hours ago

    bol when traded for and then switch position to Pf/Sf or Sf his value goes up 🆙 .

  76. siphosethu jamela

    siphosethu jamela18 hours ago

    "Skip Bayless numbers"😭😭😂😂😂

  77. blaqunity

    blaqunity18 hours ago

    I definitely agree with you on the McDyess point. McDyess was really good when he wasn't injured. Durant being a healthy McDyess wouldn't have been bad at all. He just became KD though, which was better.

  78. Youngmoney ZeroSeven

    Youngmoney ZeroSeven19 hours ago

    Lebron didn’t win his first finals until 2012 in 2011 he wasn’t better than Wade

  79. Youngmoney ZeroSeven

    Youngmoney ZeroSeven19 hours ago

    Lebron wasn’t too 5 in 2011

  80. Brian Bingnear

    Brian Bingnear20 hours ago