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11 months ago

  1. ChowFun Foods

    ChowFun Foods8 hours ago

    You mean parentheses right? :D

  2. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf8 hours ago

    Did MKBHD and you just picked the same color as new favorite ??!!

  3. Anjan Singh

    Anjan Singh8 hours ago

    Nothing in these iPhones makes me feel upgrade from my iPhone 8.

  4. Farhan Mahalludin

    Farhan Mahalludin8 hours ago

    The 12 Pro seems like a bad value compared to the 12 tbh. Sure it might have double the storage, slightly better screen and a telephoto lens but I don't think the extra $200 (or $250 in my country) isn't worth it. I would save that money for an Apple Watch.

  5. D.W. KIM

    D.W. KIM8 hours ago

    Are you Korean?

  6. Kostasfil

    Kostasfil8 hours ago

    Speaking in favor of environmental from the ommission of the charger, is absurb, given the fact they still sell it.

  7. Ahmad

    Ahmad8 hours ago

    Thanks Dave I was waiting for your opinion regarding the screen, just bought the pro 2 weeks ago and I mainly use it for drawing and note taking. You made my day :)

  8. Rohan_Dharane

    Rohan_Dharane8 hours ago

    What watch is Dave rocking?

  9. iownu92

    iownu928 hours ago

    Putting your phone in the same pocket as your keys once scratched it? Damn man. Either this phone is really bad with scratches, or that was done intentionally in order to sell the d brand protector. 🤔

  10. Decem_Unos Quattro

    Decem_Unos Quattro8 hours ago

    Bring these to 🇦🇺

  11. Wei Lin

    Wei Lin9 hours ago

    Type c plz

  12. David Justin

    David Justin9 hours ago

    *Adunlocker* is without doubt the best when its comes to getting something like this done, I got a hack from them that allows me to see what my wife does or who she talks to on her snap, without her knowing about it

  13. David Justin

    David Justin9 hours ago

    *Adunlocker* is without doubt the best when its comes to getting something like this done, I got a hack from them that allows me to see what my wife does or who she talks to on her snap, without her knowing about it

  14. Bryan Cabrera

    Bryan Cabrera9 hours ago

    I’d rather get the 12 pro max

  15. Haikal

    Haikal9 hours ago

    Dave, which is more important in gaming laptop? CPU or GPU?

  16. Mansur Rahmonov

    Mansur Rahmonov9 hours ago

    I am going to wait your gift for Christmas)))))

  17. Debabrat Munda

    Debabrat Munda9 hours ago

    Like who came here for those two lightsabers standing against the wall.🔥

  18. Bread Sed

    Bread Sed9 hours ago

    The wallpaper makes it a lot like desktop

  19. Papa Bear

    Papa Bear9 hours ago

    iPad pros have been good. This video makes zero sense.

  20. Sheyli :3

    Sheyli :39 hours ago


  21. Mr. America

    Mr. America9 hours ago

    Better hardware doesn’t mean anything when it’s bogged down with PC bloat ware and viruses, I went Mac 5 years ago and will never own another PC. I used to replace Windows PC laptops every 2 years.

  22. Mozef J. Kaddas

    Mozef J. Kaddas9 hours ago

    This should be iPhone 11 and 12 should include the 120hz screen refresh rate plus Touch ID like iPad Air.

  23. Tran Jay

    Tran Jay9 hours ago

    a little bit of concern here for this laptop hinge whether it have the same quality and last forever like the dell xps ??

  24. Suseel KC Aswajith KS

    Suseel KC Aswajith KS9 hours ago

    People complaining about 60 hz screens without realising what happened last time we complained about the 5w charger

  25. HayWire

    HayWire10 hours ago

    Don't you hate it when you light rainbow color fireworks in your house to match the lights on your razer setup and one of them hit the setup and it's not even explosion proof, then your house burns down and the setup melts to bits, disappointed not even fire proof, and didn't save me from the fire 0/10

  26. cwang125

    cwang12510 hours ago

    This early 2020 razer blade stealth is currently on sale for $1350 at retailers on clearance. I guess to make way for the late 2020 refresh razer blade stealths with the tigerlake cpu. At $1350 does it become a much better value proposition? Is it worth waiting for the tigerlake cpu version? From what I've read, the tigerlake model is pretty much the same...same gpu, same ram, same chassis, same screen. Only thing different is the cpu and support for TB4 instead of TB3. Is that worth $450 more? With black friday coming up I think this model may drop even lower. I currently have one that I'm testing out. Since the return date is extended for the holiday season... I'm trying to decide whether to keep this early 2020 razer blade stealth.

  27. Chen Ivan

    Chen Ivan10 hours ago

    These laptops are actually all made by Clevo - a Taiwan company, and printed in different names then sell to other countries

  28. John Wick

    John Wick10 hours ago

    Who tf puts a phone in the same pocket as their keys?

  29. Dyanosis

    Dyanosis10 hours ago

    "iPhone 12 at $800" *proceeds to show iPhone 12 from $699 @**6:08*

  30. Dyanosis

    Dyanosis10 hours ago

    Correction: Brackets are "[ ]" (often known as "square brackets") and these "( )" are called parentheses. Carry on. Edit: If you're going to do a review on a phone, you should at least know WHY something didn't happen. Like the fact that the 120 hz screen was made impossible due to the less-than-optimal Qualcomm X55 5G chip. It's not energy efficient and is bulky. This also affected the size of the battery (which they're hoping to fix with the X60 next year). So uh... first calling parentheses brackets and then not knowing why the 120 hz screen didn't make it to the final product. Wow. Lastly, laying the phones on their SCREENS and then sliding them on the table. I don't care how smooth your table is... must be nice to have money to burn. #TheMoreYouKnow

  31. j joestar

    j joestar11 hours ago

    I guess I'll wait for 2021 getting a laptop

  32. Isaac jbil

    Isaac jbil11 hours ago

    For those of yall considering ipad air 4 256gb ($750), might as well get the iPad pro 11in 128gb ($799)

  33. Joey Neoh

    Joey Neoh11 hours ago

    Have wireless mode ? Without the plug.

  34. Andric i like your video

    Andric i like your video11 hours ago

    White marques Brownlee

  35. DizzyDozeDing

    DizzyDozeDing11 hours ago

    Is it windows 10?

  36. Cool Arkar Zaw

    Cool Arkar Zaw11 hours ago

    879?then buy an asus tuf idiot



    Great Review, thanks Bro #fairandsquarenetizen

  38. Casey Maeda

    Casey Maeda12 hours ago

    get a surface pro x folks

  39. Denis Natera

    Denis Natera12 hours ago

    Beautiful build I really like how clean it looks

  40. Dapper_Dog1

    Dapper_Dog112 hours ago

    bruh why do they need all those permissions for a lamp

  41. Surya Jupalli

    Surya Jupalli12 hours ago

    May I know the theme which you have shown in this video

  42. dustin 9999

    dustin 999912 hours ago

    Phone sucks wtf no charger at all smh

  43. Ahmed Elsafty

    Ahmed Elsafty12 hours ago

    Well, now i am super confused on what to choose 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  44. Kaskade atb

    Kaskade atb12 hours ago

    Glad I went with samsung. Apple is clearly ripping people off.

  45. Official J Gamer

    Official J Gamer12 hours ago

    Bruh it literally took me a second to realize"It even has the same brick"

  46. -

    -12 hours ago


  47. O Gordon

    O Gordon12 hours ago

    USlikesrs more concerned about refresh rate screens than a brick to charge the damn thing is quite ridiculous.

  48. Lemonpower

    Lemonpower12 hours ago

    black widow 2013 no issue deathadder mouse 2015 ? no issue i did replace my mouse in 2018 with the mamba and out of box it did not work, i had to return it. i guess not all of them are quality built anymore

  49. Mohamad Tarique Mohamad Zulkipli

    Mohamad Tarique Mohamad Zulkipli13 hours ago

    Now, the iphone comes without a charger!

  50. CodecMoment

    CodecMoment13 hours ago

    my man wearing a g-shock square, love it

  51. CHARLES 13X

    CHARLES 13X13 hours ago

    yes and no

  52. Paul Sisk

    Paul Sisk13 hours ago

    The Galaxy Tab s7+...I so wanted to love this device and completely disconnect from the Apple ecosystem. I have a last gen iPad pro 12.9 with the magic keyboard. I was hoping, dare I say, praying, that when the S7+ came out it would be, in fact, the iPad Pro killer people were speaking of. After using both for about a month now I can honestly say, coming from an Android fan with a Sammy Note phone, it doesn't come close to the refinement of the iPad Pro. I was hoping it would be close but between the apps that just don't play right on the tablet, the 16:10 screen size screwing up anything useful you would work on like a spreadsheet, to the flimzy 229 dollar bookcover keyboard, I have to say it falls short for an 849 dollar tablet with a 229 dollar keyboard. Granted I hate the fact that Apple charges so much for the keyboard and more for the iPad Pro but, if we are looking at these 2 side by side and comparing honestly, it just isn't in the same ballpark as Apple. Sorry Sammy. PLEASE someone make an iPad pro killer with Android that works. Here are some key pointers to anyone listening: 1. If you are going to compete against a giant 12.9" 16:9 screen, MAKE YOURS 12.9", not 12.4", with the same aspect ratio. 2. Please work on the App ecosystem so the apps are more refined and work better when they are installed on a tablet. This is so ridiculously frustrating. 3. Nobody but a few crazy tech people care that the screen is 120Hz instead of 60 or 90. 4. The S-Pen needs to be held with a stronger magnet. 5. Dex has the potential to be a game changer...on the right device (see #1 above). Maybe version 3 (or 4?) will hit the mark. Too few apps work with the windowing, imo, with the narrow vertical height of the screen, it's almost pointless to have multiple windows open. 6. The Bookcover Keyboard....man, I was crazy excited when I heard about this. When I got it (2 weeks on backorder after ordering it with the tablet) I was immediately concerned that the cover (the keyboard side) did not sit right on the screen and left the entire top 1/4" of the screen exposed. this was due to the flimzy design of the lower "hinge". I assume, due to the fact that it did not close automatically to the top that the magnets holding it there did not operate good. After closing the keyboard side to this "not quite closed" position you have to manually force it up to close entirely; entirely unacceptable for a 229 dollar cover. Also in regard to the cover, I don't see the kickstand lasting for very long. It bends as you open it and I suspect within a year of use it willloosen at the hinge to the point it will either not close well or just fall open. Lastly, the magnets holding the keyboard to the tablet could be stronger. So, overall, not happy at all with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ with its bookcover keyboard. Hopefully the 8 or 9 or 10 will have gotten a bit more refinement to be a worthy adversary to the venerable iPad Pro. Thanks for reading.

  53. scorpion199227

    scorpion19922713 hours ago

    Jeezzzz those OnePlus 8 Pro night shots are looking good 😍

  54. Soundwave Superior

    Soundwave Superior13 hours ago

    Madlad is putting in INR. He knows where his audience comes from.

  55. Maris M

    Maris M14 hours ago

    I still have my iPhone 6 and it is still working perfectly for me. I still love watching videos in it.

  56. Nikolas Knanishu

    Nikolas Knanishu14 hours ago

    Apple silicon

  57. jaspal singh

    jaspal singh14 hours ago

    Please could you do a review on Lenovo x1 Extreme gen 3. i7 vPRO, 32gb , 1 ssd and the dedicated graphics card model with the UHD anti glare display (not oled and non touch)

  58. Ahriman13

    Ahriman1314 hours ago

    thanks for your honest review. If someone is not an iSheep then there's a lot of way way better options than these years iPhones this year. iPhone 11 and 11 Pro were a huge jump from x and xs and their prices weren't so much hikes compare to xs but this years phones are actually exactly the same compare to last years. Ok they added a LiDAR camera and A14 cheap and entry 128gb storage (that is seen even on 300EUR android phones from 2016) what actually must have been there since iPhone x latest, there's not even a single significant change. So this year's phone is totally overpriced when you see they removed about 50EUR worth of adapter and earpods + smaller batteries and still old cheap trashy lightning port. Just for a random comparison, the Pixel 5G got a way better 5G connectivity, better display 90hz, same amount of RAM, same amount of storage tho slower one, clearly better camera but lack of the telephoto camera and shipped with a charging brick but it costs 510EUR less than iPhone 12 Pro. I would not recommend iPhones to anyone, who wants a solid phone for a fair price but for a goat kid, that only want to show off his shit or for someone who can't trust the google eco system (even tho on pixel phones you can install CalyxOS and get rid of google for good, imo it's way more secure than iOS and your privacy is respected way way more than google and apple) I would recomend the last year's iPhones over this year's. Hit me on comment if you think the opposite.

  59. Yeshwanth K

    Yeshwanth K14 hours ago

    That bezel though.......

  60. Jetro Mercader

    Jetro Mercader14 hours ago

    Thank u for ur video sir..can u pls tell me the screen protector u recomend?cant hear it good..thnks

  61. Day Trader

    Day Trader14 hours ago

    So we really gon keep buying phones more and more expensive with less and less shit

  62. Juan Manuel Romero Martin

    Juan Manuel Romero Martin14 hours ago

    I think you forgot to mention or consider the storage size, 64gb for the iPad Air is too small, and if you go for 256gb, then... we are at the same price as iPad Pro price zone.

  63. Masiosare II

    Masiosare II14 hours ago

    Room for 3 cameras, a bunch of useless magnets but still no 3.5 mm conector

  64. Björn

    Björn15 hours ago

    Lets hope PS5 wont be another Jet engine in my living room.

  65. meh Gusta

    meh Gusta15 hours ago

    I wonder how many awesome laptops he has in his house.

  66. nice95gle

    nice95gle15 hours ago

    Absolutely nothing special about the iPhone anymore. They've become just a carbon copy of the last with a few minor tweaks. Apple is a tech company. Where's the innovation, the tech to get excited about. Jesus Christ, give people something to say wow about. And for the love of god. Get rid of that notch, it 2020 for crying out loud.

  67. Mihir G

    Mihir G15 hours ago

    Apple Intern: ProRaw and Dolby VIsion will be enough of a selling point to recommend the Pro to someone that is into content creation so we can definitely charge more. Apple Intern: Hmmm. Doubt it. Lets make the screen on the regular 12 less bright as well usisng software stops. Apple Exec: Give this kid a raise.

  68. Ryan Alcafaras

    Ryan Alcafaras15 hours ago

    I want to know what that watch is?

  69. Andriev Bastichy

    Andriev Bastichy15 hours ago

    reason is because everyone has moves up to helios processors..

  70. Ryan Alcafaras

    Ryan Alcafaras15 hours ago

    Waiting for the mini 👊🏽

  71. mangotango

    mangotango15 hours ago

    Didn't realize OnePlus 8 Pro low light pic is better than Pixel 5!

  72. Burlacher

    Burlacher15 hours ago

    “The same charging brick” 🤣 nailed it

  73. Ten0chtl1

    Ten0chtl115 hours ago


  74. Robert Alire

    Robert Alire15 hours ago

    worth an upgrade from pixel 2 xl?

  75. Yohennycastro

    Yohennycastro15 hours ago


  76. Rocco DeMaro

    Rocco DeMaro15 hours ago

    How in the world do you publish a review of these phones without mentioning the A14? Or the phone's improved performance at all? Seems kind of important? Geek bench scores are nuts. The added RAM, in conjunction with the A14, have a meaningful impact on multitasking as well. Like, crazy performance improvements over iPhone 11. EverythingApplePro did a really nice review of this device, if anyone would like some context on this stuff.

  77. Earl Mcnulty

    Earl Mcnulty15 hours ago

    So John Cena is the new charging brick.

  78. realkewlmann

    realkewlmann15 hours ago

    No one does reviews like you do. You're one classy person Dave, keep it up!

  79. David Pinilla

    David Pinilla16 hours ago

    Cant wait for pro max!

  80. C B

    C B16 hours ago

    Lol every year same shit, n we still get em lmao, i jus ordered my 12 pro