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  1. James Dorn

    James Dorn3 hours ago

    Most times there's always a ``good``

  2. James Dorn

    James Dorn3 hours ago

    I'm number 20

  3. Nichola Jenkins

    Nichola Jenkins4 hours ago

    I mean no sweats

  4. Nichola Jenkins

    Nichola Jenkins4 hours ago

    I've got one.... Sweats

  5. Crim_j427

    Crim_j4274 hours ago

    planes came back lol 😂😂😂😂

  6. Seb Murillo

    Seb Murillo4 hours ago

    I use Travis Scott with no backbling and the leviathan axe

  7. Cort Chandler75

    Cort Chandler754 hours ago

    I did with devour my friend used it as a meme

  8. C9 Sleek

    C9 Sleek4 hours ago

    Tilted technique with no backbling and the star wand

  9. Michael Courmadias

    Michael Courmadias4 hours ago

    Love gumball and darwin

  10. joji

    joji4 hours ago

    I want the bold bar so bad

  11. D.P. Mods R.C. Inclined

    D.P. Mods R.C. Inclined4 hours ago

    mine is the star wand sweat of all time 😃

  12. Tby 1234

    Tby 12344 hours ago

    My combo is Jules no back bling and Harley hitter

  13. fvnta

    fvnta4 hours ago

    Brute Gunner Snake Eyes Katana Black Shield or all black Emoticon Cape Epic - Fvntazied うつ病

  14. EpikMurk

    EpikMurk4 hours ago


  15. Dawson Rice

    Dawson Rice4 hours ago

    I highly disagree about raven he is badass and OG but thet do need to make him more rare to be fair

  16. Seba spamsL2

    Seba spamsL25 hours ago

    7:15 what the fuck is that quality

  17. Mali Broski

    Mali Broski5 hours ago

    Im the best player in the squad but also the lagger at times

  18. Brady The cube tv

    Brady The cube tv5 hours ago

    Lucky me I own the the wildcat

  19. slime0909

    slime09095 hours ago

    My whole squad is a item shop checker

  20. Zer0 BTW

    Zer0 BTW5 hours ago

    I’m the fake try hard but I’m actually good

  21. TyanCat On 30 fps

    TyanCat On 30 fps5 hours ago

    lol i brought zadie the first time it came in and am i like the only one that got it

  22. Cort Chandler75

    Cort Chandler755 hours ago

    I refunded banner cape 😂😂

  23. Dinky Doughnut

    Dinky Doughnut6 hours ago

    Where's black knight

  24. Supreme Gamer

    Supreme Gamer6 hours ago

    Where’s the kosher skin at

  25. T-gamer

    T-gamer6 hours ago

    Most of them

  26. Slippery Meat

    Slippery Meat6 hours ago

    I feel like all of us og’s have some of all of these in us.

  27. Roaming lake1

    Roaming lake16 hours ago

    Siren and mave,s pickaxe in the 2nd style

  28. Tommy Pritchett

    Tommy Pritchett6 hours ago

    Crystal skin with oppressor backbling (blue)

  29. Marquette Garner

    Marquette Garner6 hours ago


  30. 1SHOT exoticz

    1SHOT exoticz7 hours ago

    My Main Combo Skin - Echo BP - None Pickaxe - Vision

  31. Lokmic Twins

    Lokmic Twins7 hours ago

    Clean combo manic with cactus jack and leviathan axe

  32. Dummy thicc bredstick

    Dummy thicc bredstick7 hours ago

    galaxy scout is my main so im offended

  33. L u L

    L u L7 hours ago

    my style is Lexa then Starwand

  34. Doll FamJam

    Doll FamJam8 hours ago


  35. Fox Clan

    Fox Clan8 hours ago

    I am the solo squad member:( ikr it is annoying

  36. Keline Williams

    Keline Williams8 hours ago

    14. 100% me, i can watch a mrbeast vid and eat a snack while still being the best on the team Edit: well... somewhat Edit 2: I’m most of the time 11 (hence the “while still being the best on the team”) Edit 3: 20. is 100% my friend This is getting ridiculous

  37. LordDarknes

    LordDarknes8 hours ago

    0:15 yes present

  38. justbazinguel

    justbazinguel8 hours ago

    I have bullseye, and i have a great combo: neon wings with valentine’s style bullseye, and the pink pick that comes with stw. Ly

  39. Darragh O' Neill

    Darragh O' Neill8 hours ago

    My friend is a creative wairrer.

  40. Lucky Luke Productions

    Lucky Luke Productions8 hours ago

    The diamond diva is the worst starter pack it’s just a re skin

  41. M1key Catboy

    M1key Catboy9 hours ago

    Wait I still have my vbucks

  42. ElLucasso

    ElLucasso9 hours ago

    I gotta say my main is either storm racer or dread omen.

  43. Ben playz

    Ben playz9 hours ago

    I love how u we're supporting fresh lol

  44. Johanna Aguilera

    Johanna Aguilera9 hours ago

    I guess I'm the 1v1 me ._.

  45. Reagan F

    Reagan F10 hours ago

    Manic gang

  46. Soul_Sniper

    Soul_Sniper10 hours ago

    I watched terminator 2 and 3

  47. Baha

    Baha10 hours ago

    7:14 omg ps5 graphics

  48. uraz gg

    uraz gg10 hours ago

    Fortnite guy

  49. Zae Thomas Jr

    Zae Thomas Jr10 hours ago

    Travis scott

  50. zisco zkoly Zko

    zisco zkoly Zko10 hours ago

    Green pitstop with leviathan axe and rainbow clover epic zkoly

  51. KozifyFN

    KozifyFN11 hours ago

    I like how he says the Leviathan Axe will not return to the shop very often as it shows up today after 34 days

  52. TheGoldenKing 202

    TheGoldenKing 20211 hours ago

    For the new soccer skin is a male one fine

  53. Noah Hood

    Noah Hood11 hours ago

    My locker probably £200

  54. Tiko Fans

    Tiko Fans11 hours ago

    Do y si not tragarte

  55. Tiko Fans

    Tiko Fans11 hours ago

    Not true

  56. ItsZixo

    ItsZixo11 hours ago

    I’m #11

  57. John Kratzer

    John Kratzer11 hours ago

    Now bugha and clix are in a trio together

  58. Pikachu

    Pikachu11 hours ago

    The livan axe XD

  59. Abdullah Khan

    Abdullah Khan12 hours ago

    I am number 19 and 18

  60. Yussef Salem

    Yussef Salem12 hours ago

    I am the laggy one because if my internet is good I play on 65 ping

  61. lucas kellyotoole

    lucas kellyotoole12 hours ago


  62. Terran Mckenzie

    Terran Mckenzie12 hours ago

    frost squad season 1 default pixake and no backbling if bakcbling the snowmando baby

  63. TKOWarhawk

    TKOWarhawk12 hours ago

    Not sweaty combo but sandstorm with mave back bling yellow style and Aqua-mans trident is fire

  64. Spencer Jones

    Spencer Jones12 hours ago

    I do not know which one I am but I am a bot

  65. Nathan Negru

    Nathan Negru13 hours ago


  66. Poison Mysterious

    Poison Mysterious13 hours ago

    I am the Fortnite god

  67. Poison Mysterious

    Poison Mysterious13 hours ago

    I used to have a screamer and he was toxic and he sucked

  68. lefty

    lefty13 hours ago

    The dummy didn’t come out in 2019

  69. Wolf Volders

    Wolf Volders13 hours ago

    Wow he straight up used @faze flea his montage

  70. J&J Clicktix

    J&J Clicktix14 hours ago

    i hate how true this is

  71. Carissa Radcliffe

    Carissa Radcliffe14 hours ago

    I have star wand vision ice breaker driver candy axe

  72. ItonyAKGI

    ItonyAKGI14 hours ago

    Bro how you leave the pink bear out shes an OG shaking my head


    CLXDZZZ14 hours ago

    Nooo aura from faze sway as his second skin he always used to wear

  74. Gehrig osborne B

    Gehrig osborne B14 hours ago

    Combo headhunter prime default stile no backbling leviathan axe

  75. HarlequinHill

    HarlequinHill14 hours ago

    Spark plug with mystiques skull and star wand

  76. Wesley Eckel

    Wesley Eckel14 hours ago

    I wear the Zadie artic style With the spectral spine back bling and the star wand pickaxe you should put that in you next video

  77. hilmi Bobas

    hilmi Bobas14 hours ago

    her is mine the all gray super hero with harley hitter picake and my epic is hilmi on 240 fps pls ft me

  78. E-Extensive

    E-Extensive14 hours ago

    -Epic Taylor Outfit -shing star back bling -skull cicle pickaxe -and dead wave rap Epic ID- FreddyfazLiam

  79. Raphael Ampon

    Raphael Ampon14 hours ago

    Epic RaphyPotatoPlayz