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Audrey and Spencer
Audrey and Spencer

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Recreating Couple Photos!
  1. I'm Okay

    I'm Okay7 hours ago

    Idk what to comment so Hi 🤣

  2. •galaxy panda•

    •galaxy panda•8 hours ago

    If i am there i could help you

  3. Masood Zahid

    Masood Zahid9 hours ago

    Wrll technically, this isn't click bait cuz let's be real we all avoid chores

  4. Yvonne Reilly

    Yvonne Reilly10 hours ago

    Most orderd please

  5. Amber Tucker

    Amber Tucker11 hours ago

    Just an FYI with the lights who have epilepsy you should warn them in the title just an FYI

  6. Gabriella Molisso

    Gabriella Molisso11 hours ago

    Bro I thought you broke up like no wedding rings on i almost cryed

  7. Paul Barry

    Paul Barry11 hours ago

    0:29 Audrey Spencer that is tragic well was h- hhh- Hahahaha

  8. Awesome Destiny

    Awesome Destiny12 hours ago

    They should go to the same places but get the most ordered thing but they have to guess what they think it is and whoever gets it right get a point and at the end whoever has the most points gets the rest of the food

  9. Nour Abdullah

    Nour Abdullah12 hours ago

    You should do the worst review restaurant or maybe the best review restaurant

  10. The Jamming Sisters

    The Jamming Sisters13 hours ago

    u should do a most ordered video

  11. Ashima N

    Ashima N13 hours ago

    My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. It is because I have classes on both Tuesday and Thursday, so it is a break from classes. I don't like Saturday or Sunday because I have classes early in the mornings. Even though I have no classes on Monday it is just the start of the week. I also have a class on Friday. Also If I had a phone I would probably swap it with my mom. Because when I get a phone she can go on it anytime to see what I am doing.

  12. mmc mmc

    mmc mmc13 hours ago

    I think you should do this again but ordering the MOST ordered thing on their menu 😁

  13. Kaydence Gaming

    Kaydence Gaming14 hours ago

    You should do the most popular meal from fast food places.

  14. Rylie Thibodeaux Vlogs

    Rylie Thibodeaux Vlogs14 hours ago

    Not you should do the most ordered thing on the menu

  15. KennaPlaysGames 16

    KennaPlaysGames 1614 hours ago


  16. Hope Apodaca

    Hope Apodaca14 hours ago

    I live in idaho and we gave sweeto burrito

  17. Rose Doeden

    Rose Doeden14 hours ago

    If they respond ill be sHOoKitH

  18. Natalie Montalvo

    Natalie Montalvo15 hours ago

    It’s ok Spencer I eat that much cereal tooooooooo 🥣

  19. Chloe Miller

    Chloe Miller15 hours ago

    Do you want to take a vacation to Leavenworth Washington

  20. Totally Taefae

    Totally Taefae15 hours ago

    When Audrey says I like the massed potatos the best I was like bro eat the Mac and cheese

  21. Kaylee Hagen

    Kaylee Hagen15 hours ago

    Most unreviewed places

  22. Addison Milliken

    Addison Milliken15 hours ago

    Hi everyone hope you all have a fantastic week

  23. Samantha Bowen

    Samantha Bowen15 hours ago

    Me: thinking they are going to taco Bell, McDonald's, chick fil a, burger King, and Wendy's Also me: not even knowing the first two restaurants

  24. Caitlyn Barrera

    Caitlyn Barrera16 hours ago

    I just watched the wedding I love it

  25. Cheyenne Johnson

    Cheyenne Johnson16 hours ago


  26. Maybe:Emma Glenn

    Maybe:Emma Glenn16 hours ago

    Aww I saw this moment from the beginning ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖

  27. Arianna Hamacher

    Arianna Hamacher16 hours ago

    You should get a four for four at Wendys with a frosty instead of a drink

  28. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez16 hours ago


  29. MaKaylah hope

    MaKaylah hope16 hours ago

    You should do what ever the person in front of us get I have to get

  30. Lauren Sergio

    Lauren Sergio16 hours ago

    You should do most ordered food! Love your videos!

  31. Arijah Ahmed

    Arijah Ahmed17 hours ago

    I love these videos can you please do more its really fun exciting and interesting to watch!

  32. Kaley Giarrusso

    Kaley Giarrusso17 hours ago

    there is knocking that i hear

  33. Taylor Barnett

    Taylor Barnett17 hours ago

    I love your videos

  34. Rosie Knight

    Rosie Knight17 hours ago

    Please say hi 👋

  35. Danny Jo

    Danny Jo17 hours ago

    Who youst to ship Audrey and spencer oh wait they are shipped

  36. Joanna Fu

    Joanna Fu17 hours ago

    there grown uppppp last time i saw her she was going into college

  37. Vicky Witherspoon

    Vicky Witherspoon17 hours ago


  38. Emma Segaloff

    Emma Segaloff17 hours ago


  39. Emma Segaloff

    Emma Segaloff17 hours ago

    Cookies or brownies

  40. It's Dhriti

    It's Dhriti17 hours ago

    Hi guys! I have a question do you guys usually reply to comments? I loved the video and you guys are awesome.

  41. Lily Hoefling

    Lily Hoefling17 hours ago

    Get a dog

  42. K Bedn

    K Bedn18 hours ago

    They were trying not to laugh lol 😂

  43. Lucy Marquez

    Lucy Marquez18 hours ago

    I love how spencer doesn’t care if he doesn’t have a iphone

  44. Morelia Michoacan

    Morelia Michoacan18 hours ago

    I am late nut i cryed the whole video

  45. Xxgacha-loverxx

    Xxgacha-loverxx18 hours ago

    You guys should get couple home screens so when you put them together they make a picture

  46. Lane Herbst

    Lane Herbst18 hours ago

    Do do the one that's the most popular fast food restaurant on please do it I never comment before

  47. Tatum Rolack

    Tatum Rolack19 hours ago

    When the video first started i saw the lights and thought the cops were there

  48. mya herzog

    mya herzog19 hours ago

    Y would chick fil a make a freakin kale crunch?!?

  49. Chavelle Banks

    Chavelle Banks19 hours ago

    ilysm saudrey !!

  50. me and everyone else

    me and everyone else19 hours ago

    The burger from Arctic circle I could eat the whole thing

  51. Lidia Smith

    Lidia Smith19 hours ago


  52. Ryan _Flo

    Ryan _Flo20 hours ago

    Next I think you guys should do the most ordered thing

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    Emma Eggers20 hours ago

    You guys should do a vid of ordering the MOST populer food on the menu

  54. Lillie Dowd

    Lillie Dowd20 hours ago


  55. Rachel Anderson

    Rachel Anderson20 hours ago

    My mom used to get the kale crunch, but at our Chick-fil-A, they took it off of the menu. So she doesn't get it anymore.

  56. Faith Gibson

    Faith Gibson20 hours ago

    When I was watching this I was eating wendys

  57. addyson knowles

    addyson knowles20 hours ago

    thos lights do be pretty tho

  58. Ava Plays

    Ava Plays21 hour ago


  59. Sarah Burkhart

    Sarah Burkhart21 hour ago

    That’s is funny 😆

  60. Fiona Collins

    Fiona Collins21 hour ago

    I love the led lights

  61. Fiona Collins

    Fiona Collins21 hour ago

    Dance party woop woop 😮🎉🎉🌌🌌🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚪

  62. Happy Hannah 5

    Happy Hannah 521 hour ago

    If you do a part two, please do McDonalds and Arby's

  63. Jade Marie

    Jade Marie21 hour ago


  64. plush mother

    plush mother21 hour ago

    I am crying congratulations you are amazing and beautiful

  65. Alina Popescu

    Alina Popescu21 hour ago

    This is the second time I watch it and when they were acting I was waiting for them to confess it so I can laugh with my sister it is so funny

  66. Cadence Gopichandsingh

    Cadence Gopichandsingh21 hour ago

    You should play Spencer have to say yes to Audrey

  67. Mia Gabriella

    Mia Gabriella21 hour ago

    The Culver's sandwich was probably just freshly made because nobody orders it. 😂

  68. •• jade •• ok

    •• jade •• ok21 hour ago

    I don’t have a chick fila where I live :(

  69. Julianne Attard

    Julianne Attard22 hours ago

    Please do the most pupular thing on the menu