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  1. Angel samuel sanchez

    Angel samuel sanchez5 hours ago

    world record: 00 : 00 : 28 : 784

  2. david bass

    david bass5 hours ago

    Xbox has the iPhone naming scheme, and playstation has the android naming scheme. Opposite forces balance out the universe. cheap console same as expensive phone. Cheap phone same as expensive console. Balanced, as all things should be.

  3. polarice

    polarice5 hours ago

    Extremely cool meeting you in Rainbow six siege I have subscribed and liked.

  4. Uncle Furkan

    Uncle Furkan6 hours ago

    what is wrong with league of legends? ( I know game sucks)

  5. Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt

    Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt6 hours ago

    At first I thought my audio cut out and turned it all the way up and went deaf

  6. Mikhail Hunter

    Mikhail Hunter6 hours ago

    The goblin sounds like Meatwad from AquaTeam Hunger Force

  7. Patrick Jardim

    Patrick Jardim6 hours ago

    That’s a funny looking keyboard

  8. WhilePikachu

    WhilePikachu6 hours ago

    Jokes on you i´m still scared of cave sonds

  9. jortikka a

    jortikka a6 hours ago

    Thanks for the review. I hate anime where the protagonist is a cry baby

  10. Gluttonous Illusion

    Gluttonous Illusion6 hours ago

    Fuck Mineta

  11. mr. witherboss95

    mr. witherboss956 hours ago

    The insight he was right about bungie and activision they did change the way the game was supposed to be

  12. Mikhail Hunter

    Mikhail Hunter6 hours ago

    Every Capcom game ever

  13. Charles Russell

    Charles Russell7 hours ago

    Can anyone else confirm he is humming the lilo and stitch shows theme song?

  14. Herman Petrov

    Herman Petrov7 hours ago

    I sense strong bias in this video

  15. Damian Mercado

    Damian Mercado7 hours ago

    The baby looks like the kid of the binding of isaac

  16. Lekapro500

    Lekapro5007 hours ago


  17. Master4killer 51

    Master4killer 517 hours ago

    the first add of yhe video was for ps4 XD .

  18. Angel Lopez

    Angel Lopez7 hours ago

    Why don’t you own a PS4? Maybe now you can own a PS5.

  19. jordan jackson

    jordan jackson7 hours ago


  20. thom games

    thom games7 hours ago

    I loved the anime thing xD

  21. Crunchyboi

    Crunchyboi7 hours ago


  22. its a me memes

    its a me memes7 hours ago

    I'm not even lying when I say I beat the snake lady first try I've gotten way to good at the game and I will always hate the robot guy

  23. Crazy BOI

    Crazy BOI7 hours ago

    “Feed me a door ima protect you like a brother I love you” Or at least I think that’s what he said his mike is really bad

  24. KiOwO

    KiOwO7 hours ago

    Me in pokemon lmao

  25. asbergan

    asbergan7 hours ago


  26. Packychu

    Packychu7 hours ago

    Doodle demon thank you for helping him this the hottest rap song of 2020

  27. Dendé Hehr

    Dendé Hehr7 hours ago

    This is inaccurate, you just open a book and then close it one second later

  28. Eldin Hoelker

    Eldin Hoelker8 hours ago

    0:48 somethingelseyt is grabage

  29. Eternal2401

    Eternal24018 hours ago

    That was before we found the Ctrl Alt Del. Strat.

  30. Simonas Bulis

    Simonas Bulis8 hours ago

    Sans is litteraly in smash ultimate 😂😂😂

  31. Trav Bones

    Trav Bones8 hours ago


  32. Oofer God

    Oofer God8 hours ago


  33. Tone Balone10

    Tone Balone108 hours ago

    omg circletoons hates fortnihhhhthhthh

  34. gunbladeuser19

    gunbladeuser198 hours ago

    But my dude, now you can dual-wield!

  35. Mr Link

    Mr Link8 hours ago

    Oh no.

  36. Blanca Aguilera

    Blanca Aguilera8 hours ago

    Good thing it was not Karlson You don't know what Karlson is Karlson is.....

  37. I w a n n a d i e

    I w a n n a d i e8 hours ago

    *o w*

  38. Blanca Aguilera

    Blanca Aguilera8 hours ago

    Why is there so much big USlikesrs

  39. JediRabb1t

    JediRabb1t8 hours ago

    This has not aged well at all

  40. Teddy Acorn

    Teddy Acorn8 hours ago

    ...what did I just watch?

  41. The Narcoleptic Goat

    The Narcoleptic Goat8 hours ago

    Where doom guy

  42. Dylan Mata

    Dylan Mata9 hours ago

    That earrape is what gets me 😂

  43. Minionater 66

    Minionater 669 hours ago

    See ps4 has like good names not complicated nissleading stuff like Xbox and apple

  44. Daniel Hamladji Ambrosio

    Daniel Hamladji Ambrosio9 hours ago

    what is this "practice" you speak of... never heard of it but it sound terrible

  45. Daniel Mueller

    Daniel Mueller9 hours ago

    Still not as confusing as computer part names

  46. Ana Hernandez

    Ana Hernandez9 hours ago

    Is he that stupid

  47. sirius4k

    sirius4k9 hours ago

    How does it feel.. playing with your x's box?

  48. A T

    A T9 hours ago

    My boy Alakazam right there.

  49. Gubner8000

    Gubner80009 hours ago

    Should have ran from the tests and just modded the run so the peanut butter was on the bed. Rookie errors.

  50. Logan Thomas

    Logan Thomas9 hours ago

    What a precious post the H

  51. Joshua Rombo

    Joshua Rombo9 hours ago

    I feel like his dad cares about him

  52. Butter Crab

    Butter Crab9 hours ago

    Skyrim gems

  53. Abyss

    Abyss9 hours ago

    2 years and he's still not here.. 😔

  54. Hr. Hara

    Hr. Hara9 hours ago

    DOCTOR MUTO! anyone?


    EKC PRODUCTIONS9 hours ago

    Hello potion seller... wait, wrong youtuber


    NOAH LEON10 hours ago

    0:51 Vibe Check

  57. IceCrystal 009

    IceCrystal 00910 hours ago

    I think the best game ever is Age of empires 2, it's just an amazing game

  58. Gishathosaurus

    Gishathosaurus10 hours ago

    Pretty accurate

  59. Alex With Internet

    Alex With Internet10 hours ago

    Hes fake guys, we all know he is a marshmellow

  60. Lazyl arts

    Lazyl arts10 hours ago

    S= supe- S= soup

  61. Xander chomakos

    Xander chomakos10 hours ago

    Feel the pain of a thousand souls

  62. Killerofcats

    Killerofcats10 hours ago


  63. NoPulpOrangJuice

    NoPulpOrangJuice10 hours ago

    Are you winning son?

  64. Splintly

    Splintly10 hours ago


  65. Monty Boon

    Monty Boon10 hours ago

    Any% speedrun of who can learn to walk the quickest

  66. Dou Fus

    Dou Fus10 hours ago

    he is not wrong, you know how hard it is, and how much exp needed to leveling up level 90 character to level 91

  67. Xander chomakos

    Xander chomakos10 hours ago

    I need another one

  68. Charlie Belmonte

    Charlie Belmonte10 hours ago

    Can you make a part two?

  69. Duckling Chief

    Duckling Chief10 hours ago

    WOW this video seems like it was played on a screen and then recorded with a camera! HOw cAn No one Notice this!

  70. Corrupted Sentinel

    Corrupted Sentinel11 hours ago

    Nice gameplay

  71. Phonzo Cisne

    Phonzo Cisne11 hours ago

    lowkey gamepass is the greatest subscription I've had all year.

  72. Tania Zeledon

    Tania Zeledon11 hours ago

    Titans killed titan fall

  73. Tania Zeledon

    Tania Zeledon11 hours ago

    3:53 insomniac : introducing our new game SPIDER-MAN WITH A GUN

  74. Nebula

    Nebula11 hours ago

    *you gonna be my dinner today*

  75. Jake For Life

    Jake For Life11 hours ago

    Even in 2020 it is still the best meme

  76. Logan does nothing

    Logan does nothing11 hours ago

    People call me Logan’s cause my name is Logan...

  77. javier cruz

    javier cruz11 hours ago


  78. Hey Shitass

    Hey Shitass11 hours ago

    The 1 speed runner better than dream

  79. Petri Gaming

    Petri Gaming11 hours ago

    Where is my list Command & Conquer Red Alert 3

  80. luke porras

    luke porras12 hours ago not a good song