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    ANDRE WRIGHT8 hours ago

    Naomi Osaka is a most respectful human being. She is cognizant of the legacy of Serena Williams and Venus Williams and would never dishonor this legacy even after being victorious over Serena in match play. Do not play with Naomi Osaka awareness of the games people play. She is not a fool to be suffered.

  2. Onyx Johnson

    Onyx Johnson9 hours ago

    he never watched her matches i guess she gave him some money now hes happy ..ugh

  3. Ken Daves

    Ken Daves10 hours ago

    Novak gets the Lendl treatment by the media. May he live and win long enough to be appreciated for the great champion he is.

  4. Nico Montinola

    Nico Montinola11 hours ago

    Funny things register opposite in her brain. Remember the Jenny Jennifer interview?

  5. Jelena Vasovic

    Jelena Vasovic11 hours ago

    Хвала брацо Руси! Увек цемо бити једно! Спасибо! Россия, сердце Сербии!

  6. Colby Walding

    Colby Walding12 hours ago

    Someone get their mum

  7. Xmv 1

    Xmv 112 hours ago

    The Taylor shade 💀 beautiful gowns

  8. CheesyChicken4LiFe

    CheesyChicken4LiFe12 hours ago

    Lol tbf she has a point.

  9. Douglas Carl

    Douglas Carl13 hours ago

    I pray everyone who reads this becomes extremely successful and encounter a kind of blessings that will overcome your fears! Spend less and invest more

  10. Royree Jensen

    Royree Jensen13 hours ago

    Tennis Australia is hardly a high moral level.

  11. Royree Jensen

    Royree Jensen13 hours ago

    You should celebrate Margaret. Her tennis peers are jealous. Margaret is an amazing Australian. She is the best !

  12. Kim Gibbs

    Kim Gibbs13 hours ago


  13. Nachiket Bhagwat

    Nachiket Bhagwat14 hours ago

    Kyrgios can not play vs best players now. He is kind of a loser. Because his serve is ineffective on clay, calls it fake surface.

  14. Spade Caller

    Spade Caller14 hours ago

    In just a few sentences, he endeared both himself and Djokovic to legions of tennis fans

  15. Spade Caller

    Spade Caller15 hours ago

    You lift yourself when you speak so highly of others

  16. Mitchell Ritson

    Mitchell Ritson16 hours ago

    The themes going off in the background I notice

  17. jahnkonoo

    jahnkonoo17 hours ago

    Goddess ⚫️🔴🟡🟢👊🏿

  18. Bananachocolate555

    Bananachocolate55517 hours ago

    domi is adorable such a humble guy :D

  19. Anastasios Thomas

    Anastasios Thomas18 hours ago


  20. Sam Sung

    Sam Sung19 hours ago

    Wer der GOAT im Tennis ist…? Ist ganz klar Djokovic. Da gibt es nichts zu diskutieren. Sorry aber einfach mal realistisch bleiben. Hätte Djokovic zu der Zeit von Federers Siegesserie keinen ernstzunehmen Gegner gehabt hätte Djokovic wahrscheinlich schon 30 Grand Slam Titel. Auch mal aus der Perspektive sehen liebe Tennisfreunde

  21. Elena

    Elena20 hours ago

    I love them both 🇷🇺❤️🇷🇸 brothers. Novak is a great champion, Daniil I hope you will become a great champion.

  22. dougjstl1

    dougjstl120 hours ago

    Naomi is from heaven Jesus has freed the girl Eve from Satan and her name is Naomi Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden are now liberated and they're free when you see name we Naomi

  23. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu20 hours ago

    Medvedev didn’t win the tournament but he won a lot of fans this tournament. He’s a boss!

  24. dougjstl1

    dougjstl120 hours ago

    Heaven has opened its Gates and let the girl out Naomi that's her name Naomi

  25. Amateur Ecologist

    Amateur Ecologist22 hours ago

    Lovely❤️ more way to go

  26. lapidarbgd

    lapidarbgd23 hours ago

    This creature told Stanislas Wawrinka what his "buddy" b*nged his girlfriend... Twitter-happy attention-seeking lowlife, ranked No 48. I see no "feud" here... Djoković, one of the Great Three, has totally ignored him for years now, actually praising his game. After all the insults and mocking, he said he didn't respect his off-court antics. Go wonder...

  27. Sibling cat

    Sibling cat23 hours ago

    Australian open just arrange the best ceremony ever. The fans need to be more educate like respect and stop yelling during speeches time.

  28. Simple22 Travel

    Simple22 Travel23 hours ago

    Play the ball Tomic not the player.

  29. Paras Stone

    Paras StoneDay ago

    I used to skip whenever some tennis game comes in TV but i accidentally watched her game vs some USA player and she won. I became fan of tennis now.

  30. DepressedBut WellDressed

    DepressedBut WellDressedDay ago

    Man i love this crowd

  31. M Mazzoni

    M MazzoniDay ago

    whats funny about it?

  32. Regina Abiedu

    Regina AbieduDay ago

    I love soft spoken smart Noami.

  33. Sydney Rooster

    Sydney RoosterDay ago

    So he just won $2M, clearly looks happy and delivered a pre prepared speech which he was going to give win or lose. That makes him the world's classiest human does it? This chump doesn't care about slam titles like the big 3 do.

  34. Mo Patel

    Mo PatelDay ago

    Love this guy.balls

  35. Emptiness Creation

    Emptiness CreationDay ago

    What a delightful young woman 😘

  36. David Geertz

    David GeertzDay ago

    Don't worry Serena ,you can't get to 24 ! You would never have beaten Margaret in the Australian open in the 60s

  37. suze giljer

    suze giljerDay ago

    Daniil what a gentleman you are,Spasibo and good luck for the future.

  38. Scholar

    ScholarDay ago

    Tony Jones is embarrassing

  39. Delilah Wijngaarde

    Delilah WijngaardeDay ago

    She is awesome ❤

  40. Dingy Dan

    Dingy DanDay ago

    Master Roger Federer got me hooked to tennis. I felt losing the grip recently but Naomi is pulling me back to tennis world.

  41. Aaron Szeto

    Aaron SzetoDay ago

    It'd be nice if Serena Williams had this kind of humility.

  42. hugh thomson

    hugh thomsonDay ago

    Recently I very impressed with him, such a nice guy and my favorite player now,wish him all the best for his future

  43. Al

    AlDay ago

    How sad that best you can hope to do in your life is be a pathetic attention seeker. Call that a goal fulfilled. I called that a waste of a perm and egg.

  44. Complete Rubbish

    Complete RubbishDay ago

    Only In Australia..

  45. Amnesia2Morrow

    Amnesia2MorrowDay ago

    4:50 where it all begins.

  46. Siddhant Pathak

    Siddhant PathakDay ago

    Being a new tennis fan I just found video of monfils tennis smashes but why is he not better than novak?

  47. Velda Sampieri

    Velda SampieriDay ago

    You did not win but you are a very good player and.a gentleman. Be proud of yourself

  48. Garryd Hintz

    Garryd HintzDay ago

    All the money and fame and they both understand that it means nothing. Being the best people you can be and helping others and taking care of your family is what matters. Especially for what Andre went through growing up he's probably always going to remember that he's better and providing his kids better than he had it.

  49. Lee LaSoulja

    Lee LaSouljaDay ago

    She is the future.. great person

  50. Maureen Thaxter

    Maureen ThaxterDay ago

    Always love watching Naomi played, she is so grateful and humble.

  51. Purvis Van Dongen

    Purvis Van DongenDay ago


  52. Don London

    Don LondonDay ago


  53. James Young

    James YoungDay ago

    What a humble guy so refreshing to listen to this champion everything that Tomic has not!,,

  54. tosgem

    tosgemDay ago

    Meh, get over it. She didnt yell as he served or played.

  55. maxwell santa

    maxwell santaDay ago

    She's so cute ^^

  56. Overcomer

    OvercomerDay ago

    I am a Nadal fan, but i am supporting Daniil Medvedev going forward. Nadal have some years left in him. Also glad for showing people that Djokovic is a great guy. People tend to be nasty to him, and he doesn't get the credit and recognition he rightly deserves.

  57. dragan zivkovic

    dragan zivkovicDay ago

    I understand that Rafa and Roger appeared before Novak. I understand that primarily the West is cheering for them. But Novak showed up, beat both of them, has a positive head to head score with both of them and is 2 GS behind. Novak arrives, that's for sure because he's younger than both of them. In relation to them, there are also big sponsors in the game that Novak does not have. But everything is solved on the field, and we have been watching how Novak has been doing it for the last 10 years. Only slowly..

  58. Gloria Robinson

    Gloria RobinsonDay ago

    Hi Naomi

  59. Gloria Robinson

    Gloria RobinsonDay ago

    Good going Serena, a winner at everything. Love your head gear.

  60. Success Kobing

    Success KobingDay ago

    "You can danse" that wasn't a very nice assumption

  61. SBW SBW

    SBW SBWDay ago

    We gots to get that racist bigot religious right-wing Trunt Court off the record books, we ain’t going nowhere til that be done 🥸

  62. harivigneshwar cj

    harivigneshwar cjDay ago

    Nick knew that Novak is going to win this year so he is celebrating early!

  63. Arina Munteanu

    Arina MunteanuDay ago

    2:44 over 50 and cute... Defenetly would take a discount 😂😂

  64. Sushobhan Chowdhury

    Sushobhan ChowdhuryDay ago

    What so many still didn't like the speech? I wonder.