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  1. Zach Blake

    Zach Blake15 hours ago

    It’s UI for me. Apple Music is more Sleek and Clean compared to Spotify. Spotify has so many buttons and icons on one screen. Whereas Apple Music has less. Spotify does not allow you to view the song name along with the Album Cover, It allows me to find a song faster based on the Album Cover.

  2. Taankz

    Taankz15 hours ago

    It needs to 2 step to the brash tone of a 4.2 litre v8. Tell me when it does this. And no the battery catching fire doesn’t count as 2 stepping.

  3. Alain Dubuc

    Alain Dubuc15 hours ago

    So the whole covid was just a cover up propaganda for yet another china making a shit load of money on new tesla model

  4. SRT8Driver

    SRT8Driver15 hours ago

    pure nonsense nothing is more reliable then the INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE and that's a fact, 'game over for gas' LMAO and when are there ever going to be 'electric planes' the FULL SIZED KIND That take 300plus passengers? the answer is NEVER, same goes for TRAINS, the electric cars are NOT selling as the lame-stream media will have you believe, the tesla looks plasticy and the quality leaves tons to be desired, not to mention ugly as fck --- and funny how nobody can explain how a company that never turns a profit is still around LOL gas engines will never 'go away' and don't suffer the usual electric car Achilles heel which is extreme cold and heat, either the charge won't be as long or the cars catch fire....won't be trading in my SRT8 Jeep anytime soon

  5. Panache Automotive

    Panache Automotive16 hours ago

    Game over for gas 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I'll keep my Abarth, Guilia Quad, and my 812 SF thank you very much for playing though

  6. Freedom Machine

    Freedom Machine16 hours ago

    Then say goodbye to this economy

  7. Z M

    Z M16 hours ago

    Great now my car can be a wall hugger just like my phone.

  8. Z M

    Z M16 hours ago

    glorified golf cart.

  9. Paul Rose

    Paul Rose16 hours ago

    Sorry but I will not buy any car made in China. Don't care how cheap, more wealth going to the Chinese is not a good idea.

  10. field north

    field north16 hours ago

    Disgusting! Taxpayers paying for other people’s lifestyle choice. #Marxistscum #Socialism #climatechangehoax all those Cars in China are solar powered by COAL

  11. pilotkisses

    pilotkisses16 hours ago

    Likes to hear himself talk. Smh.

  12. Karen Z

    Karen Z17 hours ago

    If this is true. It would be hard for me to pick between mini copper and this one. 🤔

  13. Dan

    Dan17 hours ago

    In my opinion anything under 300 miles of range is just not going to convince most consumers, even though many still drive gas hogs. lol Throwing the brand name Mustang on Ford's Mach-E, isn't fooling anyone. That's like putting Chevy putting the Corvette name on an SUV. Nice lead in with your wife, to that soft skin sponsor. lol. Clearly USlikes has become like TV with the commercials.

  14. David G

    David G17 hours ago

    I think it is a great idea. Also build in the US & EU. I'm not sure US buyers will want a car built in China. It's inevitable, though.

  15. Terry Boragard

    Terry Boragard17 hours ago

    How fast can they pump these out?

  16. Lori Allen

    Lori Allen17 hours ago

    For $25k, I’ll trade my Kia Soul. Just bought the hubs a Mustang Mach E. I like a smaller car, so this is possible.

  17. Henry Fung

    Henry Fung17 hours ago

    sounds awesome but whats the cost to repair?

  18. D 12

    D 1217 hours ago

    wtf are u talking about electricity needs to be generated, electicity to make batteries, again lots of coal plants very dirty, gas is king.

  19. Cum Să

    Cum Să17 hours ago

    What about Nio ? No mention about them !

  20. 502 FlexLex

    502 FlexLex17 hours ago

    Love seeing Louisville in your videos!!

  21. Джеремі Салазар

    Джеремі Салазар17 hours ago

    Even if a Tesla cost $5,000 I still wouldn't buy these. Driving electrics is like driving overgrown Radio Controlled Tamiyas & Kyoshos.

  22. Justin Hagman

    Justin Hagman17 hours ago

    I live in a large city. I am an ideal candidate for an EV. Along with several million other people just in my city alone. HOWEVER. I live an an apartment and rely on street parking. There is no grid/infrastructure for the very large perfect EV demographic to charge the vehicle.

  23. Brooks Lawson, Realtor

    Brooks Lawson, Realtor17 hours ago

    This is not even close to the first vehicle with Super Cruise

  24. S Maltais

    S Maltais17 hours ago

    Tesla usualy brags about their upcoming vehicules years in advance, so I have serious doubts this model 2 is comming soon, looks to be a tactic to boost share price. I hope this car is real and it would be nice, but keep rinding your unicorns 😝

  25. David B r

    David B r18 hours ago

    Love people that don't care about the destruction of the US manufacture base. This is going to be built by slave labor in China. And you guys are excited by it. Sick.

  26. scott winton

    scott winton18 hours ago

    Id never buy a car made in china, and tesla has had reliably problems in the past

  27. Beach Comber

    Beach Comber18 hours ago

    I thought this vid was about the model 2....?

  28. Johnathan Paige

    Johnathan Paige18 hours ago

    19k Elon is the best hoping he not workin with the eltie or ill be disappointed we have enough greedy bastards as is

  29. WhatWho Me

    WhatWho Me18 hours ago

    Its because Tesla does not want to sell lower priced cars. No matter what they say, they never will sell a low cost EV.

  30. Lyn Charles

    Lyn Charles18 hours ago

    I love hatchback

  31. Steve

    Steve18 hours ago

    Excellent presentation! What about the BMW i4 and the Audi Q4 etron?

  32. Tiger Adams

    Tiger Adams19 hours ago

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  33. kazedcat TM

    kazedcat TM19 hours ago

    The answer is that when they lower the price of Model Y SR they got a large reduction in Model 3 orders. This would cost them cash flow issue because they cannot shift Model 3 production into Model Y production. The only way to fix the problem is to cancel the Model Y SR.

  34. w4csc

    w4csc19 hours ago

    We just got a Tesla Supercharger station behind the most expensive restaurants in the Mall area. The directions given will take you to them. There's 8 from Savannah to Myrtle Beach, SC inland to Columbia. There's few cars because in SC cars must be sold by dealers, not manufacturer direct with no service. They did a little better on this one. Eight single car posts share 2 power supply cabinets fed by a 750 kilowatt ground mounted three phase 277/480 V utility transformer in a single cabinet. 8 stalls sharing 750 kilowatts should charge the little 50 KVA Tesla battery in an hour with all the tapering it does to prevent destruction.

  35. Light2Earth

    Light2Earth19 hours ago

    A heart beat buy. And auto pilot

  36. Mikkel Hansen

    Mikkel Hansen19 hours ago

    No it wont be game over for gas. Gas cars will exist for at least 30 more years

  37. Jacob Greer

    Jacob Greer19 hours ago

    It’s not good at all for gaming tho! Just warning gamers out there lol

  38. Intelprise

    Intelprise19 hours ago

    it will happen......end of story.

  39. Amazing J Landscaping

    Amazing J Landscaping19 hours ago

    I would not buy anything lower than model 3, I got a model 3 and its just the hype of being electric, but its a pain to be recharging n not being able to travel far.

  40. Syed Hussain

    Syed Hussain19 hours ago

    Tesla has fallen into the same trap as Walmart did .. ending with with the erasure of the middle class. This Tesla should have been produced in USA. Innovation should have been targetted to manufacturing techniques and marketing techniques that so as to bring the price down. This is not the end of it .. The technology will be stolen and replicated at a lower price and so will being the demise of Tesla same as what happened to Westinghouse, General Electric, and several of the mainstream corporations. I think Bad days are on their way.

  41. Bad Blueberry

    Bad Blueberry19 hours ago

    its already happening.

  42. Dankind

    Dankind19 hours ago

    lmao i liked the ad drop! well done

  43. har dlyworkun

    har dlyworkun19 hours ago

    more Tesla smoke and mirrors. it will be right out after the truck, the sports car, the semi.... ya. whatever


    JAKEO RULER19 hours ago

    How fast tho ? 🤔

  45. PLK

    PLK20 hours ago

    k20 mev exocet go brrrr

  46. M J

    M J20 hours ago

    Got to check out Lucid Air in person at their headquarter in CA. It's beautiful. When you are inside the car, it feels like a spaceship with airplane first-class seats.

  47. w4csc

    w4csc20 hours ago

    "Just $20,000!" Wouldn't that be great? What? What do you mean, "Do you want wheels?" It doesn't come with wheels at that price?

  48. Stephen

    Stephen20 hours ago

    Lol 👎

  49. bennyz

    bennyz20 hours ago

    Hopefully Tesla will still have the reliability with the one that is made in USA, as we know Made in China means faulty or sub-standard. Im looking forward on this.

  50. Salvador Quincy

    Salvador Quincy20 hours ago

    You can actually buy a new 2020-2021 Bolt for about 22-25k after dealer discounts. It's awesome how cheap it is for the range.

  51. Jackson Anderson

    Jackson Anderson20 hours ago

    Imma cop when DOGE hits $1

  52. David Weber

    David Weber20 hours ago

    Between their declining sales in all their major markets and the fact Tesla canned the entry level versions of most of their vehicles, this car will see the light of day in America at that price about the same time its Cybertruck hits the market. In other words, never.

  53. tcherdawn Zajk

    tcherdawn Zajk20 hours ago

    Lucid Dream 🤤

  54. Last Lion

    Last Lion21 hour ago

    What is the biggest reason to consider anything other than Tesla? My answer is if you live more then 60 miles from a Service Center. Ford, Gm and VW are in all these small towns. Then get in an accident yet a another reason. I hate dealerships but service is important

  55. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo21 hour ago

    This guy is all excited about eliminating gas cars which will result in losing 50,000,000 jobs is every aspect of gas cars. This would collapse the U.S. economy for good. That and the reverse age population will result in catastrophic. Conditions in most countries. A balance of both is needed.

  56. Lisa Mahesh

    Lisa Mahesh21 hour ago

    I am replacing my 2013 Apple that has probably been hacked because nobody does the system updates.

  57. Bradley S

    Bradley S21 hour ago

    it's ALMOST eliminates drunk driving!!....NO WAY a drunk remembers ALL THIS!! lol

  58. zakk aryas

    zakk aryas21 hour ago

    And the cost of replacing and recycling the old batteries is ???!

  59. Joe Shmoe

    Joe Shmoe21 hour ago

    If you live in an area where it freezes like Buffalo or Texas for example, good luck getting around when there's no power. I live in Southern CA so the weather is always good but I was wondering when Tesla is going to come out with a very good battery, something that would get 500 miles range or more..anyone know?

  60. darkherosolidox

    darkherosolidox21 hour ago

    Ok telsa sheep, no one is getting a telsa for less than 20 grand, let alone for 20 grand. Seriously take off your tin foil hats.

  61. Tony Jenkins

    Tony Jenkins21 hour ago

    Funny that most charging stations run off diesel.....smh...

  62. Michael Bergin

    Michael Bergin21 hour ago

    So you thing the Aria has unique styling?? Looks like every mom small suv on the market gas or ev. 🙄

  63. Joseph

    Joseph21 hour ago

    $19k Tesla. LOL

  64. Cristian Zanabria

    Cristian Zanabria21 hour ago

    Nah, diesel is better still 😏

  65. Donald Uhlinger

    Donald Uhlinger22 hours ago

    Nice explanation.

  66. Jax Wylde

    Jax Wylde22 hours ago

    No thanks, I'll pass for now. A much better charging Infrastructure (standardized + significant increase in number of stations) and improved battery efficiency/reduced charging time still need to happen before I'm ready to even look at this. In 3-5 years, if those improvements are made, plus the competition from GM, Ford, VW, Audi, etc., it'll be a much different story. In the meantime, I'll let the rest of the fanboys/fangirls buy these and help work out the issues.

  67. BertTheAce

    BertTheAce22 hours ago

    Market Share in 2020 - 162.00 % .... :-) That's wishful Thinking ..... You mean 1.62 % ....

  68. Katherine Kidde

    Katherine Kidde22 hours ago

    Folks in Texas driving electric are walking to the grocery store to get bottled water.

  69. Alexander Watson

    Alexander Watson22 hours ago

    I would still buy a diesel pickup over these any day

  70. Ninja Black

    Ninja Black22 hours ago

    as long as it has auto drive I will buy it. I don't care about anything else. If it can drive by itself i will buy it in a heart beat.

  71. nzxtrr__ _

    nzxtrr__ _22 hours ago

    electric cars are boring and will always be boring, nothing beats a nice sounding GAS engine. electric is only good for 0-60 times and nothing more

  72. Stiletto

    Stiletto22 hours ago

    Right on!

  73. ADVGYM

    ADVGYM22 hours ago

    When homie said he demoed Master & Commander to test the sound I know he knew what he was talking bout

  74. Dasdasd Sdasdasdasd

    Dasdasd Sdasdasdasd22 hours ago

    Yeah right. We are all going to buy electric cars that you have wait all day to charge and then only get you around the block so your neighbors can see how green you are, have to buy a new expensive battery every 4 years, can't take them to a regular mechanic or auto electrician but only to an authorized dealer like a broken Iphone and wait weeks for them to fix the abomination and never buy a gasoline powered car again. Yes. We are all going to do that and feel that the environment is better even though the production and resources needed to produce electric cars is 3X that of a gasoline powered car. Yes, we are all going to do that and pay 2x the money for it while feeling all fuzzy inside about saving the planet from CO2 and excessive mining done by little slave kids in Africa.

  75. Richard Nedbalek

    Richard Nedbalek22 hours ago

    We’re about to be spoiled for choice! 😁

  76. Mateo Kovac

    Mateo Kovac22 hours ago

    Since its a Tesla, it won't be game over for Gas.

  77. MadMax MFP 4703

    MadMax MFP 470322 hours ago

    Game over is when you can fix the grid, these are the only cars not on the road when the electricity went out, just ask Texans, great concept but not reality, better to just buy a bicycle.

  78. victor hopper

    victor hopper23 hours ago

    do we still have content laws on cars?


    CAVERYS23 hours ago

    One MSN taking us closer to Sci-Fi than all world leaders combined

  80. A C

    A C23 hours ago

    No mention of Volvo XC40 Recharge?