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  1. Shari M

    Shari M10 hours ago


  2. whitney g

    whitney g12 hours ago

    I discovered you from team edge lol

  3. Jessie Albright

    Jessie Albright16 hours ago

    💋✋oh my humor 🎧

  4. S

    S19 hours ago

    I think maybe no shelf. Cause it’s right over the couch it might make it seem confining.

  5. Skye Elsliger

    Skye Elsliger21 hour ago

    I wanted to say that I did this with sewing machine ( hand sewing) it wasn't that difficult and it only took me 1 hour and it looks AMAZING!! Thanks so much for the tutorial❤❤❤

  6. Dennis Warner

    Dennis Warner22 hours ago

    That was actually pretty insightful and entertaining...

  7. Micheryl Rubat

    Micheryl RubatDay ago

    Hey megan! I don't usually comment but would really love to hear your advice on how to control emotions / how not to be too enrage or overly emotional over such small things. Don't think you'll see this but LOVE UUU 🤍

  8. Joyce K Davies

    Joyce K DaviesDay ago

    This by far was the easiest and fastest diy I have every seen and now I’m going to get a whole bunch of hoodies/sweatshirt and go do that with. I swear some of the easy recreations can be the one your most intimated by, idk why lol

  9. Anna B.

    Anna B.Day ago

    Love how she already redid her dining room but the video didn’t come out until 10 months later! Love it!

  10. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDay ago


  11. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDay ago


  12. khal

    khalDay ago


  13. Doug M

    Doug MDay ago

    Spend hours making a pedestal whose lifespan is "until I get the one I actually bought" Ummm only Megan can make this make sense. (Hint cardboard model version in 10 minutes.)

  14. Caitehh

    CaitehhDay ago

    so proud of you girly!! you are glowing!! <3

  15. Martin O'Neill

    Martin O'NeillDay ago

    Watch that room be completely changed in a few months

  16. Jay Rozzi

    Jay RozziDay ago

    Wow I am so happy for you Megan!

  17. Lookingfordogs Greenball

    Lookingfordogs Greenball2 days ago

    Car jacks

  18. Noemia Da Silva

    Noemia Da Silva2 days ago

    12:01 makes me feel so proud of you ❤️

  19. Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor2 days ago

    As an individual who went through a massive self discovery and self love journey in 2020 after making the decision to be made redundant on my 25th birthday due to Covid, I vibe with your new outlook hard! I'd love to know some of the processes on how you discovered the true you and what you ensure you stay true to to honour that !

  20. Frank Cerminaro

    Frank Cerminaro2 days ago


  21. MySalvation (CJD)

    MySalvation (CJD)2 days ago

    I am excited and happy for you.

  22. kyndell ashby

    kyndell ashby2 days ago

    me: diy YAYYYY me, 2 seconds l8r: boyfriend? awww yayyyy Megan is happy!!

  23. Wilson Estrella Jr

    Wilson Estrella Jr2 days ago

    From playing games with team edge to a very good dancer

  24. Ainsley Kirkpatrick

    Ainsley Kirkpatrick2 days ago

    I live in a storage unit

  25. micahadrienne

    micahadrienne2 days ago

    “Oh yeah I have a boyfriend” excuuuuse me - spill

  26. micahadrienne

    micahadrienne2 days ago

    Loving this energy!

  27. Lexie Montoya

    Lexie Montoya2 days ago

    Love that you have a camera man.. I mean boyfriend.. that makes you happy 🥰

  28. Luis Espineira

    Luis Espineira2 days ago

    Love the table setting.

  29. Cassidy Quinn

    Cassidy Quinn2 days ago

    Oh man i love this SO MUCH. Thank you for this. When you said, "I just want to make videos about what I've learned and share that with you" (not a direct quote lol), I've been feeling the exact same way. I have felt stuck and not posting anything on my channel because I feel like an entire different person and I don't want to make the videos my old self wanted to make. Now I just want to talk and share my feelings and what I've learned. LET'S DO IT!!

  30. Miracle&Marion T

    Miracle&Marion T2 days ago

    Love this new Megan Batoon. Go you! Watching all the way from Auckland, NZ. Can’t wait to see more diy.

  31. Iman Hazeem

    Iman Hazeem2 days ago

    Make video with team edge

  32. DoseOfDoughnuts

    DoseOfDoughnuts2 days ago

    All I ever do when I buy stuff on Etsy or from small business is tell them thank you for living their dream so I can live mine. It’s great we love dreams

  33. Torsee

    Torsee3 days ago

    You are so adorable! “Conversation Spazze?

  34. Ivelina Sulemenko

    Ivelina Sulemenko3 days ago

    I came here for the comedy and the dance moves, I stayed for the renovation inspiration videos, now I am here because I get older-sister-that-went-through-the-same-ups-and-downs-not-long-ago vibes from Megan <3 thank you so much for that.

  35. Zak Mohamed

    Zak Mohamed3 days ago

    Its not that hard to avoid shit megan fjkdsnkjfndskjfnds

  36. Oceanfront

    Oceanfront3 days ago

    u live in a storage unit

  37. A Sayy

    A Sayy3 days ago

    Me: doesn't do work im actually supposed to do Megan: makes placeholder pedestal

  38. Vitartial

    Vitartial3 days ago

    We love a queen who can keep the house together

  39. Smiggy

    Smiggy3 days ago

    4:24 *cries but proud*

  40. Asma Kamal

    Asma Kamal3 days ago


  41. Talha

    Talha3 days ago

    damn, idk why the universe recommended this .. but really loving the message. Been feeling the exact same way

  42. catalina villagomez

    catalina villagomez3 days ago

    am i the only one that didn’t know half umbrellas were a thing

  43. LeRousa

    LeRousa3 days ago

    tbh I couldn't tell which one was the transformation pic in the thumbnail lmao.

  44. c21ayestas

    c21ayestas3 days ago

    heatring megan has a boyfriend 😲 heart broken 😞.

  45. Alexa Dunkle

    Alexa Dunkle3 days ago

    This video already feels way more authentic and less “try hard”? is that the right word?.. I’m not sure, but it felt like you were just being you and it was perfect! I love this 💗

  46. Ashley Santoro

    Ashley Santoro3 days ago

    This duvet hack seems like a lot of extra work. I did housekeeping in college at a very big hotel... so lots of duvets. Lay the duvet out on the bed, flip the cover inside out, stick your arms in the cover to grab the corners and then grab the corners of the duvet through the cover (like you were putting on a shirt) and flip it over it while pulling both the duvet and cover towards you... ta-da!

  47. Gaby The Guava

    Gaby The Guava3 days ago

    i live in a storage unit


    MICHELLE VINAS3 days ago


  49. Eunice del Rosario

    Eunice del Rosario3 days ago

    I thought you were cool, but you’re way a lot cooler now. Can’t wait to watch your next videos, Megan 🥰😍

  50. JP Saxe

    JP Saxe3 days ago


  51. Rachel Iannucci

    Rachel Iannucci3 days ago

    Where did you get the pillow cover???

  52. Kaylin Reborn_family_101

    Kaylin Reborn_family_1013 days ago

    12:17 and forward when key Fred got up he farted 😂😂

  53. Shalon

    Shalon3 days ago

    Beautiful!!! 😭❤🙌🏼

  54. Pictures by Kathy

    Pictures by Kathy3 days ago

    We are happy if you are happy. That's it.

  55. Marcus Cook

    Marcus Cook3 days ago

    Her page has organically evolved with her and it is awesome to watch. 🙏🏾✊🏾

  56. Christine Edwards

    Christine Edwards3 days ago

    Idk why but your videos haven't showed up on my feed in the longest time, but this has, and I'm so glad I'm seeing this. We love you!!

  57. irene Rojas

    irene Rojas3 days ago

    Love this!!! I used to be a super bubbly person and got along with everyone!! I felt like I needed ppl to like me. Then when I was going for my bachelors degree, I met some girls whom I thought were my friends. They told me to quit being nice and happy all the time. That not every one needed to know how happy I was. That I wasn’t perfect. I didn’t know how to take this in and it hurt really deeply. I distanced myself from those girls , who would only call me when they needed positive advice. But ever since then, I don’t feel like a happy person, I am more reserved. And I don’t have any friends. Just one. My best friend from high school. I guess I became introverted.

  58. Zaira Castillo

    Zaira Castillo3 days ago

    How do you keep all that textured furniture in good shape when you have cats? I can't have open shelves, vases, rattan/wicker/cane/leather furniture etc. because of my cats 😂

  59. Marina Lacanilao

    Marina Lacanilao3 days ago

    i love you SO much and i am SO here for this

  60. Keneiloe Molopyane

    Keneiloe Molopyane3 days ago

    I kinda liked the open space without the pedestal. Maybe a wall sconce would do...I don't know.

  61. JJ John

    JJ John4 days ago

    Can you link the pillow case maker’s Etsy?

  62. Shamsa

    Shamsa4 days ago

    What show were you on?

  63. Jeanelle Matthews

    Jeanelle Matthews4 days ago

    Very entertaining. 👏

  64. Michael Suarez

    Michael Suarez4 days ago

    I LOVE to do these types of DIY home things or DIY anything for my videos too. I loved this video!

  65. Danny Danny

    Danny Danny4 days ago

    Bring em out, Bring em out!

  66. Hannah Foran

    Hannah Foran4 days ago

    Top tip: don't eat your lunch whilst viewing the construction process 💩😂

  67. 13bb

    13bb4 days ago

    megan isnt megan is she doesnt step on shit

  68. Marri Grace

    Marri Grace4 days ago

    Im so curious who made it to megan's standards... & I mean this in the most loving, caring & positive way. Happy for you Megan ❤️

  69. Dee That's Me

    Dee That's Me4 days ago

    I do that tape hack! 😁

  70. Liesbeth L

    Liesbeth L4 days ago

    nooooo i loved the red bricks :O

  71. Khalifa Sounds

    Khalifa Sounds4 days ago


  72. HYZ Lifestyle

    HYZ Lifestyle4 days ago

    I admire yu so much sis ♥ i love you and i hope you'll do better and better in the future ♥ stay healthy and safe ^^

  73. J Ann

    J Ann4 days ago


  74. a.wonderland

    a.wonderland4 days ago

    GO MEGAN!!!!!!! I love raw Megan and so excited for more and more of this unfiltered Megan content YAAAAAS

  75. Kinia

    Kinia4 days ago

    Megaaaaaan, can you make a video taking more about your self-growing process? ✨ I listen to your podcast religiously and it helped me a looooot, but I'd love to hear about books, movies, other podcasts etc that helped you became a better person. Pretty please?🥰🥰

  76. Mariel Espinosa

    Mariel Espinosa4 days ago

    Couldn't you have just put contact paper on a tall cardboard box.....

  77. Its Jonna

    Its Jonna4 days ago

    5:41 for a flattering angle of the ~boyfriend~ 👋👀👏👏

  78. vee

    vee4 days ago

    it would be so helpful to put the links of those small businesses in the description box so we can also support :-)

  79. Lissette Chavez

    Lissette Chavez4 days ago

    I’m turning 25 this year, barely graduating bc of past issues. And I’m so worried of my future like job prospects and stuff. You’re so right about thinking of making permanent decisions and I’m so stressed about it. But I’m so excited for these videos bc this will be a way to grow myself so I can learn from you and obviously would love to watch more talking videos like this. I’ve been watching you since you first started and I’ve loved everything that you have posted and love how you’ve grown!

  80. SDP The Ghost

    SDP The Ghost4 days ago

    1:13 You looked like such a baby back then!