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  1. Where Is My Son I Can't Find Him

    Where Is My Son I Can't Find Him22 seconds ago

    You bought a mustang

  2. Gazza31112 ,

    Gazza31112 ,Minute ago

    Didn't know the V6 had the advanced traction settings

  3. Thugasaurus Rex

    Thugasaurus Rex2 minutes ago

    Lmao my 89 caprice has struts

  4. prayedpython56

    prayedpython569 minutes ago

    This the kinda guy that complains about everything

  5. First Last

    First Last10 minutes ago

    Nice exhaust on that 6 cylinder almost fooled me!

  6. Ishan Deshpande

    Ishan Deshpande12 minutes ago

    Yes the engine covers decide how many cylinders you have. Awesome

  7. HugoMoTV

    HugoMoTV13 minutes ago

    So why did you buy it

  8. Mitty Ahmed

    Mitty Ahmed13 minutes ago

    This guy - why why why Me in my head - the new toyota yaris blacked out with a bodykit would look 🔥

  9. FitFocus_SA

    FitFocus_SA14 minutes ago

    Please go cry somewhere else.

  10. Ishan Deshpande

    Ishan Deshpande14 minutes ago

    Just open the hood and count the cylinders. Dimwit. It's a V6 a V with a 6 not an 8

  11. Ishan Deshpande

    Ishan Deshpande16 minutes ago

    Bruh you should've rammed into the garage door. The car would've been in a better situation

  12. Griffin White

    Griffin White16 minutes ago

    Lmao, my Camaro has the hydraulic hood stand 😌

  13. samir valencia

    samir valencia21 minute ago

    The bastart of the mustang


    SUMIT PATANKAR24 minutes ago

    Almost every car has fake exhaust in India 😂😂

  15. Muhammad Habib

    Muhammad Habib25 minutes ago

    Nice v6 mustang

  16. Vicentiu Murgu

    Vicentiu Murgu27 minutes ago


  17. Vincent Devall

    Vincent Devall29 minutes ago

    Nah thats a v6

  18. sjh0010

    sjh001031 minute ago

    Look at the quality

  19. Celtic Conlanger

    Celtic Conlanger32 minutes ago

    I don't get this guy. Why's he in my feed? I couldn't honestly care less if he just died one day and I never saw these pos vids. He needs a life

  20. luka manjuu

    luka manjuu33 minutes ago

    I already block this guy but his video is still popin up damn youtube

  21. Dragomir Enachi

    Dragomir Enachi37 minutes ago

    I hate that dust on the panel

  22. L.A. Records

    L.A. Records40 minutes ago

    Lol nice try 😉

  23. Dakidskidboxer

    Dakidskidboxer44 minutes ago

    So the dead person from the crowd can unlock your trunk and hop in? Cool.

  24. T B

    T B48 minutes ago

    Idk man you should've paid more attention before you purchased the car, if it's that big of a deal to you

  25. connor lee

    connor lee48 minutes ago

    Are we gonna ignore the idea that a 5.0 is a “big V8”

  26. Mr Pew Pew

    Mr Pew Pew49 minutes ago

    Because people with BMWs only need the hood open to fill up the blinker reservoir. VS everyday joes that like to get under the hood to do some real work.

  27. Motorcitykid

    Motorcitykid50 minutes ago

    The exhaust note tells all...

  28. Rich Drury

    Rich Drury50 minutes ago

    Car salesmen must hate this guy, there's always one, thinks nothing of wasting people's time. Bore off

  29. J Sp

    J Sp57 minutes ago

    No one cares

  30. Prince Jeuf Camuta

    Prince Jeuf CamutaHour ago

    When you try to be annoying

  31. Dakidskidboxer

    DakidskidboxerHour ago

    Nice Commodore.

  32. DJ McFlurry

    DJ McFlurryHour ago

    It’s not a demon it’s a car my guy chill kids these days psh

  33. Alex

    AlexHour ago

    I want this

  34. cat

    catHour ago

    Cyberpunk 2077

  35. C R I Z L A

    C R I Z L AHour ago

    It's a v6

  36. Hi

    HiHour ago

    My grandpa has a fancy truck like that and literally does that. So yeah he got pulled over because it was "reckless driving" but he didn't go to jail.

  37. tWiTcH xD

    tWiTcH xDHour ago


  38. KeatonminecrafterMLG

    KeatonminecrafterMLGHour ago


  39. Gabriel Klein

    Gabriel KleinHour ago

    Read this don't ignored Jesus Christ died for our sins he is our Lord And savior He will come one day Everyone that reject him and didn't accept him as the lord and the savior will burn forever sadly

  40. Brazen Bull

    Brazen BullHour ago

    Thats stupidly complicated

  41. Giedrius Paulauskas

    Giedrius PaulauskasHour ago

    I didn't see both keys or the title so...

  42. Petrovič Grussmannovitý

    Petrovič GrussmannovitýHour ago

    Did you know that BMW stole the idea of steering wheel from Packard ?! Shame on you BMW

  43. George Washington

    George WashingtonHour ago

    Used V6???????

  44. Wolf Z

    Wolf ZHour ago

    We don’t care😂

  45. Biggo Smiggo

    Biggo SmiggoHour ago

    Who the fuck has a spoiler on a truck

  46. Cooper Quinn

    Cooper QuinnHour ago

    Lol some guy will do this I betcha

  47. Z_axis

    Z_axisHour ago

    How to properly get stopped by police

  48. koala tube

    koala tubeHour ago

    Lol stupid

  49. Zach

    ZachHour ago

    Honestly forgot that this car even existed.

  50. Andrei Arca

    Andrei ArcaHour ago


  51. The Debug

    The DebugHour ago

    i keep seeing these and at this point i can't tell if he's playing along or is genuinely this insecure about a fucking car

  52. Mikaouette Gaming

    Mikaouette GamingHour ago

    Brevet déposé ?

  53. Nate Butler

    Nate ButlerHour ago

    Mustang is butt

  54. King Frog

    King FrogHour ago

    But the car is there for show so they blocked them up because that exact car won't be on sale or something like that idk

  55. Childish80

    Childish80Hour ago


  56. Frei Freiheit

    Frei FreiheitHour ago

    German Quality, no need to dispute.

  57. HeloImABean SendMeMiniCooperS_Classic

    HeloImABean SendMeMiniCooperS_ClassicHour ago

    Drew Peacock will be Surprised to see this 😂

  58. Catioi Cat

    Catioi Cat2 hours ago

    Weird that they chose to play v8 sounds in the mustang mach E

  59. Dalton Hill

    Dalton Hill2 hours ago

    My 89 Ford bronco has huge coils that hold up it’s hood that came from the factory but my girlfriend has a 2021 nissian and it has a stick... they want us to pay more for it now probably haha

  60. Allen Inda

    Allen Inda2 hours ago

    Still faster than a V6 mustang

  61. Aja456800

    Aja4568002 hours ago

    So the whole crowd control meme from a mustang actually comes from a manufacturer defect in their traction control, it ignores that traction control is turned off when it detects a slip and will immediately turn back on sending you into the awaiting crowd. Crowd not included with purchase

  62. 𝙹𝚘𝚢𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚍𝚊𝚛𝚔

    𝙹𝚘𝚢𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚍𝚊𝚛𝚔2 hours ago

    OMG stepbar I'm stuck.

  63. Dustin Descalchuk

    Dustin Descalchuk2 hours ago

    Plot twist those are some rank ass finger nails. Clearly can’t afford that car guy can’t even afford nail clippers

  64. Aasim Mukhtar

    Aasim Mukhtar2 hours ago

    When are you doing a Q/A on your channel?

  65. Meme MASTER

    Meme MASTER2 hours ago

    Ummmm I own a model 3 it’s a 38k car but if you take it a loan it goes up 10k and with low Interest I’m paying 50k for mine don’t let this guy give you fake thoughts. he is right they are close in price but on the Tesla he didn’t add the fee’s and interest like he did the Prius

  66. aragon twinkll

    aragon twinkll2 hours ago

    If ur 17 and ur parents buy it then its worth other wise its a shiit plastic cheap usless car

  67. KÏd BÚddŸ

    KÏd BÚddŸ2 hours ago

    This guy just can’t give it up, we all know it’s a v6

  68. KakEvan

    KakEvan2 hours ago


  69. Sukhdeep Singh

    Sukhdeep Singh2 hours ago

    Probably a Chinese

  70. Paul Ryder

    Paul Ryder2 hours ago

    Roses are red Voilets are blue When u see a mustang make ur ass move

  71. Miguel Soto_408

    Miguel Soto_4082 hours ago

    I just loved how the guy who commented that lived in this guys head long enough to make a video

  72. DIABLO

    DIABLO2 hours ago

    Interior lookin crazy ma mann, what ya talkin about

  73. Rich Drury

    Rich Drury2 hours ago

    I hate tiktok videos they all full of clowns

  74. mojilo Gujarati

    mojilo Gujarati2 hours ago

    BMW Nahi he Kia he Dekho bro

  75. Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV

    Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV2 hours ago

    I need that in my life, my friend 😁❤️ Hope we are friends?💜💛💚

  76. Alex B.

    Alex B.2 hours ago


  77. flow• •

    flow• •3 hours ago

    As long as your doing it for the views it's ok to use your phone while driving..... on a highway...

  78. EmielLiveGamer NL

    EmielLiveGamer NL3 hours ago

    Well he showed the vin number in a video and if you search it up in says its a 5.0