Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast

Informative and entertaining Among Us / Teamfight Tactic videos from a piece of toast.

  1. tim tompkins

    tim tompkins2 hours ago

    I get that Rae was confused whatever toes explained that if he was the impostor he would have voted for her and won the game she should have understood that it was clear it was corpse

  2. Adam K

    Adam K2 hours ago


  3. Shubhayu Roy

    Shubhayu Roy2 hours ago

    Guys did lily hurt her leg???? Thought I saw lily behind toast

  4. شين شين

    شين شين2 hours ago

    Ohh poor hjune

  5. Daniel Dugovic

    Daniel Dugovic2 hours ago

    If Toast is alive, it's not 5... wait, where's 5up?

  6. Alice Chapman

    Alice Chapman2 hours ago

    the big brain edits just get more cursed

  7. Cysubtor

    Cysubtor2 hours ago

    That Zelda music as the bodies began to fall while the coms were called was just perfect, lol

  8. Dirty Wayne

    Dirty Wayne2 hours ago

    one of the worse videos from toast

  9. Levi Kalden

    Levi Kalden2 hours ago

    I want to know sykkunos perspective

  10. DelPino

    DelPino2 hours ago


  11. t4nne

    t4nne2 hours ago

    who's that person in the backgorund at 5:40? :D

  12. mahi mishall

    mahi mishall2 hours ago

    Fastest snitcher in the wet lmao

  13. Aditya Bandyopadhyay

    Aditya Bandyopadhyay2 hours ago

    my heart skipped a beat when I saw he was unmuted at 14:38

  14. Wave RL

    Wave RL2 hours ago


  15. PastaaYT

    PastaaYT2 hours ago

    Anyone else see the person in the back

  16. Pastel Love

    Pastel Love2 hours ago

    YOOO wait that's Deltarune musiccc

  17. Cameron Asmussen

    Cameron Asmussen2 hours ago

    5:38 Toast, your prisoner escaped

  18. Mushroom Jack

    Mushroom Jack2 hours ago

    When Wendy said “I’m the jester” so menacingly?? Azula voice

  19. qazzzy qaz

    qazzzy qaz2 hours ago

    watching back the classics

  20. Hey You Genius

    Hey You Genius2 hours ago


  21. Andrei Mercer

    Andrei Mercer2 hours ago

    Everybody type yes

  22. Astrid

    Astrid2 hours ago

    07:17 u okay toast?

  23. Qepsyy

    Qepsyy2 hours ago

    I feel like toast has already posted this “Snitch” video

  24. Mariam Diallo

    Mariam Diallo2 hours ago

    when blaustoise starting saying “it’s your birthday so i’m gonna vote you off” to the tune of birthday sex by jeremih, i forgot all my problems and jammed out with him 💀

  25. Arextaco

    Arextaco2 hours ago


  26. General Grievous

    General Grievous2 hours ago

    CORPSE: Shadow Lily and Shadow Poki!?! Me: Gulps*

  27. KnohHits

    KnohHits2 hours ago

    wassgud bread hyd

  28. Benjamin Carmody

    Benjamin Carmody2 hours ago

    5:54 lily be walking in crutches

  29. EvaCore ACNH

    EvaCore ACNH2 hours ago

    i like how there's still blood stains on the floor

  30. General Grievous

    General Grievous2 hours ago

    At least Ray got the video for his birthday!

  31. Julianna Przybył

    Julianna Przybył2 hours ago

    Damn I specially didn't watched the Snitch game to see it on Toast's chanell. So here we are😍

  32. RainEStar3

    RainEStar32 hours ago

    Tina's got the Chalk

  33. MrSharpobjects

    MrSharpobjects2 hours ago

    This was the best among us stream since the drunk streams, loved sitting in on back-to-back "Tina's got the chalk" games.

  34. Ms. Rib

    Ms. Rib2 hours ago

    Toast why'd you gotta hit us with the Lancer Theme


    REETHETEE2 hours ago

    make a really bad joke when your jester so they vote you out

  36. Faith Kraut

    Faith Kraut2 hours ago

    Is nobody going to talk about the amount of Zelda music?

  37. chinter

    chinter2 hours ago

    Toast's cheeky smile when he loses to a special role = Toast's smile when he wins

  38. Shreyash Parajuli

    Shreyash Parajuli2 hours ago

    Who is the one in crutches??

  39. Sno fi

    Sno fi2 hours ago

    the biggest 15,200 IQ SNITCH in the Among Us universe...? (custom mod) 2 BATTLE OF THE BRI'ISH

  40. Fábio Oliveira

    Fábio Oliveira2 hours ago

    When was this session??

  41. Paper Boat

    Paper Boat2 hours ago

    Who's the fastest snitcher in the dry?

  42. Serena

    Serena2 hours ago

    10:49 this

  43. Nick Lifka

    Nick Lifka2 hours ago

    what if there was a role you could fake your own death for a round.

  44. Gordon Hill

    Gordon Hill2 hours ago

    5:51 who’s the cripple

  45. jungDV

    jungDV2 hours ago

    DK is the Sykkuno of this lobby: always backs up Toast's vote calls lol

  46. Alton Gaviola

    Alton Gaviola3 hours ago

    Who was that behind toast in crutches

  47. Tanya Von Degurechaff

    Tanya Von Degurechaff3 hours ago

    did june say valentine’s day? its february 24th sheesh toast

  48. Jack Chak

    Jack Chak3 hours ago

    toast the fast snitched in the wet

  49. dofimate

    dofimate3 hours ago

    thanks to editor to lower leslie screaming

  50. Rasmus Käär

    Rasmus Käär3 hours ago

    Ash sayd Hafu go do 50/50 i'll kill him

  51. Xeno

    Xeno3 hours ago

    hm i wish they didnt play with dream

  52. Brij Bhatt

    Brij Bhatt3 hours ago

    Toast, can you do a refresher on all the roles cuz I’m kinda confused

  53. Kayla Shii

    Kayla Shii3 hours ago

    what a nice excuse hjune XD damn

  54. Malaquias

    Malaquias3 hours ago

    I may be stupid but who’s the girl with the crutches 🧍🏽‍♂️

  55. Peyton H

    Peyton H3 hours ago

    “I’m toast the fastest snitcher in the wet”🤣

  56. Finley Viveiros

    Finley Viveiros3 hours ago

    Who was in the background with crutches

  57. Deirdre Leamy

    Deirdre Leamy3 hours ago

    He unmuted and xaid idk who I killed and everyone was fine with it?

  58. Lucas Murphy

    Lucas Murphy3 hours ago

    Crap which games desert music was this at 9:40... Killing me!

  59. Masterfitch50

    Masterfitch503 hours ago

    Is his intro saying “disgusted toast” or “this guys toast”???

  60. Corpse Husband Brother

    Corpse Husband Brother3 hours ago


  61. griffie liedtke

    griffie liedtke3 hours ago

    nonononononono i dont like it the intro music is different

  62. Mythical

    Mythical3 hours ago


  63. Zedrick Nacion

    Zedrick Nacion3 hours ago

    3hrs late for some reason... aight


    JAY ALAMADO3 hours ago

    I miss the OG crew :(

  65. Rebecca Li

    Rebecca Li3 hours ago

    ok ok can we just take a moment and look at the adorable baby sykkuno?

  66. Thandeka

    Thandeka3 hours ago

    😭😭after saying "I made you what you are!" Just skips off merrily😭

  67. Ashley Arismendy

    Ashley Arismendy3 hours ago

    I like that his intro is with an L and then proceeds to blow our minds with straight wins lol catches my attention not gonna lie

  68. Aurora

    Aurora3 hours ago

    5:48 who's injured?

  69. Mario

    Mario3 hours ago


  70. Vinay Srinivas

    Vinay Srinivas3 hours ago

    People still play this game?

  71. Monster

    Monster3 hours ago


  72. Abby French

    Abby French3 hours ago


  73. Lxrd Vegeta

    Lxrd Vegeta3 hours ago

    Yow I legit thought they had 6ix9ine in the video

  74. I am so smart oh my god.

    I am so smart oh my god.3 hours ago

    O: kinda early

  75. Sean

    Sean3 hours ago

    @5:40 - Wishing them a speedy and full recovery!

  76. Sarmad Ahmed

    Sarmad Ahmed3 hours ago

    The best part of Toast is that no one laughs at his jokes more than he does. I love people that do that. Wish I had that confidence

  77. Kolt

    Kolt3 hours ago

    Wait who came out of that room behind Toast on crutches? Was that his sister? Forgive me, I just don't know if he moved back home

  78. Kitty_Lover 24

    Kitty_Lover 243 hours ago

    Anyone notice that when toast was imposter he said ‘idk who i killed’ with his mic on?

  79. Shiyouki使用き

    Shiyouki使用き3 hours ago

    can someone tell me who was the crippled person at 5:42

  80. TheUndeadMerc04

    TheUndeadMerc043 hours ago