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Building DIY LED lights
Building an invisible PC
Testing a $1000 LED

Testing a $1000 LED

10 months ago

DIY 'brass' PC
  1. The Games 999X

    The Games 999X55 minutes ago


  2. James Pellosma

    James PellosmaHour ago

    Can you do a device conversion like on a surface 3?

  3. le93ndary reviews2020

    le93ndary reviews2020Hour ago

    Wow. Your le93ndary !

  4. João Pereira Sbz

    João Pereira SbzHour ago

    must do, or use a pc like that and put the features of jarvis, iron man helper. all the lights, and sound, the turn on the pc, the wall, screens with the digital stuff... would be awesome

  5. John Kunn

    John KunnHour ago

    An excellent tutorial for first-timers interested in a 50-50 chance of destroying your hard drive and losing your data permanently.

  6. Itumeleng Riba

    Itumeleng Riba2 hours ago

    Me: I wish you where my dad :( Dad: Error 404. Subject unavailable

  7. Abdulrazak Masrani

    Abdulrazak Masrani2 hours ago

    Matt, amazing and creative as usual. May I ask how did you solder that last piece of the u-channel without frying the display panel?



    SO Niz

  9. SeNniN

    SeNniN4 hours ago

    imagine that mounted upside down. headings banging left and right.

  10. D Caspar

    D Caspar5 hours ago

    The problem with here is that we can't buy any of the material to DIY ourself. Most of the tool used are hard to get also🤦‍♂️

  11. Andrew Stark

    Andrew Stark6 hours ago

    Once again a great job! About your search for nanoparticles I too could find nothing. However, nanofluids are all the rage now in high end custom loops using a variety of different elements. You would however need to agitate the fluid to stop the particles from falling out of suspension. Hope you find what you're looking for!

  12. C A V U L A

    C A V U L A6 hours ago

    Dude with 3 millions subs getting towels from charity🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Ansyar Hamrum

    Ansyar Hamrum6 hours ago

    Mini PC K39 case + with this monitor make gaming PC portable powerfull 💪

  14. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown7 hours ago

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  15. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown7 hours ago

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  16. Lord Lethris

    Lord Lethris7 hours ago

    What madness is this!!! - where in hell did you get a 5950x? I'm still waiting for mine since October 2020.!

  17. Michael Chatfield

    Michael Chatfield7 hours ago

    Looks great. Though could be a wise idea to add some earthing/insulation. Could also try wood - oak, etc.

  18. Si HMY

    Si HMY7 hours ago

    12:48 😂lol nice idea

  19. hata S

    hata S7 hours ago

    maybe a wireless webcam can be better. For that, I'm going to need...

  20. Kjetilstörm

    Kjetilstörm7 hours ago

    If only I could be so grossly incandescent...


    VIJAY SAGAR JONNALA8 hours ago

    show us how it can be made with other materials too

  22. F. Moussa

    F. Moussa8 hours ago

    Whenever i watch your videos i understand how humans we’re able to build the pyramids 🙋‍♂️😎👍🏻

  23. 4God And Country

    4God And Country8 hours ago

    Can this work for old iPhone

  24. Thomas

    Thomas8 hours ago

    This is completely on another level! Love your enthusiasm! I'm currently building the window light idea out of a 55inch (led strip) TV for a photoshoot.

  25. Lamina OAmin

    Lamina OAmin9 hours ago

    I want the rainbow light from the RAM

  26. magnusm4

    magnusm49 hours ago

    Sadly, Black Screen: Hold my lens. They seriously built a tiny projector into their phone. If you can't see the insane potential this has, you're taught by a rock. Especially in modern days, the development of the phone and old tech being shrunk and perfected all the time means we have so much potential to use it for pretty much everything. And unfortunately With great power comes great possibilities. And corrupt opportunists will always take gain over morals.

  27. xSpace Astronomy

    xSpace Astronomy9 hours ago


  28. Raina Singh

    Raina Singh9 hours ago


  29. Coo Koo

    Coo Koo9 hours ago

    Sir, did Canon offer u a job after this?

  30. FuleMedia

    FuleMedia10 hours ago

    I wish I had the space for one of these, that is amazing.

  31. A

    A10 hours ago

    Really fascinating. Thank you. Subscribed

  32. Philip Unger

    Philip Unger10 hours ago

    Looks awesome

  33. Paco Rojas

    Paco Rojas10 hours ago

    Man, I seriously admire you and your work. Please keep producing and creating awesome projects like this one. Thank you!

  34. Ngan Huu

    Ngan Huu11 hours ago

    I saw your Video many times, but I don't know what circuit that you connected between the smartphone and screen? Can you tell me. Thank you very much. By the way, I saw your channel DIY Perks very geat.


    NICEFINENEWROBOT11 hours ago

    I see that you somehow mirrored your image so that your image is right again. How did you do that mirroring the image taken before transmitting it?

  36. Pike on a trike

    Pike on a trike12 hours ago

    Just a bunch of snails growing batterys

  37. Fazan Hamrock

    Fazan Hamrock12 hours ago

    Nice, nice, very nice. However, you can make it better. Just google Woodglut and learn how to do it easily.

  38. Kenneth Lim

    Kenneth Lim12 hours ago

    Your videos are great .

  39. antiisocial

    antiisocial12 hours ago

    Thank you

  40. Reese Jacobson

    Reese Jacobson12 hours ago

    Hey could you please put captions on your videos or at least turn on auto captions? This video has been sitting in my Watch Later since it came out because I can't watch it since I'm deaf. Captions would make your videos accessible to not only deaf people but people who are hard of hearing or have auditory processing difficulties. Thanks!

  41. VVSB Zone

    VVSB Zone13 hours ago

    Make homemade UV light torch to sanitise floors, cloths, gadgets it's must have gadget for now. So 👍


    TECHNO MEDIA13 hours ago



    TAUFIQTV13 hours ago


  44. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi13 hours ago

    I love his work so much, I don't even skip his sponsor ad

  45. Jim

    Jim13 hours ago

    It is interesting but don't have gpu to play games.

  46. Intentional Disaster

    Intentional Disaster14 hours ago

    The greatest idea: add a door sensor to some of the panels if you have an alarm system! I mean, one on the monitor and one over the raised part of the motherboard, and nobody can steal any of the pc parts without it registering on the alarm system

  47. Intentional Disaster

    Intentional Disaster14 hours ago

    It would be AMAZING if you actually made the monitor come out of the top of the table instead of another shelf. Maybe I should try that...

  48. Jon Dinga

    Jon Dinga14 hours ago

    I was hoping that there would be DIY touchscreen without buying the IR frames from PRC ... hint hint ;)

  49. Gaurav K

    Gaurav K14 hours ago

    Would be nicer if you can keep mention of the tools used in this work and if not what other alternate basic tools can be used.. 👍

  50. Keltec Respec

    Keltec Respec15 hours ago

    @12:00 he says "Earlier I provisionally added some wires to the control board's speaker output, so that these sockets could be easily hooked up to the boards internal amplifier allowing the drivers to just be clipped in place when required." Diagram please or video showing and explaining, I'm kind of new to this. But my father in law has a machine shop that I can use whenever I'd like to use. So was that just something you wanted to keep how to do to yourself sir? Now I have a touch screen monitor I attached to my PS5 and I don't know where to wire and attach the speakers to. This is supposed to be a D.I.Y project, I can't D.I.M.S if I don't know how to connect the speakers as you did, I hope you left a wiring diagram in the description for us. Other than that brilliant, beautiful, and very useful. I keep 2, 10,000 mAh battery banks ready which actually allowed me to get 12 hours of continuous use once the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery life 🔋 was depleted. Including the internal Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery and the 2 battery banks I got from Wal-Mart for $9.99 each, I would say with the screen turned on without speakers (because someone didn't tell us how to connect the wires to the board's internal amplifier) I get about 13 1/2 hours of continuous use because I use my Pulse 3D Wireless Headset with my PS5. Would be great if you could have added a BT (Bluetooth) feature so we could connect to Bluetooth speakers and have surround sound. I watch movies on my PS5 also in true 4K!

  51. August Joseph

    August Joseph15 hours ago

    People saying that they should just get a dedicated video camera instead of photo camera that has a video feature - no. This camera was coined as groundbreaking for its 8K recording feature - a feature that is broken. Saying people should buy another product is ludicrous when this product was advertised and intended for 8K video recording. I for one would not buy this camera for its recording capabilities alone; however, if I was looking for a stills camera capable of recording high quality video - it would have turned my head. I wish people would stop making excuses for companies delivering broken promises. It only fuels the idea that it’s okay to give us poorly designed products at a premium-designed price.

  52. PreInfinity

    PreInfinity15 hours ago

    LED's do not produce good colors though.

  53. Victorious

    Victorious15 hours ago

    how do you cut wood pieces

  54. James King

    James King15 hours ago

    Part of the reason the metal case on the power supply is to contain the magnetic fields within the power supply from leaking into the main circuit board. Because the size of the inductors are large and the spacing is close the magnetism will magnetize other components within close range. This also will take these magnetizing eddy fields and essentially ground them away from critical circuits. It would be wise to put a metal shield on top to essentially keep the original design. This can be done using a metal shield glued to the plastic and put over the top of the supply. Just wanted to share in case your circuit board started behaving funny.

  55. Joey Roy

    Joey Roy15 hours ago

    id buy this if it was sold in stores

  56. Philip Wagner

    Philip Wagner16 hours ago

    "One big problem is room accoustics." Proceeds to conduct experiment outdoors next to an aerodrome and under a flock of seagulls!

  57. Ethan Tin

    Ethan Tin16 hours ago

    Does anyone know how thick the brass are? I want to buy some

  58. Caprat

    Caprat17 hours ago

    Feedback: I am on the middle of making 6 of these panels. For the most part the instructions here are good. BUT, DON'T BOTHER TRYING TO SEW 6 TOWELS TOGETHER. Trying to push a needle and thread through that much material is literally painful. Instead, I am gluing them together with spray adhesive. So far I have found 3M 77 Spray Adhesive to be excellent. And I give Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive a score of 'very good'. Also, you will need dozens of towels to make a bunch of these like me. I posted in a local Facebook "Buy Nothing" group and got them all donated to me for free (just make sure you wash them all).

  59. Beingmehull

    Beingmehull17 hours ago

    check out related tech content on my channel 💕 please do subscribe

  60. Beingmehull

    Beingmehull17 hours ago

    check out related tech content on my channel 💕 please do subscribe

  61. Iris

    Iris17 hours ago

    2:35 : It's not, it's why you should not use these for long, continuous recordings like live-events. Video-camera's (even the ENG-style ones) still very much have their place, even though some of the really hardcore "I want cinematic bokeh in my shots!"-people really want you to believe otherwise (completely ignoring shoulder mount ENG-style camcorders are still very much a thing in the broadcast industry). People should really stop thinking they have a videocamera when all the videofunction really is is something that people should consider to be an extra, a luxury that the camera has not been designed around. If you would see the amount of cooling on even a single CMOS-videocamera sensor (let alone a 3-CMOS camera) it's so clear why photocamera's-with-a-video-function suffer from heat issues.

  62. LemgoCreations

    LemgoCreations17 hours ago

    I really like your videos - especially ones like this with some novelty functionality. BUT it's very bad advice to use something highly conductive like brass as a DIY housing as it's just way to easy to short some connections and destroy all your electronics with that. So, please - people at home - use MDF or whatever plastics you like to recreate this, just don't use brass/aluminium or some other metal and destroy your weekend dreams with it!

  63. Kevin Ryan

    Kevin Ryan17 hours ago

    Lovely build, mate!

  64. Laura

    Laura18 hours ago

    Amazing I’m making these for sure. Only thing that I’m thinking of doing is adding a bed sheet to cover the material of the towel. Looks like it performs better then any high end panel

  65. Utshav Gamer

    Utshav Gamer18 hours ago

    Can u help me. I have a laptop and the screen is broken, what do I do

  66. Malik Malika

    Malik Malika18 hours ago

    I need vidéo dit big touch screen to android tablet plzzzzz

  67. Xplorer

    Xplorer18 hours ago

    THANK YOU !!

  68. Δημήτρης Ηλιάδης Dimitrios Iliadis

    Δημήτρης Ηλιάδης Dimitrios Iliadis18 hours ago

    How can I buy it, 😜

  69. Victor E. Hernández

    Victor E. Hernández18 hours ago

    de todas las ideas que he visto de construir tu propio escritorio, te digo que esta ha sido la mejor de todas!

  70. Justinj Palmer

    Justinj Palmer18 hours ago

    Your eyes 😍

  71. Chris Rock SWMD Ajax Racing

    Chris Rock SWMD Ajax Racing19 hours ago

    My 650D used to over heat after 30/45mins of using it as a webcam on my pc, bought a 120mm fan and put it behind the camera when the screen is flipped out, seems to have solved the overheating problem :P

  72. Blagi

    Blagi19 hours ago

    Umm honestly, DIY Perks, good job, but i was wonder if there was perhaps a way to find a 5Volt trace on the "screen controller" and use that to charge the battery? I have a feeling like you tried it, but it maybe impacted the screen performance? If not, then im happy to hear your feedback! Great video.

  73. PedroECalvo

    PedroECalvo19 hours ago

    Brazil: Escape the sun Europe: Build a sun for snowy days

  74. smartguy1013

    smartguy101319 hours ago

    Will this work for drives that click?

  75. Tomi

    Tomi19 hours ago

    i swear your whole channel is a brass advertisement

  76. Müd Monéi

    Müd Monéi19 hours ago

    It shoukd be YDI not DIY... because You Do It!!! I never can do these stuff!

  77. Brian Little

    Brian Little19 hours ago

    ill going to try to make this, thanks!

  78. Cody Mercer

    Cody Mercer20 hours ago

    what cabling should I buy? What kindof "screened audio cable"?

  79. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox20 hours ago

    You shoudl shrink wrap the cable and reciever would look alot cleaner and is areally cheap to do.

  80. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox20 hours ago

    I wonder if this would work on a mouse like the gpw charging port. Obivously it could be soldered but i wonder if it would still charge and be regonized by logitech. Maybe damage since it wasnt designed for type c. Guess a magnetic connected cable is the next best thing.