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Kristopher London

Mooshi, Mooshi I'm Kristopher London.

Welcome to my MAIN CHANNEL!

Laugh a little.

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    MY INSTAGRAM is @itzzvonnie I love your content bro🔥🤞🏿

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    insta: @jtyr2 this vid was a banger‼️💎

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    Caiden3535 for givaway

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    6:14 hell nah I’d say Anthony Edwards

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    Insta: bradeng_02 thanks Kris keep up the great work!

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    @dsleale on insta

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    Lsk keepin doin these Pokemon /Sports card opening these r fire

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    Can I have it

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    @adamshakilkhan please give me some cards bro. Big fan from Norway

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    Iss me Martin!14 minutes ago

    "Mukbong" lol

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    It takes a year to get your cards back from grading!!?!?!?!?!?

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    Ig : jrgut24

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    Hi kris

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    Where Matt Stonie is he gets 4 cards

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    Ig is @Dontaedyson_22

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    Dude yesterday I went to McDonald’s and they were out of Pokémon packs might have been Kris

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    Bro kris big fan. I really wanna win. My insta: akiiiii_26 Have a good one broo

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    3:31 The flight clip git me dead Btw my IG is evan_moreira_official Doing music

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    @theleatigagas it’d be dope to win!

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    Kenny Chao the goat 🔥

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    “Who’s Been A TRUE FAN FOR OVER A YEAR”..

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    CODY BUZZTKO24 minutes ago

    3:25 HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW PIPLUP?#!!!!!!

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    Kris: imma get all of the happy meals McDonald’s workers: what can I get you Kris: I want all of the happy meals McDonald’s workers:😐

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    @s_a_m_w_i_c_h. Love the content

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    I love the card vids

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    @billy_block_ hope i win

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    Merch fire tho

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    I’m trying to get these cards you don’t sleeve

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    Insta: arta_hadi_189

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    Kris I want them Pokémon card I wanna start my collection my Instagram is dom_on_top_

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    4:03 wtf was that noise

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