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Founded in 1993 by Ryan Friedlinghaus, West Coast Customs is the premiere vehicle modification shop, internationally recognized for its original designs, beyond your imagination concepts, impeccable quality, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled craftsmanship. On this channel, you can find epic car designs, makeovers, behind the scenes clips, celebrity appearances from Justin Bieber to Jeffree Star, making of the cars, inside looks at our showroom, and so much more! Recognized as the game-changing car customization phenomenon that was MTV's Pimp My Ride, West Coast Customs' pop culture status and appeal has catapulted worldwide with state-of-the-art West Coast Customs franchises negotiated for Dubai, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, China and Japan.

  1. Eddie F430

    Eddie F4305 hours ago

    Gawdy vents in front. Ubsurdly high ride height. Massive ugly fake vents. Hideous mismatched taillights. Cheaply painted fiberglass body that looks as good and any ebay kit from China. This piece of shit car cost Justin 6 figures in labor alone and they couldn't even take a good look at what makes a luxury appealing. Even though JB is a multi millionaire I feel sorry for him wasting his money on this garbage.

  2. Sajo Detro

    Sajo Detro5 hours ago


  3. Tom C.

    Tom C.5 hours ago

    What Justin smokes ???

  4. Peoples

    Peoples5 hours ago

    Fools hella hate in the comments but that shit is hard

  5. froochie123

    froochie1235 hours ago

    "Its a night time car... Drive it where there are no street lights, traffic lights or even lightening bugs. Justin, you can't be seen in this monstrosity. The hood fits worse than your shirt bud, just get it home and forget today ever happened."

  6. Peoples

    Peoples5 hours ago

    Justin knows what time is it

  7. RichBoy572

    RichBoy5725 hours ago

    That is the beauty of a Rolls. Timeless unique and simple elegance is very hard to create. When done correctly, it is even more difficult to recreate. I have been a fan of Rolls Royce for a very long time. To me, there is no substitute.

  8. Steve Henricksen

    Steve Henricksen5 hours ago

    Damn that's ugly...

  9. AK 4o

    AK 4o5 hours ago

    Freaking waste of money

  10. AK 4o

    AK 4o5 hours ago

    It looks like you ruined a Rolls-Royce

  11. The Legend

    The Legend5 hours ago

    id rather buy a bullet proof normal rolls royce then this

  12. Tetta Zwo

    Tetta Zwo5 hours ago

    To think that the little punk will blast his "music" while trying to maneuver this atrocity makes you appreciate the fact that you drive a normal car. Pimp my Ride on Steroids, that's all this is.

  13. sandap mac sandap mac

    sandap mac sandap mac5 hours ago

    Mar kas

  14. Eric Nazario

    Eric Nazario5 hours ago

    Damn now i want a urinal

  15. lincoln Blk

    lincoln Blk5 hours ago

    looks like a brick lol

  16. Javi Fabela

    Javi Fabela5 hours ago

    It's fucking hideous

  17. Bill Boyd

    Bill Boyd5 hours ago

    Take a beautiful car and completely f’ it up? Ugliest car ever.

  18. Fred Fleming

    Fred Fleming5 hours ago

    Awesome creation glad someone can afford to buy it. I’m always big on concept cars/trucks.

  19. chapin yoker

    chapin yoker6 hours ago

    His RR before customisation 200000 dollars After: 100000 worth it

  20. Zavin

    Zavin6 hours ago

    6:53 I didn't know you had Mr. Spock helping with this futuristic vehicle!

  21. Weazel 615

    Weazel 6156 hours ago

    To me it looks like a cheap movie prop car from a 90's movie. Like one of those cars you see in the movies that are set in the future. It looks like a car from a movie made in 1995 but the movie is set in the year 2020 and this is what the cars look like "in the future."

  22. David McCoul

    David McCoul6 hours ago

    Justin: Thanks I hate it

  23. Derek Sample

    Derek Sample6 hours ago

    turn on Justin's 'find my iPhone' app and you'll see him driving to the dump and walkin' home

  24. Craig Kaschan

    Craig Kaschan6 hours ago

    Looks just like his music sounds.💩😂

  25. Ana Laura Flores

    Ana Laura Flores6 hours ago

    ele chorando 🥺

  26. Trump Bigballs

    Trump Bigballs6 hours ago

    The hood does not even line up with the body/frame. The edges are popping up. RR would vomit if they saw this.

  27. Chaz Haynes

    Chaz Haynes6 hours ago

    Looks dumb.... too much money makes ugly mistakes

  28. Lalo 80 Adams

    Lalo 80 Adams6 hours ago

    "I can't wait till that piece of shit malfunctions" when he tries passing through the hood..

  29. Brett Vanliew

    Brett Vanliew6 hours ago

    He's crying cause its butt ass ugly... Been an aftermarket mobile electronics tech for 33 years and been into 2 of WCC cars they built. A blue SRT-10 Viper made for the inventor of the "fleshlight" sex toy and a blue "Monster Cable" Bentley for Monster corporation, both for audio concerns. Both cars came in 2nd hand and were sold off from original owners. In my world you have to prove to me that you're worth your salt. If you shortcut and hack a job, THATS what you are... Its proven. If you take the time for attention to detail and conscious decisions then you prove to everyone you are the go-to-guy. Needless to say both are complete train wrecks.

  30. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlanta6 hours ago

    😳Wow! This is what happens when you have sooooo much money you can buy a RR and then spend even more money to wait 3 years to have this work done/completed. 👍I’m happy for him & then I think & wonder....How many villages could have been afforded fresh clean drinking water with a new well with that “extra” money? How many kids could have been sponsored with that “extra” money? How many homeless people could have been housed with that “extra” money? Then I cry. 😭 I’m not judging him, he can do what ever he wants with HIS money. 💖🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlanta6 hours ago

    🤨Is he seriously crying over work on a car? SRSLY? 🙄🤨


    YOUNG COMANDO6 hours ago

    Cheap car

  33. Paul Welch

    Paul Welch6 hours ago

    Oh those are wheel covers. I actually thought the car still had a wrap on it keeping the car hidden until Justin peals it off to reveal the bad ass car underneath. Didn't know that was the car. Hmmmm. Not quite what I would want and I love cool shit. Peel it all off Justin. There still might be a cool ass car underneath.

  34. Mark McGrath

    Mark McGrath6 hours ago

    sorry brody. that's a fail. should have left it alone. I see they are still pimpin rides

  35. Neo Malapane

    Neo Malapane6 hours ago

    This is blasphemy. RR should create clause forbidding this kinda thing...

  36. shani yan

    shani yan6 hours ago

    “West coast customs do things that don’t exist” probably doesn’t exist for a reason not going to lie

  37. Serge T

    Serge T6 hours ago

    3 years and front fenders extension and rear wheel covers and a sound system and the price tag is the real thing we wanted to know

  38. Armeen Taheri

    Armeen Taheri6 hours ago

    Rolls Royce Urinal


    CRISPY CHEVY CHRIS6 hours ago

    Ryan "its a night time car" thats cuz it look funny in the light 🤣

  40. John Smith

    John Smith6 hours ago

    God dam that's an ugly fooking Car.

  41. Rav T

    Rav T6 hours ago

    should bag it and parked completely lowered to mm off ground.

  42. Ezac

    Ezac6 hours ago

    what he meant was -10 out of 10

  43. Red Moose

    Red Moose6 hours ago

    Grill looks too small. Rolls Royce have very distinctive in your face grill.

  44. Weazel 615

    Weazel 6156 hours ago

    Ehh....Personally I'm not sure how I feel about this car. I definitely respect all the work, labor, time, and thought that went into it. I like it, but at the same time there's something that I don't like...but I can't figure out what the hell it is that I don't like? However, the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. Then again, to me it kinda looks like a cheap movie prop from a 90's movie. It almost resembles one of those cars you see in the movies that are set in the future. Thats what it is!! It looks like a car from a movie made in 1995 but the movie is set in the year 2020 and this is what the cars look like "in the future."

  45. Colin Craig Bowe

    Colin Craig Bowe6 hours ago

    It needed to be lowered so that you can't see the tyres under the gap above the road. Or put much wider wheels. It looses appearance by being able to see the tyres so far inset from the body cover. Other than that I think it's tip top. Shame about that. The original car with the JL sound system was better

  46. Mr.patato.head.pp05

    Mr.patato.head.pp056 hours ago


  47. ShockGizzle

    ShockGizzle6 hours ago

    Lil bit overrated

  48. Lucas W

    Lucas W6 hours ago

    Hoovies Garage 2022: I just bought the cheapest Rolls Royce Wraith in the United States!!!!!

  49. purppfleur

    purppfleur6 hours ago

    black and midnight blue would be better. it is what it is lol

  50. redtailhardwoods

    redtailhardwoods6 hours ago

    Kinda reminds me of the Emperor's new clothes. It damn sure aint no 64 Riviera.

  51. crispy83

    crispy836 hours ago

    Its a night time car, cause it is the ugliest thing, ever!!!!

  52. Web Crawler

    Web Crawler6 hours ago

    UGLY AF! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💄💄

  53. deb ann

    deb ann6 hours ago

    What guys do with too much money

  54. SyncrynE Niks

    SyncrynE Niks7 hours ago

    Wtf is this shit ?

  55. JP

    JP7 hours ago

    Did they build it in the 80's then uncover it last week?

  56. Brandon T

    Brandon T7 hours ago

    This is atrocious

  57. Sean ____

    Sean ____7 hours ago

    Justin Bieber is the reason west coast is still in business 💀

  58. idomatter nonya

    idomatter nonya7 hours ago

    Justin " hey can you make me a car that only drives straight" Friedlinger "sure gonna take 3 years and a million dollars" Justin "BRUH "!!

  59. Al kis

    Al kis7 hours ago

    look at that sheeple. using the mask for you to swallow. xD hollywood.

  60. lgmatthew10

    lgmatthew107 hours ago

    Shoulda called X

  61. Tyler Dippel

    Tyler Dippel7 hours ago

    ufta... everyone has their flavors... but this is a shit BRICK on wheels 😂

  62. Joe Cowan

    Joe Cowan7 hours ago

    Hideous is the first word that comes to mind

  63. Victor Alicea

    Victor Alicea7 hours ago

    I hope Rolls Royce never does anything close to this!

  64. Silentblue

    Silentblue7 hours ago

    Tbh I'd rather have a camry

  65. Hiron

    Hiron7 hours ago

    U g l y car, poor Justin

  66. Tommy Hunter

    Tommy Hunter7 hours ago

    Wow, it took three years to ruin a Rolls Good job boys!!

  67. Rosé Mcadams

    Rosé Mcadams7 hours ago

    Oh justin!

  68. Cars With Keav

    Cars With Keav7 hours ago

    Cut the wheel arches out and a sick set of rims and maybe you got something here. Respect to the craftsmanship and style, but not feeling it. If it was a hover car it would fit for me, but wheels to me are so much of a custom build its just weird without them being there. If its what the owner wants then more power to them, everybody has their own style.

  69. jimmy hendricks

    jimmy hendricks7 hours ago

    he was crying because it took three years to make a beautiful elegant car look like crap

  70. Meek

    Meek7 hours ago

    why are there so many hate comments

  71. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez7 hours ago

    How does it turn?

  72. Jamie D

    Jamie D7 hours ago

    Tf is that

  73. James M

    James M7 hours ago

    Ugly af!!! lmao

  74. Zer0 Gravity

    Zer0 Gravity7 hours ago

    I was more interested in hearing the JL Audio sound system than actually seeing the car.🙁

  75. Oliver Depauw

    Oliver Depauw7 hours ago

    On todays episode of rice coast customs we add 3000 more pounds to a rolls royce and make it look like a hot wheels car 😭

  76. TheJimmijay

    TheJimmijay7 hours ago

    Not good! Check out TheSketchMonkeys video on how to do this properly. Nice effort though.

  77. Amaro

    Amaro7 hours ago

    Still its fake rolls royce not real from company

  78. Tyson Romero

    Tyson Romero7 hours ago

    Yikes West Coast. I would rather have 300k or whatever that Rolls was worth before turning it into this monstrosity


    MICHAEL CRAWLEY7 hours ago

    Big hulking POS

  80. Y.K.S. BEATS

    Y.K.S. BEATS7 hours ago

    Mans got the Kim Jon un cut tho