Minecraft stuff, yes, my IGN is Dream

Minecraft Speedrunner VS PRO
  1. Axel

    Axel10 hours ago

    His viewers when he does a risky move: *A N X I E T Y*

  2. ~Stellar-Moon~

    ~Stellar-Moon~10 hours ago

    I spotted a diamond

  3. alejandro campana

    alejandro campana10 hours ago

    what do u mean friend?

  4. DonutBoi Gaming

    DonutBoi Gaming10 hours ago

    Goodbye, Dream's second skin

  5. Taylor Smallman

    Taylor Smallman10 hours ago

    Gmere lluminum

  6. gerardocoolxd lol

    gerardocoolxd lol11 hours ago

    I don't know if they were all but it's worth it xd (we all think that how would I get food: v)

  7. Song the beatz!

    Song the beatz!11 hours ago


  8. ÿõûr çįłd

    ÿõûr çįłd11 hours ago

    Dream please add phoodu to the Dream SMP I beg of you please he deserves so much he is so nice and thoughtful and I would love if you added him.

  9. neutral_cmd

    neutral_cmd11 hours ago

    everytime george takes damage our ears take damage

  10. Kokeš 09

    Kokeš 0911 hours ago

    Hunter daimons Dream IQ

  11. Krishna Koushal

    Krishna Koushal11 hours ago


  12. aqua hyper

    aqua hyper11 hours ago

    Bro that antfrost skin was OP

  13. random name yes?

    random name yes?11 hours ago

    dream = gay asff

  14. Whitty Man

    Whitty Man11 hours ago


  15. dragonhunter vlogs

    dragonhunter vlogs11 hours ago

    Imagine getting [ Diamonds!] Before getting [ Aquire Hardware]

  16. Happy Pigs

    Happy Pigs11 hours ago

    The amount of luck this man has on Seeds

  17. Braedon Schoby

    Braedon Schoby11 hours ago

    Smokey bear dude


    ARSALAN_ JOKERYT11 hours ago

    Love you dream big fan from pakistan iam proud of you


    BLACK RED11 hours ago

    the hero's dream

  20. anni richter

    anni richter11 hours ago

    dream cool come eat and i

  21. Carla Langan

    Carla Langan11 hours ago

    Dream your my favorite USlikes or

  22. K B Gaming

    K B Gaming11 hours ago

    3:29 Subtitles : Heroin was real ...😂🤣 .

  23. Ziyad Abtahi

    Ziyad Abtahi11 hours ago

    Hi dream BTW why your name is dream tho?? That's my question and your name is cool but why dream.....

  24. K B Gaming

    K B Gaming11 hours ago

    Imagine Dream surprises Herobrine with clutch lol and Herobrine teams up with Dream coz he is Herobrine level guy .

  25. YoshiNeki Kan

    YoshiNeki Kan11 hours ago

    Thats a lota damage for my brain

  26. Carla Langan

    Carla Langan11 hours ago


  27. NN BOT GAMER!!

    NN BOT GAMER!!11 hours ago


  28. Carla Langan

    Carla Langan11 hours ago

    Hey Dream I like

  29. K B Gaming

    K B Gaming11 hours ago

    If Dream says this then maybe - Herobrine exists but it's nothing except a glitch where a normal zombie / etc gets some powers . But it appears in 2-3 seeds only put of infinite seeds . So Dream is right .

  30. Ayden Burr

    Ayden Burr11 hours ago

    Nobody talking bout how lucky dream was to get 2 god apples in a row

  31. Pacinko Jakarta

    Pacinko Jakarta11 hours ago

    Dream hebat Salam dari ind

  32. Gamer Fox

    Gamer Fox11 hours ago

    I also heard you two are a couple lol inlove at each other hahahah

  33. Kurosu Shimada

    Kurosu Shimada11 hours ago

    Alternative title: 5 men screaming and shouting for 49 minutes straight

  34. Danganronpa Fan YT

    Danganronpa Fan YT11 hours ago

    That’s Danny Gonzales

  35. Kurosu Shimada

    Kurosu Shimada11 hours ago

    Alternative title: 5 men screaming and shouting for 45 minutes straight

  36. Gamer Fox

    Gamer Fox11 hours ago

    Wheres the viid!!!

  37. Kurosu Shimada

    Kurosu Shimada11 hours ago

    Alternative title: 4 men screaming and shouting for 41 minutes straight

  38. gamer MG

    gamer MG11 hours ago

    amazing 1sek crafting boat

  39. Kurosu Shimada

    Kurosu Shimada11 hours ago

    Alternative title: 5 men screaming and shouting for 48 minutes straight

  40. Rkis

    Rkis11 hours ago

    Hey i saw dream in a stream is it really dream

  41. Kurosu Shimada

    Kurosu Shimada11 hours ago

    5 years later: Minecraft Speedrunner VS 15 Hunters

  42. Kurosu Shimada

    Kurosu Shimada11 hours ago

    Alternative title: 6 men screaming and shouting for 36 minutes straight

  43. luna Scarlett

    luna Scarlett11 hours ago

    You have to use fire to use the neather portel

  44. Super Legend

    Super Legend11 hours ago

    It's been great.



    7:28 in 0.25x there is already a boat in his hot bar at the bottom

  46. Sarnia Bircham

    Sarnia Bircham11 hours ago

    goerge is colour blind bc he said dream shiny potato, plus i knew this a long time ago from watching you doing manhunts.

  47. Nicolas Olivera

    Nicolas Olivera11 hours ago

    35:26 since when the dragon has a second phase xD


    RITA GUPTA11 hours ago

    7:25 to 7:29

  49. Everyday Diy Dylan

    Everyday Diy Dylan11 hours ago

    Java say that you won you killed it but it won’t give you the achievement because another one was still in the game ...

  50. Mr.mystic Frain

    Mr.mystic Frain11 hours ago

    Здесь и зародилась легенда

  51. Samuel james Crispo

    Samuel james Crispo11 hours ago

    Welp. That was fast

  52. CAUÃ Pedro

    CAUÃ Pedro11 hours ago

    Dreams Se eu fosse você já entrasse no Neder eu ia lá e a quebrar o portal envio encontrou um portal tipo tipo desligado ele não dia tá com o negócio para ligar não É sério eu ia ir lá eu ia quebrar o o portal do Neder eu ia quebrar ele depois eu ia lá eu ia quebrar a obsidian eu ia quebrar obsidian Se eu fosse você eu tinha pegado aquele diamante que tava atrás de tu ta2 diamante 2 E aí Alan e a Krafta picareta de diamante e a quebrar esses blocos e pronto acabou não ia entrar eles não iam entrar nem a pau

  53. jamer_ noobi

    jamer_ noobi11 hours ago

    12:56 its like a married couple fighting... tsk tsk -Dream

  54. Neko Princess

    Neko Princess11 hours ago


  55. Cassey Dela Torre

    Cassey Dela Torre11 hours ago

    dream is so sweet I swear

  56. Riyan

    Riyan11 hours ago

    I love how bad is about to swear but ended up saying fudge


    SANSBOKIL_Bg SO211 hours ago

    Bjir dah bisa dia

  58. Iza Lor

    Iza Lor11 hours ago

    Dream 10000000000ip

  59. Bunga Orkedz

    Bunga Orkedz11 hours ago

    Game Minecraft sans smp3

  60. ItsHalfHeart

    ItsHalfHeart11 hours ago


  61. Yasameen

    Yasameen11 hours ago

    Lol how the hell does he get so much dislikes

  62. takitø zaltärin

    takitø zaltärin11 hours ago

    Cuánto es 7×8 ಠ_ಠ

  63. TheSenSK

    TheSenSK11 hours ago

    I die

  64. Poppi Asu

    Poppi Asu11 hours ago

    I don’t get the hype bro

  65. ailer knox c Nicolas

    ailer knox c Nicolas11 hours ago

    Alternative title: one speedrunner with bodyguard vs hunter

  66. Wxyz Zyxw

    Wxyz Zyxw11 hours ago

    1 hunter and 4 speedrunners

  67. Raunak Gupta

    Raunak Gupta11 hours ago

    HoLY $H!T

  68. Marc Allen Nanong

    Marc Allen Nanong11 hours ago

    7:25 epickk you did water,boat,crafting mid air boat,ladder clutch.and whats next? Undying totem clutch hope im right

  69. I. M Privis

    I. M Privis11 hours ago


  70. sooraj RP

    sooraj RP11 hours ago

    I subscribed to you because I like dream speedrun😁

  71. adelio kazuma tyaga

    adelio kazuma tyaga11 hours ago

    dream wins

  72. Kamruzzaman riad

    Kamruzzaman riad11 hours ago

    Dream is not revealing her secrets he is just playing

  73. Kras Kras

    Kras Kras11 hours ago

    Tutaj ludzie od polski | | | |

  74. ANBU Raj

    ANBU Raj11 hours ago

    Dream you are soooooooo cool teach me how to do mlgs

  75. Azzurra Mcdonald

    Azzurra Mcdonald11 hours ago

    Why he sound so depressed :0 So good at acting like a noob lmao

  76. LegendDorf

    LegendDorf11 hours ago

    yoo dream did win let me tell you why after they dragon was low that respawned it that can only happend when you kill it and the arrow you did at last second must of killed because that dragon cant respawn when its still alive but it didnt show the adanvement because it was to quick ant it was full charged bow so i think that what happend and i tested it

  77. Emily Palmer

    Emily Palmer11 hours ago

    Me listening to two grown men scream