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  1. Black Sarah

    Black Sarah7 hours ago

    Chevelle is here to stay. Sci-Fi crimes is still an anthem for today. These mfs are aging like fine wine 🙌🏾

  2. zandorize

    zandorize7 hours ago

    Oh my goshhhhh i remember the video on Facebook a year ago

  3. Matt Brown

    Matt Brown7 hours ago

    CRIMINALLY underrated song and album. This album actually released on my birthday, and I generally disliked it very much at that time - with the exception of Sleep Apnea. Now, it's easily the number 1 album from them for me. Every fucking song. So melodic but also has some of the best heavy hitting heavy riff moments they've done. Sleep Apnea, this song, Letter from a Thief, Fell Into Your Shoes, fucking ROSWELL'S SPELL, This Circus, even the bonus track Leto's Headache is one of their best b-sides. I would love to see a return to this sound. That fucking guitar tone on this album is the BEST

  4. Shun Gite

    Shun Gite7 hours ago

    Beautiful video for a sublime track 🤘😎

  5. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith7 hours ago

    Ugh so GOOD...just amazing! Can't wait for the album to drop. Long time fan!

  6. All Element

    All Element8 hours ago

    I Remember this ....because it was one of the worst days in my life...and I knew she was preg.

  7. Jarifman X

    Jarifman X9 hours ago

    Thanks for this Chevelle. I needed this! Thanks for always delivering through the years consistently.

  8. Sebasti4n 1412

    Sebasti4n 14129 hours ago

    Sorry guys, u ain't taking a break, we fucking love the new music

  9. Intrigued none the less

    Intrigued none the less9 hours ago

    Those pyramids are flat! Great vid! Send the pain above! 20 seconds to Venus!

  10. LibertyHillBily

    LibertyHillBily10 hours ago

    Just heard this on klbj fm in Austin. Fucking shreds!!!

  11. Joseph Rhodes

    Joseph Rhodes10 hours ago

    Chevelle never left us, they just secluded to a cave to make this gold....

  12. SchmiddyHD

    SchmiddyHD10 hours ago

    Traveling through other dimensions and universes while playing this song all day on repeat!

  13. jeremy bautista

    jeremy bautista11 hours ago

    They have gotten more views and comments in short amount of time compared to their earlier albums im actually impressed!!!

  14. EGD

    EGD11 hours ago

    So glad your back!

  15. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson11 hours ago

    Fucking stunning song... Am so emotional right now.. love you guys!!!

  16. Jason Boston

    Jason Boston12 hours ago

    Great song and you cannot replicate that awesome Chevelle music.

  17. Tina Lynch

    Tina Lynch12 hours ago

    Chevelle = Never a disappointment !!

  18. Jarrett Øath

    Jarrett Øath12 hours ago

    God, I was 17 when I first got into chevelle. Now I’m entering my early 30’s and I still get the chills from their music. So excited for the new album.

  19. CesariusD Gamer

    CesariusD Gamer12 hours ago

    Que buen tema !

  20. Мойша Дядык

    Мойша Дядык13 hours ago


  21. Jack Hoffman

    Jack Hoffman13 hours ago

    Maybe the most accurate songs and videos...the last line should be hats off to the bull...he’s given up!!!

  22. Melon Choly

    Melon Choly13 hours ago

    Love this!! So far my favorite off their new album. Chills!!!

  23. Cy_MoN

    Cy_MoN14 hours ago

    COÑO! Los de Chevelle como que tienen a unos cuantos monstruos ocultos y los van a sacar en Niratias vaya par de bestialidades de canciones son Self Destructor y Remember When. Damn! It seems like the Chevelle guys have some hidden monsters and they're going to take them out in Niratias! What a couple of bestialities are Self Destructor and Remember When! Long Live Chevelle!!!

  24. AwakeServant

    AwakeServant14 hours ago

    Nowhere. now here.

  25. AwakeServant

    AwakeServant14 hours ago


  26. Aaron Maccaro

    Aaron Maccaro15 hours ago

    The music sounds great but the melody sucks. Too whiney sounding. I'll still buy the album though.

  27. Joe Romano

    Joe Romano15 hours ago

    Thanks for letting me hear my head everyday!

  28. Joe Romano

    Joe Romano15 hours ago

    Wow thank you Chevelle!

  29. Joe Ruhe

    Joe Ruhe15 hours ago

    Bravo! Loving these new songs!

  30. the death of leah

    the death of leah15 hours ago

    this is going to be the best Chevelle album.

  31. James Cash

    James Cash15 hours ago

    I could harmonize and scream with this band fuck would be so amazing

  32. James Cash

    James Cash15 hours ago

    39secs in loving it already here we go🤘🏻 maybe 59secs now lol remember when

  33. Katy Sidra

    Katy Sidra15 hours ago

    the artwork and vibe is so on point. thanks dudes

  34. Terry Miller

    Terry Miller15 hours ago


  35. Sgt. Buck

    Sgt. Buck16 hours ago

    Is this what the WallStreetBets board had on blast when they were stocking up on GameStop?

  36. Just Monika

    Just Monika16 hours ago

    That voice hits hard as ever. Good song.

  37. daniel maldonado

    daniel maldonado16 hours ago

    Man this song might be their master piece. Glad I got a chance to see them in Austin 2 years ago

  38. LDJB

    LDJB16 hours ago

    Sounds like a creed song with a "higher" voice. Just my opinion.

  39. Miguel Azamar

    Miguel Azamar17 hours ago


  40. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael Perdon17 hours ago

    Please guys I've read through all the comments please stop telling me that this is going to be their last album I can't handle that

  41. Robbie_Rocket

    Robbie_Rocket17 hours ago

    What a great ‘Tool’ homage

  42. Corey Ver Planck

    Corey Ver Planck17 hours ago

    Can’t fight back the tears while listening to this song.. Amazing job

  43. Brandon W

    Brandon W18 hours ago

    I remember when...when it was 1992... wait wrong song

  44. Wint_62

    Wint_6219 hours ago

    This is so f’ing good!

  45. Pro Pro

    Pro Pro19 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna pull up on Jason on Friday the 13th.

  46. John Wallace

    John Wallace19 hours ago

    Great song , killer vocals .

  47. Ryan Bennett

    Ryan Bennett19 hours ago

    So this one makes me examine myself in a productive way. Just weird I haven't done that many times that I can remember.

  48. Mark Asher

    Mark Asher19 hours ago

    So Good!

  49. Ryan Bennett

    Ryan Bennett19 hours ago

    I'm getting the impression from this song that maybe you stopped caring if your fans like it

  50. tom g

    tom g19 hours ago

    Awesome tune.

  51. Ryan Bennett

    Ryan Bennett19 hours ago

    Also Pete do you really care if we like this album?

  52. Ryan Bennett

    Ryan Bennett19 hours ago

    Ok so I don't care what you guys choose to do. I like this song. Peach kinda reminds me of myself in a bad way but that's ok I still like it. This song is very good.

  53. Mariano Sandoval Cuesta

    Mariano Sandoval Cuesta20 hours ago

    has a placebo-the bitter end kinda vibe

  54. Game Wizard

    Game Wizard20 hours ago

    So far this album is sounding amazing.

  55. N G

    N G21 hour ago

    Wasn't thrilled about the first couple of songs..but this..this is good.

  56. Man the Lorian

    Man the Lorian21 hour ago

    damn. that scream at the intro. loved it already. they always have this melodic/psychedelic/melancholic/hair raising rifts all rolled into one.

  57. Robert Gonzales Jr.

    Robert Gonzales Jr.21 hour ago

    I fucking love Chevelle! They are definitely one of the greatest bands out there! People just don’t know any better

  58. Ryan Cavanaugh

    Ryan Cavanaugh22 hours ago

    Let's build some cool trucks and go riding..

  59. kyle_240sx_t4r

    kyle_240sx_t4r22 hours ago

    Have had this song stuck in my head for the past 4 days!! How bout everyone else??

  60. Jules 98

    Jules 9822 hours ago

    Chevelle is back!

  61. Brandon Bryson

    Brandon Bryson22 hours ago

    Both new songs are bangers so far

  62. Chea7z

    Chea7z23 hours ago

    It's always something really special when your favorite band comes out with something new that still manages to take you back.

  63. Thomas O'Keefe

    Thomas O'Keefe23 hours ago

    Somethin bout this tune speaks to me at so many levels amd various points in this worthless mascarade called life. Keeps me searchin for a heart of gold....but also keeps me grounded realistic about the suck and prospects of somethin better😆 Just makes ya feel some kinda way when ya hear it.🤘

  64. Kyle Gatzke

    Kyle Gatzke23 hours ago

    I love chevelle so much! Never quit making greats

  65. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael Perdon23 hours ago


  66. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael Perdon23 hours ago

    Aesop Rocky. "Drums on the wheel"

  67. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael Perdon23 hours ago

    Chevelle fans, here sone hiphop

  68. Summer Pelfrey

    Summer PelfreyDay ago

    Rock is not dead

  69. Angry Leprechaun

    Angry LeprechaunDay ago

    The perfect riff doesn't exis-... IT DOES NOW!

  70. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael PerdonDay ago

    You're welcome

  71. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael PerdonDay ago

    Real life timeline s***

  72. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael PerdonDay ago

    First time I'm loving all these kicks in my head

  73. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael PerdonDay ago

    Now I am drunk and I have my head to my JBL speaker

  74. Adam Kotska

    Adam KotskaDay ago

    Anyone else getting a strong original album vibe? Love it, don't ever say "Chevelle" and "Shelved" in the same sentence again Pete. LOL

  75. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael PerdonDay ago

    Why can't my volume go any higher




  77. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael PerdonDay ago

    Okay I'm halfway through this whiskey bottle I've listened to the song about 30-40 times and they got f****** Tiger Woods man

  78. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael PerdonDay ago

    Okay I've just it off to nowhere and how come I'm liking it so much

  79. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Paul-Michael PerdonDay ago

    All damn man the f****** got Tiger Woods

  80. michele Dawson

    michele DawsonDay ago

    Love you guys