Roots and Refuge Farm
Roots and Refuge Farm
Roots and Refuge Farm

A big family on a small farm in Central Arkansas.

P.O. Box 850
Vilonia, AR 72173

  1. Sandra in Ontario

    Sandra in Ontario2 hours ago


  2. Sharon Wilson

    Sharon Wilson2 hours ago

    What is the Title of the book?!? Honey I had to look all over the place on this website just to find the name of your book. One tiny little line on the USlikes details. Would you please add it to your video more prominently? So others will not have the problem I had trying to find it?

  3. Walking Scripture With Shanna

    Walking Scripture With Shanna2 hours ago

    Goats v pigs: goats are more maintenance, but a herd of full grown goats won’t eat you if you slip in their pen

  4. Brandie Jones

    Brandie Jones2 hours ago

    My 22 yr old son is named Jeremiah. Over the years many people have tried to call him different nicknames and he hates them all. I’ve called him ‘miah from the start. I’d never heard anyone else shorten to miah until I started watching your channel!!!

  5. My heart is in the mountains

    My heart is in the mountains2 hours ago

    The comment about the white van...🤣 We always called that the creep van.

  6. Sandra in Ontario

    Sandra in Ontario2 hours ago

    Although most things in the course so far I have heard you talk about before, the way it's pulled together and the way Jill adds content is so very good. My husband watching a little bit last night said those two obviously know what they're talking about and know how to teach it!

  7. Elaine Dutcher

    Elaine Dutcher2 hours ago

    I don't personally know you but I am so proud of you! My book should be here tomorrow and I am so excited! Thank you Jess and Jeremiah for everything you guys do! You are such an inspiration.

  8. kfd_

    kfd_3 hours ago


  9. Sarah Adkin

    Sarah Adkin3 hours ago

    Congratulations! What a beautiful reaction 😍 I’m looking forward to getting my copy from the preorder in the UK 😀

  10. Jacqueline Dubois

    Jacqueline Dubois3 hours ago

    Congratulations Jess💕 so happy to see you grow and develop. Just purchased the book to support you and everything you have taught me. Thank you. I look forward to reading (and evolving my garden even more)!☺️

  11. Megan Blank

    Megan Blank4 hours ago

    This brings my heart so much joy! Seeing your dream come to fruition is everything:)

  12. Tanya G

    Tanya G4 hours ago

    I am all teared up for you, Happy Happy Happy moment. God continued blessings.

  13. Karen Olson

    Karen Olson4 hours ago

    Your amazing humble .glad I get to share this moment with you. Can't wait to get my copy

  14. Kerry Schultz

    Kerry Schultz4 hours ago

    So, I just got a notice that mine will be delivered tomorrow. So excited. Can’t wait to peruse through the pages and mentally start getting more prepared for spring. Such a huge accomplishment Jess. So happy for you. Congratulations!!!

  15. Jeep Jean

    Jeep Jean4 hours ago

    I am so proud of you I've been watching you since you started you have come a ways and you still have a way to go congratulations on everything you do and we'll be doing God bless you and your family your numbers are growing I'm so proud

  16. The Pervy Prepper

    The Pervy Prepper4 hours ago

    One purchase I will never regret is my soil-blockers. JESS! You know those green plastic baskets they sell strawberries in? SAVE THOSE. And get soil-blockers. The micro-20 soil-blocker makes a 20 of the 3/4" blocks. That grid is exactly the perfect size to fit precisely into one standard green strawberry basket. You can then plant 20 tomato seeds (or lettuce or whatever), add in your plant marker and put that basket into a tray with others... and as soon as the sprout you can up-pot them into larger 2" (mini-4) soil blocks or directly into SOLO cups. I just LOVE my mini-4 with the 3/4" cube dibbles. It almost feels like I'm cheating. Using soil blocks means not wasting containers. You don't have any empty spots cuz you only up-pot the ones that sprout. Any that don't can get tossed on the compost pile. (And if it germinates late, you can have "volunteer" tomatoes from the compost pile. No big deal.) IDK if you use soil blockers. I do highly recommend them.

  17. Nicole Buckwalter

    Nicole Buckwalter4 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing his moment with us. I was in tears watching. I need to get mine! Congratulations!

  18. Tasha Stubbs-Davies

    Tasha Stubbs-Davies4 hours ago

    Jess, i'm an empath, every time you cry, I cry 😢 congratulations on all of the past year you guys. You've worked so hard to achieve all of this, and you deserve all the success. I have so much admiration and respect for what you have created there at your homestead, and here on youtube, it's a beautiful community. Much love to you all x

  19. Sherry Watkins

    Sherry Watkins5 hours ago


  20. nikkita marriott

    nikkita marriott6 hours ago

    Amazon isn't letting me pre order your book 😭 I'll keep trying 😘

  21. jepson family

    jepson family6 hours ago

    So excited to get your book, amazon says between mar 11-16

  22. Dorothy Lantz

    Dorothy Lantz6 hours ago

    I want to meet u guys.

  23. Dorothy Lantz

    Dorothy Lantz6 hours ago

    Aww, missed ya, watching replay. This rain is killin me~~

  24. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon6 hours ago

    What y’all do is from ur heart ❤️. That’s what resonates with people. Nobody is perfect. But y’all are real about everything

  25. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon6 hours ago

    What a big family to support & all the content you put out. On USlikes

  26. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon6 hours ago

    Well I hope u make money 💰 on USlikes

  27. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon6 hours ago

    Texas isn’t prepared for any weather changes. And looking not gonna happen soon. The government 🤷‍♀️

  28. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon6 hours ago

    Missouri is the most humidity I ever experienced & the biggest mesquitios ever. They just carry you to ur car lol 😂

  29. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon6 hours ago

    The temperature 🤒 is changing sooo much where we live. It’s hard to know what to prepare for 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  30. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon7 hours ago

    Long ago when had my first 2 kids lived in north east Mississippi & could grow anything. In Texas. Good luck 👍🏼 south Texas. It’s hard to grow anything. Sooo 🥵 hot.

  31. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon7 hours ago

    Love ❤️ to have a cook book & canning book when you get to it. 🙏🏻

  32. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon7 hours ago

    You should be so proud of all the books you have going. U do soo much. Don’t know how you find the time. Ur energy is amazing 😻

  33. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon7 hours ago

    It’s amazing 😻 you have soo many books going.

  34. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon7 hours ago

    Getting my book soon in Texas from Amazon

  35. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon7 hours ago

    We had pigs 🐖 growing up. But I learned the hard way don’t try & lol at the baby pigs unless you want moma to brake through the fence & chase you up a tree 🌲. Lol 😝

  36. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon7 hours ago

    What kind of work does miaha do when not on the farm ???

  37. Silver Moon

    Silver Moon7 hours ago

    When are you getting ur new barn???

  38. Heather Culverhouse

    Heather Culverhouse7 hours ago

    👋 jess everyone, but you have been blessed to see friends too.we cannot do that here still.even to see my mum who is about 8 miles away from me and 84 years old,bless her,we lost dad on fathersday morning in his sleep and that has been the very sadest thing,,we are in England somerset but hopeing and being patient that soon things will change, I really thank 🙏 God for al, our nhs workers and carers.xxbless you all.

  39. Nell Sinnock

    Nell Sinnock7 hours ago

    You are most joyously welcome, my dear!!! 😊

  40. Sophie Smietana.

    Sophie Smietana.8 hours ago

    Run Diotomacious in his coat legs neck back end inbetween his toes.where he hangs out.

  41. Sophie Smietana.

    Sophie Smietana.8 hours ago

    Hi ! He feels safe in the crate. It's his space you can put a dog bed in its place.

  42. Shannon Donaldson

    Shannon Donaldson8 hours ago

    The England comment was relevant because the woman stated her family was from England and they still wouldn’t have served her child there.

  43. Kynd Heartt

    Kynd Heartt8 hours ago

    I'm so very happy for you! You've got me crying too. I have loved watching your videos and I too live in Central Arkansas. I encouraged everyone on my Facebook page to watch you here on USlikes and to order your book. It's been an absolute pleasure to follow you and Jeremiah's journey as you both make your dreams come true. I would love to meet you one day.

  44. Terri Juanette

    Terri Juanette9 hours ago

    I found they were cheaper on Weck's website.

  45. Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone

    Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone9 hours ago

    Savory Jeri 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone

    Takisha's Age-Free Beauty Zone9 hours ago

    I'm still bursting with happiness for you with your book(s). I will be waiting with bated breath for the devotional book. I know that will come with time, because we have to wait on the stirring of the Holy Spirit for that content. But I'm still very excited about it 🤗.

  47. Debbie Cummins

    Debbie Cummins9 hours ago

    So glad this is recorded for replay. I am in North Louisiana which is similar to your area. The information you share and your faith in God is a blessing. Can barely wait to buy your book on Tuesday. Thanks so much!

  48. River Birch Farm

    River Birch Farm9 hours ago

    I used kiddie pools for all my garden plants last year, this year I have tilled up a garden area of 40' x 40' but I will still use my pools this year also. They work great

  49. Evolution of a Homestead

    Evolution of a Homestead9 hours ago

    That's awesome, perfect timing. So happy for you.

  50. Jean Nelson

    Jean Nelson10 hours ago

    Awsome collection Jess

  51. Jaye M

    Jaye M10 hours ago

    Ummmm...snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions....girl, you're making me rethink the whole moving-to-the-south thing! 😳😱

  52. Melissa Ibarra

    Melissa Ibarra10 hours ago


  53. Sandra Finney

    Sandra Finney10 hours ago

    Congratulations Jess!! Your book is such a hit with everyone and for the most preorders too! It probably will make a best seller on Amazon, etc. I'm so proud of you, and thank you for opening it with us. Very emotional moment for you. You deserve all this recognition and respect. You are such a lovely soul, Mia too. I just preordered your 1st paperback book! Amazon will deliver it here in Highland, AR on March 4-5. I can't wait!

  54. Devyn Rowe

    Devyn Rowe10 hours ago

    I am excited to know where your going to move but I’m more excited to know the reasons why. As in what your looking for, climate, type of land, close to family, close to water source, close or far from a city?

  55. Anne Turner

    Anne Turner10 hours ago

    Disney discussion?! Really?!

  56. Shelley Mourer

    Shelley Mourer10 hours ago

    We’re so proud of you ♥️

  57. S F

    S F10 hours ago

    Definitely not a fan of anybody that tells viewers we bless you.

  58. Devyn Rowe

    Devyn Rowe10 hours ago

    If the size of the pig is intimidating I would go with kune kune but I have mangalitsas and they trust me more than my hubby lol. They are mamas boys.

  59. Jan Hatchett

    Jan Hatchett10 hours ago

    I really enjoyed watching this tonight! My book is supposed to arrive on Tuesday and I can't wait to lay my hands on it. I would happily preorder anything you plan on writing!

  60. Rebecca Stivers

    Rebecca Stivers10 hours ago

    AWWWW I cried with you!! Congrats girl!!!

  61. S Morr

    S Morr11 hours ago

    You are truly a beautiful person. I wish there were more people like you, & your family. Hang in there & God bless you.

  62. Lowcountry Gardener

    Lowcountry Gardener11 hours ago

    I feel honored to be the one that notified you that it was okay to start talking about your second book, The First-Time Homesteader, out in February 2022.

  63. Vinice During

    Vinice During11 hours ago

    I want a homestead and help vets so they have a place to seek the same ppl with issues and a kids program for you might be a great thing too. My grandsons love things I do growing gardens and latest is chicks.

  64. Sheryl Wright

    Sheryl Wright11 hours ago

    I saw a house that they had built a retaining wall around the bottom of the house. It was just a couple inches from the wall, but under the eaves, so water couldn't get in. It also kept water that puddled on the surface from getting in. It would take a lot of digging if your basement is way under ground, but it might be an idea for you or the future residents.

  65. Lor Ben

    Lor Ben11 hours ago

    Your book is supposed to be on my doorstep on Tuesday. 🤣😆🤣😆 Congratulations on achieving your goal of writing a book. Such a wonderful thing to achieve.

  66. Mike Greenwalt

    Mike Greenwalt11 hours ago

    @rootsandrefugefarm Ive heard of twinsies but not twinkies for people dressing alike

  67. James Brown

    James Brown11 hours ago

    Hey Jess hope you all are doing wells, sorry I missed you so tonight so I am going back and watching you all. I do have a question? Where can I purchase your book. I hope I didn’t miss getting one. This will be my first year with raised beds and I want to use your methods for first time gardening. So excited

  68. Vinice During

    Vinice During11 hours ago

    Dogs need limits...I use crates as well and I have 4 dogs, 3 are German Rottweiler and a snauzer rescue that I was his 3rd home before 2. Hes a great dog and 1 Rottweiler is a rescue that was surrendered to me by a drug addict. They all have rules and are not allowed on the furniture.

  69. Anne Fitzgerald

    Anne Fitzgerald11 hours ago

    Who can't help but love Ben?

  70. Ann Dempsey

    Ann Dempsey11 hours ago


  71. MIKE & NESSA

    MIKE & NESSA11 hours ago

    I TOTALLY SAW THAT ANGRY EYEBROWS VIDEO!!!!! It came up this week for me! I’m glad he wasn’t harsh on you guys!!!

  72. John Chaffin

    John Chaffin11 hours ago

    I just slept during the storm, flooding around us. My yard holding water so no planting yet for me

  73. monica bird

    monica bird11 hours ago

    This is so precious! Congratulations!

  74. julieventimiglia

    julieventimiglia11 hours ago

    My husband and I just celebrated 10 years in September. One day we will go away

  75. wanda johnson

    wanda johnson12 hours ago

    Was moved by your sincere tears and thoughts about your book accomplishments that I RUSHED to order it as a 1st year gardener. Looking forward to learning even more from you Via book style. Benjamin is precious😊

  76. Elizabeth Haley

    Elizabeth Haley12 hours ago

    I have delayed purchasing your book because I haven’t been wanting to buy from Amazon. But I just checked and am so happy to see that it is act at my local bookstore. I think it is very fitting as this is a bookstore with chickens and cats roaming through the store! Made me happy to know I can buy your book at a store like that, very fitting!! 💗

  77. Jo-Ann Rattray

    Jo-Ann Rattray12 hours ago

    Moving from Ontario to British Columbia the first winter I only needed a sweater. Second winter I wore a hoodie . Third winter I was acclimatized and needed a winter jacket. Moved back to Ontario and nearly froze first year back.

  78. Ann Dempsey

    Ann Dempsey12 hours ago

    All weather tires up north here.

  79. Kim G

    Kim G12 hours ago

    Jess I work in the "biz" get an agent ..think Rachel Ray level. Keep striving =you have the "IT" factor to go far....

  80. Janet Robison

    Janet Robison12 hours ago

    Congratulations! You did it.