Karina Garcia
Karina Garcia
Karina Garcia

Hey everyone! My name is Karina Garcia! I made this account in 2012 but started making videos on Feb 11, 2015! I love sharing DIY videos, reviews, and a little bit of makeup tutorials here and there! I'm goofy and very comfortable in front of the camera. I love engaging with you guys! Thank you for being with me in this super fun journey! I'm also the founder of Craft City!\n\nBUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected]

  1. joamhr skyler

    joamhr skyler5 hours ago

    im so sorry its been a long time sense i watched your vids and nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww your pregnant omggg im so happy for you

  2. It’s MIki Plays

    It’s MIki Plays5 hours ago

    Brown all the way

  3. Odessa Barela

    Odessa Barela5 hours ago

    I feel like her nails are going to break

  4. CCharM

    CCharM5 hours ago

    JSH diy : The king of adding too much into slime Talisa Tossell : The queen of adding too much into slime Karina :

  5. Rahm Mahmoud

    Rahm Mahmoud6 hours ago

    I am ufrad of Windows too

  6. P Khosravani

    P Khosravani6 hours ago

    Where are you from?? American??

  7. Irma Fernandez

    Irma Fernandez6 hours ago

    You are so dranatic

  8. Daisy Diaz

    Daisy Diaz6 hours ago

    4:26 people have no respect for youtubers😭🤣

  9. nisha chopra

    nisha chopra6 hours ago


  10. Rahm Mahmoud

    Rahm Mahmoud6 hours ago


  11. The fun explorers *fun vlogs*

    The fun explorers *fun vlogs*6 hours ago

    After I watched this video is makes me want to make slime ✌️

  12. thily moon

    thily moon6 hours ago


  13. Ailien_sqwad spilleliste

    Ailien_sqwad spilleliste6 hours ago


  14. Laura Hancocks

    Laura Hancocks6 hours ago

    hold up she preg SINCE WHEN!!!

  15. sergio perez

    sergio perez6 hours ago

    omg my name is karina to and im a kid and im scared of the night just like you when you were a kid karina garcia!

  16. NotHooman

    NotHooman6 hours ago

    Instead of using baking soda toothpaste can u use baking soda and toothpaste if u mix it together before hand?

  17. Sfghu Fghj

    Sfghu Fghj6 hours ago

    Omg like I been watching her from the start and she’s pregnant I’m so happy that’s she’s a mom now after so much years

  18. sweet pankek

    sweet pankek6 hours ago


  19. Danelia Mair

    Danelia Mair6 hours ago

    I want one of them I want one of alive doll doll s

  20. Danelia Mair

    Danelia Mair6 hours ago

    I want one

  21. Fallon Isabella Bowlin

    Fallon Isabella Bowlin6 hours ago

    I’m dead the soda cept exploding on her😂😵🤣🤣

  22. Desirae Leggett

    Desirae Leggett6 hours ago

    The customizable one is my cousins!!


    MALIA SANCHEZ6 hours ago

    Trump belongs in the dump

  24. Amber Skramstad

    Amber Skramstad7 hours ago

    Nerf Prime stuff is so cool

  25. vladik вадападик

    vladik вадападик7 hours ago


  26. Lil Lady

    Lil Lady7 hours ago

    This is my dream house

  27. altaf-aleenah

    altaf-aleenah7 hours ago

    I think you should choose Elianna

  28. Madison Brady

    Madison Brady7 hours ago

    The second one triggerd my tics I had to skip 😓😟

  29. Plumixe

    Plumixe7 hours ago

    Next time can u link it?

  30. Carel Kleynhans

    Carel Kleynhans7 hours ago

    Try crepe came or edible towel and sashimi huge salmon

  31. TheOneAndOnlyUnicorn

    TheOneAndOnlyUnicorn7 hours ago

    The hot cheetos literally have my heart like WHAT!

  32. Carel Kleynhans

    Carel Kleynhans7 hours ago

    Your hands looks looks like ws from Videos de slime

  33. TheOneAndOnlyUnicorn

    TheOneAndOnlyUnicorn7 hours ago

    I want to eat those..I just had breakfast too..!

  34. Kasey Hurrell

    Kasey Hurrell7 hours ago

    Also eliana

  35. Kasey Hurrell

    Kasey Hurrell7 hours ago

    Baby names Carmela Ayla Bella Olivia Kennedy Riley Seana

  36. Ozuna Alexa

    Ozuna Alexa7 hours ago

    That boy

  37. Carrie Crabtree

    Carrie Crabtree7 hours ago

    2021 ANYONE

  38. Hadasssah Bounds

    Hadasssah Bounds7 hours ago

    omg i new it cangrats karina

  39. your mom

    your mom8 hours ago


  40. oAmyo

    oAmyo8 hours ago

    im from the future and ur getting a child ( girl)

  41. Sara Tanirli

    Sara Tanirli8 hours ago

    Me at 3am:

  42. The_ Løllipop wølf

    The_ Løllipop wølf8 hours ago

    How is all your Walmart glue going

  43. Jeniece Madison

    Jeniece Madison8 hours ago

    It's definitely cool seeing all the drinks made...but who else wasn't impressed by her reaction to all of them?

  44. BTS army tiktoks pakistani

    BTS army tiktoks pakistani8 hours ago

    Thats why u have to tuy ur hair at night and while making slime

  45. Jessy Zaki

    Jessy Zaki8 hours ago

    Karina: HeY sKiNnY gIrL Me: your right... I am skinny

  46. perla galaxia

    perla galaxia8 hours ago

    Hey i love your slime o boot it its realy nice

  47. Ammiel Gurion

    Ammiel Gurion8 hours ago

    12:29 I'll do this recipe later for breakfast

  48. Kaylee Balbier

    Kaylee Balbier8 hours ago

    Karina: Hey skinny girl Me: yeah, I know. Stop saying it, it makes me sad 🥺

  49. AlyssaAndElla’s Channel

    AlyssaAndElla’s Channel8 hours ago

    Is it just me or when she put the peanuts in the slime she looked evil😂

  50. Mely Rivera plays

    Mely Rivera plays8 hours ago

    THIS LOOKS SOOOOOoOoOoO goooddddd

  51. white flower

    white flower8 hours ago

    I l oved you'r make up

  52. hugkatia

    hugkatia8 hours ago

    Karina:wash your hands Me: Making slime ... rubs eye

  53. Makayla ꎭ

    Makayla ꎭ8 hours ago

    5:04 omg my heart 🥺🥺 so cute

  54. Aurelia Priharyanto

    Aurelia Priharyanto8 hours ago

    You can sleep with that

  55. Evie Stark

    Evie Stark8 hours ago

    I’m literally crying!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I wish the best for you two and your baby girl! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  56. Adél Szőnyi

    Adél Szőnyi8 hours ago

    where do you get these slime????:( please answer to meee

  57. Jessica Zweck

    Jessica Zweck8 hours ago

    The metals straws tho

  58. Martina Minervini

    Martina Minervini9 hours ago

    Omg Karina makes the BEST slimes ever! Does she use borax as her activators?

  59. Alexis's World

    Alexis's World9 hours ago

    btw her hair is goat hair

  60. Alexis's World

    Alexis's World9 hours ago

    u think that looks real go on ETSY :3

  61. Adriana Talley

    Adriana Talley9 hours ago

    Your videos are the best !!!😄😄😄😄😄

  62. A N N A . H O L G U I N

    A N N A . H O L G U I N9 hours ago

    You would name the baby Nereya Or Abbigail

  63. Wolfie Playz

    Wolfie Playz9 hours ago


  64. Ernie leblanc

    Ernie leblanc9 hours ago

    You guys I have a baby girl name it’s kaylynne

  65. Fahad Hussain

    Fahad Hussain9 hours ago

    Girl stay strong ur awesome and ur baby will be beautiful just as u r oh here is a suggestion how about alisha

  66. containingconcentrate

    containingconcentrate9 hours ago

    Or another is Ashley Ann

  67. Natalie Efthimiadis

    Natalie Efthimiadis10 hours ago

    make a fidget toys plsss😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  68. Laila Malik

    Laila Malik10 hours ago

    Your nephew is so cute

  69. Reina Veliu

    Reina Veliu10 hours ago

    Im a virgo i hate libra

  70. Elena Moreno

    Elena Moreno10 hours ago

    If you do part 2 do pickles and kool aid powder

  71. Emma Ingram

    Emma Ingram10 hours ago

    Have u made edible slime

  72. Ashley Wallenfang

    Ashley Wallenfang10 hours ago

    what if you don't have nail glue what do you use

  73. Maria Espinosa

    Maria Espinosa10 hours ago

    also you can call your baby jasmine

  74. Bom Jin

    Bom Jin10 hours ago

    your hands are red when you touched the fishbowl beads

  75. Maria Espinosa

    Maria Espinosa10 hours ago

    You can call your baby nova

  76. Sam VC

    Sam VC10 hours ago

    This is what quarantine does to Karina's brain.

  77. Its Gamergirl1234

    Its Gamergirl123410 hours ago

    Slime plz

  78. Arianna Walton

    Arianna Walton10 hours ago

    cute girl names: sienna Ariana Grace Sarah

  79. Alyvia Berkowitz

    Alyvia Berkowitz10 hours ago

    #squishy #squishy

  80. The Vic SisterS

    The Vic SisterS11 hours ago