1. Mike Stark

    Mike Stark4 hours ago

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    Mike Stark4 hours ago

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  3. Caedon Johnson.

    Caedon Johnson.6 hours ago

    1:17 He's playing against capt. Zack...

  4. ur upset

    ur upset8 hours ago

    that captain zack comment at 2:07 did not age well. fuck that kid

  5. Daniel Villamizar

    Daniel Villamizar8 hours ago

    Let's go Nairo, u deserve the love from the community. #UnbanNairo

  6. tony2beers

    tony2beers8 hours ago

    Bro that Ness had to have been no more than 1 pixel away from the blast zone wtf

  7. Michael Vasquez

    Michael Vasquez9 hours ago

    Cool man glad your back and all is good bro.

  8. Mr. McMemerMan

    Mr. McMemerMan10 hours ago

    Ok but why the fuck did every Smash USlikesr just die when they talked about Min Min?

  9. JT quats

    JT quats13 hours ago

    Got these videos popping back up on my recommended, don’t call it a comeback

  10. blk_piccolosilky

    blk_piccolosilky13 hours ago

    Is this nigga white or black i cant fucking tell

  11. VicinityObscenity

    VicinityObscenity15 hours ago

    Come on man, come back. I highly dislike Zach for putting you in the limelight, we all learn from bad decisions but in no way did he have to put you out there. I'm hoping for your comeback and that people can consider brushing off a mistake that in no way should ruin your career. All the praise, brother.

  12. Kelshawn Miller

    Kelshawn Miller16 hours ago

    8:17-8:24 Nairo needs to relax 😳

  13. Kelshawn Miller

    Kelshawn Miller16 hours ago

    Bro I would so hang out Nairo , man is the coolest dude ever 💯😎

  14. サン月

    サン月16 hours ago


  15. nova

    nova17 hours ago


  16. coram

    coram19 hours ago

    any character comes out, nairo: "this is fine"

  17. 5 years ago

    5 years ago19 hours ago

    ok it's been two weeks come back

  18. Dennis Osayi

    Dennis Osayi19 hours ago

    Nairo where you at mythra and pyra are out. OK listen I'm actually not going to watch any other youtuber that plays this charcater unless I see you play them first period.

  19. Kelshawn Miller

    Kelshawn Miller19 hours ago

    Lmaooo DK is really cold if u know how to use him 💯

  20. Delores Jackson

    Delores Jackson19 hours ago

    What is that edit at 7:30?

  21. Delores Jackson

    Delores Jackson19 hours ago

    I can't with that thumbnail.

  22. G-unit

    G-unit19 hours ago

    Nairo please comeback to the community

  23. Duvie

    Duvie20 hours ago

    Hoping to see a pyra and mythra vid from you soon :) <3

  24. pewsorich

    pewsorich20 hours ago


  25. Chiweweman

    Chiweweman20 hours ago

    We gettin a MythPyra video? I'm so eager to see your videos again!

  26. Lyrahs

    Lyrahs21 hour ago

    Hey man! I hope you know we are all happy to see you come back and we are ready to not just watch you move forward but to help you move forward. If Twitch doesn't unban you should consider streaming here; we will watch you either way and we've got your back. Take your time but know that we are all excited to see you again.

  27. Task Magician

    Task Magician21 hour ago

    If you bashed this mans name, then stay the fuck away from him, apologize and don’t come in his community. Nairo deserves better.

  28. Roman Thomas

    Roman Thomas22 hours ago

    it like watching 2 brothers lol

  29. Kanji Kun

    Kanji Kun22 hours ago

    Yep, it's official... I miss him

  30. Lester Crest

    Lester Crest22 hours ago

    This guy’s gonna swim in the cash if he comes back. I’m not loaded but I got 10 subs headed you way man.

  31. Lester Crest

    Lester Crest23 hours ago

    I’ve watched this like 20 times.

  32. Trainer Mono

    Trainer MonoDay ago

    1:49 This match was foreshadowing to the captain zack drama. DOWN BUT BACK IN IT BABY

  33. fek wilson

    fek wilsonDay ago

    Was hoping you'd be back for Pyra and Mythra. Where are you, dude? Leh go

  34. Taylor Million

    Taylor MillionDay ago

    I can’t believe you didn’t go to jail. BS!

  35. Brian Ramsingh

    Brian RamsinghDay ago

    Bro u are human, not expected to be perfect, not irredeemable. Life is not promised, not everlasting, nor replayable. Do whatever u want, to try to regain any happiness. In not particularly a fan of you, not do I dislike you but my opinion should mean nothing in your view. Live for yourself and those you love. Disregard the rest and pursue joy. Dont let this cancle culture toxicity overtake your joy again 🤷🏽‍♂️ but do whatever u wanna do ✌🏽

  36. DaddyEntei Productions

    DaddyEntei ProductionsDay ago

    I Want to see again the guy Who inspired me to main Ganondorf on Twitch, I believe in you bro 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  37. iplayrf

    iplayrfDay ago

    no clue who you are, got recommended somehow. I'm rooting for you though man, glad that the therapy has been impactful and I hope that you get unbanned on twitch.

  38. jorban

    jorbanDay ago

    Binging nairo vids as of late because I'm just hyped for him to start streaming again

  39. WeatherGOD

    WeatherGODDay ago

    Lol this title

  40. Corey Bloxham

    Corey BloxhamDay ago

    I hope you can turn it around bud

  41. Carson

    CarsonDay ago

    Can’t wait to see your pyra/mythra game play 😁

  42. ???XZ

    ???XZDay ago

    I just got my palu into elite smash <3

  43. TheRUUK

    TheRUUKDay ago

    Aye man, I think we waiting for the streams! And thought on ours and mythra

  44. Citrussock awn

    Citrussock awnDay ago

    So many content creators are here. Nairo these people are here because you are an inspiration. You did what no man ever could which was actually survive cancel culture. You may not be thriving or are hanging on by a thread but we're all ready to comeback and we will help you rebuild your kingdom.

  45. Cake on the Nose

    Cake on the NoseDay ago

    i wish you the best. i fully support your comeback!

  46. Will Farmer

    Will FarmerDay ago

    That tweek set was nuts, miss u g

  47. ORAcular AnthraCITE

    ORAcular AnthraCITEDay ago

    So great to hear his voice again. Crossing my fingers that twitch gets their head out of their ass and makes things right. Regardless, the community is coming around to the truth, which is the most important thing. Knowing Capt. Zack's history, I'm astounded that everyone jumped on the cancel Nairo train so quickly. A damn shame. I'll watch you wherever you stream Nairo, welcome back.

  48. Riku Watanabe

    Riku WatanabeDay ago

    I got caught up on everything, Nairo my guy take as much time as you need. I'm proud that you've gotten through this. We welcome you with open arms.

  49. Brandon Bunch

    Brandon BunchDay ago

    I just hope Nairo comes back, every time a new character got announced I always wished Nairo could've been there to react to it and play it on release. Obviously in the beginning the news was shocking but the more information I learned the more I felt like Nairo wasn't in wrong. If all the legal side finishes and proves his innocence I would just want him to be happy again honestly.

  50. indig0

    indig0Day ago

    Big pog moment 🤗

  51. it really be like that doe

    it really be like that doeDay ago

    Lets go man i just wanna say welcome back already man! come back to us

  52. Kingus

    KingusDay ago

    Yo the dude who made the Light vs Nairo video is my friend. I probably went more crazy than he did about you finding the video.



    love to see you back ive never watched you but i love the smash community and know you have a huge impact on a whole lot of peoples lives but glad to have you back and finally started feeling better

  54. Trev

    TrevDay ago

    This is my swamp

  55. Graydon Ganske

    Graydon GanskeDay ago

    Are you going to at least upload soon

  56. Ajibola Aramide

    Ajibola AramideDay ago


  57. Might Be Rigbone

    Might Be RigboneDay ago

    He bold for having comments on

  58. Carnage SSB

    Carnage SSBDay ago

    Back in my recommended lfg

  59. Xenox

    XenoxDay ago

    what happened to zack ?

  60. Nicholas Hernandez

    Nicholas HernandezDay ago


  61. Jorge Miquilena

    Jorge MiquilenaDay ago

    LMAOO I had forgotten Nairo's drawing ability was an inside joke in his stream. I truly miss this.

  62. Han-Wen Liu

    Han-Wen LiuDay ago

    I did think this shit goes much harder than I thought, would be happy if Nairo has chance to keep streaming again. However, I think it is also his choice of returning back to the competitive scenes or not. Personally, I hope not, despite on how many comments from smash fans shit on Nairo when the event comes out.

  63. Adrian Horta

    Adrian HortaDay ago

    I’ve never been regular watcher of you, but your fans can see your hurting and trying to come back to where you were before, I feel for you Nairo, keep going, I want to see you succeed.

  64. GigaNova

    GigaNovaDay ago

    nairo content is getting reccomended again and it's beautiful

  65. Garrett Bylsma

    Garrett BylsmaDay ago

    F*** Capt Zack

  66. Dante Collins

    Dante CollinsDay ago

    PLEASE BRO i NEEED your takes on new characters. I miss that. I used to sit in your streams and just chill while we all played the new character. Hopefully you can stream on youtube for the pyra mythra stuff tonight. If not thats cool i know you need time but just voicing how much i would love that.



    So Nairo, Pyra and Mythra. I personally prefer Mythra because she's fast and cool like Meta Knight. I just want to leave this comment to just ask your opinion and hope you have a fantastic day, I know I am. MK b meta and hopefully goes even or gets buffed

  68. Cade Gerardy

    Cade GerardyDay ago

    you are good man still one of my favorite youtubers <3 been waiting for this I'm honestly so glad that you are back I really hope we can get you unbanned from twitch I had no idea about that and im so glad that you are doing well after all of the legal mess I know how it feels stay safe man

  69. SoulEaterB_

    SoulEaterB_2 days ago

    Why didnt u react to pyra and MYTHRA???

  70. Nick

    Nick2 days ago

    I pretty much watch this every month

  71. kosmosrebell

    kosmosrebell2 days ago


  72. Kaw18 Kaw18

    Kaw18 Kaw182 days ago


  73. BlueBearNinja -

    BlueBearNinja -2 days ago

    glad to see your doing better man

  74. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol2 days ago

    When’s the comeback stream tho 👀

  75. Kenneth Mao

    Kenneth Mao2 days ago

    I haven't watched a Smash video since you left. Welcome back.

  76. Liam O'Hara

    Liam O'Hara2 days ago

    but zero is under the bus. lmao

  77. aspasiz

    aspasiz2 days ago

    Best of luck man, you got my support

  78. Brandon

    Brandon2 days ago

    #UNBANNAIRO @twitch

  79. Star

    Star2 days ago

    Since he is still banned from twitch, why not temporarily stream on yt for now. Just until if nairo get unbanned

  80. Submarine Sailor

    Submarine Sailor2 days ago

    I never believed the bullshit zack said.