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  1. Apocalyptic Array

    Apocalyptic Array23 hours ago

    First time here

  2. sabila gage

    sabila gage23 hours ago

    MONEYBAGG said: “Needle and Thread ima Sow Up The Town!” Dats Real 💯 POOH SHIESTY said: “Ima get offended if you ask me if I’m strapped” 😤 Dis Song Snap🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Justin George

    Justin George23 hours ago

    Pooh Shiesty: Brrrrdd Birds: This nigga spittin

  4. Curt André

    Curt André23 hours ago

    Who says they need guns, just the gang and a demeanor

  5. kola kola

    kola kola23 hours ago

    ну етот пацан мочит, трек пушка, послушайте пожалуйста uslikes.info/house/qH9wvaRow5-bk7Y/video.html

  6. ShameOn

    ShameOn23 hours ago

    So this is music now?

  7. Lifewith Bigmoney

    Lifewith Bigmoney23 hours ago

    Pooh keep going to u hit 1 billion

  8. Robert Haines

    Robert Haines23 hours ago

    If you from STL UK who beat this really is gdm SMH rip breezy


    SK GLIZZY23 hours ago

    Aye my nigga veeze broke in them industry doors free da whole michigan

  10. KloutKulture

    KloutKultureDay ago

    0:24 Fredo!

  11. Jared Barnes

    Jared BarnesDay ago

    veeze carried on soul

  12. KloutKulture

    KloutKultureDay ago

    Today I was at the park and there was a man who was playing this song on repeat while dancing with rollerblades on.

  13. Baptiste Swain

    Baptiste SwainDay ago

    Music good too much violence in vedio i understand how we all came up in our respective HOODS ACROSS AMERICA BUT BLACK YOUNG MEN NEED US TO SHOW ONE ANOTHER MORE 💙💪🏿love u digg

  14. Aziz Pa

    Aziz PaDay ago

    You ever look at a comment and wish you said that...

  15. Roy 010

    Roy 010Day ago

    Nobody: Me: thought this was a love song BLLLRRRDDDD!!! ♥

  16. lpierce3251

    lpierce3251Day ago

    I love all trap but for once these 2 live up to what they rap about🙌

  17. 24/7 GrindMode313

    24/7 GrindMode313Day ago


  18. Serenity Talabi

    Serenity TalabiDay ago


  19. Serenity Talabi

    Serenity TalabiDay ago


  20. Noah Gill

    Noah GillDay ago

    I don’t like that kobe like come on man

  21. Shammeshia McClendon

    Shammeshia McClendonDay ago

    And it say it in the song

  22. Shammeshia McClendon

    Shammeshia McClendonDay ago

    Lil durk killed king von because the sme day he died his chain was snatch

  23. Noah Gill

    Noah GillDay ago

    Why lil baby always just chilling everywhere I swear 🤣🤣

  24. heem son killua bait his ass

    heem son killua bait his assDay ago

    Like if we all got that one white friend that we fuck with the long way 🔥 🔥 🔥

  25. george m

    george mDay ago


  26. Jason Wright

    Jason WrightDay ago

    21 snapped on dis bitch.

  27. Chris Wallace

    Chris WallaceDay ago

    Rep that shit like its all Gravey!!!. Got the 6 clappin you bitches practing what he preaching!!!

  28. FoLKs Stay In My Bluntz

    FoLKs Stay In My BluntzDay ago

    Complimentary from the almighty latin kings from 26th st kedzie RIP KING VON gdk we make money moves catch flights not feelings

  29. Aaliyah Rose

    Aaliyah RoseDay ago

    “Pooh shiesty that’s my dawg but Pooh you know I’m really shiesty” don’t let that go over ya head.

  30. Abumel Belthallymi da third

    Abumel Belthallymi da thirdDay ago

    Niggas dropped this the day von died 😭

  31. Queen Beast

    Queen BeastDay ago

    Am I tripping or did I see von in there

  32. Rekless2Raw

    Rekless2RawDay ago

    This is by far the best nursery rhyme I have ever witnessed

  33. Taerion Jones

    Taerion JonesDay ago


  34. JKLucid

    JKLucidDay ago

    The way lil durk said blood got me dead

  35. Chapo X7

    Chapo X7Day ago

    Nobody: My brain every 30secs :COME GET IT BACK IN BLOOD BITCH😈

  36. Alkaly Early

    Alkaly EarlyDay ago

    This shit hot i misss usa fr

  37. fortnitegamer 9

    fortnitegamer 9Day ago

    Did any body else se von

  38. venox X

    venox XDay ago

    Lil durk set von up

  39. TremainetheMain _

    TremainetheMain _Day ago

    Imagine Bobby shmurda on a remix of this🔥🔥

  40. saucy nonchalance

    saucy nonchalanceDay ago

    his cadence is so fucked up

  41. Nick Rah

    Nick RahDay ago

    pooh shiesty is over rated as fuck brrrrrr that

  42. Sosa Lay

    Sosa LayDay ago

    “If Yo Nigga killer at Dead You Shouldn’t wear no rip shirt ” instagram.com/p/CJrQwPAnK6c/?igshid=ptr9ujei7wvg < Why durk didn’t say nun King von killer Living his best Life . I just Feel like Pooh tryna Be funny 💯

  43. Kaelani Kai

    Kaelani KaiDay ago

    Mmmmm. Luh dem❤️

  44. Un learnin d learn'd

    Un learnin d learn'dDay ago

    The family never spoke of that again

  45. christopher beaver

    christopher beaverDay ago

    Fredo just chillin lol

  46. Zackary Harris

    Zackary HarrisDay ago

    shakewell fat nick video vibes if i do say

  47. Alexis gaming

    Alexis gamingDay ago


  48. Leyah Hendricks

    Leyah HendricksDay ago

    COLD 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  49. Cerebrxll

    CerebrxllDay ago

    "15 shots in my fn, i call da bih my mini me." i know its small but that line so cold, 15 half of 30, his mini me.

  50. J BiZzLe

    J BiZzLeDay ago

    He don't miss..... Bxxxxxxx




  52. Harerinz

    HarerinzDay ago


  53. Hector Garcia

    Hector GarciaDay ago

    Run up a few millions on this song

  54. I HEY

    I HEYDay ago


  55. Abdul Rehman

    Abdul RehmanDay ago

    Pooh Shiesty that's my dawg, but Pooh you know I'm really shiesty 😩😩

  56. DĘmon ßaßy

    DĘmon ßaßyDay ago

    Will reach 100 million views in a few more weeks

  57. Volk Valencia

    Volk ValenciaDay ago

    Dannm i can’t believe I watched this 60million times!!

  58. James Sako

    James SakoDay ago

    why tf is it clean

  59. Tacko Fall

    Tacko FallDay ago

    Tjay and durk hella carrying 2021

  60. Golden Mccochie

    Golden MccochieDay ago

    this is terrible all of them should be in jail

  61. Daitwon Shorter

    Daitwon ShorterDay ago

    That shit Go Hide

  62. Chicken Noodles Still Hit

    Chicken Noodles Still HitDay ago

    I’m big GD but low key this one of dem joints no cap at all 10 toes in the mud 🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱

  63. Bradon Oliver

    Bradon OliverDay ago

    Who here after seeing that tik tok that said Lil durk set king von up/sacrificed king von ??!???

  64. TheRules Obey

    TheRules ObeyDay ago

    “ back in blood” 🔥🚘