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  1. Chatham Mulligan

    Chatham Mulligan58 seconds ago

    Fake martial arts star trying in vane to teach the Homer Simpson of mma strategy

  2. Dennis Romario

    Dennis RomarioMinute ago

    Tony the type a guy to poke somebody’s hand with his eyes

  3. Dixon Cider

    Dixon Cider2 minutes ago

    This fight proved Tony was ovverated af for the longest time. Dude got rag dolled by someone who Khabib didnt give an ounce of respect to lmao

  4. josh chalmers

    josh chalmers2 minutes ago

    Hes the freaken man.

  5. Zaddy Star

    Zaddy Star2 minutes ago

    Khmzat > khabib

  6. Original J

    Original J2 minutes ago

    They want that check. Pretending it’s not a big deal. Poirier would skip a belt fight for another bout.

  7. Dr Mantis Toboggan

    Dr Mantis Toboggan3 minutes ago

    Refs pull you off in this sport?!

  8. Chatham Mulligan

    Chatham Mulligan3 minutes ago

    Gotta love that little dillusional kobold van damn... 😆 Those 80s fake karate stars are soon starving to be relevant to real fighting L9L

  9. Matthew Sharkey

    Matthew Sharkey3 minutes ago

    Tony ferguson is the type of guy to go play baseball to work on his golf swing.

  10. Trump Won 2020 Election FACT

    Trump Won 2020 Election FACT4 minutes ago

    Title is misleading Yoel won that fight😎

  11. One Touch

    One Touch4 minutes ago

    More watchable than the fight itself

  12. i3enj

    i3enj6 minutes ago

    Kamaru Dusuman

  13. Lincoln Allen

    Lincoln Allen7 minutes ago

    I think Herb got in his own head lately

  14. Vali Gogu

    Vali Gogu8 minutes ago

    This clown is a bum fighter , fighters like masvisal, usman would kill him.

  15. yeboi dp

    yeboi dp8 minutes ago


  16. rodrick crestwell

    rodrick crestwell11 minutes ago

    I love it Bones is the better fighter and not to mention he walks around 235

  17. Mechadie

    Mechadie12 minutes ago

    This is why I love Jorge Masvidal. 🤙

  18. Bogard Kubyerta

    Bogard Kubyerta14 minutes ago

    Twosome threesome

  19. Brian Wright

    Brian Wright14 minutes ago

    That dude needs therapy.

  20. Don Kiko

    Don Kiko14 minutes ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to sell his PPV to Danna white.

  21. Mechadie

    Mechadie15 minutes ago

    Pure gold. Hope it wasn’t staged.

  22. eimaimageiras

    eimaimageiras17 minutes ago

    Walking Dead indeed 💀..

  23. wade wilson

    wade wilson18 minutes ago

    Yan will fuck up corn pop, I’ll make a bundle on this one!

  24. 4khill

    4khill18 minutes ago

    why is he sounding like nate diaz

  25. Caleb Jacob

    Caleb Jacob18 minutes ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to start dancing when he finds out he has internal bleeding because he thinks that's where blood is supposed to be

  26. Theo Irving

    Theo Irving19 minutes ago

    I want Covington vs Masvidal

  27. julien rodrigo

    julien rodrigo22 minutes ago

    fuck kamaru

  28. Adam Nayol

    Adam Nayol22 minutes ago

    All of that to get smoked.

  29. Rivera

    Rivera23 minutes ago

    Van Damme and his Karate Kid kick is as old as my Grandma’s 🫔 tamale recipe 🫔 🫔 🫔

  30. Jara Botelho

    Jara Botelho23 minutes ago

    He’s for the people, represent bruh bruh 😎

  31. doug story

    doug story24 minutes ago

    Interviewing skill: -5.

  32. n. D.

    n. D.25 minutes ago

    He's been watching blood sport..


    RADICAL ROBOT25 minutes ago


  34. Tuğrul Deniz Can

    Tuğrul Deniz Can26 minutes ago

    After truck crash

  35. Dave

    Dave26 minutes ago

    Omg marty calm downnnnm

  36. Roberto Mateluna

    Roberto Mateluna27 minutes ago

    Este es mi dolo

  37. TheJattMC

    TheJattMC28 minutes ago

    The clip cut off before I could see if masvidal did do something

  38. Oreo-San

    Oreo-San29 minutes ago

    usman so cringe...

  39. profit killer

    profit killer31 minute ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to get treated by the janitor while in the hospital

  40. Mike Letterst

    Mike Letterst31 minute ago

    Hmm this is not a normal behavior

  41. 995sean

    995sean31 minute ago

    Jorge really stepped on Usman's toes there

  42. MouMouhd

    MouMouhd32 minutes ago

    DC : "LMFAO"

  43. Stay Clashy

    Stay Clashy32 minutes ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to study for a drug test.

  44. هادي الهاجري

    هادي الهاجري32 minutes ago

    His foot was a balloooon

  45. TEDD J

    TEDD J33 minutes ago

    You know Jon is a bad guy when he is the only person DC has legit beef with

  46. leroi dupetrol

    leroi dupetrol33 minutes ago

    haha shiet , that was funny

  47. Kaynin Capps

    Kaynin Capps34 minutes ago


  48. Riz

    Riz34 minutes ago

    hold on im dancin brother

  49. guysmalley

    guysmalley34 minutes ago

    His fuck you has so many meanings

  50. Philippe Poulin

    Philippe Poulin35 minutes ago

    Destroyed. That's old news btw


    SGT FLVCO35 minutes ago

    jesus christ people have to stop being so soft over everything

  52. Jason Genn

    Jason Genn35 minutes ago

    Life can be tough and it sucks. At least you haven’t given up and hopefully you’ve done well for yourself. I’m not sure what you do I don’t know You. But you should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments for being the underdog you have done quite well by the sounds of things good for you

  53. Rafał Rafał

    Rafał Rafał35 minutes ago

    This is true...

  54. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf36 minutes ago

    Whaaaat, no F bombs???

  55. Noah Whitehawk

    Noah Whitehawk36 minutes ago

    I like how Usman yawns at McGregor after a TKO win, but meanwhile he put us through that horrendous 5 round decision fight with Street Judas.

  56. Investing & The Like

    Investing & The Like37 minutes ago

    I bet Tony had lots of nurse's banging on his door at the hospital " tony , tony, please!!!" before he finally let them out.

  57. Toby

    Toby37 minutes ago


  58. Stone Thompsen

    Stone Thompsen38 minutes ago

    The Australian I support lol

  59. Your Muth

    Your Muth38 minutes ago

    Usman saying “you all talk” to a guy who freely and charitably gave a homeless man a 3 piece and soda, is cheap. Usman all talk

  60. C Blanco

    C Blanco39 minutes ago

    All he had to do layoff popeyes

  61. baFL1

    baFL139 minutes ago

    How can U not love the Diaz brothers

  62. cisse paterson

    cisse paterson41 minute ago

    Thé stupidiest fighter

  63. Ибрагим Карлеоне

    Ибрагим Карлеоне43 minutes ago

    Конор болтает и не знает что порье его унизит

  64. Trill Rêd Pill

    Trill Rêd Pill43 minutes ago

    Shiet! I thought Dana was more switched on then that. Must have had a big night out.