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  1. Stu Phoenix

    Stu Phoenix20 hours ago

    I am riddled with feel good anticipation

  2. Chyllmode3000

    Chyllmode300020 hours ago

    Predictive programming?

  3. Ozark Yeoman

    Ozark Yeoman20 hours ago

    Bautista? Dang. Now they're going to make zombie movies Woke.

  4. Hebrew King

    Hebrew King20 hours ago

    Can't wait to this come out black excellent


    DIGITAL MUSIC20 hours ago

    The alpha trailer is cringe but when i saw the movie i simped for her XD

  6. MrMuffin

    MrMuffin20 hours ago

    Garbage actor

  7. antonio godinho

    antonio godinho20 hours ago

    i feel betrayed

  8. HaynBoy00

    HaynBoy0020 hours ago

    Ruby Rose has to come back as Kate

  9. MrHaterplease

    MrHaterplease20 hours ago

    looks dumb

  10. Ms Jadhav

    Ms Jadhav20 hours ago

    Really excited

  11. Sarwin Raaj

    Sarwin Raaj20 hours ago

    This movie proves that they are way better than the MCU

  12. d dundee

    d dundee21 hour ago

    Kong "tell me! Do you bleed?" Godzilla "what the f..." Kong *jumping with axe* Everyone else "wahhhhh 🙌"

  13. suzi Manipur

    suzi Manipur21 hour ago


  14. Mark Martin

    Mark Martin21 hour ago

    Couldn't make a batwoman, but going rondo this!!!!???? Ha

  15. akasyah_exe

    akasyah_exe21 hour ago

    Fun fact : godzilla and kong is really good monster and they don't want to fight, but director force them to fight

  16. Jody Aldaco

    Jody Aldaco21 hour ago

    godzilla thats what you git for bicth slaping him

  17. Max Strand

    Max Strand21 hour ago

    Im guessing this is not another band biopic.

  18. mohamed nabil

    mohamed nabil21 hour ago

    mostangh is flying

  19. Nela Negron

    Nela Negron21 hour ago

    Spoiler alert?? Nah! See the whole thing!

  20. Solomon3145

    Solomon314521 hour ago

    When the trailer looks like someone detonated a Unicorn you know it's Zack Snyder

  21. Sebastian Max7

    Sebastian Max721 hour ago

    i watched the trailers so many times

  22. Fernando Ortiz-Robles

    Fernando Ortiz-Robles21 hour ago


  23. Barry

    Barry21 hour ago


  24. Orhan Müniroğlu

    Orhan Müniroğlu21 hour ago

    Pls tell me thats not the same ridiculous action scenes with no physics and the family cliche Universal: Impressive, I know No, thats not fuckin impressive

  25. Dan Correia

    Dan Correia21 hour ago

    King Kong and Godzilla...STOP knocking down our buildings! They cost a lot of money dammit!

  26. Quando você estiver nos comentários eu vou estar lá

    Quando você estiver nos comentários eu vou estar lá21 hour ago

    como assisto sem cinema?

  27. Arjun Manikyam Visweswaran

    Arjun Manikyam Visweswaran21 hour ago

    In this Film Muscle & Power Feeling wanted Lady,wow she is Fighting Amazing...👍

  28. Samuel Crawford

    Samuel Crawford21 hour ago

    The normal leopard cytogenetically screw because star microcephaly preserve mid a parsimonious green. abashed, ruthless gondola

  29. Raging Tiger

    Raging Tiger21 hour ago

    More woke garbage. Another “the bestest ever” female role

  30. Deepesh Shrestha

    Deepesh Shrestha21 hour ago

    Let me save you she's not here

  31. Rodger Vezuva

    Rodger Vezuva21 hour ago

    Next time please try to come play them in Africa like south Africa Namibia Kenya where we have trib so we can to play some of the parts 🇳🇦🇰🇪🤣🤣

  32. Just KaiKai

    Just KaiKai21 hour ago

    They made Godzilla more flexible and thats kinda about it.

  33. Kamal Alaraibi

    Kamal Alaraibi21 hour ago

    All the trailers are Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong WTF

  34. emmy woodington

    emmy woodington21 hour ago


  35. Navinir Pujalte

    Navinir Pujalte21 hour ago

    I thought i saw mia khalifa

  36. Shivam Missier

    Shivam Missier21 hour ago

    monkē talk monkē fight monkē save world

  37. The Jester 81

    The Jester 8121 hour ago

    I’m game, looks decent to me. Kinda “World War Z” in a way

  38. Dave Eh

    Dave Eh21 hour ago

    His Uncle wrote it.

  39. Alejandro Hernández

    Alejandro Hernández21 hour ago

    The second movie I thought was a new avatar live, because I saw a soldier move the ship with the air xD

  40. Григорий Пелех

    Григорий Пелех21 hour ago

    Хуясе - так это ж НАДЯ САВЧЕНКО!!!!

  41. MC Gamer

    MC Gamer21 hour ago

    We need kong, The world need him

  42. Navinir Pujalte

    Navinir Pujalte21 hour ago

    I thought i saw james harden at first glance



    Lol just look at the comments

  44. Edward Schoenman

    Edward Schoenman21 hour ago

    They had it and they’re going to kill it.

  45. Terrie Belle

    Terrie Belle21 hour ago

    The 8 hundred looks like some straight up propaganda to me.

  46. Manish ojha

    Manish ojha21 hour ago

    wow I am so happy after watching it do you also too watching it so like my comment

  47. Perfect Click

    Perfect Click21 hour ago


  48. Nael R

    Nael R21 hour ago

    It’s not mecha godzilla it’s mecha kong.

  49. Punjabi Gaming

    Punjabi Gaming21 hour ago

    The one and only mia khalifaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Santiago Candamil Fraga

    Santiago Candamil Fraga21 hour ago

    I like they soundtrack

  51. Craig O

    Craig O21 hour ago

    I boycott netflix, so they may as well get their inspiration from the toilet, like they were before I came along.

  52. Evil Doggo

    Evil Doggo21 hour ago

    Hasn’t godzilla done nothing but good things for humans?

  53. Qiangqiang

    Qiangqiang21 hour ago

    There’s another Godzilla.

  54. Superhero Verse

    Superhero Verse21 hour ago

    Being emotional 🥺🥺

  55. Yair Celis

    Yair Celis21 hour ago

    Pre-Order now only on PPV!!

  56. Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia21 hour ago

    You see, everyone is talking about Kong V Godzilla, but no one's talking about this.

  57. Ksj

    Ksj21 hour ago

    Making a Mockery of a Religion.

  58. peter pan

    peter pan21 hour ago

    no worries for the james bond films not being popular anytime soon with this type of shit being made!

  59. peter pan

    peter pan21 hour ago

    FFS ruby rose Ohh NO WAY...FECK THAT, im busy washing my hair!

  60. gandi agands

    gandi agands21 hour ago

    I think she is a mia khalifa in thumbnail

  61. TheLightning1978

    TheLightning197821 hour ago

    ANC reigns the country now for 30 years. And ZA is in worst state ever...half truth propaganda the reste of 2020/2021 movies and series

  62. LEADER

    LEADER21 hour ago

    If the Word turns to Shit That Cash has less Value than Toilet Paper!

  63. pekkokarmila85

    pekkokarmila8521 hour ago

    Shit!! I had to click for my mia

  64. LeoGoddess88

    LeoGoddess8821 hour ago

    I LOVE that they have the original cast and the new cast. This looks good.

  65. Tell DA Great88

    Tell DA Great8821 hour ago

    "GET OVER HERE" might as well been come here please.

  66. Sarcoma1

    Sarcoma121 hour ago

    if cast isnt 30% gey and ther is no crazy priest and bad white cop i dont watch

  67. Artur

    Artur21 hour ago

    this is an old trailer. dislike

  68. Anirudh

    Anirudh21 hour ago

    If there's no O'Connor without Mia then it's going to suck, hope they revive the character.

  69. braddo pitto

    braddo pitto21 hour ago

    Last of us 3: GAIA

  70. Midnight Rain

    Midnight Rain21 hour ago

    Can u guess the budget of whole movie?

  71. Davidoff King

    Davidoff King21 hour ago

    The 8hundred looks awesome 🙂

  72. Nate

    Nate21 hour ago

    Cinemas are still close... I will not watch this unless its on a cinema

  73. Icy Bound

    Icy Bound21 hour ago

    We need coom

  74. charly power

    charly power21 hour ago

    nobody needs kong or godzilla

  75. QuNeshia Hunter

    QuNeshia Hunter21 hour ago

    From this trailer im not sure lol

  76. Zapper Z

    Zapper Z21 hour ago

    When the director doesnot like rock!!!

  77. nBaqi

    nBaqi21 hour ago

    I lost count to how many times I replayed that "get over here!" scene.