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  1. jack jesson

    jack jesson13 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that rescue wasn't actually firing her unibeam at anything?

  2. Gohan B E A T Z

    Gohan B E A T Z13 hours ago

    When every video that has snoop dogg in it makes the video an infinite number of times dope then the actual video.

  3. Slatsky August

    Slatsky August13 hours ago

    He didn’t want to kill a dog what’s the problem bruh

  4. 14rs2

    14rs213 hours ago

    1:44 you know when I’m something of a scientist myself

  5. Benjiro The Unbreakable

    Benjiro The Unbreakable13 hours ago

    Yo, what if they made Vemom R rated

  6. Joan Kristhin Hatlestad

    Joan Kristhin Hatlestad13 hours ago

    G-rated Follestad. I think that this will be a hard one. Theres Many bloody scenes and it will be hard.

  7. Youssef Salah

    Youssef Salah13 hours ago

    I just saw Kind Arthur : Legend of the Sword and it is minddd blowinggg

  8. Sink water Animations

    Sink water Animations13 hours ago

    You guys are great editors

  9. Gohan B E A T Z

    Gohan B E A T Z13 hours ago

    I wanted to see this the first time I watched willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. To bad they didnt show this level of violence.

  10. TheBlueJerome

    TheBlueJerome13 hours ago

    These were insane shots !! It reminded me of an r-rated scene I did for a scene from a Star Wars trailer. I'm not about advertising, but it fits really good to this video!:D Keep it up guys!

  11. Harald Emerson

    Harald Emerson13 hours ago

    In the end, I think Veruca got the better deal.

  12. asdjklsadj

    asdjklsadj13 hours ago

    You guys should look at the de-aging scenes in the marvel movies like antman, guardians of the galaxy, etc would love to hear your opinions on that

  13. Mr.Clickbaiter

    Mr.Clickbaiter13 hours ago

    The offrspring - hit that

  14. Dathaniel

    Dathaniel13 hours ago

    PLEASE review Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior! It's Tony Jaa's best work IMO. The city foot chase scene and the underground fighting scene are especially great!

  15. Marcello Umali

    Marcello Umali14 hours ago

    How do they make the horses drop in stunts ?

  16. Artiom Schitanu

    Artiom Schitanu14 hours ago

    My guess at the ladder one is that it is a cut At 4:04 right when he takes the spray can it cuts and when it shifts to the police man it is a shadow cut like a really really well hidden cut

  17. Emmalee Guess

    Emmalee Guess14 hours ago

    Who else agrees that Harry Potter is hella metal?

  18. redratpetrax

    redratpetrax14 hours ago

    NIce 1

  19. GOROB

    GOROB14 hours ago


  20. Oleksii Iarotskyi

    Oleksii Iarotskyi14 hours ago


  21. Liron Shin

    Liron Shin14 hours ago

    i want a billion wren`s !

  22. Leandro Bertarelli

    Leandro Bertarelli14 hours ago

    Hey Guys! I got a Good one for Video and Simulation: Imagine that we could fix a really long Rope on the ground of the planet and throw it on the space. Let's say that the length of the rope is about the diameter of the Earth (12.756km). Half of the rope stays inside atmosphere and half stays in orbit. Would the rope stays Straight up? Would it fall down? I guess that's only possible to answer by simulation.

  23. slgarcia 47

    slgarcia 4714 hours ago

    Beeple is such a good guy. Wish him the best

  24. Dr fnaf

    Dr fnaf14 hours ago

    but he is jigsaw when hes older

  25. Shaq4real

    Shaq4real14 hours ago

    The Polyjuice Potion scenes from Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows Part 1.

  26. Arkham Red

    Arkham Red14 hours ago

    Itadori vs Mahito (Anything from Fire Force) Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki Deku Vs Todoroki Deku vs Bakugou round 2 Deku vs Overhaul

  27. islam tamim

    islam tamim14 hours ago

    I friggin lv dis

  28. Guy Davies

    Guy Davies14 hours ago

    I just drunk tap water! Am i gonna die!

  29. Chloe Selvey

    Chloe Selvey14 hours ago

    Can you guys react to one of the fight scenes where there is a speed ramp on a close up of a hit and you can see the stunt man’s skin move from the impact? There’s one towards the beginning of Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downy Jr, but I’m not sure if that’s cg or if maybe there’s a technique so the stuntmen can take a hard hit? thanks

  30. Artius

    Artius14 hours ago

    Nick and C-Mike are like a falling man with a beer when they hold the camera. They're so steady no matter what's happening.

  31. Arkham Red

    Arkham Red14 hours ago

    All of Yutaka Nakamura's work

  32. Iviivo

    Iviivo14 hours ago

    does nobody talk about that he showed the wrong whale? im 10 and i know how a blue whale looks like

  33. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek Kumar14 hours ago

    Please just once show GUNDA movie available on youtube u will freak out, the masterpiece of all time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 u gonna remember this even after your death just watch this once u guyz will fall in love with Bollywood

  34. Gage Phillips

    Gage Phillips14 hours ago

    The scene in Goblet of Fire when Harry is underwater with mermaid and gills! always wondered if they actually shot that underwater.

  35. Diego Padroni

    Diego Padroni14 hours ago

    When it starts 13:03

  36. Ieuan Howell

    Ieuan Howell14 hours ago

    Britah people sittin there with drinkabe tap water

  37. S. S.

    S. S.14 hours ago

    Face looks way better, but hair looks worse. Overall, great work!

  38. Quentin Sanders

    Quentin Sanders14 hours ago

    Love this video!!! but my guy light sabers ARE NOT made of LIGHT... 😂 it’s a cyber crystal powered by small mechanical and energy parts in the hilt. They vary and weight, ranging from 8-20 pounds which is why there are 7 (8) forms for different types of fighters. Count dooku has a custom blade which is why he fences with blades...⚡️👊🏽 ⚔️ 🗡

  39. Sam Stencil

    Sam Stencil14 hours ago

    You guys forgot to talk about Bellatrix vanishing in the fight scene of Order of the Phoenix. I'd like to know your opinion also about the efx of Voldemort on the first movie :)

  40. Shiwanshu Shrestha

    Shiwanshu Shrestha14 hours ago

    Bro there is a huge technological difference between 2001 and 2020 so in future your work won't be perfect either 🤪🤪🤪

  41. Smackerlacker

    Smackerlacker14 hours ago

    I just don't understand why an explosion directly behind you would push you to the side.

  42. Amal R

    Amal R14 hours ago

    Can u react to DC animated movies

  43. Bolt Formula

    Bolt Formula14 hours ago

    I know how a couple of those tricks worked but he made them so much better, he’s right, magic is 95% performance

  44. Romeo Reidl

    Romeo Reidl14 hours ago

    React next time to russian cg movies! There is a lot of them with great (and not so great) CGI! You should start a new VFX react series where you're reacting to VFX heavy films from aéways another selected country!

  45. Akira Thao

    Akira Thao14 hours ago

    :| what the F

  46. Sazzad Kamal

    Sazzad Kamal14 hours ago

    Why don't you do vfx artist reacts on music videos My suggestion:

  47. robster-propster

    robster-propster14 hours ago

    make rambo g rated

  48. SponTAniouS SPACE

    SponTAniouS SPACE14 hours ago

    Make any horror story g rated like the Gypsy below me said

  49. Yeison tobo

    Yeison tobo14 hours ago

    Soy yo o corridor siempre pone de intro la peor parte y más mal hecha

  50. Senyo the Blind

    Senyo the Blind14 hours ago

    Please talk about the lovecraftian horror that comes out of the horcrux in the 7th movie.

  51. My Hobby

    My Hobby14 hours ago

    18:00 if you want to watch the final thing

  52. Bixby Fedderly

    Bixby Fedderly14 hours ago


  53. David Carranco Zepeda

    David Carranco Zepeda14 hours ago

    Should do a video showing how much is a mol (6.023×10^23)

  54. Its Seo Amazing Story Time

    Its Seo Amazing Story Time14 hours ago

    awesome effects but i cringed on the nail part and couldnt watch any more. so amazing what editing can do. our videos are literally child's play!

  55. LittleFilip

    LittleFilip14 hours ago

    hahaha 8:07 i lost it

  56. PapaPalps

    PapaPalps14 hours ago

    So ya'll just decided revenge of the sith doesnt exist

  57. Benton Pellet

    Benton Pellet14 hours ago you guys should review this fight, the choreography is whatever, but pay attention to the guns...

  58. Sunanda Yadav

    Sunanda Yadav14 hours ago

    I am indian too,but I think there are lots of thinks cringy in bollywood movies,And there is are short sci-fi films.And the most important one,which is also a reason most of the bollywood movies and acters don't get Oscar and stuff and it's the nepotism,Like seriously there are only around 5 bollywood acters who got Oscar.But I like VFX and some bollywood movies storyline is also good

  59. ItsH4RV

    ItsH4RV15 hours ago

    you guys should react to this guys videos because they are super impressive

  60. Spider Man

    Spider Man15 hours ago

    At 10:57 I have that monsters university hat from Epcot at Walt Disney world

  61. Sophia Oeftger

    Sophia Oeftger15 hours ago

    Poor Obie lol

  62. janmanon22

    janmanon2215 hours ago

    yup she really was a bad egg

  63. Sigurd Smemo

    Sigurd Smemo15 hours ago

    King fury

  64. h

    h15 hours ago

    this is willy wonka who had a baby with saw

  65. Jerome Belanger

    Jerome Belanger15 hours ago

    Can you redo the home made movie, but with moderne technique

  66. Paulo Filipe Souza

    Paulo Filipe Souza15 hours ago

    Peter is a freaking BEAST.

  67. Kaeden Rodenbough

    Kaeden Rodenbough15 hours ago

    Do the van helsing movie with hugh jackman old movie but some of the best monster cgi ever done


    SHVDOWROOM PROD.15 hours ago

    Looks like a damn 1 dollar wii game

  69. Gabe Collins

    Gabe Collins15 hours ago


  70. Chris Yiesla

    Chris Yiesla15 hours ago

    What's going on with their camera I wonder...Did someone accidentally apply a keyer to the footage before they exported or something?

  71. MEDC Sean

    MEDC Sean15 hours ago

    The most horrible thing in fast and furious.. is the charger doing a wheelie and a burnout at the same time..

  72. Kellan's Candy Adventures

    Kellan's Candy Adventures15 hours ago

    G rated it the clown

  73. Ech0_Yeetza

    Ech0_Yeetza15 hours ago

    14:41 where did all the before blood go????

  74. Justin Ball

    Justin Ball15 hours ago

    Now sell this to the studio so they can rerelease it.

  75. Andy Vv

    Andy Vv15 hours ago

    6:35 did that stunt guy hit his head on the steering wheel?

  76. Braxton Jackson

    Braxton Jackson15 hours ago

    Please react to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005), and other Narnia movies. They are PACKED with VFX.

  77. nonelvin

    nonelvin15 hours ago

    God, i really hate Jake

  78. Arcade Pixelheart

    Arcade Pixelheart15 hours ago

    R rate baby's day out

  79. Krish

    Krish15 hours ago

    You guys should look at Anniyan

  80. Norman

    Norman15 hours ago

    14:33 the guy in the middle is traumatized 👁️💧👄💧👁️