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Idols Global is a central hub for all Idols from around the World. We bring you the best, the funniest and sometimes the angriest auditions and performances from all fo the Idols. Including American Idol, Vietnam Idol, South Africa's Idol, and more!

Idols, co-owned by FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment, is one of the most successful entertainment formats ever launched. It first aired in the UK as Pop Idol in 2001 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon with local versions in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, airing 199 series across 46 territories and attracting upwards of a staggering 6.5 billion votes worldwide.

  1. OJ Mata

    OJ Mata6 hours ago

    No sé si lo notaron, pero este muchacho es un absoluto genio musical. Y para mí, padece (si es que se le puede llamar así) Asperger. Aprendió SOLO a tocar piano, hazme el favor Alejandro. Genio.

  2. Joey Kindred

    Joey Kindred6 hours ago

    She looks like a young Katy

  3. i will jack hammer you

    i will jack hammer you6 hours ago

    She is better then most.. Not bad and not great.. Sounds alittle like Garth Brooks wife and aliitle like faith hill too.. Opinion

  4. cesar INTEC

    cesar INTEC6 hours ago

    The judges telling him how to properly say his name 😅

  5. JErmis 101

    JErmis 1016 hours ago

    Lionel is the GOAT

  6. LLC

    LLC7 hours ago

    Yeah. He’s full of himself. He’s good looking and has some talent and he knows it. Maybe if he got a band together they could go someplace together.

  7. i will jack hammer you

    i will jack hammer you7 hours ago

    This video says she stole her audition. I guess they think they caught on that the girl in the blue was a look at me girl... I will say the girl in blue is really sexy tho.. 😍

  8. Princess Kaye Castillo

    Princess Kaye Castillo7 hours ago

    I really thought my laptop was lagging

  9. Edit Savio 09

    Edit Savio 097 hours ago


  10. Mikaela Mika

    Mikaela Mika7 hours ago

    Banjir air mata ku

  11. Aidil Rauf

    Aidil Rauf7 hours ago

    Gak pernah bosan sumpah 😭😂

  12. J Miller

    J Miller7 hours ago

    So much respect... hang in there

  13. LLC

    LLC7 hours ago

    Omg Katie’s scream was hilarious. She’s a robot yes. I don’t think she knows how to have fun.

  14. Luna Cimahi

    Luna Cimahi8 hours ago


  15. Erica Felts

    Erica Felts8 hours ago

    00but 08

  16. Yung Bubbly

    Yung Bubbly8 hours ago

    10:59 I need this man in my life he could get it whenever he wants 😩

  17. Fabulous Nassar

    Fabulous Nassar8 hours ago

    لشو الاستعطاف الزايد هيدا لانه فلسطيني خلاص بقى العمى بقلبكن

  18. عبدالعزيز عبدالله

    عبدالعزيز عبدالله8 hours ago

    They felt humiliation

  19. Jean Yani Panman

    Jean Yani Panman8 hours ago👍👍👍💖💖💖😘

  20. Snapenclaw

    Snapenclaw8 hours ago

    I'm sorry but anyone who is able to sing this song instantly has my respect.

  21. Jewell Smith

    Jewell Smith8 hours ago

    Prayers go out to you sweetie. I feel your pain.

  22. i l

    i l8 hours ago

    He’s got a voice but don’t even question if he’s better than Lionel Richie.. reaching

  23. tino topak

    tino topak8 hours ago

    left most guy best vocal control

  24. Rog Baque

    Rog Baque8 hours ago

    8:10 That change is incredible, I can't stop listening to her. Very sweet

  25. HappyMeal ृଂdॢ

    HappyMeal ृଂdॢ9 hours ago

    Black ppl always got friends

  26. Rati Veron

    Rati Veron9 hours ago

    No cc? Subtitle? :)

  27. Claire Osborne

    Claire Osborne9 hours ago

    Wow waaa weeee waaa All 4 are 🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 x x

  28. Rona Armayadi

    Rona Armayadi9 hours ago

    Best cover

  29. Reza Azer

    Reza Azer9 hours ago

    Semoga dia dikasih kesehatan kelancaran kemudahan😭

  30. Bahram Khamsei

    Bahram Khamsei9 hours ago

    You three are the most famous, beautiful and at the same time Humble people I have ever seen.

  31. Stars Beauty by Ana

    Stars Beauty by Ana9 hours ago

    Her attitude sucks that’s the problem!

  32. Tanjelia Sefti

    Tanjelia Sefti9 hours ago

    Tetap kiat ya dek jangaan nangnis semangat ya

  33. Mighty Shanolgorhythm

    Mighty Shanolgorhythm9 hours ago

    Detroit Lions wide receiver,

  34. Anthony

    Anthony9 hours ago


  35. kentaprises

    kentaprises9 hours ago

    So delusional...

  36. Rafidah Adni

    Rafidah Adni9 hours ago

    Masih teringat waktu mengidam dahulu suka sangat tengok video ini sampai nangis² sampai skrg suami pon meninggal dunia, tinggal lah diriku juga anak menjadi yatim 😢

  37. diva70smusic

    diva70smusic9 hours ago

    I know that I am older than this Idol crowd. I see Sam as a much older soul. Comparisons to Whitney and Jennifer Hudson are touching, but I go back further than that. I see Joan Armatrading, Roberta Flack, and a touch of Tracey Chapman in her. Sam is much younger than these women but she sings from a much deeper experience than her contemporaries. These aforementioned women were singer, songwriter, musicians which added an extra of depth to their music. When they hit the stage, you were mesmerized by their voices, no fireworks, backup dancers, or extras. I suspect Sam has a journal that can be made into music. Wishing her the best Of luck.

  38. Byrd Dog

    Byrd Dog10 hours ago

    I did not think she had enough talent to go to Hollywood

  39. ᴖ ͜ʖ ͡ᴖ

    ᴖ ͜ʖ ͡ᴖ10 hours ago

    Andrew Fenion was not that bad

  40. Kholis Satun Nisak

    Kholis Satun Nisak10 hours ago

    Sangat menghibur IDOl

  41. Baby Monkey Playz

    Baby Monkey Playz10 hours ago

    Wow, I wasn't expecting that to happen so quickly, but I'm glad she's okay!

  42. MyCrzyLife

    MyCrzyLife10 hours ago

    Good looking girl, but her attitude makes her ugly

  43. Brock Branch

    Brock Branch10 hours ago

    He got back packed by the electric guitarist

  44. Arun Goyal

    Arun Goyal10 hours ago

    Stay humble homie 😊

  45. Amanda Hill

    Amanda Hill10 hours ago

    And the loser who pushed her and kicked her cane? Still in that high school.

  46. Muhammed Ali Berber

    Muhammed Ali Berber10 hours ago

    Dude he is gay but shaking hands of dudes but kissing ladies?

  47. Chaitanya Jain

    Chaitanya Jain11 hours ago

    Is she introverted 😂😂🤣🤣

  48. Angela Rudge

    Angela Rudge11 hours ago

    Fabulous voice !

  49. WreckitRaf

    WreckitRaf11 hours ago

    They good ngl.

  50. Deeeeeyn

    Deeeeeyn11 hours ago


  51. Ari Fatt

    Ari Fatt11 hours ago

    vote anggi !!

  52. Steve Aitken

    Steve Aitken11 hours ago

    When they moved over to the piano, she should have started to play "Hello" - that would have been a magic moment :) :) :)

  53. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott11 hours ago

    Shay may God bless you and keep you. You have a beautiful voice sing like Silk. I love how the American Idol team showed you so much love and you're audition. Good luck you already want got my heart.

  54. Deeeeeyn

    Deeeeeyn11 hours ago

    She didnt sing it better than Katy, she made it her own.

  55. The Outdoors gamer

    The Outdoors gamer12 hours ago

    Yeah this is my third cousin i cant believe I'm related to this dude he sung at my great grandmothers funeral no one filmed it but it was really good

  56. Marichris Ballad

    Marichris Ballad12 hours ago

    was waiting to his Mean Girls scene😓

  57. Russell Teves

    Russell Teves12 hours ago

    she is beautiful and amazing voice...

  58. phatkyatt

    phatkyatt12 hours ago

    I love it when she went all natural at the most crucial time.She stayed true to herself and just sang the songs naturally.Her confidence and self-esteem grew and that smile on her face when she sang was beautiful.It gives meaning and strength.It shows that she's overcoming her obstacles and she's rising up.The song choices were amazing and she brought out the meaning of the songs as it applies to her life.God bless you princess 😘

  59. Karson Tomasello

    Karson Tomasello12 hours ago

    I think he was good.

  60. phatkyatt

    phatkyatt12 hours ago

    I just love this and I love her I cried throughout.The songs she chose was so touching and she didn't have to scream or do too much.She didn't try to sing like the original singers.She made the songs her own with her natural voice.I love the way the judges encouraged her and had her back till the end.The advice and comments they gave her was powerful and positive.

  61. AK S

    AK S12 hours ago

    1st girl: mother was clearly a narcissist, like mine. She is better off without her TBH as hard as that may be. The song sounds like it's meant to be mainstream/featured in a movie/TV show soundtrack. It's so heartfelt and beautiful. I wish her all the best.

  62. Rifqydinzly Mohdnazri

    Rifqydinzly Mohdnazri12 hours ago

    🤲supaya ibu nya masuk syurga ya😭😭😭😭

  63. ONCE and for ALL

    ONCE and for ALL12 hours ago

    Cantik banget 😭

  64. RenaissanceMan eric

    RenaissanceMan eric12 hours ago

    Mediocre at best.

  65. kimi wa dare?

    kimi wa dare?12 hours ago

    She will be a great twitch streamer

  66. Tudy Wittlake

    Tudy Wittlake12 hours ago

    Someone needs to book them right now!!!!!!

  67. Chriss Duarth

    Chriss Duarth12 hours ago


  68. anamaegrapes music

    anamaegrapes music12 hours ago

    He’s so humble 🥺🥺❣️❣️

  69. Luiz

    Luiz12 hours ago

    OMG this was sooooo inspiring ❤️

  70. Duke T.

    Duke T.12 hours ago

    4:26 -- pre-pandemic. Way ahead of yo' time Katy *wink

  71. RR18

    RR1812 hours ago

    12:48 he did it before TikTok lol

  72. Rafael Ramirez

    Rafael Ramirez13 hours ago

    How is it possible to lose? He is a artist that the music industry does not have. He lost to a karaoke singer....thats whats wrong with AGT, Xfactor and Idol.

  73. Luiz

    Luiz13 hours ago

    I’m so glad that I found you just right now 😭

  74. anamaegrapes music

    anamaegrapes music13 hours ago

    I’m proud of people who have confidence like that .

  75. Siti rohmah Rohmah

    Siti rohmah Rohmah13 hours ago

    Aku jadi sedih

  76. jealo's vlog

    jealo's vlog13 hours ago

    Look like Michelle sa fast and furious

  77. dara627

    dara62713 hours ago

    The first and last girls were the best! Good luck y'all!

  78. RelzSadBoy!

    RelzSadBoy!13 hours ago

    Yg Liat 2021 Ada Gk??

  79. Wheres Wally?

    Wheres Wally?13 hours ago