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  1. Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung9 hours ago

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  2. naad-e-ali khan

    naad-e-ali khan9 hours ago

    0:56 2:34 4:59 5:38 6:19 8:11

  3. Noosha Irannejad

    Noosha Irannejad10 hours ago

    Cleaning kills 99.99% of germs

  4. Nabil P

    Nabil P10 hours ago

    I love your videos, but more bottle opener :)

  5. Gus Hruby

    Gus Hruby11 hours ago

    my truck stinks



    Kid who just got job mowing lawns in neighborhood : 👁👄👁

  7. Junk

    Junk12 hours ago

    i is the best

  8. Arbear64

    Arbear6412 hours ago

    With my job I am on my knees alot and over the years it has done a lot of damage to my knee bone. I bought those knee pads with wheels. They were $60 bucks but if they done just half of what they said they did, I thought, what the hell and went ahead and bought me a pair. Now if they were to charge $500 bucks a pair I would pay it, Anyone that does carpet, floor work tile work these knee pads with wheels are noting but a God send. They are worth every penny they ask. They are good too, I've had the first pair I bought and using everday for going on two years now.

  9. The Emerald empire

    The Emerald empire12 hours ago

    I have the diamond ore

  10. UWU Gamin

    UWU Gamin12 hours ago

    Is it just me or dose he sound EXACTLY like the person from WATOP even says "let's go" the exact same way

  11. Dylan

    Dylan13 hours ago

    How do I get these

  12. Jr Truong

    Jr Truong13 hours ago

    I don’t think I’m gonna trust a light to purify water

  13. Ronald Gaynor II

    Ronald Gaynor II13 hours ago

    The handle is made out of Groot

  14. loco4candy

    loco4candy14 hours ago

    lol this guy probably doesn't watch Transformers


    ABHIJIT ROUTRAY14 hours ago

    13 coolest gadgets "made of titanium"** this should be the thumbnail.. coz almost every gadget in this video is made of titanium..😂✌🏻 Thank you so much for this video..❤❤

  16. Geo C

    Geo C15 hours ago

    Who’s gonna tell him about the “ear” cleaner

  17. Phoenix Landing Studio

    Phoenix Landing Studio15 hours ago

    Nots not a mans tool unless it has a bottle opener on it.

  18. Remi Jenkins

    Remi Jenkins15 hours ago

    Anybody notice that the smart switch didn't clove the car door

  19. 婷婷陈

    婷婷陈15 hours ago

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  20. Na Li

    Na Li15 hours ago

    How to contact you

  21. Porky The pig on yt

    Porky The pig on yt15 hours ago

    Grouts arm

  22. JC Park

    JC Park16 hours ago

    The key/knife/uzi/step stool was nice. 👍

  23. Stephen Mitchell

    Stephen Mitchell16 hours ago

    Awesome products got to check out where and how much! Thank You for Sharing!

  24. A Parakeet Called Sunset

    A Parakeet Called Sunset16 hours ago

    PLEASE STOP WITH THE MENS THINGS! Just title it like all ur other videos. Yes my comment is most likely going to get lots of dislikes and outraged comments but please.

  25. Michael Javert

    Michael Javert17 hours ago

    Every time I see tattoo I down-vote a video. So sick and tired of being nauseated, then having to explain this to people ad-nauseam. Either STOP with the damn tattoo, and if it is NONE OF MY BUSINESS then COVER IT UP ! So sick of you inconsiderate heathens.

  26. YS72

    YS7217 hours ago

    Really like the new energy in the intro for the latest two videos. The ‘hey guys’ always sounded a little lacklustre before. Keep up the great vids.

  27. demon r slender

    demon r slender18 hours ago

    6:02 hahahaha dude took the switches design and modified it and polished it so you can use a phone as the switch screen

  28. demon r slender

    demon r slender18 hours ago

    10:14 why dont they just make rubber tires like the a bike (can't remember its name) if the cars tire is all rubber then there's nothing to pop

  29. JohnnyX50

    JohnnyX5018 hours ago

    I love watching 8 minute videos with 20 minutes of adverts in them O.o

  30. ilaine mercuur

    ilaine mercuur19 hours ago

    Can i have one of does

  31. John Moylan

    John Moylan20 hours ago

    I love that cable kit!

  32. Stan Marsh

    Stan Marsh20 hours ago

    62 euros for the led flashlight? Wut

  33. Gray England

    Gray England21 hour ago

    £5,000 for the Watch with the Jet Flame Lighter attachment!!!! Are they fucking INSANE!!! Outrageous Pricing for a simple gimmick.

  34. Nvable

    Nvable21 hour ago

    3000$ gaming phone. Damn. Not for me. LoL

  35. Akansha Pandey

    Akansha Pandey21 hour ago

    Just waiting for the Bamboo Copter...

  36. Control Z

    Control Z22 hours ago

    narrator just assumes we are all stressed out?

  37. Ronnie Hohensee

    Ronnie Hohensee22 hours ago

    I love this show ,so much to want ,hard deviations on a small budget.THANKX.

  38. quartz b

    quartz bDay ago

    No offence to Americans but how can you get a cut from paper

  39. Gabe the Goat

    Gabe the GoatDay ago

    His voice sounds like a voice a football coach would have

  40. j k

    j kDay ago

    Why are you cheating on CNET? Ps every item shown on this channel is pos from China.

  41. GGAMER

    GGAMERDay ago


  42. Aiden Creeger

    Aiden CreegerDay ago

    took 20ith coment

  43. Lean Christoffe

    Lean ChristoffeDay ago


  44. Angel Elma

    Angel ElmaDay ago

    Who's gonna carry Al of these in your pocket?

  45. Benjyyz

    BenjyyzDay ago

    Awesome vids bro👍

  46. TechGrub - Tasty Tech Videos

    TechGrub - Tasty Tech VideosDay ago

    This guys voice is sooo epic

  47. PhyRoboT ech

    PhyRoboT echDay ago

    can u do about gadgets for beds pls

  48. Just a random memer

    Just a random memerDay ago

    2:52 i am pretty sure i have seen that product on this channel before

  49. WoKe. BoxedU

    WoKe. BoxedUDay ago


  50. Cole Geary

    Cole GearyDay ago

    I'm the 8th comment wooo

  51. donabella lim

    donabella limDay ago

    Give away

  52. donabella lim

    donabella limDay ago

    Please give

  53. Ethan Mahabirsingh

    Ethan MahabirsinghDay ago

    these gadgets are awesome

  54. official gaming

    official gamingDay ago

    Who is here but can't afford anything😂

  55. John Gates

    John GatesDay ago

    Can you do another PC one

  56. MrBatman

    MrBatmanDay ago

    fact none of us finished the vid yet

  57. Sparks Force

    Sparks ForceDay ago


  58. EliotYT

    EliotYTDay ago

    Handel of stormbraker is made of groots hand

  59. yoga rani

    yoga raniDay ago

    hi i want the Hypno Levitation Wand and hand controller mini drone plzz bcz i like ur videos and channel plzzzz

  60. TECH Plus

    TECH PlusDay ago

    Great content

  61. Don Heft

    Don HeftDay ago

    I wanna know where they get the gadgets being the "coolest" if theyve never taken a worldwide survey and not every men has them to prove they are said coolest



    nice gadget love it

  63. Superhuman 18

    Superhuman 18Day ago

    How have we complicated a toaster.... It makes toast!!!!

  64. Hugo Baxter

    Hugo BaxterDay ago

    found em ll

  65. Pushpakumara Rathnayake

    Pushpakumara RathnayakeDay ago

    I really want that mini dron

  66. Prime Rim

    Prime RimDay ago

    bunch of cheap s**t ! None of these Chinese so called "gadgets" worth a dollar. What a waste of 3 minutes (had to FF thru most of it)...

  67. Harry L

    Harry LDay ago

    Car sticker equalizer is fucken stupid.

  68. Kiran Kundan Meshram

    Kiran Kundan MeshramDay ago

    Are they available in India

  69. Dave Meads

    Dave MeadsDay ago

    The toothpick crossbow is pretty op I killed a rat with one shot to the top of the head both it's eyes popped out

  70. Earl Deshner

    Earl DeshnerDay ago

    Time recorder of your logo appearing: 0:23 1:48 2:33 3:03 4:09 5:09 6:01 6:56 7:40

  71. GAME WEB

    GAME WEBDay ago

    1:28 2:22 4:49 5:52 6:45

  72. Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta StoneDay ago

    Well, I guess half the human race has never started a campfire, used multiple keys, drilled drywall, drank cool drinks while picnicking, used a mini-chainsaw, repaired a car, used tools like a wrench, used a metal detector, used a lighter, shaved, or used a multi-functional watch with a light. Glad we cleared that up!

  73. Mr Jixl

    Mr JixlDay ago

    I'm for the shark too

  74. MJ OG

    MJ OGDay ago

    where do i order the gold lighter my man please and thank you ??



    The first one with the dash cam the guy letting go of the steering wheel while driving 😂😂

  76. pete mendez

    pete mendezDay ago

    Anyone reading this may God bless you and your family amen

  77. ImRainPlays

    ImRainPlaysDay ago


  78. ImRainPlays

    ImRainPlaysDay ago

    Dog. Petting. Machine.

  79. Lilith Kenis

    Lilith KenisDay ago

    3:44 It didn't work for me until my sister pointed out to me that I had to actually use soap first and with the soap still on your hands then use this alluminum soap, then it really works! But I don't see why it would be especially for MEN??? Woman have used it for decades!

  80. Starteller

    StartellerDay ago

    for the razor, use hot water instead. It is safer