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  1. Dan Pisano

    Dan PisanoHour ago

    I would like to know about how much money dose it take each day to run that operation like paying the workers light bill fuel bill all that has to be like at least 2 million a day for labor and materials that is a intense job site i would love to work there

  2. Duder McDudeface

    Duder McDudefaceHour ago

    I don't know why they would prefer to refly it rather than take it apart. They have a (so-far) unique opportunity to make a fine-scale examination of every single component after flight. Reflying would risk that for much more limited data.

  3. Teemo

    TeemoHour ago

    Wow this place is huge!

  4. High Octane

    High OctaneHour ago

    Why are there two launch towers

  5. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseHour ago

    I was up all night whaching the whole stream to see SN15 land

  6. Subash Chandra

    Subash Chandra2 hours ago

    Imagine if they fly it again without bothering with testing and refurbishment! That would really be "Fully and Rapidly Reusable". And that way, at least it has a chance for a Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly so they can just bulldoze the wreckage instead of having to wheel 15 to the background lol.

  7. Mavr Tor

    Mavr Tor2 hours ago

    Молодцы, даешь базу на Луне!

  8. Salvador Juan Coniglione

    Salvador Juan Coniglione3 hours ago

    Could methane leaks occur from broken pipes with methane solidified by freezing, like water in winter?

  9. Chris Vincent

    Chris Vincent3 hours ago

    Hmm. I've got a bad feeling about the heat shield tiles. I think that's going to be the next, maybe biggest challenge. I hope they are working on alternative ideas.

  10. Daye Jung

    Daye Jung3 hours ago

    Thank you team! Love the videos Mary!!

  11. firekrakersrul2

    firekrakersrul23 hours ago

    "the starship wont have to lean due to 3 engines to fly straight up and down due to the center of mass" well, have you met sn10 yet? nah you are to from the future

  12. Ben Schlea

    Ben Schlea3 hours ago

    Are the cryo shells going to be placed over GSE 1 & 2?

  13. James

    James4 hours ago

    5:23 Guy says he needs help. Hope he is okay.

  14. Zero

    Zero4 hours ago

    I've never seen opossum in that color. Give him a ride to Mars if he wants to!

  15. awsomegamer115

    awsomegamer1154 hours ago

    So what have they been doing with the orbital launch table. I’ve been watching these videos since January and in every one there’s a segment called “Orbital Launch Table Work Continues”. I’ve seen only one major change with this thing, does anyone know what they’ve been doing?

  16. Mike's Tropical Tech

    Mike's Tropical Tech4 hours ago

    I bid $42 for one of those landing legs. I'll even come and pick it up! :^)

  17. Hector G

    Hector G4 hours ago

    Holy cow was that a RAT ???

  18. I'm On Time

    I'm On Time5 hours ago

    Makes sense that they would want to know how it will launch off its legs once it lands on the moon or wherever instead of take off from a launch pad.

  19. JC Davis

    JC Davis5 hours ago

    Not me getting sad when the outro plays, I love this content so much! 😭Keep up the good work!

  20. James Stripling

    James Stripling5 hours ago

    Well, they've learned how to park it! Now they just have to figure out how to get it into the garage!!

  21. Wrangler 9033

    Wrangler 90335 hours ago

    Interesting, their still working on the test nose cone. Won't that need be in the way if they want move SN16 over there with 15 still on the pad?

  22. Scott Summerill

    Scott Summerill5 hours ago

    Move it to where? These things are gonna start accumulating.

  23. Wrangler 9033

    Wrangler 90335 hours ago

    Woah, that was funny illusion. The Mid Bay almost looked as tall as the High bay

  24. M C

    M C5 hours ago

    I never knew I liked big cranes until I started following the work at BC. I find them fascinating and oddly elegant. Maybe it’s just me.

  25. Black Terminal

    Black Terminal5 hours ago

    Space x staff walk really fast and those forklifts must be running on nitros

  26. MC G

    MC G5 hours ago

    Wow I didn't know opossums could run that fast. Every one I ever saw took about 5 minutes to scramble across a 2 lane country road.

  27. Azmanbj Azman

    Azmanbj Azman6 hours ago

    Good job

  28. Peter Hounslow

    Peter Hounslow6 hours ago

    Anyone know what the tapping of what is probably an ID card on the sensor on a post is all about at approx. 1210 of the video?

  29. Andrew Heagwood

    Andrew Heagwood6 hours ago


  30. Andrew Heagwood

    Andrew Heagwood6 hours ago

    SpaceX, well, we did it. It landed... now to move it... blow it up? No?

  31. WildBananas 1

    WildBananas 16 hours ago

    Can the nosecone test rig be a test for Moonship and maybe that's where they dock?

  32. Gary Trimmier

    Gary Trimmier6 hours ago

    I know they have a vision, but it is sure hard for me to see it yet!

  33. Jorge Luiz Brito de Faria

    Jorge Luiz Brito de Faria6 hours ago

    here in Brazil we call it opossum or Stinks

  34. Don Jones

    Don Jones6 hours ago

    I wonder if the High Bay Bar windows are the same glass as on the CyberTruck? After all, one of the reasons they evacuate the village for launches is the danger of acoustic energy breaking glass. Or is a reason mentioned a while ago, in anticipation of SH launches. (No jokes about the presentation breakage, pls. Too obvious.)

  35. kenneth Ammons

    kenneth Ammons6 hours ago


  36. TheSimpleThings

    TheSimpleThings6 hours ago

    2nd landed.

  37. Daniel Garrow

    Daniel Garrow6 hours ago

    They made the fins on this rocket out of tin foil so it would be super lightweight right?

  38. Jeramie James

    Jeramie James6 hours ago

    The high bar! Yesss! I've been wondering about it!

  39. Jeffrey A. Smith

    Jeffrey A. Smith7 hours ago

    I'm sure all the Texas HOA Karens are enamored with the industrial beeping. Pumps, and other heavy industrial noise polluting the peaceful suburban quietude of South TX. Above all, republicans want TX open for business. Low taxes and all. You voted for them. Enjoy!

  40. Chairman929

    Chairman9297 hours ago

    Where is the Spacex control center in Boca Chica?

  41. Main 1

    Main 17 hours ago

    what's a launch tower? Is that for starship plus the booster?

  42. HeyyItsNick

    HeyyItsNick7 hours ago

    Those birds are admiring SN15 just as much as we are.

  43. Kelly Cowley

    Kelly Cowley7 hours ago

    Launch it!!!!!!

  44. Joshua Wiggins

    Joshua Wiggins7 hours ago

    awesome work Mary and Jack and the whole NSF team you guys rock

  45. Hoova Groova

    Hoova Groova7 hours ago

    They are relaunching it

  46. Hans

    Hans7 hours ago

    Anyone know the name of that tall building in 13:37?

  47. steph rinker

    steph rinker7 hours ago

    make the SN-15 out of static museum///////////

  48. Hans

    Hans7 hours ago

    I wish spacex will make a documentary of starbase development, would love to see the inside of every buildings here

  49. steph rinker

    steph rinker7 hours ago

    A wild pinto ready to bolt//////////////

  50. Marcel Gerber

    Marcel Gerber7 hours ago

    Thank you Mary and Team...❤️

  51. scotty moondog jakubin

    scotty moondog jakubin7 hours ago

    Cant wait to have a few in the high bay tiki bar ! and the pandemic to be over with !

  52. Richard Blais

    Richard Blais7 hours ago

    Good work Mary and NSF team.

  53. R B

    R B7 hours ago

    A bar! How sweet is that!!?? Wish I were an iron worker at Boca CHica.

  54. gary hyslop

    gary hyslop8 hours ago

    Look out, little possum!! Stay off that road!

  55. CdnAnonAwoke

    CdnAnonAwoke8 hours ago

    Bullshit rockets. See solar warden...

  56. Clint Walker

    Clint Walker8 hours ago

    It's not commonly known that a group of possums is called a possy.

  57. Nathan Auckett

    Nathan Auckett8 hours ago

    10:43 A ghost closes the bin lid.

  58. Michael Deierhoi

    Michael Deierhoi8 hours ago

    Mary sure doesn't miss much of what"s going on at Boca Chica site with that shot of the addition of the one High Bay bar window!

  59. jetsonIFY

    jetsonIFY8 hours ago

    Sunday video drops are getting a decidedly different vibe to them ???

  60. WKRPAZ Propst

    WKRPAZ Propst8 hours ago

    Thank you Mary, for all the views.

  61. Ulices Isaia

    Ulices Isaia8 hours ago

    Why the others GSE tanks bases are taller than the GSE 1 & 2?

  62. Carl Ljungquist

    Carl Ljungquist8 hours ago

    It's a leap ahead to immediately re-fly SN15. Test, Test, Test! Keep it up 😜 Tesla until you can consistently do it over, and over, and over again...until you've worked out all the bugs. Meanwhile, Tesla is building newer ships incorporating improvements in both their construction and design. I'm so sick of waiting years between flights as it was in the early days of NASA, wasting Billions of dollars. Tesla is leading the way as always. I doubt other companies can compete, though if they can, let them learn to catch up! Go Tesla!

  63. erepsekahs

    erepsekahs8 hours ago

    Can someone please explain to me why we need a 14 minute video of Starship 15 sitting on the Landing Pad? I promise you it's not going anywhere, and Space X will tell you when it is.

  64. Grimbles

    Grimbles8 hours ago

    I think by now I've seen a half dozen video titles stating that it was moved, but apparently not.

  65. Leif Johnson

    Leif Johnson8 hours ago

    The opossum appears at 9:38

  66. Chris G

    Chris G8 hours ago

    I am glad that SN 15 been left long in view as it’s let us enjoy the success and appreciate it, what a great perseverance love it !

  67. Richard Striebich

    Richard Striebich9 hours ago


  68. Pyrs Artur

    Pyrs Artur9 hours ago

    Mary, I live the comic relief you often out in like the local animal life… this time the opossum saying hi!

  69. Pascal Arens

    Pascal Arens9 hours ago

    Bazos dealing drugs on Amazon confirmed🐸pas it on

  70. Marcfx

    Marcfx9 hours ago

    Thank you Mary 🥰

  71. BlinkyBill_

    BlinkyBill_9 hours ago

    lol it aint budgeing- Fuck it send it back up

  72. Albert Batfinder

    Albert Batfinder9 hours ago

    It says “Starship SN15 still sits in the middle of the landing pad”. From memory, that was the most nominal middle I’ve ever seen. It missed the edge by only a couple of metres.

  73. Jørund

    Jørund9 hours ago

    The amount of heatshield tiles on the side of the rocket is just sexy. Can't wait for the entire face to be covered, including the flaps.

  74. Jorge Mario Diez Aranzazu

    Jorge Mario Diez Aranzazu9 hours ago

    You must show more the US flag. Debes mostrar más la bandera de EEUU.

  75. martin perrotta

    martin perrotta9 hours ago

    Opossum almost road kill

  76. Digamas

    Digamas9 hours ago

    Ok ok SN15 enjoying the standing ovations, yes you did well, yes we're all real proud of you, good boy.

  77. Chuck Learn

    Chuck Learn9 hours ago

    I watch Mary's video every day. The quality is impeccable.

  78. Chuck Learn

    Chuck Learn9 hours ago

    I'm guessing that they are waiting on a final decision on that to do with SN15.

  79. Warner Robins

    Warner Robins9 hours ago

    What kind of animal was that. It didn't have a shell around it so it couldn't have been a armadillo.

  80. Netyr

    Netyr9 hours ago

    Wonder why they moved SN15 there, so it would look good for the press?