Lil Windex
  1. Joa Scha

    Joa Scha15 seconds ago

    Yeah...of course the girl is wearing make up, while sleeping, OF COURSE 🤦‍♀️😂

  2. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali2 minutes ago

    “Eminem dissing Nick cannon”

  3. Adam Walker

    Adam Walker3 minutes ago

    Fucking knew that was everlast lol

  4. rare cd

    rare cd5 minutes ago

    Lmao the ending

  5. shootsure

    shootsure7 minutes ago

    I still having the bag when I'm putting garbage out... How did you miss that bar here? :((

  6. Whotzari -

    Whotzari -7 minutes ago

    i don't know why, but this is funny asf!

  7. Christmas Holyday

    Christmas Holyday8 minutes ago

    Hhhhhhhh you're dope

  8. Blessed Mutsotso

    Blessed Mutsotso11 minutes ago

    I can't wait for Shaq to react to this 🤣🤣🤣

  9. TTV_Trash_BTW06

    TTV_Trash_BTW0613 minutes ago

    Here before 100k views

  10. Neur0s1s

    Neur0s1s18 minutes ago

    Whitey Ford

  11. Yeezy1999

    Yeezy199921 minute ago

    This guy is nuts man he sounds just like em 🤣🤣, this is killin me, all the dead rappers em butchered are in the trash talking to him that’s funny as shit 🤣👌, love this dude man 😂😂

  12. Z O

    Z O21 minute ago

    Might realistically have been Em if Dr. Dree hadn't returned his calls back in the day.

  13. lfl711

    lfl71123 minutes ago

    Eminem in the Cinema please 🙌😂

  14. nuetral44

    nuetral4425 minutes ago

    “You vs me, Is like someone vs goku” is the best way of telling someone they have absolutely no chance at winning

  15. Алексей Кузенков

    Алексей Кузенков25 minutes ago


  16. Y.A.S. 52

    Y.A.S. 5225 minutes ago

    I can’t man😂 why you gotta do him like that😂

  17. chika K

    chika K25 minutes ago

    "Whos Calli?"

  18. Daniel

    Daniel26 minutes ago


  19. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith26 minutes ago

    The part when it was over

  20. that guy

    that guy29 minutes ago

    Bro I just realized this lil winded

  21. Avid Player

    Avid Player29 minutes ago

    Rapping all day until he hits the hay even in his dreams he can’t escape his brain🤣

  22. maggi romania

    maggi romania35 minutes ago


  23. youtube commentor

    youtube commentor35 minutes ago

    0:27 love that smile

  24. derick suapaia

    derick suapaia36 minutes ago


  25. Carmen Grammer

    Carmen Grammer36 minutes ago

    I love this❤🤣 This is awesome 😂🤣

  26. nuetral44

    nuetral4437 minutes ago

    Never seen Eminem and lil windex in the same room, just saying...

  27. Chris 674213

    Chris 67421345 minutes ago

    That looks like Karl from workaholics son

  28. Mike George

    Mike George46 minutes ago

    There is no eminem without rhyming!

  29. Quione Davis

    Quione Davis48 minutes ago

    Damn I really forgot em went at reeves throat lmaoo poor reeves

  30. 11th Dimension Hitchhiker

    11th Dimension Hitchhiker52 minutes ago

    I've been a eminem stan since 1997 and everytime I see this dudes videos I'm conflicted. Idk whether or not to love them or hate them

  31. Burak Osmancık

    Burak Osmancık53 minutes ago

    That ending tho lmaoo

  32. EST 19XX

    EST 19XX55 minutes ago

    Hahahaha mgk gets mentioned in almost every video lmaoo

  33. Chris Nenkov

    Chris Nenkov55 minutes ago

    Lmaoo "I don't wanna do pump rock anymo'." 🤣

  34. funky lentil *-*

    funky lentil *-*56 minutes ago

    And you'll never say a word........

  35. EST 19XX

    EST 19XX56 minutes ago

    Maid got beard 😳

  36. [nightmare ]

    [nightmare ]58 minutes ago


  37. Raven

    RavenHour ago

    Nice👍🏽 For next vid, How about “Eminem in car turning the radio on and hearing a podcast that’s about to play music” or “Eminem fixing bed and starts to rap getting intense that he takes it on with bed sheets”

  38. Carlos Solis

    Carlos SolisHour ago

    The 77 dislikes are mfkas takin this to heart and got shady tatted on em lol

  39. Rod Winters

    Rod WintersHour ago

    You went off, I'm always right like clockwise!! But honestly other dude is week he was talking like he was going to spit otherworldly and it was just lunchtime raps

  40. Anthony Felter

    Anthony FelterHour ago

    I hate *trashtalking*

  41. M B A

    M B AHour ago

    yooo this guy is good

  42. Jan Duchovni Ugale

    Jan Duchovni UgaleHour ago

    Snap Back to Reality........"Cringe"

  43. Lost1nMyM1nd OG

    Lost1nMyM1nd OGHour ago

    I thought the trash was going to be mgk

  44. Funtish Kumar Patel

    Funtish Kumar PatelHour ago

    I came to comments only to write "snap back to reality" But someone already commented it and now I am doing shit😭

  45. It's Ishy

    It's IshyHour ago

    I like eminem's beard

  46. Talal -

    Talal -Hour ago

    Did he actually get kicked by a moose

  47. Jakeob Brown

    Jakeob BrownHour ago

    Lol keep up the videos bro. Ur a damn good rapper.real shit.

  48. Brett M

    Brett MHour ago

    Wouldn't love to live with this guy. His raps would never get annoying xd.

  49. Wendy Raymond

    Wendy RaymondHour ago

    Brilliant concept ..hilarious x

  50. Chuck Chillout

    Chuck ChilloutHour ago

    Idk why when Em does those hand gestures and tha camera shakes I ctfu

  51. Arkajyoti Datta

    Arkajyoti DattaHour ago

    Sasta Eminem

  52. DaBlazin' Dog

    DaBlazin' DogHour ago

    would have been funny if u used his alfred theme lyrics "bitch i still get the bag while i put garbage out"

  53. Yassine Mirnes

    Yassine MirnesHour ago


  54. Joshua Mcnutt

    Joshua McnuttHour ago

    Your Mumble rapping

  55. BB Creeks

    BB CreeksHour ago

    B+ song probably wanna hear it again and good reasons to hook sub up

  56. BB Creeks

    BB CreeksHour ago

    Damn this is great stuff. Haha better than the great eminem shorts

  57. BB Creeks

    BB CreeksHour ago

    Can artists use brand names in rap names? Windex is a big corporation oh Johnson s c bought in 1932 so trademark expires on brand name? Great song. Listen to entire thing. Wowed by "cleaning it up" part snd got the MM je ne sais que. U migjt have the elvis charisma. Love the hair. F conventional everything squares or triangles u get to time travel haha I get it the clean up crew.

  58. yaki soba

    yaki sobaHour ago

    He got burned to cinders

  59. Isaiah Harrell

    Isaiah HarrellHour ago

    That was awesome!