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  1. Hunter Crill

    Hunter Crill2 hours ago

    Did I hear a niner in there? Shut up Richard. Good ol tommy boy line

  2. Tonny

    Tonny2 hours ago

    You make a great team, keep it up!

  3. AbeGreenleaf

    AbeGreenleaf2 hours ago

    Am I seeing Angus become a Ford man before my eyes?

  4. JWBEATY1012

    JWBEATY10122 hours ago

    Straight Axle ANGHUS! Gees.

  5. Ed Poell

    Ed Poell2 hours ago

    Congrats on the 100 and keep up the excellent work!!!

  6. Jenna08848

    Jenna088482 hours ago

    MOOK MOOK MOOK Chaos,, Need some

  7. Michael Rowsell

    Michael Rowsell2 hours ago

    I would Love to get my hands on another 64 f100 great job guys

  8. Kylor Rose

    Kylor Rose2 hours ago

    Oh yeah derek is definitely "the boat guy" uh huh yea definitely

  9. Wroth

    Wroth2 hours ago

    As a Texan we were complaining because there were many people without power and we were on a boil water alert. We're not used to cold weather haha, that being said I was not born here, but it was indeed very cold, I believe at one point it got down to -12 or a little colder even. God bless and this was an awesome video! Subscribed.

  10. Ken Sherwood

    Ken Sherwood2 hours ago

    Great episode. Loved seeing the Ford being readied for the road. Angus a great addition to the team.

  11. 2 stroke Power

    2 stroke Power2 hours ago

    Man y blocks sound so good. I have one in my 55 fairline. Have to get around and make a video on it this spring/summer :)

  12. DanSoldierGuy

    DanSoldierGuy3 hours ago

    Great work. I love seeing these revivals of American classics.

  13. papaowl13803

    papaowl138033 hours ago

    It help's to adjust the drums untill the wheel stops turning. Then back off untill it free wheel's. Centers drums to shoes better. Also helps to have a shoe removal kit. One kit does all. But nice revival to this old girl. As a Ford man love these older trucks over anything newer. A y block at that. COOL

  14. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne3 hours ago

    30:56 You guys are so lucky --- here in the northeast, we hafta have yearly inspections for our vehicles, and it really sucks! Lots of perfectly-drivable vehicles like this one are scrapped every year because they won't pass inspection for whatever (often quite minor) reason. We all know that it's just a big conspiracy between the auto-manufacturers and the State to force people to buy more new cars (and a conspiracy with service-garages, too, since drivers are forced to have more costly repairs performed for their older/battered vehicles to pass inspection), but that's how it is. And to top it all off, there isn't even much indication that states without yearly inspections have significantly more traffic-accidents than those that do; some even have higher accident-rates. As articles on the subject state, it's usually *driver error* (i.e., intoxication, recklessness, fatigue, distraction, etc.) that causes traffic-accidents, not poor vehicle-maintenance.

  15. Daniel Pudelek

    Daniel Pudelek3 hours ago

    Great job guys.

  16. Shayne Clinton

    Shayne Clinton3 hours ago

    Neighbors are soon gonna be shaking their heads saying those Duke boys are at it again

  17. alan boehlke

    alan boehlke3 hours ago

    I love how the passenger exhaust pipe looks like one of those cats in Chinese restaurants waving when you were backing it out That’s probably one of those old trucks you don’t need to use first gear and to get rolling?

  18. Robin Gray

    Robin Gray3 hours ago

    The very defenition of a cool truck..... Best yet guys !!!!

  19. Phaquall

    Phaquall3 hours ago

    Sweet truck! Please dont tuch the outside and give it a name looks like Christines big brother LOL

  20. Ray Vid

    Ray Vid3 hours ago

    Guys... Please wear masker and goggles. There could be some bugs got into your eyes or bacteria thats dangerous to your respiratory system.

  21. Tommy Hall

    Tommy Hall3 hours ago

    Sorry a 352 not a good motor no power put a 390 lot better motor good luck

  22. Tommy Hall

    Tommy Hall3 hours ago

    Good luck with the 351

  23. Tommy Hall

    Tommy Hall3 hours ago

    Good to see you again buddy good take care keep. Warm an safe good luck

  24. Kylor Rose

    Kylor Rose3 hours ago

    Here for derek

  25. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith3 hours ago

    Trust me you want to get that bracket track off and put on a camp plast track

  26. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne3 hours ago

    30:45 What's da STORY behind da odd name on dat license plate??? :P :D Yeah, yeah --- I know it's da name of da Iowa county where Ames is; I just didn't know about it before I Googled it. :D

  27. michael wolflake

    michael wolflake3 hours ago

    I love drum brakes.I feel macho after the repair.

  28. Mike Hammel

    Mike Hammel4 hours ago

    Very cool video. Angus rocks too

  29. R3TЯ0-93

    R3TЯ0-934 hours ago

    I'd love to bring my 87 caprice to your shop and have you guy's fix her up good!

  30. J Wohl

    J Wohl4 hours ago

    Should spray down brakes with cleaner before you even touch them. Gets rid of the harmful brake dust. Also anti seize is not good on wheel studs, makes it to easy for lug nuts to come loose. Should use a few drops of 3 in 1 oil instead.

  31. Mike Brunner

    Mike Brunner4 hours ago

    I really want to see more of this truck. Brings back memories of the farm so long ago.

  32. amph350

    amph3504 hours ago

    That drop is killing me

  33. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne4 hours ago

    You guys should have the truck's tailpipe connected to a hose that's vented to the outside; it's dangerous to run an engine inside a closed building, especially if you run it for a while, as you were here!

  34. donald prater

    donald prater4 hours ago

    Super cool. I'm working on a 64 short bed with a 292 and a 3 speed. That one seems to have a granny gear 4 speed. You only use 1st when towing very heavy loads you start in second when just driving around.

  35. Michel te Braake

    Michel te Braake4 hours ago

    Angus is a catch for this channel! Fortunately, you are wise enough to drive with brakes and not be the tough idiot to drive without brakes.

  36. Ronan Barkus

    Ronan Barkus4 hours ago

    Mr. Junkyard digs may I suggest using gopros, it will allow us to see what you better

  37. Jarrod Kaelin

    Jarrod Kaelin4 hours ago

    Shop is lookin good buddy, proud of you for making it as far as you have. Keep elevating and keep grindin, it’s all comin together 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  38. Steven Plaskett

    Steven Plaskett4 hours ago

    Reuse old bearings anytime u can. New made in China steel bearing are absolute garbage. The older the bearing the higher quality the metal is. New bearings are made of the absolute cheapest metal they can find and are absolute garbage.

  39. Mike Kerby

    Mike Kerby4 hours ago

    Please buy a spring spoon and a retainer spring tool. Less than $20 and make drums so much easier.

  40. John. Oconnor

    John. Oconnor4 hours ago


  41. John. Oconnor

    John. Oconnor4 hours ago


  42. Hensley’s Hobbies - Doug

    Hensley’s Hobbies - Doug4 hours ago

    Nice fellas! I dig that old Ford truck! I like the old “Y” blocks too, their good engines!

  43. Paul Hollick

    Paul Hollick4 hours ago

    There seems to be an issue with the link to Angus' channel, as it doesn't work.

  44. Steven Plaskett

    Steven Plaskett4 hours ago

    Sadly no junkyard Mook and that perfect chest view maybe they had to stop there brother sister relationship

  45. Carnaxus

    Carnaxus4 hours ago

    “...and if you listen to the bearing at the top of this thing:” Bearing: “LET ME SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE!”

  46. XxChicagoGuyXx

    XxChicagoGuyXx4 hours ago

    Good job guys but please fix that shit exhaust

  47. Dylan Hackbarth

    Dylan Hackbarth4 hours ago

    Part 3 wooo

  48. bigfancycar

    bigfancycar5 hours ago

    Love the project - except for reusing the single master brake cylinder. That's a short-sighted discission.

  49. john pisciotto

    john pisciotto5 hours ago

    Windshield and exhaust please

  50. Ron Lansdell

    Ron Lansdell5 hours ago

    I am in love with that Ford!! Brings me back to my very first wheels. 66 Ford camper special $800. Ugly, loud, beautiful, perfection. Traded for a 74 f100. Should have never let her go. Stupid stupid stupid.

  51. Jack beanstock

    Jack beanstock5 hours ago

    its nice to see some backyard guys get some upgrades, a shope and a lift is HUGE, good luck fellas , keep up the good work!

  52. Chris Scott

    Chris Scott5 hours ago

    My daughter wants Angus' square body truck!

  53. Shahar sde Chen

    Shahar sde Chen5 hours ago

    oh yes.... THIS TRUCK IS MADE OF TRUCK! 12:43 interasting background....... and when will we see the installation of the lift???

  54. eddie Brundrett

    eddie Brundrett5 hours ago

    nice video keep up the good work ed lol

  55. Fred Seaborne

    Fred Seaborne5 hours ago

    10:32 I'd gladly allow cute giggly warm-mannered gentle-natured smilingly-friendly Mook to make noise in MY garage ANYTIME --- I would love having her honor me with her pleasant encouraging company on a cranky auto-restoration project so much dat I wouldn't care if she wanted to stomp or bang around some. :P :D P.S. Maybe Mook can also be totally excused for making the noise, since I assume she was just kicking off the snow from her boots before she came in, so that she didn't track muddy water all over the floor. :)

  56. Rebecca Rider

    Rebecca Rider5 hours ago

    You should’ve sent the carb to mark woods, Rokon 2x2 expert, he repairers tillotson carbs. You can find him on the Rokon world website.

  57. zr1sparky1

    zr1sparky15 hours ago

    Derek thank you for entertaining us!

  58. geigertron3000

    geigertron30005 hours ago

    Heat AND tools???? booooring ;) lol

  59. Mike Norris

    Mike Norris5 hours ago

    Should do a shop update.....be cool to see everything done so far...like the lifts...

  60. myz06rocks

    myz06rocks5 hours ago

    Dear god put a muffler on that thing

  61. psychobabblerls

    psychobabblerls5 hours ago

    wheres mook?

  62. Roger Jackson

    Roger Jackson5 hours ago

    Mystery oil? Science is generally the opposite of mystery. Mystery is fine in a book or a movie. Not fine inside an engine.

  63. ArcTicLoNe WoLF

    ArcTicLoNe WoLF5 hours ago

    Exhaust might need some work.

  64. steven livingston

    steven livingston5 hours ago

    Wait, what? What'd I miss? When did you guys get a lift?

  65. The Garage

    The Garage5 hours ago

    Watching that tailpipe wave up and down had me cracking up

  66. George Camp

    George Camp5 hours ago

    Awesome truck!! very envious.

  67. M Sharp

    M Sharp5 hours ago

    This wasn't even a revival, this was a battery swap and tune up. Also, I didn't know aftermarket power windows existed so that's super cool

  68. eggy1962

    eggy19625 hours ago

    Does every truck in America come with a busted windscreen?, my ocd would not cope lol

  69. Dashausgarage1 Ahhh

    Dashausgarage1 Ahhh5 hours ago

    12:35 song?

  70. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith5 hours ago

    aarrrghhhh Japanese water torture lol

  71. ken frazier

    ken frazier5 hours ago

    exhaust shop next make it a daily driver, but it is still a ford

  72. Craig Palmer

    Craig Palmer5 hours ago

    James May you are the men 1964 Ford F-100 drum brakes replace everything front and rear spark plugs new stuff keep it coming new videos friend bless you in lowa and Orlando Florida

  73. richard wilson

    richard wilson5 hours ago

    Ugh why can I never find a truck like this

  74. Nick Lewis

    Nick Lewis5 hours ago

    It's interesting how most the people that have been on your channel to include yourself call the stock exhaust manifold headers. Is that an Iowa thing? There's a difference in exhaust manifold and headers but, maybe in Iowa they're all headers just, not tube headers? I'm not trying to give you shit, just an observation.

  75. cheese doodle

    cheese doodle6 hours ago

    put a chery bom on it

  76. Dans Garage

    Dans Garage6 hours ago

    Am I the only one that is annoyed that Angus is calling manifolds "headers"?

  77. Ray Mari

    Ray Mari6 hours ago

    Is it 4wheel drive ?

  78. EH

    EH6 hours ago

    I like how it was being backed out of the garage at close to the 36 minute mark and the exhaust was moving side to side - Like a Happy Dog out for a walk. Great job gents!

  79. Family House

    Family House6 hours ago

    I think there is lots of interest in this truck! Looking forward to see it come back to life.

  80. Ray Mari

    Ray Mari6 hours ago

    When drawing an old fuel tank, what do you guys do with spent furel ?