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  1. Jean Howard

    Jean Howard5 hours ago

    he need a weapon like scary Terry or goladay or saqun barley

  2. R E

    R E6 hours ago

    Dude gets a fresh start. Wish him all the best.

  3. Vladimir Stadnik

    Vladimir Stadnik9 hours ago

    No will

  4. Dwayne Gaither

    Dwayne Gaither9 hours ago

    Bill is just concentrating on Cleveland next week

  5. Maverick 1957

    Maverick 195715 hours ago

    Decent QB, but not enough tenure...consistency... to be placed in the upper tier of the throne just yet.

  6. Mateo Myles

    Mateo Myles19 hours ago


  7. Cayden Cartrette

    Cayden Cartrette19 hours ago

    come on man how can you do this to cmc

  8. Devan Jones

    Devan Jones21 hour ago

    I like him

  9. L0CKTiTE

    L0CKTiTE23 hours ago

    Is that a girl or guy

  10. MyPrivate Ocean

    MyPrivate Ocean23 hours ago

    Did he really say "booger sugar"??

  11. D’Naius Bates

    D’Naius BatesDay ago

    lol 😂 he said spank you

  12. HereIsWisdom 1318

    HereIsWisdom 1318Day ago

    “Well....what the fck are you saying?”

  13. HereIsWisdom 1318

    HereIsWisdom 1318Day ago


  14. Kaleb Vaughn

    Kaleb VaughnDay ago

    Man I wish Carson the best, I'll be watch you in Indy and cheering you on.

  15. Matthew Rivera

    Matthew RiveraDay ago

    I refuse to believe these are fake

  16. ryan labonte

    ryan labonteDay ago

    He's 28 acting like he's 40. Dude just want dedicated to football

  17. Brett Nottingham

    Brett NottinghamDay ago

    This one was funny

  18. Joe LaSpina

    Joe LaSpinaDay ago

    Nice way to say "PLEASE SAVE ME"

  19. will len

    will lenDay ago

    Awwww..a filthy rich football player doesn't like Houston!! Well sorry bro..90% of the citizens living in America, living paycheck to paycheck...DONT LIKE WHERE THEY WORK EITHER! you spoiled, rich brat! Grow up! Life is good as a millionaire. Give me a break.



    I knew when he got into the bowl he was going to be handed the game.

  21. Steve Austin

    Steve AustinDay ago

    Tom Brady didn’t win because of what he did: Todd Bowles’s defense combined with KC’s missing three o-line starters was why they won. A full strength KC destroys Tampa Bay! #BradyIsASystemQB #Mahomes is the #GOAT

  22. Bradley McNamara

    Bradley McNamaraDay ago

    Hi Tom Brady you’re the best you’re the goat forever if I’m in the NFL I wanna go into another 50

  23. Derik C

    Derik CDay ago

    you'll meet a whole lot more once you start playing there

  24. Michael Tribbet

    Michael TribbetDay ago

    He was the only one on his team that seemed to show up. Beinemy hurt his job prospects as well with his complete inability to, along with Andy Reid, adjust to Boles’ defensive scheme that day. They specifically continued to call plays that highlighted their weakened o line instead of plays that would have help them and Mahomes make up for the weaker players (I.e. run plays or get rid of the ball quick plays) You can win against a great team even when you have an injured o line, the niners did it all last year, and that was because Shanahan knew how to scheme around it

  25. Joe LaSpina

    Joe LaSpinaDay ago

    This some bull****- DW4

  26. Shawn Antunes

    Shawn AntunesDay ago

    Dude is bipolar x 10, but you gotta respect the effort he puts in.

  27. YoungBalla 32

    YoungBalla 32Day ago

    I love this one

  28. Blue Line Tactical Solutions

    Blue Line Tactical SolutionsDay ago

    I'm so over these premadonna bitches complaining. You signed a contract. Honor it. #millenial

  29. Chilly Cereal

    Chilly CerealDay ago

    Shame on whoever did this. However mad respect for the comedy power you possess........BTW any 3some is fun.

  30. Goose Pecker

    Goose PeckerDay ago

    If Trevor Lawrence plays even half the way he played in college the NFL in trouble

  31. Debra Charles

    Debra CharlesDay ago


  32. XxHerodiexX

    XxHerodiexXDay ago

    Hello this is uhh Kermit the frog here 🐸

  33. Kadontae Brooks

    Kadontae BrooksDay ago

    He finna get a real Duvall welcome

  34. Thomas Packard

    Thomas PackardDay ago

    If only every NFL player followed Tom Brady's example.

  35. michael marshall

    michael marshall2 days ago

    The owners should trade him for as many reasonable picks as possible. Reasonable being a relative term.But DON'T GET RIDICULOUS PLEASE ?

  36. Goose Pecker

    Goose Pecker2 days ago

    Why do all the houston-based teams either suck or are cheaters

  37. Stangedude 56

    Stangedude 562 days ago

    Yeah it sucks being a millionaire. I feel so bad for

  38. Lowell Smith

    Lowell Smith2 days ago

    I was hoping for a real comment but that was funny!

  39. Whatsup Foo

    Whatsup Foo2 days ago

    I’m a Texans fan and I approve of this video 😂 WE SUCK AGAIN!!!

  40. xxdfoster

    xxdfoster2 days ago

    This is so cringe... obviously a butthurt pussy philly fan....dumbasses made a statue of a fucking movie character racist fucks

  41. JB Productions

    JB Productions2 days ago

    Face reveal?

  42. It’s blitz

    It’s blitz2 days ago

    They don’t follow the paper or the championships my guys chase those t***y tassels!!

  43. Ben Tipton

    Ben Tipton2 days ago

    Left eye blinks a lot when he's frustrated.

  44. Chimere.Dixon.

    Chimere.Dixon.2 days ago

    Commentator dont give a fu

  45. Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper2 days ago

    Well DeScrub what happens when you go to another team and lose? You going to quit on them too? Yeah I don't feel sorry for someone making millions playing a kids game!!

  46. clifford yawn

    clifford yawn2 days ago

    But...Bill you thought that didn't you screwed up Billy boy. Now you got Fig Newton.lmao

  47. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy2 days ago

    Looks like his Doctor told him to "take two Tom Brady's at night" and call him in the morning.

  48. James Hubacher

    James Hubacher2 days ago

  49. BroadKast011

    BroadKast0112 days ago

    You heard it bois! Not hard to grind! Let's get up with Tom and OP and git this thing done ✅

  50. WhatsUpAdl

    WhatsUpAdl2 days ago

    Gronk is the fuckin man, he can do shit like that

  51. Nothing But Net

    Nothing But Net2 days ago

    TB12 has more SB MVPS than gronk has SB wins lol

  52. John Zuba

    John Zuba2 days ago

    Lol his poker face when the reporter mentioned hardens name 😂😂😂

  53. Get Rekt XD

    Get Rekt XD2 days ago

    Voice cracked

  54. Julio Hrdz

    Julio Hrdz2 days ago

    Release him, he don’t want to be here so why keep him

  55. Lawrence Holden

    Lawrence Holden2 days ago

    Who gives a shit about this millionaire crybaby. You signed the contract, honor it. Boo freaking hoo. 🤑🤢🤮🤧🥶🥴😵

  56. Scott Flipiak

    Scott Flipiak2 days ago

    True, but there was Clear Proof This Season that The NFL Refs were Bought & $$$ for by Vegas & The Bookie Association (B.A.)

  57. Bye Bye

    Bye Bye2 days ago

    Being a housten fan harden and jj watt are a sad loss but I fell real bad for Watson hopefully we’ll have a good draft and free agencu

  58. J

    J2 days ago

    Real news these days

  59. Caden Dodson

    Caden Dodson2 days ago

    You deserve a SUPERBOWL

  60. GOATED Farmer

    GOATED Farmer2 days ago


  61. BRIAN D

    BRIAN D3 days ago

    This is kraelos voice. Don't lie

  62. C T

    C T3 days ago

    Did he really have to bring the strip club into the conversation? The damn president raw dogged a pornstar. I'm sure the reporter voted for him though.

  63. Zac Franklin

    Zac Franklin3 days ago

    RIP man

  64. loaded fun

    loaded fun3 days ago

    Good riddance! Dude is lucky he didn’t get his house egged like they did to Mitch Williams.

  65. Ryan

    Ryan3 days ago

    He's gonna end up unemployed like Kaepernick. Oh you make millions, you must have it so hard, boo hoo. Talk about privileged.

  66. Deshun Richardson

    Deshun Richardson3 days ago

    This can't be real

  67. Viktor Reznov

    Viktor Reznov3 days ago

    Tik tok dance lessons in the showers lmfaooo

  68. Hunter Bull

    Hunter Bull3 days ago

    Congrats on Mahomes becoming a dad, Brady becoming a grandad, and Eli and Foles for becoming great-grandparents!

  69. Jams Monster

    Jams Monster3 days ago

    What kid of question is this😂😂😂😂

  70. BroadKast011

    BroadKast0113 days ago

    My humps my humps .. my lovely lady lumps! Checkit out

  71. Brian Szoke

    Brian Szoke3 days ago

    I wish Carson would have had this response for the reporter who asked that stupid question; "Actually Rube realistically you couldn't hold my jockstrap... I'm willing to bet that I've already accomplished more in my short life of 28 years than you will in the entirety of yours...just sayin" 🙅🤷

  72. COLA

    COLA3 days ago

    U rlly gotta invest in dat

  73. Gaming Dudets

    Gaming Dudets3 days ago

    He is such a rude winner Like take your ring and leave you don’t gotta rub it in Also I like the 49ers so i don’t really care who won but that was just rude

  74. Brooke Alvik

    Brooke Alvik3 days ago


  75. Brooke Alvik

    Brooke Alvik3 days ago


  76. Gridiron Magic

    Gridiron Magic3 days ago

    Bro that doesn’t matter cous he doesn’t have to know Jags fans to be there QB

  77. Karan Phull

    Karan Phull3 days ago

    This dude doesn’t deserve this. I remember when he got drafted I said get the fuck outta there now LOL

  78. Dana Jett

    Dana Jett4 days ago

    Damn Diva always have excuses just admit you're the fake goat.......

  79. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider4 days ago


  80. Bobby Bessette

    Bobby Bessette4 days ago