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  1. Natalie T

    Natalie T4 hours ago


  2. Jordan Kelemen

    Jordan Kelemen4 hours ago

    I want Scream Queens back.

  3. Johnathan Maygarden

    Johnathan Maygarden4 hours ago

    Scream queens crossover in america horror stories leads to season 3

  4. Jitin Nair

    Jitin Nair4 hours ago

    They won’t understand what pro wrestling is That girl and white shirt guy just don’t know what pro wrestling,they better dont do these reactions

  5. Victoria Devlin

    Victoria Devlin4 hours ago

    Id love to see more of Moira on why she is sexier towards men but ages and none of the other spirts do or Scáthach from Roanoke:)

  6. Kassandra Bowman

    Kassandra Bowman4 hours ago


  7. Pop for Breakfast

    Pop for Breakfast4 hours ago

    Blurs a middle finger but shows an eye being scooped out?

  8. A180CombatBowser Game pro

    A180CombatBowser Game pro5 hours ago

    i hate you your a terrible person for spoiling the whole thing in the begining

  9. The man behind The slaughter

    The man behind The slaughter5 hours ago

    Any one else notice Ryan’s name, Ryan (Murphy) (Evan) peter(s). (Sarah Paul)son

  10. Trill Galaxy

    Trill Galaxy6 hours ago

    The Simpson is the only thing I would believe if they said the world would end

  11. Cat

    Cat6 hours ago

    I am late but I don’t care so here my ranking😂 1. Coven 2. Murder House 3. Hotel 4. Apocalypse 5. 1984 6. Freak Show 7. Cult 8. Asylum 9. Roanoke Idk why people don’t like Hotel Lady Gaga did amazing and it was just cool in my opinion.

  12. PumpkinPower 011

    PumpkinPower 0116 hours ago

    Y'all did Hotel so dirty. Murder House and Hotel are my favorites.

  13. m

    m6 hours ago

    There is so much dumb crap in the FoX-Men universe to make fun of and mock. They really had to go and choose one of like 5 GOOD aspects of it. Come on.

  14. Rick F

    Rick F8 hours ago

    Favorite turtle? Slash.

  15. Riley Perry

    Riley Perry8 hours ago

    Y’all need to do Cheyenne jackson

  16. Riley Perry

    Riley Perry8 hours ago

    I’m the biggest freak of all-Elsa mara

  17. Reikogdi Official

    Reikogdi Official8 hours ago

    But she did pass the Divination test. It was the cigarette holder. If you watch Myrtle's face and Cordelia doesn't rise until after Madison was killed by Kyle

  18. hallowboi *

    hallowboi *8 hours ago

    can you do Gaborey Sidibe, Dylan McDemort, and Naomi Grossman?

  19. JCgaming

    JCgaming9 hours ago

    Why are people complaining about the smallest thing, scorpion saying get over here. Like I know it's his catch phrase and it's important but he's talking in an accent while wearing a mask like come on

  20. Saba S

    Saba S9 hours ago


  21. Saba S

    Saba S9 hours ago

    Yeh i need a Ralph bohner spinoff.

  22. RIcardo Hariguchi

    RIcardo Hariguchi9 hours ago

    It would be cool to see an episode about the theories that popped up after Elsa Mars vanished. There could be room for homage and spoof like in Roanoke.

  23. Joel Stelmark

    Joel Stelmark9 hours ago

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  24. Caelan McChesney

    Caelan McChesney10 hours ago

    16:35- Rick: "No bad story ends with a cape." Me: "There's Brightburn, technically."

  25. Željko Kolarević

    Željko Kolarević10 hours ago

    Are you crazy? Predators is the second on your list? First 40 minutes of nothing, no sight of predator, bad acting, and only 15 minutes of well known actor Laurence Fishburne? Come on!

  26. Rufaro Asuquo

    Rufaro Asuquo12 hours ago

    Chaos walking is awesome 🥲🥲🥲❤️❤️❤️❤️🥲love it so much

  27. Ciro Di Marzio

    Ciro Di Marzio12 hours ago

    You know what was really funny in season 2? They fell like a sack of potatoes BENG! Lights out! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Kathleen Smith

    Kathleen Smith12 hours ago

    I don't believe any human being escapes this world unscathed without woe mans inhumanity towards fellow mankind is to vast to mention. The wars, killing babies and making a profit, sex changes because they can .sickening.

  29. James kirby

    James kirby12 hours ago

    Jack's Sons would be nice come back? Son's Road Captain gets the deep sleep.

  30. BoiBoi800

    BoiBoi80013 hours ago

    Where tf is tig

  31. alexandra

    alexandra13 hours ago

    I was into this story and it just led nowhere. I didn’t understand her flashbacks at all. And didn’t she say when she looks at the blue sky, she feels like she’s looking at home? Yet her origin flashbacks are so dark and dreary... I would imagine her “home” would be something she longs to go back to.

  32. alexandra

    alexandra13 hours ago

    I wish they would have added in a news broadcast about the meteors causing men to act this way, that would have explained the placebo effect. It doesn’t make sense without the men being told it makes them go crazy.


    KING KOOLIE13 hours ago

    The wolf is LOWKEYS offspring

  34. The World Is A Vampire

    The World Is A Vampire13 hours ago

    only season I liked was Coven. Shold hve become its own show, after resurrecting Jessica Lang of course

  35. Lara Weber

    Lara Weber13 hours ago

    okay but imagine the season would take place on a cruise


    YUNGSUPERMODZ Video13 hours ago

    Is it bad my name in call of duty is pogo the clown

  37. Tony Perez

    Tony Perez14 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for Tig to show back up. War is coming make no mistake

  38. Amy G

    Amy G14 hours ago

    Go ckeck out/stream "Kindred Spirits" by Sarah Barrios. It's a song inspired by THE edit (kindred spirits by sha, teri and ri) and from Josie's POV for Hosie.

  39. Amy G

    Amy G14 hours ago

    Go ckeck out/stream "Kindred Spirits" by Sarah Barrios. It's a song inspired by THE edit (kindred spirits by sha, teri and ri) and from Josie's POV for Hosie.

  40. Ariane Guy

    Ariane Guy15 hours ago

    10:17 i almost died but okay

  41. itsFatma

    itsFatma15 hours ago

    teenage bounty hunter was soo good i need season 2 and so was the society there both really underratted shows Netflix is doing a madness latley like making shows that we dont want and cancelling the ones we like .

  42. Dan Lester Del Amen

    Dan Lester Del Amen16 hours ago

    What I love about Fiona Goode is that she was all that (basically everything she did in the series) but at least she was not racist.

  43. garett baltia

    garett baltia16 hours ago

    those pajamas looked like christmas pants with mistletoe over the crotch.

  44. RYO ẞros

    RYO ẞros17 hours ago

    0:28 movie name?

  45. Kiah

    Kiah17 hours ago

    Summer is the coolest person on the show

  46. Matt Thornton

    Matt Thornton17 hours ago

    Here’s one I thought of: When we get to the tournament, the final round comes down to Sam VS Tory. Kreese will learn that Tory’s mum has died and decides not to tell her (similar to what happened to him in Vietnam). Tory finds out regardless and goes full on crazy and ends up beating Sam viciously to a bloody mess (similar to what Hawk did to Butch). Tory is disqualified and there is no winner.

  47. Yasmin Solomon

    Yasmin Solomon18 hours ago

    I just loved how Jessica Lange told those Freaks right about themselves. And I'm glad. Well she is right. Especially, when she said how when she found them, in their miserable existence. And how she found Toulous. And those Pinhead that were rotting away in that shit smired Orphanage. They should be greatful. You know? Dont you all, think? xxxx ☺ ☺ 💓 💓

  48. Sagittarius A

    Sagittarius A19 hours ago

    What is that glowing Symbol that Stewart is leaning against at 18:39? Does anyone know?

  49. Omaewa Nani

    Omaewa Nani20 hours ago

    Jesus is coming B- basic I- instructions B- before L- leaving E- earth ❤️❤️

  50. Gamer 201

    Gamer 20120 hours ago

    Doctor Who is the best

  51. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn20 hours ago

    “Snoopers gone snoop.”

  52. 80's nina

    80's nina20 hours ago

    I love her so much.

  53. Marta Akh

    Marta Akh21 hour ago

    Make America great again

  54. Գոռ

    Գոռ22 hours ago

    Guys, is there a playlist for the S2, and where are S2E4 and so on videos?

  55. 01 sevensix

    01 sevensix22 hours ago

    Cage fighter.... Cole Young...... Is Johnny Cage.

  56. Love Lissa

    Love Lissa23 hours ago

    Another Mordrake episode would be interesting. Or one surrounding the children that Marie LV gave to Papa Legbah. Or look into American Horror Lore, like the Bell Witch. The Salem Witch Trials or even a dream slayer ala Freddie K.

  57. Monster blood

    Monster bloodDay ago

    I'm extremely disappointed that Peter isn't real, I really like the revised timeline quicksilver and I thought thst Wanda vision was the first appearance of the multiverse, I'm sad and mad

  58. JazzY Can't swim

    JazzY Can't swimDay ago

    ok we gonna get Nazi doctors tryna mess up the human anatomy into their own personal gain. im talking about shark boy and lava girl. lmao

  59. JazzY Can't swim

    JazzY Can't swimDay ago

    Yes the Chens. F*CK THE CHENS!!!!!!

  60. KurniawanGod

    KurniawanGodDay ago

    Shit, I got a spoiler

  61. Crissy Brodnik

    Crissy BrodnikDay ago

    Id love something like set before the French revolution...Marie Antoinette style...idk maybe more witches? A previous Supreme? I just think it could be gorgeous

  62. s m

    s mDay ago

    Gloria Mott was an awesome character.

  63. Michael Owen

    Michael OwenDay ago

    The series is entirely mapped out nd will continue to not uphold the values of Gene Rodenberry.

  64. Michael Owen

    Michael OwenDay ago

    This show is terrible.

  65. Michael Owen

    Michael OwenDay ago

    I predict everyone will go by "them" and "their" and "ther" and "thim". 950 years from now Trans issues will still be new.

  66. Yvonne Bussell

    Yvonne BussellDay ago

    I cried so hard,❤ cried

  67. Jaggybabs

    JaggybabsDay ago

    Anything with Zombies is good, they should do a dawn of the dead type story

  68. Nale 729

    Nale 729Day ago


  69. Young Davis 90

    Young Davis 90Day ago

    Wowzers 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  70. t 11

    t 11Day ago

    real sports are not scripted

  71. Cherri Aydelotte

    Cherri AydelotteDay ago

    ...ever mentions that adorable woman??? P.S...sorry about 2nd post... I pushed the keyboard too soon🥴!!!!

  72. Kyle Mc

    Kyle McDay ago

    It’s T.O.

  73. Cherri Aydelotte

    Cherri AydelotteDay ago

    What about the cute and beautiful dwarf woman??? She is sooo sweet & adorable!!!! No one, in any video about AHS

  74. llaptoo

    llaptooDay ago

    I loved his James Patrick March soooo much!

  75. alexandra

    alexandraDay ago

    This was my favorite episode of the season. It kept me interested and made me put myself in both of their shoes. When thinking from his perspective, you have to wonder if in trying to get her to fall in love if that would end the time loop. You would become obsessed with trying to perfect your interaction with her so that she does fall in love and maybe you would escape this hell. It would be maddening. And when thinking from her perspective, would I believe someone telling me all this? Would I think they’re a stalker who had dug into my past? Would I think it was romantic or terrifying? So thought provoking. I thought it was brilliantly written and directed.