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  1. Andrew Pullins

    Andrew Pullins9 hours ago

    Yes, please I love the debunkers!

  2. LeonardAndHisBiscuit

    LeonardAndHisBiscuit9 hours ago

    "Let me get someone who's a centrist and definitely not a far left democrat..." >Orn*stein*

  3. Lebron James loves china!

    Lebron James loves china!9 hours ago

    ben shapiro is a globalist shill and thinks joe biden won fair and square.

  4. Joshua S Tomlin

    Joshua S Tomlin9 hours ago

    both hilarious and insightful! thanks for all your hard work Seamus!

  5. R. Marcus Gaudry

    R. Marcus Gaudry9 hours ago

    So.....saying that both sides have contributed to an issue becoming an issue is being a conservative extremist? Am I understanding that right? PLease, somebody help me wrap my head around this. Does that mean the only way to be truly moderate is to understand that only one side is to blame and that side is completely and utterly evil and divisive and must therefore be excised like the cancer that it is? Is that more or less the argument this clown ... I mean perfectly rational and level headed human being with completely rational and level headed values is saying? I am asking because obviously I am way too caught up in my fragility and privilege to ever fully understand the enlightened, and complex nuance of his point. I clearly need it dumbed down to its most rudimentary points.

  6. Check Mate

    Check Mate9 hours ago

    Muzzle loader = loads from front. Breach loader = rearward muzzleloader Repeater = muti shot breach loader Simiauto = self cycling repeater Full auto = self shooting simiauto

  7. Austin TV

    Austin TV9 hours ago

    Before I saw this I thought what would happen is Covid was an STD