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  1. ahsan hameed

    ahsan hameed7 hours ago

    somebody killed me ?

  2. ahsan hameed

    ahsan hameed7 hours ago

    have i tried to do the suicide ?

  3. Chabela

    Chabela7 hours ago

    I’m a simple person. I see Scarlett Johansson, i click.

  4. Layla Spring

    Layla Spring7 hours ago

    What was the instagram filter called?

  5. Zatanna Miller

    Zatanna Miller7 hours ago

    I’m here to see her makeup tips

  6. Cesar vVargas

    Cesar vVargas7 hours ago

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  7. Sanskruti Rakecha

    Sanskruti Rakecha7 hours ago

    Liza is absolutely amazing

  8. ahsan hameed

    ahsan hameed7 hours ago

    if everything was, for the good, then what goes wrong

  9. Bedelia Du Maurier

    Bedelia Du Maurier7 hours ago


  10. Payel Ghosh

    Payel Ghosh7 hours ago

    Knock knock, welcome 🙂🙏

  11. Jhoana Alexandra Moreno Gomez

    Jhoana Alexandra Moreno Gomez7 hours ago

    Jajajaja mom says to me also to put « remolacha » on my cheeks! Colombians’ mom típs 😂

  12. Fluorescent Rose

    Fluorescent Rose7 hours ago

    I love ❤️

  13. Payel Ghosh

    Payel Ghosh7 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing love

  14. Hemajl molla

    Hemajl molla7 hours ago

    5:42 The place of Kayne's "i love it " song's choreography😁

  15. Lore Lore

    Lore Lore7 hours ago

    Esta mujer es perfecta

  16. Naina Kalmati

    Naina Kalmati7 hours ago

    never seem to remember celebrity names or any name in general but here i was saying oh i know her i know her

  17. frez z

    frez z7 hours ago

    I really like her voice, feels like she would cry everytime she talks and i love it.

  18. Cash Flex

    Cash Flex7 hours ago

    “Rich people halloween” I cant- 😭😭

  19. Payel Ghosh

    Payel Ghosh7 hours ago

    Thank'S for sharing your secrets with us... 🙂

  20. Sapphire Gibson

    Sapphire Gibson7 hours ago

    I love her eye shape

  21. daisy lps told me i suck because i said she suck

    daisy lps told me i suck because i said she suck7 hours ago

    Travis looks like a fortnite character

  22. TheOddDonut

    TheOddDonut7 hours ago

    Okay love you but super glue..

  23. Minhaz Karym

    Minhaz Karym7 hours ago

    She's gorgeous 😍

  24. The Style CoachTM

    The Style CoachTM7 hours ago

    Loved this! Especially Moira's looks. It's so interesting to hear the stories behind the outfits.

  25. Aimee Michelle

    Aimee Michelle7 hours ago

    doja isso funny love her <3

  26. Payel Ghosh

    Payel Ghosh7 hours ago

    It's nice to meet you, gorgeous mother nature 🙂

  27. Nefeli Christogoula

    Nefeli Christogoula7 hours ago

    What a charismatic woman!

  28. its britneybyotch

    its britneybyotch7 hours ago

    She got the barbie voice

  29. rico

    rico7 hours ago


  30. anika deshpande

    anika deshpande7 hours ago

    Basically this video is about koko doind her makeup and talking about all her family members

  31. Shraddha Bajaj

    Shraddha Bajaj7 hours ago

    Ugly af

  32. Pronnay Mukherjee

    Pronnay Mukherjee7 hours ago

    She is a good actress but she is wasting food more than eating it

  33. Purvanshi Gupta

    Purvanshi Gupta7 hours ago

    5:15 I was Very shocked and extremely happy when he said that he want to visit India Coz I am an Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  34. Payel Ghosh

    Payel Ghosh8 hours ago

    Thank you, Joe sobai

  35. Payel Ghosh

    Payel Ghosh8 hours ago

    Your Hindi is cool... 😎🙂

  36. blu

    blu8 hours ago

    What eye brow pencil is that

  37. deepak jaiswal

    deepak jaiswal8 hours ago

    100% karan jauhar

  38. kween yen

    kween yen8 hours ago

    I'm gonna be featured in Diary of a Model! 🤞

  39. Duygu Türkmen

    Duygu Türkmen8 hours ago


  40. mel i

    mel i8 hours ago

    how do people like her just look stylish and beautiful, in their pijamas, in literally anyyyyyy outfit. anything she wears i feel like i want to wear too

  41. Thalia Ribeiro Da Silva

    Thalia Ribeiro Da Silva8 hours ago

    So pretty❤ My favorite artist!❤

  42. Zara Jerusalem

    Zara Jerusalem8 hours ago

    Palestine sebaba

  43. tim ahlf

    tim ahlf8 hours ago

    With a house like that, why would you need to go anywhere to chill out?

  44. mel i

    mel i8 hours ago

    her skin looks flawleesssssssssss

  45. Annabella Cangco

    Annabella Cangco8 hours ago

    I feel like every model diary a Hadid is present ahha

  46. J

    J8 hours ago

    just a little something subtle for church

  47. Laura22Laurel

    Laura22Laurel8 hours ago

    Beautiful inside and out 😍

  48. k

    k8 hours ago

    her voice is so calming

  49. Zara Elizabeth John

    Zara Elizabeth John8 hours ago

    uh don't worry dixie <3 we get second hand embarrassment from your music too 😻

  50. Srijani Dutta

    Srijani Dutta8 hours ago

    Can you guys stop jugging her ?? It's her choice..

  51. Heal

    Heal8 hours ago

    Love yourself Relay2889

  52. Tester India

    Tester India8 hours ago

    How divine she looks and how divine her soul feels✨🌸

  53. Ava McCreath

    Ava McCreath8 hours ago

    my everything

  54. Pamela Young

    Pamela Young8 hours ago

    Oh my God ,YES!! THE word LIKE in every sentence ,is Sooooo ILLITERATE!!! YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!

  55. Bea Bananananananana

    Bea Bananananananana8 hours ago

    LOVE the kim chi shouts outs!!!! Queens supporting queens !

  56. St. Dimi

    St. Dimi8 hours ago

    Omg we have literally the same morning routine 🥰 Except I can fly ❤️

  57. AyannaTV

    AyannaTV8 hours ago

    Her natural hair color is so pretty! Like a deep blonde. God did that. Lol

  58. guacbabygirlprincess

    guacbabygirlprincess8 hours ago


  59. Raden Arya Dewa

    Raden Arya Dewa8 hours ago

    Shes still beautiful,loves,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  60. Brenda Anne Du Faur

    Brenda Anne Du Faur8 hours ago

    Great clip. I enjoyed it. She is so talented and beautiful. Beautiful children.

  61. Aer Bender

    Aer Bender8 hours ago

    Behold the goddess of pop...

  62. XxAyla SkixX

    XxAyla SkixX9 hours ago

    Who's here after their divorce😶

  63. bel1rosa

    bel1rosa9 hours ago

    No hate but I just saw a old picture of her she was very white and is actually white but act like she is black wtf

  64. Жанна Яновна

    Жанна Яновна9 hours ago

    No ,no ,no !

  65. p390x

    p390x9 hours ago

    I don’t know why I was expecting her to sound just like Moira 😂

  66. Nilay Inanc

    Nilay Inanc9 hours ago

    No One: Literally nobody: dixie: Im AmAzInG! ( No hate Im the biggest dixie and charli fan!) ily dixie!

  67. Alexa Richardson

    Alexa Richardson9 hours ago

    So they letting anyone go on vogue now 😫

  68. Nilay Inanc

    Nilay Inanc9 hours ago

    nobody: not even my mom: Wait.. Its always my mom..


    DAIMHAUS9 hours ago

    Florence 🏛 Pug 🐶. 🌚

  70. pietra cox

    pietra cox9 hours ago

    I love how she’s just so down to earth. The whole “let’s get this over with” vibe is so relatable.

  71. Syd Guerrero

    Syd Guerrero9 hours ago

    The fact that the majority of make up that she use is maybelline products is so realistic 💯 i stan the real queen! Keep it up gigi!

  72. chinese virus

    chinese virus9 hours ago

    I came after memes.

  73. Diana Anaid

    Diana Anaid9 hours ago

    She's so heavenly

  74. Diana Anaid

    Diana Anaid9 hours ago


  75. urlocalthrombosis

    urlocalthrombosis9 hours ago

    I see all that comments like:"OMG she's so pretty without makeup!" and "i feel so ugly". Like, it's clear that she had plastic surgery, even tho she claims that she didn't. Please DON'T feel ugly or anything like that. You are just poor and can't afford beauty surgeries. Of course, Madison Beer is such a beauty, also before her surgeries. But please keep that in mind.

  76. circl_

    circl_9 hours ago

    She's super cute and humble 💕💕

  77. koko po

    koko po9 hours ago

    two of the most intimidating women in HISTORY

  78. Alvaro Valdovinos

    Alvaro Valdovinos9 hours ago

    The guy names Max Wehgter ( I think that is how you spell his last name) ..... is just gorgeous! Omg.

  79. Sacagawayway

    Sacagawayway9 hours ago

    Naomi casually admitting to tucking her junk using the same tape used for fixing boat leaks

  80. Turquoise L'Bo

    Turquoise L'Bo9 hours ago

    Him so handsome 😍