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  1. madani mesbah

    madani mesbah5 minutes ago

    Jesse why r u ignoring me?

  2. Gabo GonzΓ‘lez

    Gabo GonzΓ‘lez5 minutes ago

    "You should stay away from... just stay away bro"

  3. Omar Wali

    Omar Wali14 minutes ago

    I like how you say straight things even it humiliates your karate

  4. Leonardo ignacio

    Leonardo ignacio22 minutes ago

    No sabe nada este wm

  5. Eric nanaen

    Eric nanaen48 minutes ago

    The dance is for muaythai god and their teacher this is show the respect

  6. Peter Ly

    Peter Ly58 minutes ago

    It's hard to train your own kid, while your kid can gain more knowledges from other master than just your, (i.e. stealing styles and many instructors would not teach you 100% of his knowledge traditionally in China, probably Japan too.)

  7. Erick Matheus Vieira

    Erick Matheus VieiraHour ago

    Thanks from Brazilian Amazon region, oss!

  8. Peter Johan Mikkelsen

    Peter Johan MikkelsenHour ago

    Its not not about the style, its about the practioneer that uses the style

  9. Kamuten Bagen

    Kamuten BagenHour ago

    Now I see when those three styles were founded, it also gave birth to the "Sharingan" ;)

  10. ??????? /2

    ??????? /2Hour ago

    Muay Thai is vastly superior to Karate, do people actually disagree with that? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Sean Maguyon

    Sean MaguyonHour ago

    Guys, Kali is literally just Arnis. The more you know.

  12. Nolaboy Fargo

    Nolaboy FargoHour ago

    The karate guy kicks fast ashl, but punches in slow motion a boxer would wreck him


    KRETYA VLOGHour ago

    Jesse try kun khmer this is cambodia boxing

  14. Ricardo Blikman

    Ricardo BlikmanHour ago

    Ken if you bend your legs a little less and keep your legs a bit closer together your explosiveness increases and you throw out techniques faster. Because you bend them to much you must first unbend them and you lose speed + you are easy to read becouse you alsways need to reposition before you can throw your technique.

  15. Trent Witt

    Trent WittHour ago

    This video is exactly what I've been looking for. This is amazing.

  16. Jean-LoΓ―c De Jaeger

    Jean-LoΓ―c De JaegerHour ago

    So would it make sense to create our own kata? Have you done that? Sounds kind of awesome :)

  17. Jason Statham

    Jason Statham2 hours ago

    Jesse, I'm a Karate nerd myself but to be honest, Muay Thai is on another level. These guys are formidable warriors. They train extremely hard and extremely brutal. I had the honour of training with some of the best Muay Thai fighters in Thailand for almost three years. I learned a lot from them. They made me a better fighter.

  18. Kevin Nindatu

    Kevin Nindatu2 hours ago

    I loved this video!! I'm a Thai/Kickboxer from Holland.. I've sparred with many of my friends who did other types of martial arts.. the most important thing about these fights weren't who won, because we all won the respect and interests in each other's styles!! If you love martial arts, you'll be able respect and appreciate every fighter no matter their style. YoshπŸ™πŸ€œπŸ€›

  19. Flappo Spammo

    Flappo Spammo2 hours ago

    Chinese boxing ???

  20. hanspeter

    hanspeter2 hours ago

    Where is the lesson? I thoguth you guys sparred together...

  21. Dr. Seemann

    Dr. Seemann3 hours ago

    What s humble and interesting guy! I know you enjoyed your time with him in the gym.


    OOMPHLA GWUMPLA3 hours ago

    I thought he was inviting buakaw

  23. Deoxys da2

    Deoxys da23 hours ago

    That was teki Shodan kata