1. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez11 hours ago

    The willing wing initially step because plough customarily stare following a thirsty fortnight. overjoyed, aloof rayon

  2. Mahi

    Mahi11 hours ago

    Where did they get the customs? never seen them before

  3. Folami van Niekerk

    Folami van Niekerk11 hours ago

    hierdie video is baie goed gedoen

  4. Michael Chigona

    Michael Chigona12 hours ago

    Omg. You guys swapped costumes... Valkkuno and Sykkyrae 😭

  5. stan pristin

    stan pristin12 hours ago

    the first game was entirely just chaos but it was some wholesome chaos

  6. MatchaMan

    MatchaMan12 hours ago

    this is one of the more fun and not sweaty lobbies to watch. i really enjoyed it but sweaty videos are good too!

  7. Kattleya Cassandra Ilagan

    Kattleya Cassandra Ilagan12 hours ago

    Sykkuno has been taking my anxiety away❤

  8. CDSS

    CDSS12 hours ago

    Can believe this only has 95 comment now he has thousands

  9. Sally Face

    Sally Face12 hours ago

    I'll flip a knife to that.

  10. Whxte Work

    Whxte Work13 hours ago

    Omg these girls voices just make me so mad for no reason they just annoy me but I wanna watch sykkuno

  11. Tina Nguyen

    Tina Nguyen13 hours ago

    The spiffy daffodil principally slow because stinger disappointingly delay athwart a powerful owner. tough, terrible hail

  12. Frances Cordero

    Frances Cordero13 hours ago

    Ok but Blau is literally so fine

  13. EternallySpoopy

    EternallySpoopy13 hours ago

    How much Would I have to donate to get one unrated game out with you, Sykkuno?

  14. Ga6riel

    Ga6riel13 hours ago


  15. J&S Pelaajat

    J&S Pelaajat14 hours ago

    Sykkuno have you listened to a remix of u made by endigo

  16. hoonicey

    hoonicey14 hours ago

    Naruto better than boruto yass

  17. deavianaleehx

    deavianaleehx14 hours ago


  18. Sam Moshi

    Sam Moshi15 hours ago

    How do you install these mods? Do you needs the steam version?

  19. sleepy

    sleepy15 hours ago

    I literally don't have any knowledge about games like cod or valo but watching sykkuno play them is always so entertaininggg!! and i really like how he wasnt covering his cute, cute smiles that much in this video god im such a shrimp 😭

  20. nexusmas9

    nexusmas915 hours ago

    You know what would be a 200iq play? If u killed in front of Every one and then said"oh it's not the real me it's a clone"(morph)

  21. Tanner Stiverson

    Tanner Stiverson15 hours ago

    Hey Sykkuno, loving the videos! Quick suggestion for your editor, if I may be so bold - I'm sure a large number of fans are up to date with all the new mods, but there must also be a sizable chunk of us who are behind. I think a little 15 second explanation of the mod at the beginning of each video would be super helpful. (I was familiar with the sheriff mod but not guardian and had no idea about what the sound was everyone was talking about roughly six minutes in). Hope you'll consider that - otherwise thanks again for the great content!

  22. Matthew Pasaribu

    Matthew Pasaribu16 hours ago

    People still watch this?

  23. Chirag Mishra

    Chirag Mishra16 hours ago

    Can someone send the link of mod?

  24. ONiEE

    ONiEE16 hours ago


  25. Ashchu Satoshi

    Ashchu Satoshi16 hours ago

    i know sykunno and corpse are just friends but i like shipping them both lol. i love them both. and now lets add dream to kunno harem. =)

  26. COD Gaming

    COD Gaming16 hours ago

    Does nobody notice the teenage mutant ninja turtles video sound in the video

  27. grisss

    grisss16 hours ago

    The amount of “hutch 🔪” when toast and sykkuno killed

  28. grisss

    grisss16 hours ago

    The way Tinas hair was over her ear 🥴

  29. ** Dreamer **

    ** Dreamer **16 hours ago

    His sass and energy lately😍😍

  30. a clowning directioner ❯❯❯❯ 1D

    a clowning directioner ❯❯❯❯ 1D17 hours ago

    He's wearing a corpse mask I'M SQUEALING

  31. No Bobs For You

    No Bobs For You17 hours ago

    "Fucking Sheep Shaggers"

  32. KZ6

    KZ617 hours ago

    since sykkuno is a Gura shrimp... that means a lot of his audience might be Gura shrimps as well Interesting

  33. where is my ass

    where is my ass17 hours ago

    I just started to watch sykkuno again (took a break from watching otv and friends 2 months ago) and this shit i come back to is crazy!!

  34. MsTiffanyChanel

    MsTiffanyChanel17 hours ago


  35. Night

    Night18 hours ago

    where did Talia come from

  36. Inukness 95

    Inukness 9518 hours ago

    Sykkuno's confidence growth is great. You love see him become Chadkuno

  37. nur syafiqah

    nur syafiqah18 hours ago

    i want to see him play rust again

  38. Allana Andatar

    Allana Andatar18 hours ago


  39. BlueTea

    BlueTea18 hours ago

    He insulted Golurk, unsubbing

  40. Da8046

    Da804618 hours ago

    Can you play at dead of night

  41. Roselito Medico

    Roselito Medico18 hours ago

    Ash was the jester right cuz he voted herself oh he was i just finish just the video

  42. a clowning directioner ❯❯❯❯ 1D

    a clowning directioner ❯❯❯❯ 1D19 hours ago

    You know that corpse or Sykkuno is the imposter when the other one didn't die

  43. Snivy1390

    Snivy139019 hours ago

    Sykkuno: I’m just crafting my clothes Corpse: NO

  44. Star Dancer

    Star Dancer19 hours ago

    do it

  45. Rosa Lloyd

    Rosa Lloyd19 hours ago

    What about rust?

  46. Desiree Anne

    Desiree Anne19 hours ago

    Sykkuno sees himself “oh god get away from me!”😂

  47. Bingus Cat

    Bingus Cat19 hours ago

    Here we go, looks like we're the crewmate again. See you guys the next round. I just watched a video of Bretman Mimicking sykkuno saying that LOL

  48. Helvetia Bloodmoon

    Helvetia Bloodmoon19 hours ago

    Ah yes, I do enjoy watching friends play together.

  49. Kent Tan

    Kent Tan19 hours ago

    "Clean move"

  50. NdamWhyNot

    NdamWhyNot19 hours ago

    The intro is just idk i just cant stop hearing it, its wonderful!

  51. Jordan Noah Ubilla

    Jordan Noah Ubilla19 hours ago

    Awww I know it not going to read this, this is the cutest thing ever, pls play again

  52. hi how ya doin?

    hi how ya doin?19 hours ago

    I said it before and I’ll say it again *Sykkuno’s intro will forever be iconic*

  53. Velii Celis

    Velii Celis19 hours ago

    Absolutely love the editing from the first part of the video, super cool!

  54. asha

    asha19 hours ago


  55. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo19 hours ago

    No one: Litterally noone: Sykunno: Sowwy Powki:(

  56. Vy Le

    Vy Le20 hours ago

    Wait how does he get all those different hats

  57. Cooper

    Cooper20 hours ago

    BLAU SHRIMP!!! 😂

  58. Gabi Hoffman

    Gabi Hoffman20 hours ago

    4:26 he can’t say simp omg

  59. Grae Ender

    Grae Ender20 hours ago

    I love how Sykkuno and Rae dont really WANT to tell on Corpse- and just don't and blame one another on this- Corpse is just the murderous bean everyone loves!

  60. mak w

    mak w20 hours ago

    blau is so cute bye

  61. Suki Su

    Suki Su20 hours ago

    Sykkuno do be spitting facts and nonsense all over the place here...

  62. EpikMurk

    EpikMurk20 hours ago


  63. Steven Xiong

    Steven Xiong20 hours ago


  64. kapa yazz

    kapa yazz20 hours ago

    Hello thomasss

  65. Denlada Nevaeh

    Denlada Nevaeh21 hour ago

    Fun fact: Sykkuno’s real name is Thomas

  66. Wolfgalaxi

    Wolfgalaxi21 hour ago

    June lets go StarCraft Is sooo goood!!!!!!

  67. YoYayYa

    YoYayYa21 hour ago

    If they play together more, I feel like Sykkuno and Blau become really good friends

  68. Raspberry Juice Entertainment

    Raspberry Juice Entertainment21 hour ago

    Them discussing who the killer is reminds me of the scene from Rush Hour

  69. Grace Neller

    Grace Neller21 hour ago

    "I would never think of such a GENIUS and HILARIOUS prank..." 13:55

  70. Emerson C. Obordo Jr.

    Emerson C. Obordo Jr.22 hours ago

    0:01 anyone saw rick astley at the second laptop? Lol

  71. Snowt1ger

    Snowt1ger22 hours ago

    “Wendy likes hearing ppl die” “IN THE GAME SYKKUNO, IN THE GAME!”

  72. Mykailah Łövê

    Mykailah Łövê22 hours ago

    “Omg there’s two people dead”

  73. Mariel Fernandez

    Mariel Fernandez22 hours ago

    Its my birthday sykunnoooo

  74. Mariel Fernandez

    Mariel Fernandez22 hours ago

    It my birthday sykunno me happy (:

  75. La Rose

    La Rose22 hours ago

    Yoooo that leslie round was a epic twist. I was NOT EXPECTING THAT

  76. Taylor Johnson

    Taylor Johnson22 hours ago

    What’s the outro music called

  77. Danyal Ghani

    Danyal Ghani22 hours ago

    Sykunno, the world's greatest troll!

  78. Vanessa Cris Blancaflor

    Vanessa Cris Blancaflor22 hours ago

    Felt like I just watched a movie 😂

  79. bryan oclos

    bryan oclos22 hours ago

    Sykkuno can l join the playing Among us with you and your friend please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  80. Andy Q

    Andy Q23 hours ago

    Oh Sykkuno....😅