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The Mom Rap 2

The Mom Rap 2

10 months ago

The Family Rap
Trap 3 Little Pigs
Starbucks Be Like
Apple Be Like
The Bad Dentist

The Bad Dentist

2 years ago

Tests Be Like

Tests Be Like

2 years ago

Yes Indeed Parody
Lucid Dreams Parody
iPhone Ex

iPhone Ex

2 years ago

Home Sick With Parents
The Christmas Mom Rap
The Group Project
Driving With Parents
The Teacher Rap

The Teacher Rap

3 years ago

The Grade

The Grade

3 years ago

The School Nurse

The School Nurse

3 years ago

April Fools

April Fools

3 years ago

The Ugly Baby

The Ugly Baby

3 years ago

The Annoying Brother
The Report Card

The Report Card

3 years ago

Lil Big Mac

Lil Big Mac

4 years ago

The Mom Rap

The Mom Rap

4 years ago

  1. samuel polo y isabella Suárez

    samuel polo y isabella Suárez6 hours ago

    Yo what up

  2. Mr. Huff

    Mr. Huff6 hours ago

    Haha this is super funny! Weird that all of the school classes are a kind of history or Spanish class but I liked it

  3. McKinley Singleton

    McKinley Singleton6 hours ago

    Lol when he said” But I’ll take you to this real nice place called the fridge and when the other dude saids” Such a Karen and when the same dude saids Don’t you curse at me we don’t use the k word in this household 🤣🤣

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    I feel sorry for your thumbs.

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    JL_ 1146 hours ago

    i like how they were like playing among us 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Aaaa Aaaa

    Aaaa Aaaa6 hours ago

    My school nurse always tells us to drink some water...

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    Waddles6 hours ago

    Reply to this comment if you are infact an infant child

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    I can't stop watching this!! but the beginning song is a legend it self!! and the skit is amazing!!!

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    hi resond after sometimre

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    lol the listing names made me laugh so hard xD

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    2020 in 5 minutes and 40 seconds

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    Demonicraft7 hours ago

    I’m not gonna lie, this is fucking hilarious and true about financial aid from colleges. I’m thankful everyday my grandma got me a 4-year prepaid plan but I still have to pay for class fees, books, food, and rent. I’m unemployed and the only aid my college offered me my first semester was $5,500 in student loans which I declined. My advice to anyone who is thinking of going to college, BE 100% sure that whatever degree you wanna pursue is the one. Most college students often switch degrees and that leads to more classes which equals more money needed. My other piece of advice, don’t make the mistake I did where I kept brushing off saying “oh I’ll apply for that scholarship/grant tomorrow”. Do it and get it over with. It’s free money basically and you can use it for whatever you want basically.