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Undisputed: Skip and Shannon

  1. LeeYT561

    LeeYT5618 minutes ago

    F U Colin! I thought this video would be about Brady!

  2. Miles Gentry

    Miles Gentry29 minutes ago


  3. Reid Meinert

    Reid Meinert30 minutes ago

    “He’s making nothing. He’s making $18 million a year.” Ah yes. Nothing.

  4. Brad Callaghan

    Brad Callaghan34 minutes ago

    For years to come when young players are negotiating their contracts and they start getting greedy people will be telling them to not "Dak" yourself and get left looking stupid.

  5. Arthur Mah

    Arthur Mah41 minute ago

    Andy Reid is a great coach...and..very smart ..and fun loving warm family man..

  6. Ray Jets

    Ray Jets57 minutes ago

    Those freaking ads on the Jersey are really annoying to look at. Cant believe NBA agreed with this tacky B.S. Who wants to see that honestly.

  7. Matthew Napoli

    Matthew NapoliHour ago

    Lebron is also 36 not 38

  8. Ron Rivera

    Ron RiveraHour ago

    He is from a small poor fishing town outside of Seattle, but has the nerve to belittle Cleveland....

  9. Matthew Napoli

    Matthew NapoliHour ago

    Colin has a HUGE EGO. What is he saying haha

  10. Audience 72

    Audience 72Hour ago

    So MJ & Steph changed the game on the court, & LeBron changed it off the court? Why even include LeBron in this talking point? LeBron changed the player business, not the game, not how it’s played.

  11. Adam LaTour

    Adam LaTourHour ago

    Dak and a first and second round for Wilson would be a fair deal.

  12. Samuel tractorton

    Samuel tractortonHour ago

    This dude is just a pud when he brings up the Browns. I was on the fence about watt, but now I want him just to keep sticking it to this guy.

  13. Jeffrey Sparrow

    Jeffrey SparrowHour ago

    Jeff I meant refs jeff

  14. Jeffrey Sparrow

    Jeffrey SparrowHour ago

    Jeff skip you need to stop being tom brady ventriloquist doll and get woke and wake up and take those stupid rose colored glasses off over tom bradys cheating and using corrupt res to win the superbowl because you don't know how stupid you look and sound being tom bradys ventriloquist doll and puppet that does not look good on you skip jeff

  15. Gustavo Guzman

    Gustavo Guzman2 hours ago

    How could he not command that kind of money.... He out produce many other players all over and he didn't want to play for them give him a fresh breath of air he can get 12 sacks easy..... That is worth 15 million... And the knowledge... Tackles in the backfield... Thats big for a team that wants him

  16. Big Deezy

    Big Deezy2 hours ago

    I wish "Patriots" would stop trying to link themselves to this championship....this is THE BUCS Championship PERIOD

  17. Aaron Stevenson

    Aaron Stevenson2 hours ago

    So no dark winter?

  18. Abdelhali Bachir Belmehdi

    Abdelhali Bachir Belmehdi2 hours ago

    Brady did it first season without pre-season. Can’t compare Peyton to Brady.

  19. DonnieTheSportsGuy

    DonnieTheSportsGuy3 hours ago

    Hope the Texans go 0-17... they gunna be one of the more hated teams the more they drag this out

  20. Truth Spreader

    Truth Spreader3 hours ago

    New England is about to go into the dark ages

  21. Jon Kube

    Jon Kube3 hours ago

    Badly outcoached by Kangol hat. No ability to adjust when your qb is getting killed, no run game against 2 top cover, no changeup in pass protection just a lousy job all the way around. KC defense terrible and the main reason I bet on Bucs. They were supposed to be better. Nope and they got DESTROYED, a thorough ass-whipping.

  22. Peter Huang

    Peter Huang3 hours ago

    I don't know why Wilson didn't include Miami or even the NY Jets as his teams of preference. Miami has a good defense and a good OL and is probably a good QB away from competing for a SB. You best believe that whichever city Wilson wants to go to, his wife Ciara is also in the equation. So if he and Ciara wanted to go to the Giants just a few years ago, why doesn't he wants to go to the Jets now? Miami has South Beach and all the celebrities go there, and NY is the big Apple, so do I even need to elaborate? I'm sure Seattle and PC/JS would much rather deal Wilson to either the Jets or the Dolphins, as their first-round draft picks are higher, they're in the AFC, and they can trade for either Darnold or Tua, whichever one they prefer to be their next starting QB.

  23. deadendkid1968

    deadendkid19683 hours ago

    In KC...they cant double JJ with Jones one on one...

  24. kultan2000

    kultan20003 hours ago

    Curry was able to change the game AFTER the rules were changed to help point guards like him. Point guards who couldn't play defense weren't given a green light to shoot threes from logos. :)

  25. Brandon L

    Brandon L4 hours ago

    This is the dumbest take. No one has Wilson over Lawrence. Teams are floating it to raise Wilson’s stock cause they have fields over Wilson and they want fields to fall.

  26. Bret Daley

    Bret Daley4 hours ago

    Nobody can be forced to leave a email And anybody that tells you otherwise is the idiot amazes me and as world how so many people say things like that they made me do this he made me do this as if it's reality as if somebody has a remote control and name made them leave an email what a much crab

  27. Brian Kim

    Brian Kim4 hours ago

    Mm please sit on my face. How can he see me? Pprttt prprrt pt ptrrtttr Drive safe prrfw pfrfw

  28. I'monit

    I'monit4 hours ago

    Tevor Lawrence N.F.L. comparison? Andrew Luck. Zack Wilson N.F.L. Comparison? Ryan Leaf.

  29. Spencer Walsh

    Spencer Walsh5 hours ago

    He always cheats to win and he probaly sold he soul for it

  30. Peter Huang

    Peter Huang5 hours ago

    What happens when you combine Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones? You get Jerry Jones.

  31. Peter Huang

    Peter Huang5 hours ago

    What happened to Dak should be a cautionary tale for all those QBs who got too greedy for their own good. They started thinking that they're better than they actually are. You can bet on yourself all you want, but all it takes is one bad hit and all your leverage is gone. This is why both Wilson and PC/JS want a divorce. Wilson is one bad hit away like Dak's, and both Wilson's and the Seahawks' leverages would be gone.

  32. Scot Miculan

    Scot Miculan6 hours ago

    Is Dak on crutches or in a walking boot? Is he 100% healthy? Until we know he's good to go... STF up C.C!! What a drama queen you are!

  33. Gajeel Session

    Gajeel Session6 hours ago

    Since when has the salary cap matter to Mickey Mouse Loomis?

  34. Max Nikolenko

    Max Nikolenko6 hours ago

    And I say Browns call anyone who says OBJ will be a traded, a straight up clown.

  35. Mark OBrien

    Mark OBrien6 hours ago

    Let's see the smartest young GM in the league wants Carr, but Raiders are stupid not to trade him? If Mariota is so good why doesn't the Smartest young GM want him?

  36. Jay Henderson

    Jay Henderson6 hours ago

    I really never have seen the hype around Sam darnold what am I missing?

  37. phillyboyfloyd 70

    phillyboyfloyd 707 hours ago

    Yeah they were 1and 3 but the last game was thrown so realistically he was 2and for getting another qb,yeah we need one.sudfeld just doesnt seem like a suitable backup and drafting one will give time to develope while hurts proves himself.


    JIMMY DEVOY7 hours ago

    Calling any one a Freak in any fashion is just wrong man. Especially coming from this guy, Wow.

  39. Ann

    Ann7 hours ago

    Josh Allen can carry a franchise lol

  40. jakegetscake

    jakegetscake7 hours ago

    Oh dam. They gave him a 27 million $ bonus no wonder they don’t wanna trade him

  41. Krystoff Evans

    Krystoff Evans7 hours ago

    This stat Colin uses is so dumb..of course his passer rtg is gonna be higher throwing to backs and TEs..when he throws to Beckham he's throwing down field, lower percentage throws while he's being covered by no. 1 corners.

  42. EternalEagle

    EternalEagle8 hours ago

    I'd see watt going somewhere like the bills, packers, bucs, and maybe the browns idk bout the chiefs

  43. D's Real Reviews

    D's Real Reviews8 hours ago

    Lavar defending pornstar jimmy so he can get a date with Mia

  44. Guadalupe Chavarria

    Guadalupe Chavarria8 hours ago

    Trade Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott for Russell Wilson.

  45. Franco Barrera

    Franco Barrera8 hours ago

    Colin "Driving humbly through L.A." Cowherd.

  46. PK Thunder

    PK Thunder8 hours ago

    Segments like this are why I don’t believe you when you say you have no agenda. You just lied about the browns so hard. Olivier Vernon is out for the year and you know it. “No browns fans I don’t hate you I’m just telling you the truth.” You do favors for agents who live in major markets and you know it. You can’t feed me this shit and call it sugar cowherd. I CALL YOU OUT SIR

  47. 1967db

    1967db8 hours ago

    What is with the janky background music? Makes it hard to listen to?

  48. Salvatore Sultana

    Salvatore Sultana8 hours ago

    I mean Bill Russell did help change the game too.

  49. dusty827

    dusty8278 hours ago

    The Seahawks don't need to do anything. Wilson started all of this, not the Seahawks. Pete Carroll and John Schneider can just sit back and let Wilson talk Bull shit all he wants. He's under contract. Now if Wilson wants to go, then ship him out, so you have a happy team. Get a ton of draft picks, and a serviceable QB for a year, and draft a top college QB. This crap is all Russell Wilson's making.

  50. elbia pacheco

    elbia pacheco8 hours ago

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  51. Samuel Jenson

    Samuel Jenson9 hours ago

    Man I loved when Lavar would be brought on as a guest. But when he’s brought on to guest host, dude just sounds like a drunk uncle. Talks over everyone, craps on anyone’s opinions who are different from his own, and spouts off a lot of gibberish and nonsense. It’s like a senile Brandon Marshall - can y’all move on please?

  52. MegaTechpc

    MegaTechpc9 hours ago

    Colin: These are kids, can we please lay off the kids!!! Also Colin: Baker Mayfield is a punk loser and I hate everything about his face!!!

  53. Mitch Winefeldt

    Mitch Winefeldt9 hours ago

    How could deshaun Watson wanting out get any more public?? Feel like its been out and can't get more public than it has weeks ago, crack colin

  54. Nicolas Viray

    Nicolas Viray9 hours ago

    russ knows nfc west is a hard division back east u have a shitty record u can go to the playoffs lol nfc west nah man 3 or 4 lost u having a hard time getting in the playoffs

  55. BLS13

    BLS139 hours ago

    Joy's takes were GREAT in this one-- keep up great work you guys !!

  56. Paddy Power

    Paddy Power9 hours ago

    I wanna hear more about the lawnmower.

  57. Eric Case

    Eric Case10 hours ago

    Oh so rivers has a good year with those stats but Ben goes 33 and 10 and he’s washed?

  58. Zachary Woodward

    Zachary Woodward11 hours ago

    Kyle Wilson/Zach Trask.

  59. Zohar Uzuki

    Zohar Uzuki11 hours ago

    Noooooooo.... We had ONE chance to get rid of mr Anti-Playoffs and we say NO!??? C'MON MAN... Now I know 100% for a fact the Raiders will NOT make the playoffs yet again, another pointless to watch season.

  60. Gil

    Gil11 hours ago

    Carr has been solid and should be blamed for the Raiders problems

  61. Joseph Miller

    Joseph Miller11 hours ago

    ThE Texans is gonna lose leverage. . . Cave man organization. Lol

  62. TheCardiacKid

    TheCardiacKid11 hours ago

    Love it when the Stink comes on 🤙🏼

  63. TheCardiacKid

    TheCardiacKid11 hours ago

    Yes 💯

  64. TheCardiacKid

    TheCardiacKid11 hours ago


  65. TheCardiacKid

    TheCardiacKid11 hours ago

    Preach Stink 💯

  66. Jeffy Johnson

    Jeffy Johnson12 hours ago

    Joy got them handlebars up there

  67. Nick Evans

    Nick Evans12 hours ago

    it was his rookie year ffs, look at josh allen

  68. Christian Rodriguez

    Christian Rodriguez12 hours ago

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  69. David Hennessey

    David Hennessey12 hours ago

    what an idiot/pissant. TL is #1. Wilson is a solid prospect and has all the tools to develop into a great QB but he still needs development and coaching. TL is ready. Jags have a shot at winning SB next year. Urban is a great coach, they have a great staff, and will have a great QB and a good-to-great supporting cast.

  70. AJ85

    AJ8512 hours ago

    Dumbest logic to say when Jimmy is on the field they win lol. Duh, he’s the starting QB!!!! The backups aren’t going to be good because they are backups lol.

  71. "The General"

    "The General"12 hours ago

    Good, sit his ego driven black ass down for a year, I don’t want him near the Jets and oh btw, he’s not the second best quarterback in the nfl, maholmes might be cause Tom Brady is # 1 PERIOD !

  72. Mike Mines

    Mike Mines12 hours ago

    I see all these comments but did I miss something where did he say Tom Brady would make another Super Bowl?

  73. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith12 hours ago

    Has Nick ever had an original take?

  74. Chad Binette

    Chad Binette12 hours ago

    The difference between Brady and the rest of the qbs colin mentioned? Brady makes 25 million a year ( the most he has ever made) Rogers/ Watson make 40 million a season, Wilson makes 35 million plus? And Brady holds off season work outs with recievers, always has , do the others do that? Highly doubt it. I would love to be a GM and be able to tell Rogers " your not Tom Brady" . That nfc championship game? In lambeau like Rogers wanted, defense managed 4 turnovers I believe? Atleast 3 INTs alone. The whole 2nd half that game was dangled infront of ARRON Rogers and HE couldn't take it. Brady has been in the league longer then most head coaches, he is the unicorn. These QBs wanna max out their contract( don't blame them, one hit can end their career), but you can't demand top dollar and then say your doing for the next guy ( bs) and then complain you want help? It's a salary cap league, you can't take up almost %20 of the salary on a 53 man roster and complain you want help.

  75. Wiliam Byham

    Wiliam Byham12 hours ago

    Alex still has game , and QB SMARTS ! Big difference from these ' jitterbug qb's ' Don't like Wentz but it'd be cool to see him come out and kick holyass 😝

  76. Jhay C

    Jhay C12 hours ago

    This analyst who don't even play the game think they know when in comes playoff time

  77. Emmi James

    Emmi James12 hours ago

    New Orleans is best for Russell

  78. Will Webb

    Will Webb13 hours ago

    Shut up they cheated loser

  79. Tony Olise

    Tony Olise13 hours ago

    LeBron did not change the game... Nothing out of the ordinary from how Laberon plays!!! All these media men can talk rubbish to idolize a player!!!

  80. leon knight

    leon knight13 hours ago

    All of this wouldn’t have been a issue if they left jimmy in ne. And drafted Lamar that year.