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The Truth About 5G

The Truth About 5G

9 months ago

  1. Asher Hockersmith

    Asher Hockersmith4 hours ago

    He who dares, wins.

  2. Mark L

    Mark L4 hours ago

    1% of earths atmosphere won’t open a parachute... FAKE

  3. Mike Sawyer

    Mike Sawyer4 hours ago

    I think the East Coast should export it's solar energy to Europe, and West coast- California should should export it's excess solar to the East coast, And then Asia should export it's excess solar to the West Coast. The overlapping solar availability will stabilize the energy problem. Now how do we get all parties to work together on a fair free energy market?

  4. Hunter Hammonds

    Hunter Hammonds4 hours ago

    “Bush did the moon landing”

  5. Marinelli Bros Podcast

    Marinelli Bros Podcast4 hours ago

    The real question is, where can I buy one?

  6. Siriohh

    Siriohh4 hours ago

    Dare ty migh things

  7. Frank Crossword

    Frank Crossword5 hours ago

    ....the most important question about the American psyche is their inability to use the calendar correctly. ... for instance:- 9-11 = month, day, year. In English the correct way is :- 11/9 ; 11th day of the 9th month . = day, month, year.

  8. Lazarium115

    Lazarium1155 hours ago

    You can make real gravity. Just ask Lazar.

  9. Joku Sekou

    Joku Sekou5 hours ago

    Space force !!

  10. Steve Steve

    Steve Steve5 hours ago

    "On Maayers."

  11. REZ

    REZ5 hours ago

    And Im guessing aliens will know That

  12. Aguido Bughao

    Aguido Bughao5 hours ago

    So much love and passion.

  13. Agesta

    Agesta5 hours ago

    Imagine If It Was A Rickroll.

  14. Alphaboi 876

    Alphaboi 8765 hours ago

    I literally thought that was going to be a rickroll ngl

  15. Salman Hussain

    Salman Hussain5 hours ago

    Okay, but they could have encoded something more fun.

  16. Matt harrison

    Matt harrison5 hours ago

    I live in the town that the parachute was made from 🤯

  17. francis meehan

    francis meehan5 hours ago

    They didn't go to Mars's impossible ...when you know what I know ..

  18. Manuel Maximiliano

    Manuel Maximiliano5 hours ago

    Hexagons are the Bestagons Peace brothers

  19. Ken Welch

    Ken Welch5 hours ago

    There's a reason why all scientist use the metric system. I work new construction and we have one of our builders that prints their blueprints in both units of measurement. I find the metric system much easier to use and a big plus is many of the foriegn workers can read it easily.

  20. Ej Sn1p3r

    Ej Sn1p3r5 hours ago

    Why we try to communicate with aliens in hidden ways. It’s like we want to say hi but don’t at the same time. Wth.

  21. Bert N Ernie

    Bert N Ernie5 hours ago

    I knew it had to mean something! Thank you for this video!

  22. Squibulous

    Squibulous5 hours ago

    Its in La Canada not Pasedena!!!

  23. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith5 hours ago


  24. Daniel Gilroy

    Daniel Gilroy6 hours ago

    That was very underwhelming

  25. hubbsllc

    hubbsllc6 hours ago

    Consequences of the "loudness war" aside, I've long maintained that it's reasonable to *like* vinyl better than digital but don't tell me vinyl *is better.* I suspect that one thing people react to with vinyl listening is that the woofers are having a fair amount of subsonic "wiggle" going on and therefore the midrange/lower-midrange content that's coming out of that same cone has some extra animation to it, giving a sense of more "texture" or "liveliness." But that's a process artifact; it wouldn't have been there in the studio control room when the recording was being played back. If you *prefer* that artifact, fine; I wouldn't fault you at all - but I'm of the school that wants to hear what they heard in the studio without the duplication/distribution process artifacts.

  26. Dr. Mcnuggets

    Dr. Mcnuggets6 hours ago

    I don’t even know why you guys bother do all this work

  27. Zakaria Oumimoun

    Zakaria Oumimoun6 hours ago

    I also noticed that mars has air lol fake ass shit

  28. Jerome Jackson

    Jerome Jackson6 hours ago

    Yep way above my pay grade!!!

  29. Alejandro Rubio

    Alejandro Rubio6 hours ago

    Lol, people really eating this crap up! Wow we cannot leave. Operation fishbowl and operation Dominic.

  30. Del Spooner

    Del Spooner6 hours ago

    6G can spawn a black hole and swallow the planet.

  31. Pavel Komarov

    Pavel Komarov6 hours ago

    "math or magic or something" Get 3Blue1Brown to take on explaining orthogonal waves.

  32. alex redelman

    alex redelman6 hours ago

    This is the type of shit people say the Illuminati does and y’all are acting like this is normal behavior

  33. Carlos Completo

    Carlos Completo6 hours ago

    finally i see an explanation of valves

  34. Gundersen

    Gundersen6 hours ago

    I believe the german TA152-H1 was a better plane.

  35. Ram

    Ram6 hours ago


  36. Person From Earth

    Person From Earth6 hours ago

    Why did this make me feel uneasy

  37. Guitargreat

    Guitargreat6 hours ago

    Or it’s just nothing and you made that fir your narrative

  38. Bella Kaldera

    Bella Kaldera7 hours ago

    My psychology teacher in College, Dr. Koch, was a P47 pilot, he told me once how his favorite thing in his Jug was...strafing trains.

  39. Rlikemoney

    Rlikemoney7 hours ago

    I wonder if the powdered metal was compressed slightly before its lasered if it would help it not blow away so much whe its being lasered

  40. Lincoln Salmon

    Lincoln Salmon7 hours ago

    Lol what if aliens are bad at math?

  41. Michael Lause

    Michael Lause7 hours ago

    Its so fake its ridiculous. 1% atmosphere (the parachute would need to be significantly larger) 27 second control delay and 300,000,000 miles (allegedly) and we still can't go "back" to the moon. Oh ya I forgot, like the rest of government, is always truthful

  42. grizcuz

    grizcuz7 hours ago

    Hands up if you heard on older employee call metric 'sillimetres' when imperial was on the way out and decimal measurements were becoming the norm? Those chaps were lost when 'a thou' was no longer relevant. Although, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the UK government was now considering switching back to imperial, along with their precious blue passports, because they're nothing if not reactionary zealots who would prefer it it they took the UK back into the 1930's in any way that they could.

  43. Infinus Ultima

    Infinus Ultima7 hours ago


  44. Ja B

    Ja B7 hours ago

    Actually this first was a child and father.

  45. ASSK555

    ASSK5557 hours ago


  46. Ricky Mwethera

    Ricky Mwethera7 hours ago

    Spedicey is that youuuu???

  47. to tosh

    to tosh7 hours ago

    I never noticed sir... I don't have that time to decode parachute patterns sir...

  48. Meower Twelve

    Meower Twelve7 hours ago

    That's fun

  49. Simon Wang

    Simon Wang7 hours ago

    The soft string philosophically cry because promotion consquentially frighten except a ragged cost. nondescript, fearful fearless range

  50. Neon Rider

    Neon Rider8 hours ago

    Lol i would have put "send nudes"

  51. Stinky Whizzletooth

    Stinky Whizzletooth8 hours ago

    I was able to follow along until 3:26 and then you lost me and I realized how dumb I am LOL.

  52. Bruce

    Bruce8 hours ago

    Yea so if you just throw a toaster at 500mph then each letter would be the blank one on scrabble so you can choose what it says

  53. Walter Machnicz

    Walter Machnicz8 hours ago

    The problem (at least years ago) was tool makers trained and owning tools in American British measurement. It is acceptable to use inch conversions of metric units. If you get it right. Also all measuring instruments have to be traceable to the Bureau of Standards. Machine shops own gage blocks in inch measure. Inertia of idea.

  54. JCB

    JCB8 hours ago

    In these comments tons of kids that watched this video but didn't understand a second of it

  55. Arman Kh

    Arman Kh8 hours ago

    "barely scratched the surface" -_-

  56. Seeking His Face

    Seeking His Face8 hours ago

    The skyline man i really wanna see up from Mars ground 😩 but this is another giant leap, liep, leep, leip

  57. Tim Kirwin

    Tim Kirwin8 hours ago

    Great work, as always. However, I have a grammer comment. @2:00 you said "I would be amiss to not mention natural gas"... That is not quite correct. Amiss means inappropriate or out of place. Remiss means lacking attention to duty or negligent. Remiss would be proper here. Forgive my unsolicited intrusion. I like words.

  58. TheMELTDOWN911

    TheMELTDOWN9118 hours ago

    by the way look at the picture of IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER at the back ( min 1:02 )

  59. Michael Levesley

    Michael Levesley8 hours ago

    Wait... Super eye patch wolf? John??? Edit: nm I don't think it is

  60. TheMELTDOWN911

    TheMELTDOWN9118 hours ago

    this video is hilarious! hahaha ('Merican laugh) jajajaja (Metric laugh) check out min 1:02 and 8:54

  61. toe boi

    toe boi8 hours ago

    If this is true. I need that designers number

  62. Joe Dumbassbuck

    Joe Dumbassbuck8 hours ago

    Talk about a waste of brain cells.

  63. bryan vazquezquez

    bryan vazquezquez8 hours ago

    Maybe just maybe it’s a chute

  64. coprographia

    coprographia9 hours ago


  65. Juan Serna

    Juan Serna9 hours ago

    NERDSSS!!! - Homer simpson

  66. Bob Lager

    Bob Lager9 hours ago

    It's too bad today's music producers compress the music so much in an effort to making it sound louder than the competition's. Digital has about a 100 dB signal to noise ratio compared to about 40 for vinyl and they are throwing that away. I think, based on some of the CDs in my collection of classical recordings, that those who record and produce this genre of music DO take advantage of that extra range.

  67. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin9 hours ago

    It’s not a plane with a gun, it’s a gun with a plane

  68. Jevon Cooper

    Jevon Cooper9 hours ago

    I have a reading disability and if this could help me with that I would definitely volunteer

  69. Uzair Ali

    Uzair Ali9 hours ago


  70. NikHem343

    NikHem3439 hours ago

    Being all but an enginner, this video is as frustrating as fascinating

  71. London Dada

    London Dada9 hours ago

    Did your pa work on this, Mark "Svector" Gray?

  72. Hendrix Randomness

    Hendrix Randomness9 hours ago


  73. Wolf Tone

    Wolf Tone9 hours ago

    Irl easter eggs

  74. የነፍስ መነቃቃት

    የነፍስ መነቃቃት9 hours ago

    Plot twist: it's just a color

  75. 편집하다장미

    편집하다장미9 hours ago

    I’ve been living off that speech for my entire life

  76. chango's strikefirst

    chango's strikefirst9 hours ago

    i mean even The X-Men loved this plane.

  77. Zack Wildman

    Zack Wildman9 hours ago


  78. Neo_27

    Neo_279 hours ago

    Btw The Church of St. Vitus in Prague was built from 1344 to 1929😁😁

  79. maximul snarl

    maximul snarl9 hours ago

    I understood that, but my brain still hurty

  80. SweetTeaBoiz THICC

    SweetTeaBoiz THICC9 hours ago

    Ok, but the first number is 420 lmao