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This channels first intention is to provide entertainment through a balance of comedy, courage, creativity and consideration in a consistent manner. My desire, and ultimate intent, is that nobody feels attacked or upset as a result of our jokes. While we realize that this does happen sometimes due to the nature of our performances, continuous effort to entertain is always the first priority.

Second, I want you to feel personally connected to me by being open about my thoughts, emotions, vulnerabilities, and advice I believe to be worth sharing. I want your life to improve as a result of watching these videos. I want to inspire you to not be afraid of pursuing what you want. I want to give you hope and tangible solutions for the conflicts in your life that seem impossible. Every video will not embody all these intentions. The channel, as a whole, will strive for this each and every day.

  1. Reckless Poet

    Reckless Poet5 hours ago

    This is the best way to teach your children to not take candy from strangers

  2. Braedon Cronin

    Braedon Cronin5 hours ago

    I love how the truck driver was laughing just as hard as them

  3. Jason Schuur

    Jason Schuur5 hours ago

    This Covid has caused a lot of people to go homeless! Not everyone is able to have fun like you all everyday! Lol no need to cry bout it tho uve just been dealt a better hand!

  4. The Administrator

    The Administrator5 hours ago

    this channel is the definition of florida man

  5. lyle d.

    lyle d.5 hours ago

    T..the boss won't like that😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  6. John Altwies

    John Altwies5 hours ago

    His responses are perfect. This is one he should repeat. He looks way less homeless now though.

  7. pengy

    pengy5 hours ago

    Next cutting people in line, paying for food, but card gets declined

  8. Reckless Poet

    Reckless Poet5 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for the corn stalker video

  9. jarrett myers

    jarrett myers6 hours ago

    Rewatched for like the fourth time due to the end, your the best

  10. PKXD Official

    PKXD Official6 hours ago

    Ross is gonna die on this channel 😂

  11. OG Sniper

    OG Sniper6 hours ago

    Does Elon Musk poop lmao!

  12. William Sr

    William Sr6 hours ago

    The day Ross met Kane Brown

  13. Avery Ridley

    Avery Ridley6 hours ago

    Wearing a real fish tale and saying you got a fish tale braid

  14. Lucid Rebuilds

    Lucid Rebuilds6 hours ago

    Hell ye I knew I connected wit you somehow you a tree man too lol

  15. David Pots

    David Pots6 hours ago

    I really want cole to get a hair transformation like ross

  16. The- potato-warrior

    The- potato-warrior6 hours ago

    He’s so angry about the beans

  17. Ezra Pappano

    Ezra Pappano6 hours ago

    rosses mom kinda bad 👀

  18. Light Yagami

    Light Yagami6 hours ago

    HEY ROSS! I HAVE A GREAT IDEA. Tell the waiter can I have the check and then interrupt and say “Hold on let me just play this game” like from those cheesy Instagram Win money Ads

  19. A Ab

    A Ab6 hours ago

    Anyone know what happened to Chris?

  20. GioGiosStuff

    GioGiosStuff6 hours ago

    5:44 Yoooo it’s Albert from Flamingo and AlbertsStuff

  21. Nolan David

    Nolan David6 hours ago

    “I watch your videoooooos” dude I’m crying 😂

  22. Caleb Buckley

    Caleb Buckley6 hours ago

    1:57 BILLY

  23. Chris Portal

    Chris Portal6 hours ago

    "I'm an apache native American and I don't play" Probably what they said when their land was being taken

  24. Andy Crowley

    Andy Crowley6 hours ago

    What is @DebossGarage doing in florida 3 years ago driving a BMW? Rich thats a long drive.

  25. Rocco Ramon

    Rocco Ramon6 hours ago

    11:18 looks like Patrick mahomes

  26. Steve Flow

    Steve Flow6 hours ago

    Broo that mechanic seems like a great dude

  27. Andy Crowley

    Andy Crowley6 hours ago

    Remember when ross bought cole a truck? That was 3 years before he was broke enough to only spend $100 on a video.

  28. Clutch 35

    Clutch 356 hours ago

    9:55 had me laughing for a while

  29. Average Xander

    Average Xander6 hours ago

    trump 2024 baby 5:22

  30. Chris Coleman

    Chris Coleman6 hours ago

    I like how far they went with the car prank in terms of detail! Taking the wheels off Ross's car was pretty smart.

  31. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour6 hours ago

    “You’re misenunderstanding what you’re reading.”

  32. Jackson

    Jackson6 hours ago

    cole is the best

  33. Aka KEEPitSIMPLE M

    Aka KEEPitSIMPLE M7 hours ago

    Give the one big dude a bonus

  34. Mr_ Monkley

    Mr_ Monkley7 hours ago

    Asking people to listen to there music but the headphones weigh 20 pounds

  35. Jonas King

    Jonas King7 hours ago

    dude no way that was awsome

  36. Aka KEEPitSIMPLE M

    Aka KEEPitSIMPLE M7 hours ago

    Remove the mole

  37. jon p

    jon p7 hours ago

    Check out ayden Palmon channel jumping fire pit

  38. jon p

    jon p7 hours ago

    Check out ayden Palmon channel jumping fire pit

  39. ritish

    ritish7 hours ago

    I watch every single video and I just realized that they're all 11:46 minutes since the one about the doctor's appointment lol

  40. Liam Darling

    Liam Darling7 hours ago

    Morning routine 😂 😂 😂

  41. Rex

    Rex7 hours ago

    10 mins went by in 2 seceonds

  42. AJ

    AJ7 hours ago

    Ross creationS Hand down funny and bro make good money he really could give someone 35K if he wanted lol

  43. Williams Productions

    Williams Productions7 hours ago

    11:14 that’s how soccer players be celebrating their goals

  44. TheRealChooks

    TheRealChooks7 hours ago

    Ross can u do this idea Return crocs because they had holes in them


    RIVEr REGIOn REBz7 hours ago

    I bet @demoranch will buy Cole’s old truck

  46. Dr. Electrician

    Dr. Electrician7 hours ago

    All his videos are 11:46

  47. Ebenezer Suresh

    Ebenezer Suresh7 hours ago

    Is conservatism forever no ai will take over

  48. Ebenezer Suresh

    Ebenezer Suresh8 hours ago

    What does the feelings mean if u say this?

  49. Cain Huckabee

    Cain Huckabee8 hours ago

    Surprise cole with food from a dumpster.

  50. zuu

    zuu8 hours ago

    Call/Go to a eye doctor and tell them that you can’t see when you blink or close ur eyes

  51. Cain Huckabee

    Cain Huckabee8 hours ago

    Do a puppet show at the movie theater.

  52. The mechanic

    The mechanic8 hours ago


  53. Bear Rodriguez

    Bear Rodriguez8 hours ago

    makes me wonder what percentage of the population can actually do a backflip or any flip

  54. Justin

    Justin8 hours ago

    Bruh that’s the spaghetti’os car😭

  55. Alex Johnson

    Alex Johnson8 hours ago


  56. Alex Johnson

    Alex Johnson8 hours ago

    I love your videos so so much lmao💝💜💜💜

  57. ColdWheels

    ColdWheels8 hours ago

    Hell yeah brother. Proud of you guys.

  58. Ron Lobato

    Ron Lobato8 hours ago

    Does anyone else think Ross is super hot!! 🔥

  59. SteezyJ

    SteezyJ8 hours ago

    Damn I feel ashamed I haven’t seen Ross’s old vids. watching them all now!! 🔥 heck ya!

  60. CoyRex1

    CoyRex18 hours ago

    "This is beans"


    GRIMMY BEATS8 hours ago

    Get fake flowers and then spray them with a real flower scent

  62. Mark Allen

    Mark Allen8 hours ago

    The garage sale guy was super triggered like no the garage isn’t for sale I’m not doing that! 😂😂😂

  63. dcfishin

    dcfishin8 hours ago

    Awesome to see cole back in the videos

  64. B ScHmuve

    B ScHmuve8 hours ago

    i cant belive you did a video with Deestroying

  65. Did somebody Say DMT?

    Did somebody Say DMT?9 hours ago

    Never get a mole removed.

  66. Did somebody Say DMT?

    Did somebody Say DMT?9 hours ago

    Ride around in that convertible with a Mr.Microphone and re-create the commercial.

  67. Zapkin (⌐►_◄)

    Zapkin (⌐►_◄)9 hours ago

    This is great, if you want to skip all the line and traffic

  68. Leonardo Soza

    Leonardo Soza9 hours ago

    Dont know why but the idea of concrete growing makes me anxious

  69. Noah Weedman

    Noah Weedman9 hours ago

    you and Danny Duncan should do a collab

  70. Will The Snake Wrangler

    Will The Snake Wrangler9 hours ago

    “Such a cool tree fort” - literally like 5 boards sitting in a tree with 2 chairs 😂

  71. ShinruXL

    ShinruXL9 hours ago

    Dude think he at a gta 5 barber shop

  72. Necroboi

    Necroboi9 hours ago

    Telling people with no laces that their shoes are untied

  73. Yungen Banuelos

    Yungen Banuelos9 hours ago

    My van got stuck then it’s skips to him saying my truck got stuck😂

  74. Xandeath75

    Xandeath759 hours ago

    5:43 that was so accurate 🤣

  75. Sophia Live-streaming

    Sophia Live-streaming9 hours ago


  76. DJ Phat Phuck

    DJ Phat Phuck9 hours ago

    _PLEASE_ get JJ Mole merch!! Esp those sweat band head bands with a mole on it, or a bandana with a Mole on it so when you fold it up to head like a headband there's a mole on it. That would be _ᵃᵇˢᵒˡᵘᵗᵉˡʸ 𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓸𝓼l_

  77. Gibbon Edgar

    Gibbon Edgar9 hours ago

    Juice wrld 10:06

  78. Jayden Anderson

    Jayden Anderson9 hours ago

    eli is so cutee

  79. Ryan O'Neill

    Ryan O'Neill10 hours ago

    That car at 8:55 did not just say mask enforcement

  80. Sajan Matharu

    Sajan Matharu10 hours ago

    😂 this shit is jokes when y’all making him have a good time